Kartra vs ClickFunnels Comparison – Which Is Better, Easy And Cheaper? (In Depth Comparison)

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kartra vs clickfunnels

When you think for funnels building then confused to choose the right platform from Kartra Vs ClickFunnels and this is why here i have done in-depth comparison with my recommendation of which tool to choose.

It was very strenuous to perform the tasks of different businesses and manage huge human resources. Here, a question arises: what are these accessories which have revolutionized the entrepreneurship industry. Is it a giant machine? 

No, not at all, it is altogether different and you would jump out of curiosity and excitement that it is a software. Kartra and ClickFunnels came to help the businesses doomed in inefficiency. Kartra and ClickFunnels made the functioning of businesses very smooth and agile.

Both softwares are masters of their performance on their own. However, each is built for a specific purpose and which one is best for your business is the question you might be looking for an answer to. 

Choosing the right tool is very much important for your business not just as a pricing point but how you can use more features to scale your business at later stages without changing one to another tool which costs you more money & headache of time.

To make this decision easy for you, I have done this in-depth analysis of ClickFunnels vs Kartra to help you find the best fit according to your business needs, functionalities, pricing and overall business management & growth aspect. 

A Comprehensive Comparison Between Kartra & ClickFunnels

Kartra and ClickFunnels apparently perform the same tasks i.e. building of sales funnels for the sake of entrepreneurs’ ease. Obviously, they are not the same tools. They are similar in some aspects and they are different in some others. Here, we have done an in-depth comparison of features of both Kartra and ClickFunnels.

The main difference between Kartra vs ClickFunnels is that ClickFunnels is tools to quickly create beautiful sales funnels while Kartra is an all-in-one platform to run entire business including funnels, campaign, video marketing, helpdesks, calendars and much much more. 

Which one is the Best Sale Funnels Tool - Kartra vs ClickFunnels in a Glimpse







Starting Price

  • Starter: $99/month
  • Silver: $199/month
  • Gold: $299/month
  • Platinum: $499/month
  • Standard: $97/month
  • Platinum: $297/month

Users’ Rating




  • Starter: 2500
  • Silver: 12500
  • Gold: 25,000
  • Platinum: 50000
  • Custom


Sale Funnels

  • Interactive
  • Easy to Use
  • Efficient

Over all they are good at it

Ease of Use

The Highest


Typical Customers




Extremely Easy

Very Easy

Customer Support

On the Sport


Emails per Month

  • Starter: 15,000
  • Silver: Unlimited
  • Gold: Unlimited
  • Platinum: Unlimited

  • Starter: No
  • Platinum: Yes


To the highest standard

To the highest standard


No Extra Cost Add-ons

Example: Built-in Add ons

Extra Cost Add-ons

Example: No Built-in Add ons

Key Features

Built-in sale funnels, Add-ons, No sequential planning, video hosting platforms, etc.

It is very good at sales funnel building but that's the only single thing they are good at and need to integrate more features.


  • Efficient
  • All-in-one Tool
  • User Friendly
  • Load Manager
  • Affordable while replaced many tools

  • Efficient
  • Excellent for people only need sales funnels


  • With so many integrated features, you need to learn many tools which can easily be done by free training provided by Kartra.

  • Less Efficient as compared to Kartra.
  • Only Sales Funnel builder
  • Limiting most features on standard plan so it forces users to sign up for a higher plan



Not Built-in but integratable

Money-Back Guarantee

30 Days

30 Days

This comparison shows that Kartra is a competitive Sales Funnels by many yardsticks. It is very efficient, easy to use, has many built-in functions, video hosting platforms and Kartra provides a platform to run your entire business with some amazing features like video marketing, analytics, customer service, calendar and many more. On the other hand, ClickFunnels is as the name suggests is good for sales funnels only and not meant for running your entire business.

Kartra vs ClickFunnels Features




Affiliate System

Included in all Plans

  • Non included in Standard Plan
  • Included in Platinum Plan only

Shopping Cart


Not Included

Sales Tools



Social Media Marketing



Tracking & Analytics

Included in all Plans


Custom Domains

  • 1 Domain on Starter Plan 
  • 3 Domain on Silver Plan 
  • 5 Domain on Gold Plan 
  • 10 Domain on Platinum Plan
  • Can be added extra as Add-on on any plan

  • 3 Domains on Standard Plan
  • 9 Domains on Platinum Plan

Responsive Design



E-commerce Support



Video Hosting


Not Included








Included in all Plans

Included in Platinum Plan only

Free Trial

14 days $1 Trial

14 days Free Trial


Kartra vs ClickFunnels Pricing

Kartra Pricing Plan

  • Starter Plan – $99 per month up to 2,500 contacts
  • Silver Plan – $199 per month up to 12,500 contacts
  • Gold Plan – $299 per month up to 25,000 contacts
  • Platinum Plan – $499 per month up to 50,000 contacts

ClickFunnels Pricing Plan

  • Standard Plan: $97/month up to 20,000 visitors
  • Platinum Plan: $297/month with unlimited visitors

Comparing the pricing plans of Kartra and ClickFunnels apparently we can say that ClickFunnels is more affordable than Kartra but keeping in view that Kartra offers many integrated features and ads on to run your small business smoothly even in a starter plan making it much cheaper and preferable. While ClickFunnels only provides you a platform to build sales funnels and does not have many other features like calendar, video integration and analytics.

Learn how you can get Kartra 30 day trial before get started.

Kartra & ClickFunnels Similarities

Kartra and ClickFunnels have many similar features which can be utilized differently but provide the same ease and functionality. Some of them are listed below:

  • Both Kartra & ClickFunnels offer matchless features such as codeless designs and program-less pages. Any entrepreneur can design his own page according to his taste and inclination with the help of a drop and drag builder. What one has to do, he just has to place the elements of his liking.
  • Both softwares have built-in design features in abundance. They can easily be funneled according to the requirement.
  • One can easily monetize his skill and expertise and earn by course hosting. One can upload his courses, programs and other things in order to earn. They allow the users to set up membership portals as well.
  • Both tools facilitate you by ‘Affiliate Manager.’ With the help of this pre-installed software, one can easily find his customers and can award the Affiliate Managers with commissions.
  • Both have automated email functionalities. They have follow-up funnels for following up customers via email and texts.
  • Both have email automation similarities but ClickFunnels only offer this on Platinum Plan while Kartra has this even starter plan as well.
  • Both softwares offer the option of sharing the funnels. In this way, one marketer can share his funnel with the other marketer by copying his/her funnel.

On the list of added features, they offer split testing (split tests for the measurement of the success of marketing campaigns), excellent support features (for the facilitation of customers), shopping cart (no need to involve third party) and the presence of Affiliate Programme (One can be part of a campaign without joining it).

Kartra & ClickFunnels Differences

After discussing the similarities, some of the differences on the equal footing of both softwares are as follows:

  • Both tools have different goal orientations. ClickFunnels prefer sequential formation of funnels, whereas Kartra works in reverse order. To simplify it, ClickFunnels works on the basis of ‘step-by-step’ phenomenon, whereas Kartra works on the basis of ‘what you want to do first’. 
  • Moreover, ClickFunnels offers an in-built webinar option whereas Karta does not have it, However, Karta offers its sister tool for this purpose, WebinarJam. ClickFunnels do not have their built-in video hosting platform and it has to get aligned with YouTube platforms but Kartra has its own video platform. 
  • Furthermore, ClickFunnels has FunnelFlix which is Netflix of online marketing whereas Kartra does not have it.
  • Additionally, Kartra has a built-in Calendar App which helps your customers to easily book an appointment with you whereas ClickFunnels does not have this facility.
  • In addition to these dissimilarities, Kartra has a help desk but ClickFunnels has still not launched its helpdesk. Besides, Kartra has a Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM) tool which customizes your sales automatically.
  • Further, Kartra is an SEO and blogging friendly tool whereas it is a very difficult task as far as ClickFunnels is concerned.
  • Last but not the least; Kartra has its own built-in scroll/heatmap technology. On the other hand, in order to get it installed in ClickFunnels, you have to pay extra for it.

ClickFunnels vs Kartra email marketing

ClickFunnels has some basic features as far as email marketing is concerned. It is better than nothing at all. However, in the presence of Kartra, it is useless to use ClickFunnels. Kartra offers email sequencing, forms, powerful email broadcasts, efficient email deliverability and visual automation builder. So, Kartra offers the best email marketing tools and management.

As ClickFunnels does not offer email automation on standard plan, so for using email automation service you have to upgrade to Platinum plan.

ClickFunnels vs Kartra  Best Funnel Software for Lead Generation

Kartra is the best software for lead generation because of its numerous features discussed in this article. According to a user of both softwares, “I used to use ClickFunnels for landing page software, ActiveCampaign for email marketing and Vimeo for video hosting and I love that now I can do everything with the help of software – Kartra – all at a lower price.”

Kartra vs ClickFunnels: Which one Is For You?

Good by Features

Kartra has many parallel advantages over its counterpart, ClickFunnels. It is very easy to form sales funnels on this software. It is very easy to list down the scaling of the business in the presence of many pre-built tools. It has video hosting platforms and downsizing as far as contacts are concerned. In the presence of limited contacts, there is no excessive traffic or burden on the website. 

While ClickFunnels has limitation of visitors on standard plan upto 20,000 with only 20 funnels and for availing luxury of unlimited traffic and funnels you are forced to upgrade to platinum plan. 

Ease of Use

With reference to usage, it is user friendly and extremely easy to use. Even a novice can easily learn to use Kartra. There are in-built tutorials. These tutorials lead a person towards successful use of Kartra. Moreover, its tutorials on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram make the task easier for users. As far as the customers are concerned, it provides the customers with the facilities like Help Desk and others. So, as compared to ClickFunnels, it is very easy to use. In order to get the utility of Help Desk in ClickFunnels, the customer and entrepreneur has to purchase it. 

Price Affordability

As far as price affordability is considered, Kartra offers the best options. It presents four plans: Starter, Silver, Gold and Platinum. On the other hand, its counterpart ClickFunnels offers only two plans: Standardand Platinum. In this way, Kartra offers a diverse range for the customers and they can opt as per their liking. In other words, even a starter plan of Kartra has so many free features along with Sales Funnels that make it too cost effective which ClickFunnels surely lack.

Best Sign Up Bonus

As far as the option of “Best Sign Up Bonus’ is considered. Both Kartra and ClickFunnels offer the free trial of the software for fourteen days (two weeks). 

Hence, ClickFunnels seems to be a better choice apparently but the features offered by the Kartra outweigh this fourteen days free trial. The benefits apart from built in amazing sake funnels features such as Video Hosting Platform and Help Desk make it a far better choice if compared with the ‘Fourteen Days Free Trial’ of ClickFunnels.

Good Customer Service & Support

In the field of customer service and support, Kartra obviously takes the top spot because it offers the user friendly options such as Help Desk and automated email with much better response than ClickFunnels. Also their 24/7 customer support is there to help you resolve any issue you encounter while using Kartra platform.

Marketing Tracking

In the terms of marketing tracking, Kartra provides the Calendar App with many latest functions which chart out the market activity of purchase and sale on a daily basis and it keeps the businessmen and customers updated with the daily ups and downs of the market. 

On the other hand, ClickFunnels does not offer any of such luxury. In some cases, it offers with limited capacity. Kartra offers marketing tracking in a very efficient manner. In the form of sale funnels formed through pre-installed automated procedures, the entrepreneurs keep noticing the trend of the market. ClickFunnels has also such sale funnels but they are not as advanced as those of Kartra. 

Email Automation & Pricing

In terms of email automation, Kartra is also the best. In terms of pricing, ClickFunnels appears to be an economical option but in fact, it is not true. In truth, the best option is Kartra. As far as pricing is taken into consideration, Kartra is the best as it offers four categories and ClickFunnels offers only two categories as has been mentioned somewhere else in this document.

Subscriber Retention

Both softwares provide subscriber retention. In Kartra, it differs from category to category. For example, in the starter category, the subscription retention is for more than a month. Same is the case with ClickFunnels. 

Sign-up Bonus

The offers of Sign-up Bonus keep changing with time. For instance, on Kartra, a few weeks ago, the company offered a 50% discount on being a signee of Kartra. Similarly, such promo codes keep running on the official Website of ClickFunnels. A few days ago, an advertisement for a 75% bonus was announced for the new signees. In this regard, both softwares are competitive options. The choice is up to the entrepreneurs and the customers. 

Overall Best for sale funnels 

From the description above, it is evident that the best software for sale funnels is Kartra. It has the Help Desk, the best tools for optimizing the market activities and the video hosting platforms- these are just a few examples. On the other hand, ClickFunnels offer no such advantageous options. Many things have to be integrated into it namely video hosting platform and Help Desk.

Why Kartra Is Our Top Choice

Kartra is the topmost choice of the marketing and entrepreneurial society.

  • Kartra offers many all-in-one features. 
  • You can enjoy video hosting, campaign building and other features within one package and you have no need to pay the extra charges. ClickFunnels needs many integrated softwares and in this way, it eats up a huge chunk of user’s money. Moreover, it needs a lot of time.
  • Kartra offers many unlimited features and freedom to run a small business successfully from one platform without hiring multiple resources or multiple platforms.
  • Kartra is very affordable and offers a free 14 days trial on all its pricing plans.
  • It offers the best analytical tool to continuously take customer feedback and improve your business strategies.
  • Automated functionality is far better than ClickFunnels and helps you pre schedule emails.

According to the entrepreneurial society of the USA, “For many clients who are just starting out, they’ve also found using Kartra has been a better solution and have been more than happy with the power and features built into it.” 

Also for scaling and measuring of market activity, which one has to do either or neither in business, Kartra is the best tool. From all the angles; speed, efficiency, ease of analysis, supporting features - Kartra is the best.

Best Sale Funnels Tool Selection Guide

There may be many tips which can be considered for the best sale funnel selection but some of the most essential tips are being given as this:

  • It is essential to look whether the intended business has some compatibility with the software or not. In the same vein, it is handy to look for the scale of the business. The software must be launched if the scale of business is from medium to large.
  • The add-ons features and other features such as pricing etc. must be looked into.
  • It should be looked at whether the intended software has some customer support features such as Help Desk and Automated Email Generation.
  • It must be taken into account whether the sale funnel software has a Calendar App in it or not. It helps to regulate the businesses on a daily basis.
  • It must be noticed whether the intended software offers marketing tracking and analytics tools or not. It helps to sustain in a fiercely competitive world of today.
  • The user friendly option and the extent of difficulty must also be noticed.

Kartra vs Clickfunnels FAQs 

Q. When Do I Need Kartra?

A: You need Kartra when you see that other different platforms are not enough to handle your workload and you are fed up with your employees. It is best if you want marketing, management and tracking all in one platform and at a very low cost.

Q. When Do I Need ClickFunnels?

A: ClickFunnels is only good for sales funnels and has limited features to support other business requirements like analytics, scheduling and management of an online business. 

Q. What can I do with Kartra?

A: You can do multiple things with Kartra. You can maintain the record of your business. You can upload your products. You can access a much larger audience. You can keep track and improve your business with integrated analytics and even can generate more leads with built in sale funnels. 

Q. What can I do with ClickFunnels?

A: You can do more or less the same things with ClickFunnels in terms of sales funnels only as you have done with Kartra. However, it does have less and limited features as compared to Kartra.

Q.: Do you get a WebinarJam trial if you are a Kartra customer?

A: Yes. You would surely get a WebinarJam trial if you are a Kartra customer. This is one of numerous pre-installed features of Kartra.

Q. Which works better with Kartra, WebinarJam or Zoom?

A: WebinarJam works better with Kartra because it is its built-in feature. It can be integrated with Zoom; however, its working would be compromised.

Q. Does Kartra work in Chrome?

A: Yes, Kartra is compatible with Chrome. It easily works in Chrome.

Q. Can I sell digital products in Kartra?

A: Yes, Kartra’s comprehensive system allows you to sell digital products. It is indeed a luxury for students and other people.

Q. Can I host a webinar on Kartra for both live and on demand?

A: Yes, you can use it.

Q. Does Kartra integrate with Shopify?

A: Yes, Karta can be integrated with Shopify via Zapier. Both have different functionalities and they can be integrated via Zapier.

Final Thought

To put it in a nutshell, Kartra is way better than ClickFunnels because it is cost effective and has many integrated tools whereas ClickFunnels is best for Sale Funnels only and needs integration of more tools that is tricky and costly too.

Moreover, Kartra has many in-built features such as Help Desk, Video Hosting Platform (On the basis of YouTube) and integration with other platforms. Furthermore, the funnels prepared by the Kartra software are very interactive. They can easily be analyzed with reference to the market competition. Besides, it is easily integrated with other platforms such as Twitter in order to present your company analytics online. In this way, Kartra provides multiple platforms to its users to become cognizant of other things in the market.  

Keeping in view the above analysis, Kartra is the best tool and it outpaces ClickFunnels because it provides the best tools for sales marketing. Now, due to its multifarious self-facilitating features, the entrepreneur can himself manage the growth and scaling of his business. That’s why; the entrepreneurs are being addressed as “solo-preneurs”.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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