Wishpond Pricing Plans 2022 – Does Monthly Cost Worth It?

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Wishpond Pricing Plan

Wishpond is a platform for generating, managing, and nurturing leads by using simple tools. Wishpond makes it easy for marketers to grow their business.

Wishpond provides all-in-one marketing tools with it’s powerful platform. The tools includings Landing Pages, Pop ups & Forms, Contests & Promos, Marketing Automation, email marketing, social promotions, CRM, eCommerce selling and call tracking.

In this article you will learn about the pricing, features and the best plan you can opt for. It includes all the details that you need to get started with Wishpond.

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Wishpond Pricing Overview

The Wishpond has three plans are:

  • Starting Out at $75/M (1,000 Leads)
  • Everything You Need at $149/M (2,500 Leads)
  • Rapid growth from $299.00/M (10,000 Leads onwards)

Plan Name

Starting Out Plan

Everything You Need Plan

Rapid Growth Plan

Monthly Pricing



From $299/M

Annual Pricing



From $199/M

Landing Pages & Pop-ups




Email Drip Campaign




Marketing Automation




Custom CSS




User Accounts







10,000 to 1,000,000

A/B Testing




Custom Javascript




API Access




First-In-Line Customer Support




Free Implementation Coaching




The pricing of Wishpond Rapid Growth plan increases with number of leads. It offers you 10,000 leads with the starting price, which can then be increased to 100,000 Leads per month.

The Wishpond Rapid Growth pricing is shown in the table below as per the leads:


Price (Billed Monthly)

Price (Billed Yearly)













Wishpond Plans In-Depth Reviews

Now let’s discuss the 3 plans which Wishpond offers to understand them in detail, and to find out which plan fits the best to your requirements.

Starting Out Plan at $75/M

This plan provides features mentioned above in the table with a maximum of 1,000 leads. It provides Integration features (Mailchimp, Salesforce & more), Import, Export & Sync. It also supports Customer support, Email & Live Chat.

This plan is only focused for building landing pages and nothing much. For beginners it may be okay but I would not recommend this plan for people who are looking for more features like A/B testing which is one of the most important features in marketing tools.

It also has an annual subscription which costs you around $49/month with saving you almost 35% on the monthly cost.

If you are seeking for more than just building landing pages, you should opt for the next plan that is Everything You Need.

Everything You Need Plan at $149/M

This plan provides all the features from Starting out and some extra features as mentioned in the table above, with a maximum of 2,500 leads. It also provides Integration with Mailchimp, Salesforce & other services.

The customer support, email and live chat will help you to get the full potential.

Annual subscription for this plan will cost you $99/month only. You also save around 33% on the annual subscription.

If you are establishing your business, this might be the best plan for you.

The next plan, Rapid Growth will be more useful if you’re looking for more features with better offerings.

Rapid Growth from $299/M

It includes all the features from Everything You Need plan. Along with that, there are features like First-in-line Customer Support and Free Implementation Coaching that will help you to get started with Wishpond easily.

The annual subscription for this plan starts from $299/month and increases as per leads required by you.

wishpond logo

Wishpond 14 Days Free Trial

Wishpond provides a 14 days free trial to check it’s offerings. But the pricing is limited for annual subscription buyers. If you’re looking to buy it’s monthly plan, then unfortunately you’ll not get the free trial.

The trial has different offerings for different plans. You’ll get all the features to check for the plan you select.

Wishpond Features

The four main marketing features which we get on Wishpond are Landing Pages, Pop ups & Forms, Contests & Promos & Marketing Automation.

  • Landing Pages: The intuitive landing page builder makes it easy to get more leads and sales from your websites. It can make attractive high converting templates for your website and business.
  • Pop ups & Forms: It provides an easy way to create pop ups in minutes and have options from different types of pop ups to implement from.
  • Contests & Promos: Contests & Promotions that generate social engagement and get more followers as wishpond’s contest tools makes it easy to get the most out of social media.
  • Marketing Automation: It helps in restraining the customers and enables you to nurture leads automatically. With this tool you can send personalized emails to your leads based on the information you have about your visitors.
  • Email marketing: Email Marketing helps you do work regarding very efficiently such as Email and Mobile Preview, Manage Email lists, Building and Personalizing Emails, Sending Outbound Emails, Manage Email Deliverability & Automated Email Responses.

Other useful features are it’s report and analytics, campaign creation, distribution and data collection.

Wishpond Discounts and Coupons

There are no such discounts or coupons available for wishpond other than the 25-35% discount which you get while buying the annual subscription.

Which Wishpond Plan Is Best For You

If you are starting a new business and looking for leads management and nurturing tools, I would suggest you to go with the Starting out plan which costs you $75/month. It will provide you with unlimited user accounts and a maximum of 1,000 leads. For a startup business this is the best for managing and handling your leads, yet this plan doesn't offer the A/B testing feature. If you need A/B testing features and more, you can go for the Everything you need plan which is the most popular plan of Wishpond.  

If you are in this marketing business for a while and have established your startup, I suggest you to opt for Everything you need. It gives 2,500 leads with all the features of the Starting out plan along with some useful features like A/B testing, API access, etc.

If you have a well grown business and want to grow fast, just take up the Rapid Growth plan. It grants you all the necessary features to help your business grow at a rapid speed. It also comes with a First-in-Customer support feature which helps you to resolve your queries faster.

Overall, I would suggest you to opt for the 2nd plan for your business and which you can upgrade later as per your needs. It will help you to expand your business on a large scale. The plan offers the features that you require to establish and expand your business.

However make sure you check other similar tools like Kartra, GetResponse, GrooveFunnels, ActiveCampaign, maybe they can help you more than this.

Does Wishpond provide Value for Money?

You can use different tools for things like email, landing pages, forms, etc. Wishpond will help you to integrate it all at a reasonable cost. In addition to this, it also has a responsive customer support and product team.

It comes with an easy-to-use interface, It has many tools to help you in implementing your ideas. 

It has excellent customer service and answers to any query you have.

You can utilize campaign features like sweepstakes and contests (these both help you to engage your audience with your social media campaigns), as well as landing page builder. All these features allow you to reach out even further and acquire new customers.

These features and values show that it’s quite okay to pay for these features, but let’s check some other tools offering almost similar features and even more.

There is one tool called Kartra, it's an All-in-One tool that you’ll need for your business.

Whether it be marketing, operation, help-desk, Kartra covers everything for you. If we discuss Kartra as per Wishpond, then Kartra’s starter plan gives you 2500 leads & costs you $99/m and if you pay yearly then it will be $79/m only.

So in my opinion, you should go for Kartra because you’ll get various other advanced features in the starting plan itself.

Kartra is a more professional and very advanced tool than Wishpond and I highly recommend you to try the Kartra trial first before you pay Wishpond.

If you want to go into a more affordable solution, then GetResponse and GrooveFunnels will much likely suit your requirement.

Wishpond Plan FAQs

Q. Can I use Wishpond for email marketing?

Yes you can indeed! Wishpond is a good tool for Email Marketing but if you need only advanced email marketing then use ActiveCampaign or GetResponse.

Q. Do I need a Landing page if I already have a website?

Home pages have different goals than your content pages and landing pages do! I recommend getting a landing page to pitch that offer upfront! You can allow people to see the website afterwards - If you only look for the Best Landing Page Builder then you can go with Unbounce.

Q. Can I upgrade/downgrade my current plan?

Yes you can upgrade or downgrade your current plan by visiting the Plans & Billing page after clicking your name in the top right side.

Q. How many emails can I send per month?

You can send 10 times the email of what your lead limit is. If your limit is 1,000 leads, you can send 10X1000= 10,000 emails per month.

Q. Can we do drip-campaigns?

You can use automation workflows to set up email drip campaigns that span over any amount of time. Check out Email Automations to find this option.

Final Thoughts

Wishpond comes with many features to manage your business from email marketing to marketing automation and landing pages to pop up builder.

I think the features are sufficient enough to help you with your marketing stuff, especially your email marketing campaign. Although we can not justify it’s pricing with it’s features, as there are other tools that offer these features at affordable prices. One more thing to note here is that you’ll need to purchase the annual plan if you want to try Wishpond free trial.

Even though Wishpond has many features but it is not near to Kartra and also not at an affordable price, this is why I highly recommend to start with Kartra and if you want to learn more then read my in-depth Kartra Review & Kartra Pricing Guide to understand why I recommend this.

I hope this Wishpond pricing guide helps you to understand whether it’s a good fit for you or not.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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