WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar In-Depth Comparison Guide 2022

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WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar Comparison

This post-COVID-19 period has primarily changed how businesses/companies operate. Webinar tools have become necessary in our work environment in terms of hosting webinars and virtual meetings.

If you are a marketer/business person in need of webinar hosting software but confused between WebinarJam and GoToWebinar? Not sure how GoToWebinar compares with WebinarJam? Which is the best platform for your business needs? Then don’t worry. 

Here, I will guide you on choosing the best platform for your business (between WebinarJam and GoToWebinar) based on their features, your needs, pricing, usability and intuitiveness tools and customer experiences.

So, let’s go!

WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar Table Comparison

This table helps you review the two webinars head-to-head while also making your decision to choose either of the software better.

Main Features

WebinarJam Logo


gotowebinar logo white





Entry-Level Price

$39/m, billed annually


Best For

Best for live casting, event streaming & Automated webinars

Best for training through online and audio conferencing.

Attendee Limit Max



App Download

No app download is required

Download is required but attendees can join with a browser too


Up to 6


Value for money

WebinarJam has all the unique  features and the large room size that guarantee Value for money

GoToWebinar’s key features and the ability to have as many hosts as you can afford on board give it value for money

Key Features

  • Live, Hybrid and Automated webinars
  • On-demand webinars
  • Panic Button
  • Live chat
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Polls and Survey
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Email Reminders
  • Live Offer Countdown Timer

  • Customization & branding
  • Analytics dashboard
  • GoToStage service
  • Screen and Video Sharing
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Automated communication
  • Integrations
  • Polls & surveys
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Pre-recorded events

Money-Back Guarantee



Sign Up

WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar In-depth Review

WebinarJam is a software created by Genesis Digital for hosting webinars and GoToWebinar is GoTo brand.

You probably wonder what makes this WebinarJam get the reviews it has, as seen in the comparison table above. The truth is that WebinarJam has critical features that make it suitable to serve you better intuitively.

WebinarJam Tools & Features

Its features include;

WebinarJam all in one webinar platform
  • An all-in-one webinar solution that enables you to set up any type of webinar that you want for your business.
  • Live Chat and Q&As tools to enable you to engage with your audience.
  • Automated Recordings of your live webinar.
  • Attendee Spotlight for quickly selecting a host partner from the audience. 
  • An in-built extended scheduling management tool for easy scheduling of your webinars.
  • Post-Event Communications is a tool that enables you to do follow-ups after your webinar presentation. 
  • Multi-language Capability for automatic translation to customers’ chosen language.
  • Detailed Performance Analytics tools to give an in-depth insight into your data 
  • One-click registration for an easy registration process. 
  • Integrations with third-party platforms such as email marketing providers, CRMs, shopping carts, and much more. 
  • Panic Button for booting a new live room in case of a lousy webinar that is in progress.
  • Video injections to plug in your pre-recorded videos and run your presentation on autopilot.
  • Handouts to help you share files effortlessly for attendees to download.

GoToWebinar Tools & Features

GoToWebinar has features that can ease your usage and boost your experience in marketing. 

Its features include;

GoToWebinar webinar platform features
  • Custom Branding for you to display your logo and custom image on all webinars materials.
  • Reporting and Analytics: This feature is crucial in monitoring webinar attendance, interest, and participation using the available dashboard charts.
  • Polls, Handouts, and Q&A for sharing your valuable content and engaging your attendees.
  • Complete Service Registration that enables you to create custom pages for easier monitoring and reporting.
  • Automated Emails: This tool helps to create custom email invitations, confirmations, and reminders - or let GoToWebinar handle it with its automated email templates.
  • Accept Payment: A new feature with a simple set-up with multiple payments available for the new registrants. 
  • GoToStage is A business video platform for professionals to build awareness and brand on the recorded videos.
  • Recorded Events that are essential in creating interactive, on-demand webinars for your audience. 
  • Video Editor for editing videos for high-quality presentations.
  • Video-Sharing tools that help you upload MP4 files or share video clips on YouTube.

WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar Comparison: Focus on Key Features

Let’s now look at the in-depth analysis of how the two platforms compare to each other. 

Webinar Types & Ease of Setup

With WebinarJam, you can host all types of webinars for your business. It provides live webinars functionality with only one click, and you are set. It is easier to set up and use as it doesn’t include downloading other software to support webinars, as with the GoToWebinar platform. It has step-by-step instructions, which makes it hard to mess up during the initial stages. 

On the other hand, with GoToWebinar, the host and attendees have to download the GoToOpener desktop installer as it’s a requirement to join a webinar. This may sound destructive and time-consuming, especially if you are not a computer literate person, hence sometimes reducing your conversion while joining the webinar.

Winner: WebinarJam

Webinar Funnel Pages

WebinarJam is excellent when it comes to funnel pages. It is loaded with so many landing page templates with different layouts, color schemes, and designs that you can choose from. This provides you with a platform to create a list of creative/attractive bullets that can run to make clear selling points and ask people why they should sign up for your webinar.

There are no landing page template options on GoToWebinar. The software allows you only to choose the colors, but not the layout. This explains why all the GoToWebinar landing pages look the same everywhere.

Winner: WebinarJam because of its wildly different landing page and thank you page theme options.

Live Webinars & Automated Webinars Availability

WebinarJam allows you to host live, automated, hybrid, series, on-demand webinars since it comes with EverWebinar as a combined package.

EverWebinar simulates the live experience from WebinarJam and doesn’t seem different for the viewers, so they have no idea that the webinar is running on autopilot. 

GoToWebinar also offers automation features and you can run both live and automated webinars. 

On both platforms, the simulated Live option allows you to quickly upload pre-recorded videos then schedule them at your desired time for your customers in your favorite appearance.

Winner: WebinarJam can do any type of webinar

Webinar Email Reminders & Email Editors

On WebinarJam, you can schedule a series of pre-and-post-webinar notifications, both via email and SMS text, so that your registrants never miss what you have to say.

GoToWebinar, on the other hand, has automated email samples that you can either send directly to the registrants or custom to add a small text that suits your specifications.

Winner: Tie

Webinar Reliability

Everyone wants perfect internet coverage and technological efficiency, but we have to agree that sometimes it might fail you terribly. As a result, you need software that will protect you from such inconveniences.

WebinarJam comes with a Panic Button feature that gives you a fallback plan if things go wrong during a webinar. 

The WebinarJam platform will boot up a new live room and automatically transfer everyone into it.

However, this feature is curtailed because it is only accessible on the professional and Enterprise packages.

On the other hand, GoToWebinar doesn’t offer any handy tool that can help you reboot your webinar room in case of technical issues. Still, if your internet is strong, you will hardly experience any problems with them.

Winner: WebinarJam, its Panic Button gives the platform much credit.

Webinar Audience Interaction Tools

WebinarJam offers the best audience interaction tools as far as Live chats, Q&A, Polls and surveys are concerned. 

WebinarJam’s user interface is easier when operating and the polls are in the focus when you launch. The featured offer is prominently displayed to draw the attention of the attendees immediately.

With WebinarJam, you can create the urgency and scarcity offers that encourage your attendees to act quickly. It also allows you to configure the survey tool during registration to survey your registrants. You can also pre-configure polls before your webinar and also monitor your audience during the webinar.

GoToWebinar offers similar features and you can configure the survey tool during registration, pre-configure polls before your webinar and many more.

However, GoToWebinar’s interactive features are not of excellent quality to facilitate audience interaction like with WebinarJam. 

GoToWebinar does not support your attendees interacting with one another in the public chat - they can only chat with the host privately. 

The platform also lacks a ‘featured offer’ to display your product/offering to the attendees.

GoToWebinar’s Q&A is also private because only the hosts can see the questions (attendees can’t see each other's questions).

Winner: WebinarJam 

Webinar Presentation Tools

WebinarJam comes with ‘your slideshow,’ a powerful tool that allows you to pre-upload your slideshow to the platform, giving your attendees access to a maximum quality content presentation. 

On the other hand, GoToWebinar has the attentiveness rating feature, which gives you actual-time data on when you are losing the attention of your attendees. This helps you know when to change your presentation tactics and when to win their uninterrupted attention.

But when it comes to presentation with GoToWebinar, you would have to screen share and show your slides since it lacks your slideshow feature. 

Handling a webcam on GoToWebinar is also pretty cumbersome as it doesn’t give you a clear picture of how your attendees are experiencing the webinar.

Winner: WebinarJam 

Webinar Recording Video & Replay

The webinar recording is automatic on both GoToWebinar and WebinarJam. They both automatically hit the “recording” button the moment you begin your webinar. You can use these recordings later as webinar replays for the customers who may have failed to attend your live webinar.

On WebinarJam, the ‘Replica Replay’ feature mimics the live webinar just like it happened. This boosts the attendees' interaction as they feel like being part of the live audience. They can also ask any questions via the question box in which you can respond in time.

On the other hand, GoToWebinar software has the trimming replay record, which you can trim or cut out some pieces from your recording. It also captures some engagements, such as polls for the webinar replay.

GoToWebinar’s biggest downside is the lack of a question box, which means the audience cannot engage you during webinar replay.

Winner: WebinarJam  

Customer Follow Up (Before, During & After the Webinar)

Recording your webinar during a presentation on either WebinarJam or GoToWebinar allows you to send the recorded webinar to any of your customers who may have missed the presentation.

So, with GoToWebinar or WebinarJam, you have access to email and SMS notification features, which are essential for sending reminders to your registrants before and after the webinar. 

Both platforms also integrate with your customer relationship management, providing more info when planning your marketing content.

Winner: Tie

Video Engine & Tech Support

Video quality is very significant during webinars. 

Both GoToWebinar and WebinarJam software support HD quality video. 

However, GoToWebinar has slightly better quality than WebinarJam because their software is installed on the computer.

WebinarJam has the panic button feature, which helps address the ‘potential problems that may be associated with a webinar. As we discussed earlier in this review, in the event of any issues associated with the video, the panic button creates a new room and automatically moves you and your attendees to another room within the shortest time possible.

On the support chat, the two software do not have a fast customer support chat, maybe it is due to their huge customer base, and they do not have the HR capacity to address all the inquiries that come from their customers.

Winner: Both platform ties. 

Webinar Analytics & Data Exports

Both platforms come with robust analytics and tracking tools that enable you to source as much information as you may need.

On WebinarJam, you can track;

  • Traffic on the registration page
  • The number of registrants
  • Attendees rating
  • Total revenue
  • Number of ticks sold
  • Number of sales
  • Earnings per attendees
  • The signup rate
  • The number of live attendees
  • Your attendees take the session length
  • Average time in the live room

With GoToWebinar, the platform comes with essential analytics tools that help you to track primary data about your webinar, including the webinar and poll attendance rate, Q&A questions log, Private chat questions log, the average time in the webinar room, registration page custom question answers and other unique features such as the interest rate and the attentiveness rate and many more.

Winner: WebinarJam

Mobile Devices & Browsers

Mobile devices can never be assumed in this review. 

So, both WebinarJam and GoToWebinar platforms require either mobile devices or browsers to conduct their webinars. 

With GoToWebinar, you may need a browser or download the mobile app for you to join the webinar. 

But WebinarJam and GoToWebinar, in some instances, allow you to host your webinars via the browser.

In addition to this, irrespective of the mobile device you are using, with WebinarJam, you have access to all these features at your convenience.

Winner: Tie

WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar Similarities

Both WebinarJam and GoToWebinar offer unique features for your fantastic experience.

Below are many features that both software have in common.

  • They both offer an all-in-one webinar solution
  • Both have HD quality video and very clear audio quality.
  • Polls and Quizzes that allow you to set up polls and quizzes before and during the live webinars sessions.
  • Both offers to setup free or paid webinar.
  • Integration with other software, for instance, email automation tools like Aweber, among others.
  • Customizable registration pages for both questions and answers.
  • Both WebinarJam and GoToWebinar provide average time in the webinar room for your meetings.
  • Both have excellent customer support chat with their clients.
  • They both have an analytics dashboard that is crucial in highlighting your webinar’s performance.
  • Both allow for multi-presenters during a single webinar event.
  • Both platforms offer Polls, Live Chats and Q&A during webinars.
  • The flexibility of scheduling pre-recorded videos on both platforms is more encouraging.

WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar Differences

WebinarJam and GoToWebinar Difference
  • WebinarJam has an attendees’ spotlight feature that allows you to monitor your attendees and bring them on-screen when talking; this tool is missing on GoToWebinar.
  • WebinarJam has public chat logs that allow you to fully interact with your attendees while enabling them to chat with each other. GoToWebinar lacks this feature and you can only speak with attendees privately.
  • Unlike GoToWebinar, WebinarJam has a feature that provides analytics for the conversion rate and helps track your sales.
  • Unlike GoToWebinar, WebinarJam allows the integration of  YouTube, in which case you can live stream webinars.
  • With GoToWebinar, you get GoToMeeting software as a bonus for hosting your webinars, whereas WebinarJam doesn’t have any additional software for live webinars.
  • On GoToWebinar, the webinar analytics and data exports feature allows you to extract data on your audience’s attentiveness and interest rates. This data is not provided on WebinarJam.
  • WebinarJam serves up to a maximum of 5K attendees whereas GoToWebinar hosts a maximum of 3K live attendees.
  • GoToWebinar price is based on the number of attendees & per host whereas WebinarJam is charged on a number of attendees and covers multiple hosts so it looks more affordable.
  • WebinarJam allows you to run an A/B test on your landing pages to measure which one converts your sign-ups better to increase your conversion. GoToWebinar lacks this feature.
  • Unlike GoToWebinar, WebinarJam allows you to segment attendees based on attendance and behavior during the live webinar which enables you to create significant information during your follow-up emails.
  • WebinarJam is also a good tool to create live and automated webinars of lead generation when compared to GoToWebinar.

WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar Pricing Comparison

You will probably want to know the best and most affordable platform before deciding on which one to settle on. 

The pricing structure of WebinarJam and GoToWebinar is very different.

WebinarJam and GoToWebinar Pricing

WebinarJam Pricing

WebinarJam Pricing comes in four different tiers that are charged monthly but billed annually.

  • WebinarJam Starter Plan at $39/m (billed annually): This plan will offer you Unlimited webinars, 1 host, 100 attendees, 1 hour max duration, Live Chat, Replica Replay, Flexible Scheduling, Fully-customizable pages and Email & SMS System.
  • WebinarJam Basic Plan at $79/m (billed annually): You will get up to 2 presenters, 500 attendees, unlimited webinars, 2 hours max duration per webinar, Attendee Spotlight & Automated webinars.
  • WebinarJam Professional Plan at $229/m (billed annually): The pan grants you unlimited webinars, up to 4 presenters per webinar, 2000 attendees per webinar, 3 hours max duration and additional advanced features like Always-On live room and The Panic Button.
  • WebinarJam Enterprise Plan at $379/m (billed annually): This is ideal for large businesses. Its features include all present in the pro plan together with The Control Center, up to 6 presenters, 5000 attendees, and 4 hours max duration & control panel.

Despite having unique features on all packages, WebinarJam’s Starter Plan does not offer Automated webinars. It only covers live webinars. This means that if you want to host both live and automated webinars, you have to subscribe to the Basic Plan onwards.

GoToWebinar Pricing

GoToWebinar has 4 pricing packages as follows:

  • GoToWebinar Lite Plan at $59/m ($49 when billed annually): This plan includes 250 Participants, Unlimited Cloud Storage, Video Embedding, Reporting and Analytics, Automated Emails, Polls, Handouts, and Q&A, GoToStage, Full-Service registration, Video Sharing, Accept Payments, Custom Branding, Integrations, Online & Local recording.
  • GoToWebinar Standard Plan at $129/m ($99 when billed annually): This comes with 500 Participants, Source Tracking, Certificates, Video Editor, Transcripts, Custom URLs, Recorded Events together with everything on the Lite plan.
  • GoToWebinar Pro Plan at $249/m ($199 when billed annually): Here, the plan comes with all the features in the Standard Plan plus 1,000 participants.
  • GoToWebinar Enterprise Plan at $499/m ($399 when billed annually): This package comprises all the features in the pro plan, plus 3,000 Participants and Reporting and Analytics.

WebinarJam and GoToWebinar Pricing Summary

WebinarJam stands out as the best webinar solution in this guide due to its standardized and affordable packages, On the other hand, GoToWebinar’s pricing is a bit different, The platform charges according to the number of hosts you want in a single webinar.

E.g. 500 attendees plan for WebinarJam costs you only $79/m with 2 hosts and GoToWebinar’s 500 host plan costs you $129/m for 1 host and double for 2nd host.

So, the more hosts you invite, the more costly it is. For instance, if you have a large business and probably want GoToWebinar’s Enterprise Plan with 3000 live attendees and 6 hosts, you will have to cough a whooping $2,994/month + tax this is way much more expensive when compared to WebinarJam’s Enterprise Plan which has a larger room size of 5000 live attendees and may only cost you $379/month with the 6 hosts.

Furthermore, WebinarJam can run any type of webinar events while GoToWebinar can do only live & automated events so you can clearly say that WebinarJam is a more affordable and more featured rich tool to choose.

WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar Pros & Cons

WebinarJam Pros & Cons


  • It provides up to 5000 attendees room.
  • It’s more affordable compared to GoToWebinar.
  • Provides advanced engagement tools
  • It offers advanced webinar analytics
  • Automatically records every webinar.


  • Lacks a built-in gamification feature.
  • Its trial costs $1 for 14-days (No free trial).
  • Allows you only to have up to 6 co-presenters, which might be limiting if you want to involve more co-presenters.

GoToWebinar Pros & Cons


  • GoToWebinar is meant for virtual meetings & conferences with webinars.
  • The gamification feature provided allows you to award your attendees a certificate.
  • You can create polls and quizzes in advance.
  • Has a start-up 7 days free trial.


  • The platform does not support hosting large numbers like WebinarJam.
  • Lack of a product offer limits you from selling a product to your attendees.
  • When compared to other platforms in the market, it’s expensive.
  • GoToWebinar supports only live and automated webinars.

Which One Is The Best Webinar Platform For Your Business?

While we understand that both GoToWebinar and WebinarJam were designed with one main goal - to host webinars, the choice of which tool to use will depend on your business requirements such as;

  • The size of your company
  • The number of attendees you want
  • The number of hosts you need
  • The usage & strategy you want to execute with webinars
  • Your budget
  • The scale of the webinar you wish to host.

Having that in mind, therefore;

Choose WebinarJam if…

  • You want a platform that can run any type of webinar not just live or automated.
  • You are running a small business and need to effectively host a large number of attendees with a small budget.
  • You would want to have your software hosted in the cloud.
  • You want to set up a limitless number of webinars.
  • You want to sell your products effectively.
  • You are in lead generation & product selling strategy.
  • You want powerful features such as the panic room.
  • You want a highly integrative webinar tool.
  • You want a platform with an easy-to-use user interface.
  • You are looking for a platform to stream your webinar live on YouTube and Facebook.

Choose GoToWebinar if...

  • You have no issue with a budget and you want a webinar hosting software that doesn’t put a cap on the number of hosts.
  • You want to try your software before committing any more dollars to it.
  • You want a CRM-integrated platform.
  • You want a good platform for online meetings and training.
  • You want to create awareness about your business through great features such as GoToStage at no extra cost.
  • You are comfortable with using an app to launch your webinar.
  • If you want a webinar room of up to 3000 attendees.
  • You want to have an unlimited number of hosts for your webinars.

Generally, choosing GoToWebinar vs WebinarJam comparison goes down to cost. 

So, if you want to scale up your webinars but price is a significant factor, WebinarJam is ideal for you.

Some reasons why the WebinarJam solution is the better choice in this review include;

  • WebinarJam offers a better user interface.
  • The platform allows your attendees to join straight into the webinar with their browser.
  • WebinarJam comes with robust webinar funnel tracking with built-in marketing tools such as A/B testing.
  • It also offers advanced webinar presentation tools for easily presenting your content.
  • You also get powerful marketing-focused audience interaction tools that boost your sales.

WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar FAQs

Q. Can you replay videos on WebinarJam and GoToWebinar?

Yes, you can access replay webinars on both GoToWebinar and WebinarJam software since they all have the auto-recording feature to facilitate that.

Q. Is GoToWebinar free?

The platform offers a 7-day free trial, after which you will be billed on a subscription plan of your choice.

Q. What is the best way to use WebinarJam?

WebinarJam operates with a single participant or multiple participants. They can take webinars, discussions, hold meetings, live stream information or chats, and highlight them one by one using the dynamic and flexible controls of the layout. 

Q. What is the main difference between WebinarJam and GoToWebinar?

The two platforms serve the same purpose, hosting webinars, but the difference is in the pricing packages and the room size. WebinarJam is a little cheaper and larger in room size when compared to GoToWebinar.

WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar Conclusion

If you want the best software to use for your webinars can run any type of webinar with more advanced features, I would recommend WebinarJam because it comes with the best key features fundamental for your webinar solution. It’s also ideal if you want to host a large audience within reasonable pricing.

But if budget is not an issue for you and needs more than 6 hosts then you can go with GoToWebinar.

I hope this WebinarJam vs GoToWebinar Comparison will help you choose the right platform for your business.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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