Convertri Review – The Best & FASTEST Funnel Builder 2022?

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Convertri Reviews

Selling products online need to be handled by the right tool.

Convertri is one tool that can help you achieve this.

Therefore, whether you want to sell services, digital products, or build landing pages, convert sales funnels, etc. Convertri can be a savior.

But does it fit your business?

If you want answers to this question, then you are in the right place.

This post will give you a complete Convertri Review that will guide you before you buy your plan.

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What Is Convertri?

Convertri logo

Convertri is a sales funnel building solution that offers powerful features to help you design and develop attractive landing pages and high-converting sales funnels, thereby improving your business at large.

You can build lead capture squeeze pages, landing pages, sales funnels and full website with Convertri.

Convertri’s strong point is that it helps you create the fastest pages you have ever seen on the internet.

The platform optimizes your pages thoroughly, giving them a massive real-world load time of fewer than 3 seconds. 

And what does this mean…? Better conversions and cheaper ads!

Let’s now dive into a detailed idea of what Convertri offers.

Detailed Convertri Feature Review

Convertri is aiming to be your platform of choice. 

Whether you are a startup entrepreneur, small businesses, or experienced online marketer, Convertri offers an intuitive, drag-and-drop page builder suitable for you.

It comes with powerful features as we are going to see below;

Sales Funnels

convertri lead generation sales funnel

Convertri enables you to create professional sales funnels of any kind. It comes with pre-made sales funnels for webinars, free shipping, software, sales, opt-in, etc. 

And unlike funnel builders in the market, Convertri plan and make multiple upsell chains to satisfy all your clients.

Convertri also allows you to share your funnels with your colleagues or clients in your subaccount.

Page Builder

Convertri offers page builder tools with a drag and drop functionality that helps you quickly build super-fast loading funnels and pages, increasing your conversion rate.

This feature gives you the power, control and the total freedom of designing any type of page you want with no limitations. 

And it’s not just about the free-form editing. Convertri’s builder includes more elements and features to help you create beautiful pages better and make your life simpler.

You can easily change and add texts & images, move buttons, add media files and any other design elements.

Convertri also offers accelerated page technology that helps you to build the fastest landing pages, which gives your audience a better browsing experience and, in return,  brings more leads and more sales to your business.

This type of flexibility makes Convertir a great tool, especially if you are a newbie with such kinds of marketing features.

Powerful Publishing

With one click, Convertri allows you to launch your page live on their secure servers.

Convertri comes with a robust CDN network where they host all your pages and comes with automatic optimization and intelligent caching.

Mobile-specific Landing Pages

With a lot of internet consumers using mobile devices, you wouldn’t want your mobile visitors to have a bad experience when browsing your landing pages.

Convertri offers mobile-responsive pages and you don’t even need to design a separate mobile and desktop version of your pages. Convertri will help you convert them automatically depending on the device your visitor is using.

And within a fraction of a minute, your pages will load!

Popup and Sticky headers

Convertri offers a Popup and Sticky bar, which are unique features and not common in many other Convertri competitors in the market.

These features appear to your visitors based on certain conditions, which creates more attention to your offers, hence increasing the chances of having more conversions on your pages.

Page Import/Recreation

What makes Convertri even more competitive is that you can create your pages with other platforms and then import them to the Convertri editor, where you can customize them the way you want and then republish them.

This is not common with other players!

So if you already have pages live on other service providers and you don’t want the hassle of recreating them on the Convertri platform, you can just import them to Convertri within a fraction of a minute to do so.

Dynamic Text Replacement

Convertri helps you to adjust your page in line with the keywords in your ads.

This helps you to improve your relevancy of page & user engagement which increases the conversions, so are your profits.

Shopping Cart

Convertri offers a built-in shopping cart to help you sell your products online.

With this amazing tool, you can manage orders as well as track your sales - all directly within the Convertri platform.

The Convertri Shopping cart tool includes powerful functionalities such as one-click upsell, subscription, trial payments, payment and everything you could ever imagine regarding shopping cart tools.

This tool also allows you to bump the sale of your products so that you can boost your entire revenue with bump offers.

And with this amazing feature, you can sell unlimited products with Convertri.

Fast Loading Websites

convertri web page load faster

Who doesn't hate loading and buffering? Everyone does, right?

Convertri helps you build landing pages and websites that load faster on the internet than many of its close competitors.

And when your pages load faster, it basically means faster and more conversions, sales and eventually bigger ROI. 

Such loading speed is also suitable for building high-converting sales funnels.


This unique Convertri feature allows you to easily offer your funnel creation and website design services to other clients.

For example, you can manage multiple companies and their respective customers with their own integration.

This tool also allows holders of those sub-accounts to edit or publish pages on the accounts where they have access.

If you are running many businesses and want your clients to have their own integrations, you will love working with this feature.

So this is good when you are running your marketing agency to manage & serve your client with your development & marketing service.

A/B Testing

Convertri comes with an A/B testing feature to enable you to test different versions of the same elements, say landing pages or sales funnels to find the best converting option. 

By doing this, you can choose which elements will bring more success to your business.


While Convertri comes with essential features like the landing page builder, shopping cart, video hosting & sub-accounts so you don’t need to make any extra efforts of working with other third-party platforms.

Either way, they don’t deny you the chance to integrate your favourite app.

Therefore, Convertri allows you to integrate with some of the best service providers in the market, including;

  • ActiveCampaign, AWeber, MailChimp, or ConvertKit for email marketing and automation.
  • Drip, Keep for CRM platform. 
  • Stripe & PayPal for payment gateway.
  • WebinarJam for hosting Webinars.
  • And Zapier to integrate any app.


Convertri provides responsive customer support to ensure your technical issues are handled on time. 

In addition to this, the platform also offers a knowledge based blog where you can get assistance any time you check in, from how to get started to integration.

Convertri Pricing - Discount Deals & Coupon Codes

convertri pricing plans

Convertri offers a Standard Plan, which costs $99 per month when billed monthly or $75 per month when paid annually.

This package includes all the features, making Convertri an ideal tool for growing your business, especially if you need feature-rich tools for managing sales funnels.

Features Include;

  • 250,000 impressions per month.
  • 25 funnels 
  • 250 pages
  • 10 team members
  • 10 custom domains
  • 20 videos with a space of 100GB
  • Unlimited products 
  • Over 400 Customizable Templates to choose from
  • A/B split tests
  • Page Importer
  • SSL certificate

Convertri also offers 14 days free trial to give you first-hand experience of all the above features on top of these features.

With an annual payment option, you also get a 25% discount, which helps you access Convertri features at a lower price. So instead of paying $99 per month, you end up paying $75 per month.

And if you are looking for Coupon codes this might not be the best moment for you as there is no such thing at the moment.

Here is my detailed Convertri Pricing Guide.

Convertri Testimonials & Success Stories

Again, I'm not very good with page design or graphics but I even create all my Facebook ad images using Convertri then Snag the images and use them in my ads.

- Charles H. Manager at Retail, 1-10 employees, Used the Convertri for: 2+ years

The speed’s like nothing I have ever used before… the ease of changing the page, the ability to take 100k hits with zero hiccups… it all made the Instamate 2017 launch so much easier. Convertri the best launch funnel builder out there.

- Luke Maguire

I’d like to commend Convertri on being the most advanced web page building software ever created. It’s idiot proof, and I’m the idiot that proved it. Simply, an amazing piece of software… I’d also like to applaud you for your enthusiasm about your business, you can tell this project is your baby & you LOVE it. Proud to be a part of something extraordinary.

- Steve Lusby

convertri testimonials

Convertri Pros

  • Convertri helps you to create useful websites with fast loading speed.
  • Creanvertri makes it easier for you to map your pages to the funnels
  • Convertri allows you to sell unlimited products.
  • Convertri offers 100% mobile responsive pages.

Convertri Cons

  • No in-built membership option
  • Only one pricing package which looks limited 
  • Convertri doesn't offer an affiliate program.
  • Convertri doesn’t come with in-built email marketing.

Who should use Convertri?

Convertri is ideal for any business, whether you are a newbie or experienced business person or marketer but as per their features and interface, i can say it is more price centric option and suitable for beginners to get an affordable option.

So use Convertri if;

  • You want to create a professional website that loads faster.
  • You want to drive more sales.
  • You want to drive more potential customers.
  • You want to sell your products online.
  • You want to create high-converting landing pages and sales funnels.


Convertri does not impose on you to create products from scratch or to code your entire website.

Therefore, if you already have your products, Convertri offers you drag and drop technology and pre-designed templates that save you time and money. Within minutes, you can design and launch pages to market and sell your products.

Why Convertri - Is It Really Worth It?

Convertri is worth it and it won't disappoint your desires.

But what makes Convertri stand out from all the other sales funnel tools in the market?

If you are a business owner or marketing manager, you need the platform to build effective sales funnels and bring your audience’s best user experience.

This is a true definition of Convertri.

It offers customizable templates that help you build a high-speed loading website, something very few tools in the market can offer!

Ease of use is crucial when it comes to landing page builders.

With Convertri, its drag and drop functionality is enough to allow you to create and test landing pages without even the need to be a coding expert. 

So whether you are new with such tools or have first-hand experience, you can easily navigate Convertri without many challenges. 

Mobile-optimized websites can ensure an excellent user experience for audiences, especially those visiting your landing and sales pages through mobile devices.

With Convertri, you can quickly build mobile-optimized landing pages and sales pages for your visitors. 

This tool automatically converts your desktop template version into a mobile version, helping you convert more visitors.

Convertri also comes with a vibrant Facebook community where you can learn many things about Convertri.

Convertri Alternative Competitors

As there are many landing and sales funnels builders in the market, I have only selected a few close competitors to Convertri.

My selection was best on intensive research, pricing structures, features, ease of use and quality of landing and sales funnels.

1. Kartra - Best all-in-one marketing tool

If you are looking for an all-in-one sales and landing page builder platform, Kartra is definitely worth it. 

While Convertri comes with many features for marketing campaigns, Kartra’s primary focus is to help you build quality and powerful landing pages and sales funnels, as well as help you manage your overall business without spending another budget on third-party platforms.

So whether you want a shopping cart, email marketing, automation and many other amazing features like a helpdesk, calendar app, Kartra is a perfect choice.

2. ClickFunnels - Build Beautiful Funnels Faster

Being a sales funnels expert, ClickFunnels comes with all the powerful features in the marketing world (and more than Convertri can offer) to help you create high converting pages and funnels.

However, Convertri outshines ClickFunnels when it comes to pages and website loading speed, importation of pages, mobile-specific pages and sub-account (totally missing in ClickFunnels).

3. GrooveFunnels - Build High Converting Landing Pages

GrooveFunnels offers you powerful features and tools that are dedicated in creating high-converting pages and funnels.

Besides, it comes with a free package that you can enjoy using for a lifetime while you improve your business. GrooveFunnels lifetime deal is also something that will save you money if you take advantage before the offer expires.

Therefore, if you are looking for a landing and sales funnels solution and you don’t want to pay monthly, GrooveFunnels is for you.

4. Builderall - Best Affordable All-in-one Marketing Tool

Builderall is all in one platform that comes with all the important features that can help you build a successful online business.

If you are looking to an inclusive marketing platform that can help you manage your overall business on a low budget, the Builderall could be a perfect choice.

Should I use Convertri For My Business?

Definitely yes!

Convertri offers lots of benefits, which are the reasons for: Why choose any other platform?

These benefits include;

  • Convertri comes with a Funnel Planner that allows you to plan your process, from opt-in forms to checkout pages.
  • Convertri offers a Page editor that gives you complete control of dragging and dropping elements whenever you want.
  • With its seamless integrations, you can integrate all your favorite services with Convertri within minutes.
  • Convertri comes with a built-in Shopping Cart that lets you sell unlimited products online.
  • Convertri offers powerful agency features that allow you to create funnels and websites for clients with sub-accounts.

Convertri is an awesome tool you can integrate in your business, whether you are a new internet marketer or experienced business person.

However, the platform might still not fit your business, in terms of pricing, features and overall value.

Therefore, here is what I would suggest for you;

  • Go with Convertri if you are just starting with your business and you want a tool with basic landing and sales funnel builder functionalities.
  • Go with Kartra if you are looking for the best landing and sales funnels solution for your online business.
  • Go with ClickFunnels if you are looking for a powerful platform that is dedicated in creating quality landing and sales funnels.
  • Go with Builderall if you are looking for an affordable alternative to Convertri.
  • Go with GrooveFunnels if you want a platform that you will only pay once and forget about monthly or yearly subscriptions.

Convertri FAQs

Q. Can I use Convertri along with WordPress?

Yes. If you already have a WordPress website, you can download the Convertri Connector WordPress plugin, which will allow you to post your Convertri pages on your WordPress site.

Q. Does Convertri offer SSL, or will I have to use something like Cloudflare?

Yes. Your Convertri subdomain has SSL by default. Convertri also allows you to easily switch your subdomain to custom domains, just with one click.

Q. Can I launch my products on Convertri?

Yes. Convertri comes with powerful eCommerce tools to help you launch and sell unlimited products.

Q. Can I share my pages and funnels with others?

Yes, you can.

Q. Does Convertri Lifetime Deal available?

No, Convertri does not offer lifetime deals rather they have monthly or yearly plan options only.


Convertri offers one of the best marketing tools that you can use to skyrocket your business.

As you need a powerful shopping cart and super-fast hosting, Convertri doesn’t disappoint your decision as it focuses on page speed. With its powerful technology and mobile-specific editor, you have all the reasons to get started with Convertri’s 14 days free trial now and decide whether it fits your business or not.

Therefore, Convertri is a good platform but there are other alternative tools with better features and tools you might consider using them.

For instance, Kartra is the best all in one platform that will help you build and manage your online business without depending on other 3rd party services.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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