BigMarker Pricing Plan 2022: How Much Does Each Plan Cost?

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BigMarker Pricing Plan

Well, BigMarker is a platform that helps you in hosting webcasts, presentations, online talks, webinars and classes. The best thing about this platform is that it provides you all the tools for making your event a success.

The main objective of BigMarker is to help you build up your audience. You can manage the registration for the event and sale of tickets through the platform. You can also send reminders for the event through the BigMarker platform.

As there are many event, video & summit platforms in the market, does BigMarker pricing make sense? How does it compete with competitors? Which BigMarker plan suits your business needs? What are the best offers, discount & coupon codes? Let's check every cost aspect of BigMarker before you opt for a subscription.

BigMarker Pricing Plan Summary

BigMarker offer 4 pricing option as follow;

  • BigMarker Starter Plan at $99/m (100 attendees, 1 host)
  • BigMarker Elite Plan at $189/m (500 attendees, 2 host)
  • BigMarker Premier Plan at $399/m (1000 attendees, 3 host)
  • BigMarker White Label Plan (custom pricing)

Starter Plan

Elite Plan

Premier Plan

Pricing (If Billed Monthly)




Pricing (If Billed Yearly)












Start Trial

BigMarker offers common features in all the plans except evergreen webinars & webinar series that does not include in the first starter plan, rest it differs based on number of attendees & host only.

BigMarker Webinar & Video Software Pricing Plans In-Depth Guide

If you want to avail the services of this platform, then you have the option to go for a BigMarker free trial. The benefit of the free trial is that you can check the features, function, look & feel of the platform. Once you get satisfied, then you can explore the different plans they offer.

BigMarker has four different types of Pricing Plans for webinar & video software platform. You can try the one that best suits your needs.

bigmarker pricing plans

BigMarker Starter Plan at $99/m

The best approach will be to progress through the plans gradually. Once you believe that you need to host the virtual event at an advanced level, go for the Starter Plan. You will need to pay about $99 per month for the Starter Plan.

If this plan is suitable for your needs and looking for a better price option then you can opt for annual billing to get a $79/m pricing deal for starter plan.

Well, the Starter Plan has the following facilities;

  • You can host an event of about 100 attendees
  • You can get 1 Host license
  • You can send reminders for the event
  • You can do Screen sharing
  • The Starter plan also gives you the facility to automate your webinars
  • Carry out polls for your event
  • Host unlimited webinars
  • Allow live tweets during the session
  • The plan allows automated webinars
  • Opting for custom registration form
  • Chat, Q&A, Handouts, pop-up Offers, landing page builder
  • Analytics and Reporting feature are also available to assess the progress of the event

If you are new to hosting webinars and have limited attendees, then the Starter Plan can be the best starting point. You get a chance to explore the platform without the need to invest a lot. The features are limited in this plan. However, you always have the option to upgrade your subscription.

BigMarker Elite Plan at $189

When you want to host big-scale events, then Elite plan is the best option. You will need to pay about $189 per month for this plan and if you choose annual billing then it will be $159/m.

You can get all the features starter plan offers like; unlimited webinars, marketing & automation, landing page building, live-webinars, on-demand webinars, etc.

Plus you will get little more of followings:

  • The event can have about 500 attendees
  • You can get 2 Host license
  • Evergreen Webinars
  • Webinar Series

If you have a good number of attendees, then try Elite Plan. The best part is that you get 2 host licenses with the Elite plan. The Starter Plan offers one host license only. The Elite Plan also gives you the opportunity to create Webinar series & evergreen webinars.

So, if you have more than 100 attendees, more than 1 host and also need evergreen & webinar series features then you need to go with Elite plan.

BigMarker Premier Plan at $399

You can go for the Premier plan when you need to cater to a virtual event having a huge audience. You need to pay about $399 per month for this plan and if you opt for annual billing then it would be $299/m. 

You will get all the Elite plan features including evergreen webinars & webinar series with all the basic features plus more number of attendees & hosts.

  • Host an event of about 1000 attendees
  • You can get 3 Host license

When you need more attendees & more host licenses, then consider opting for a Premium plan. It offers three host licenses & 1000 attendees.

So, here the difference is only the number of attendees & hosts you get and not any other extra features.

BigMarker While Label Plan (Custom Plan)

Additionally, the platform also offers a white label plan. You can consider this plan when you have more than 1000 attendees (up to 10,000 attendees supported) for your event. You can manage webinar series through this plan. Secondly, you can go for recurring webinars. The plan also allows you to host on-demand webinars.

However, for this exclusive plan, you will need to contact the support team. They will give you all the essential details & pricing as per your needs.

As all of the above pricing is for webinar & video software plans and they have separate prices for Enterprise & Event Management Platform.

So let’s check that plan.

BigMarker Enterprise & White Label Pricing

If you are a fastest growing enterprise that needs a more scalable & customized solution then this enterprise & while labeling plan suits your business.

You can get following account management features like;

  • Named Account Manager
  • Training & Onboarding
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Single Sign On (SSO) Integration
  • Live Event Support

And you will also get more advanced platform features like;

  • Virtual Event Modules
  • Live Broadcast Studio
  • Breakout Rooms
  • Show Sponsorship Ad Banners In Webinars
  • Video Editing
  • Outbound calling
  • Fully Customizable calendar invites
  • Live Co-Browsing
  • Support for Multiple Channels
  • Live Closed Captioning (Multiple Languages)
  • Download Webinar Transcript

This will be for all Enterprise plan features and they also offer Enterprise Plus plan with the highest level of security, service and scalability to remove BigMarker branding, get premium landing page templates and much more.

Here you will also get the media hubs to manage all your videos for conference, training, onboarding like steaming style.

So in this way, your fastest growing enterprise gets the most customized solution as per your needs, and here you have to request for the pricing.

BigMarker Virtual Event Software Pricing

If you are looking to host the virtual global events then you need better virtual event management platform and this is where BigMarker Virtual Event Software can help you out.

You will get following features;

  • Virtual Event Portal
  • Registration & Ticketing
  • Interactive Agenda
  • Customizable Lobby
  • Expo Hall & Expo Booth
  • Networking Center
  • Custom Features

If this is what you are looking for then you can request BigMarker for a virtual event platform demo and then get the custom pricing for the same.

BigMarker Coupons & Discount Deals

As of now BigMarker does not have any specific discount coupons but when you are comfortable with BigMarker features and ready for long term commitments then you will get an annual billing discount.

BigMarker logo

Here you will get a 25% discount when paying for an annual e.g. starter, elite & premier plan will cost $79, $159 & $299 instead of $99, $189 & $399 respectively.

Which BigMarker Plan to Choose?

When you are ready to start with BigMarker but not sure of which plan suits you best? then it purely depends on your business stage & needs.

If you are just starting and have less than 100 attendees then a Starter plan is enough for you to get started.

If you are already in business and now growing with more audience and having a team to manage your business then Elite plan is what you need with evergreen webinars & webinar series features.

And when you are growing to the enterprise stage and having more audience and more team to manage then you need a premier plan to choose.

Now, all of the above is for webinar & video software needs, if you need a more customized & scalable solution then they offer enterprise solutions.

And if you are about to host a live virtual event then you need BigMarker’s virtual event management software.


  • The platform is easy to use
  • It is robust & customizable
  • The team is continuously trying to bring about significant improvements
  • Has an impressive look and feel


  • The prices need to be more affordable
  • More insight needed on how this platform can help in monetizing on your webinars

How BigMarker Price Compare with Competitors

Let's check how much you can pay when you choose the annual option with BigMarker and other competitors.

BigMarker Premier Plan costs you $299/m if billed yearly so it would be $3588 per year for 1000 attendees and 3 hosts.

Now, If you compare the price with similar tools like Demio then you can see Demio Growth plan costs you $257/m for annual billing so it would be $3084 per year for 1000 attendees and 5 hosts.

Now, when we compare with WebinarJam then you can see WebinarJam Enterprise Plan costs you $999/year for 5000 attendees and 6 hosts.

As you can see BigMarker is not an affordable option rather it is a high end webinar, summit & video platform.

Should You Be Investing in BigMarker?

The answer is yes. When you want to establish your online presence as a webinar host, then the platform is your best refuge. The platform is an ideal tool for the marketing team of any business. You can manage marketing product demos through this platform.

Well, BigMarker makes use of browser-based technology. You will not require any installation or download. Additionally, you will have access to your own conference room. You can customize the conference room with your theme and logo.

The best part is that you can even embed these demos in your website. You can activate them for prospective customers whenever you want. The benefit of this practice is that you will not need to host repetitive content.

The good news is that you can get experimental with this platform. You even have the option to host your video-based series. You can even host an online course and monetize it. All this clarifies one thing and that is you can use the platform for diverse purposes.

When you want to strengthen your marketing efforts, you can even share the screens of the event on your Facebook. The benefit is that the potential audience will get a glimpse of the event.

You can gather more attendees for your event. The platform also allows you to share the slides of your event on your YouTube channel.

There are times when your marketing team lacks the knowledge about your product. You can integrate this platform with your CRM. You can also integrate BigMarker with HubSpot to enhance your marketing efforts.

After this all good features, If you still feel that BigMarker is not suitable for you because of any reason then as i have pointed above that you can check Demio or WebinarJam to test.

Big Marker Pricing FAQ

Q. How long does the BigMarker trial last?

The platform offers a free trial of about 7 days. It is sufficient time to explore the platform and see if it works for you. The best approach will be to try out different features offered during the trial period. Only then you will be in a position to evaluate this platform.

Q. Is it possible to attend a webinar through your phone?

Yes, BigMarker is browser-based, no-download webinar platform so your attendees don’t have to download anything rather just access with a browser from any device.

Q. How do I know if I fulfil the necessary system requirements for the webinar?

It is also advisable to do a quick system test before joining the webinar. You will find a link in the registration confirmation. You will find a link next to the text to conduct a system requirement check. You need to click on the link.

If you do not fulfil the requirements, then you will see a warning message.

Q. How do I get the answer to my queries?

There is email support & chat support available. You can send in your queries to the support team, They are responsive and make sure that they answer you right away.

Q. What is the best way to contact the host of the webinar?

You can check the invitation or reminder email. You will find the contact information of the host in the email.

Q. Is collecting registrations on my site allowed?

Yes, you can collect the registrations on your own website. You can make use of the BigMarker registration widget and embed it on your website. 


The platform makes use of advanced technology. It is in a constant process of evolution so it is bound to get better. The best part is that you can choose the plan that best suits your requirements and budget. It has a range of features that streamlines the online events.

The best approach will be to sign up for a free trial with this platform right away.

There is no denying the fact that BigMarker leads the race when it comes to hosting webinars. However, if you are keen to boost your marketing efforts, then you can check my webinar & summit platform guide to learn the top list.

Demio and WebinarJam can be great tools. WebinarJam is easy to use so the hosting process will be easy for you & comes with the highest number of attendees with more advanced features at a very affordable price in the market.

While Demio works well for hosting any types of webinars events with a small starting plan. Now, the choice is up to you.

I hope you learn a lot from my BigMarker pricing guide, so go ahead and choose your best platform and select your best plan that works for your business and also comment here which plan & platform you get started.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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