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Article marketing has acquired the top most marketing tool to achieve safe and natural search engine rankings and that’s where NextPinnacle can help in an outstanding way. It is not hard to find a company offering assistance in terms of search engine optimization but it is easy to see that no two optimization companies work in the same way. No doubt, the techniques are the same and so are the basics but it is the implementation that really matters at the end of the day. Wherein this way; NextPinnacle can make the difference for you!

Features of Article Submission Service

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NextPinnacle and Article Marketing

Needless to say, article marketing has always been one of the most sought after SEO techniques. Since it is popular, more and more companies now offer their services in this area but NextPinnacle is not just another company in the list. The most prominent quality you will experience soon after getting in touch with NextPinnacle is the creativity. Article marketing or directory submission is nothing without creativity and the company that lacks creativity can never compete in this highly competitive world of Search Engine Optimization.

Article Submission is a tricky task

Article submission has always been taken as just another bean in the bag for SEO gurus. Although you can handle things on your own, results will most probably not be as satisfactory. What you must do is to get in touch with us as we know the right directories that can really help your search engine ranking to rise.

Basically, article marketing is all about making use of trusted directories. If articles are not submitted to trusted directories that have better page rank, forget about getting results. That’s when we can help our clients to get more quality traffic to their websites by submitting articles to SEO friendly, non-reciprocal and niche directories. It not only brings more traffic in but also contributes towards getting more backlinks.

What really separates NextPinnacle from others?

When it comes to article marketing or article submission, the basic difference between NextPinnacle and others is creativity and knowledge. We know that only unique content can work for you and that’s what keeps us away from spamming. If you think you can get a better search engine ranking just by republishing articles to hundreds of directories, you are deceiving yourself.

Republishing one article to hundreds of directories is what is considered spamming and search engines don’t like it at all. We, at NextPinnacle, know the importance of creative and unique content which means that we produce more quality articles with unique content, which is also optimized, resulting in more traffic and backlinks. We understand how many times a single article should be submitted to get better results and to avoid spamming. That is something that only comes with experience. So, get in touch with us and enjoy the following;

  • Services offered by trained staff pertaining to directory submission
  • One-way permanent links
  • Instant replies to your queries pertaining to directory submission
  • A comprehensive report on submissions
  • The luxury of seeing your site on directories with higher PR rank

Article Submission – Commonly Asked Questions

Who will create my Article? Is article original?

Our experience content writer will create article for you. Every article we create is unique & original.

Is submission process manual?

Yes, we do 100% manual submission only.

Is article submission is Google SEO friendly?

Yes, this is content based marketing where we will create original content and publish in to top article sites that follow Google webmaster guideline.

Is Article related to my website keyword and theme?

Yes, we will create website keyword related article to get relevant back links.

How many links allowed in single article?

We allow 1-2 maximum links in single article.

How I come to know that my article is approved or not?

As article submission require login before to submit article, we will submit your article with your unique login & password and you can login to the article directories and check whether it is approved or not.

Do I get report for submissions?

Yes, we will send you detailed report where we have submitted your articles

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