WebinarNinja Review, Rating & Buying Guide 2022 – Is It WORTH?

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WebinarNinja Reviews

‘Real-Time, Real Results: Live Webinars’

The truth is, finding the best webinar platform for your business in this era of booming internet with lots of promises to deliver is complicated and full of trials and errors is not that much easy.

Nonetheless, a webinar platform like WebinarNinja gives you almost everything you need to get started with your business without hassle.

However, does this mean that WebinarNinja will fit your business needs perfectly?

If you have been wondering if this tool is what you need or not then do not worry!

In this WebinarNinja Reviews & Buying Guide, I will highlight more in-depth ideas about this webinar platform’s features, pricing, pros & cons, benefits, alternative options to help you gauge if it will fit your online business.

What is WebinarNinja? 

WebinarNinja is an all-in-one webinar solution platform that helps you to host both live and automated online presentations in real-time-time.

WebinarNinja offers you an easy way to improve your marketing strategy by presenting to audiences across the world.

WebinarNinja logo

This amazing platform’s beauty focuses on offering a zero-delay and zero-lags streaming solution, hence helping you host quality meetings that bring a nice experience to both you and your audience.

Besides, WebinarNinja includes modern and powerful features that ensure you have seamless transitions between sections and your presentation pages, helping you look professional in your presentations. 

The platform also allows you to invite attendees to co-present with you.

So, what can you do with WebinarNinja?

WebinarNinja offers you a great opportunity to do lots of tasks, including;

  • Host live webinar events.
  • Hold live chats and engaging conversations with your audience.
  • Set up timed sales offers mid-way your webinar event
  • Set up calls to action.
  • Integrate with other popular email platforms to create email notifications and send follow-up emails.
  • Create stunning registration pages to attract more audience to register your webinar event.
  • Generate leads from your registrants.
  • Replay sessions using automatic recording and archiving.
  • Launch and market your products to audiences across the globe.

Which businesses are ideal with the WebinarNinja solution?

During this pandemic, the whole world is in panic, and fear of Covid 19 and has caused many businesses to shut down or shift their marketing strategies. 

WebinarNinja would, therefore, be a perfect webinar solution since individuals, professionals and many, if not all, companies are now shifting to such platforms for effective marketing techniques and engaging communicating with their customers.

A Little History About WebinarNinja.

WebinaNinja was founded in 2014 by Omar Zenhom & Nicole Baldinu

His main objective was to provide an efficient solution for business people and entrepreneurs to market their business online.

Since then, WebinarNinja has been providing value to its customers by offering helpful webinar workshops and lessons, creating independence among entrepreneurs.

WebinarNinja continues offering you the freedom of building a business on the strength of your own unique experience and expertise, making it competitive in the market today.

What Can WebinarNinja Do?

  • Host Live webinars
  • Host Automated and on-demand webinars
  • Host Series webinars
  • Host Hybrid webinars

Is WebinarNinja Right For Me?

WebinarNinja is Right For Me If;

WebinarNinja is NOT Right For Me If;

  • You are a learning institution like schools, universities and colleges.
  • You have a software company.
  • You are a trainer.
  • You are a marketing expert/company.
  • You are a teacher or lecturer.
  • You are a public speaker or motivational speaker.
  • You are course creators, coaches, or consultants.
  • You need to present supper quality videos.

  • You have no business/skill to market.

  • You have no product to market.

  • You don’t want to digitize your online marketing.

WebinarNinja Features & Tools - In-depth Review

WebinarNinja offers powerful and advanced features, which can skyrocket the performance of your webinar & business.

WebinarNinja Features

These features include;

Live Webinar.

‘Live means live. No lag, no delay.’

These are online seminars that you can host in real-time to a live audience. 

WebinarNinja helps you to host a live webinar that gives you a great opportunity to market your products and services to audiences in real-time.

Some of the amazing tools that come with WebinarNinja Live Webinar features include;

WebinarNinja Live Webinar
  • Q&A segments, chats, polls, offers and handouts that bring a good engagement experience. 
  • Fast streaming ensures that you don’t experience any lags nor delays during your live webinar presentation.
  • HD Quality pictures and videos, which make your webinar events a nice experience for your audience.
  • Share Webinar: WebinarNinja also enables you to share your event with other people using social media platforms and other channels you want.
  • Add to calendar: This helps you to remind your registrants to attend your event, which increases your attendance rates.
  • Insert video into your webinar in the middle of a session.
  • Stripe integration: This feature enables your clients to quickly register your webinar whenever they are in the world.

Automated & Evergreen Webinar

WebinarNinja Automated Webinar

WebinarNinja also offers an automated/Evergreen solution, enabling you to host webinars that look, feel and work similarly to live webinar events repeatedly.

In your absence, this fantastic feature lets you play webinar funnels that you had recorded earlier. This helps you to generate more leads and customers while leveraging your time on other tasks. 

You can also use your Evergreen Webinars to onboard new customers, run automated sales funnels, create courses and many more.

WebinarNinja Automated Webinar tool offers automated engagement tools with interactive features such as;

  • Chat.
  • Interactive Questions.
  • Polls.
  • Offers and Handouts including timed offers and downloads like PDFs, infographics, and other content.

Series Webinar

WebinarNinja Series Webinar

A webinar series is whereby you can host multiple series of recorded videos or webinars. These webinars can be in the form of a series from one topic to the other. This enables your audience to follow your sessions in order.

This type of webinar gives your audience time to understand your presentation without a hurry. 

Webinar Series Webinar tool also offers robust interactive features to keep your audience engaged.

Hybrid Webinars

WebinarNinja Hybrid Webinar

WebinarNinja also allows you to merge automation to help you actively engage with your live audience from off-camera.

Recorded content + live interaction is something you really need to consider trying since WebinarNinja promises success with its Hybrid feature.

During this hybrid webinar, WebinarNinja also allows you to answer questions, chat and interact with your audience as they enjoy your show.

WebinarNinja Integrations

WebinarNinja is flexible and you can easily integrate it with other third parties tools like CRM, email marketing services, and shopping cart. 

Some of the common tools you can integrate with WebinarNinja includes;

WebinarNinja Other Features

  • Built-in email: WebinarNinja allows you to send automatic notifications, reminders, thank-you, and follow-ups through your registrants' emails.
  • Built-in Landing Pages: WebinarNinja will enable you to create high-converting stunning landing pages that match your brand.
  • Integrations for days: WebinarNinja also integrates with all your favorite CRM and email software so that you can work with ease and flexibility.
  • Stats & Analytics: WebinarNinja offers detailed analytics so that you can see the number of registrants, those who attended, who clicked, who purchased through your offer and many more.
  • Handouts: WebinarNinja enables you to offer your host with helpful downloadable handouts during the webinar presentation.
  • Multi-function Chat: This feature allows you to manage all the group & private chats, polls, Q&A and many more - all under one roof.
  • Audience Presenters: This helps you to bring your attendees "on stage" and increase engagement.
  • Offers: This WebinarNinja tool allows you to create attractive, pre-packaged, high-converting sales offers to include in your presentations.
  • Paid Webinars: With this WebinarNinja feature, you can create paid webinars with seamless payment processing at registration.

WebinarNinja Features Summary

All these WebinarNinja features give you and your team a nice experience of hosting events for your audience.

The platform gives an easy way to onboard customers, marketing your products, hosting automated sales funnels and many more.

WebinarNinja Pricing Plans

WebinarNinja comes with four pricing packages that offer flexible and valuable features to help you run your business and stay within your budget.

These packages include;

WebinarNinja Pricing Plan
  • WebinarNinja Starter Plan at $49 per month: This plan comes with 100 live attendees, unlimited recorded webinar attendees, automated webinars, live webinars, 2 hour-long sessions and 2 additional presenters.
  • WebinarNinja Pro Plan at $95 per month: This package offers 300 live and simultaneous attendees, 4 hour-long sessions, 4 additional presenters and webinar series & summits.
  • WebinarNinja Plus Plan at $159 per month: This plan comes with all the features in the previous plans together with 500 live and simultaneous attendees 6 hour-long sessions, 6 additional presenters, hybrid webinars, Facebook, and integration.
  • WebinarNinja Power Plan at $249 per month: This package comes with 1000 live and simultaneous attendees, 8 hour-long sessions and 10 additional presenters.

NOTE that all WebinarNinja plans offer the following features;

  • Unlimited Registrations and webinars
  • Paid & Free Webinars
  • Multiple Presenters
  • Webinar Finder
  • Auto Recording & Archiving
  • Auto Email Notifications
  • Instant Chat with Emojis
  • Integrations with 1000+ Apps
  • Add To Calendar Feature
  • Stats & Analytics
  • Upload Presentation Slides
  • Insert Pre-Recorded Videos
  • Share Screen
  • Clone Webinars
  • Attendees with camera & mic
  • Private Messaging
  • Q&A with Upvoting
  • Instant or Timed Polls
  • Instant or Timed Offers
  • Instant or Timed Handouts
  • Registration Page Templates
  • Thank You Page Templates
  • Access to Referral Program
  • Free Updates & More

WebinarNinja Discounts, Offers, Free Trial & Coupon Codes

WebinarNinja comes with a 14 Days Free trial that allows you to put its features to test and see if it perfectly fits you and your business.

In addition to this, WebinarNinja also offers a 20% discount on all packages if you choose annual billing. 

For instance, after discount price will be;

  • Starter Plan costs $39/m
  • Pro Plan costs $79/m
  • Plus costs $129/m
  • Power costs $199/m

Note that there are no WebinarNinja Coupon codes at the moment, so if you are looking to get the best deal then you have to opt for annual billing.

How to Use or Work WebinarNinja - Step by Step

It only takes you a few minutes to create a live webinar with WebinarNinja.

Steps include;

Step 1: Log in to your WebinarNinja account here.

Step 2: In the “My Webinars” dashboard, click the blue button written, “Create New Webinar.”

Step 3: Select the type of webinar you want to create, in this case, click on the Live icon. 

Step 4: Fill in the required details of your webinar such as title, date and time, and the duration of the webinar. 

Step 5: You can change the time zone on the account settings section and also add presenters or set your webinar price in case you are creating a paid webinar.

Step 6: Click Create Webinar and that’s it!

How is WebinarNinja Different From Other Webinar Solutions?

Yes, we have lots of webinar solutions platforms in the market today, but not all of them deliver quality results.

WebinarNinja takes credit in many areas, including; 

  • WebinarNinja allows you to create any type of webinar event, including live, automated, serial, summits, and hybrid webinars.
  • The platform is suitable for you, especially if you are a small to medium business that wants to host live audiences of up to 100 - 1000.
  • With WebinarNinja, you can easily create a webinar in 10 seconds.
  • The platform offers built-in marketing tools to help you get more attendees.
  • There are no juggling screens during your webinar presentation.
  • WebinarNinja comes with amazing ready-to-use templates to help you create your webinar quickly and without challenges.
  • The platform also allows you to create custom branded registration and thank you pages that are high converting.

Advantages and Disadvantages of WebinarNinja

Where does WebinarNinja perform best? (Advantages)

  • WebinarNinja comes with all the features that give you the ability to play videos over a webinar session.
  • WebinarNinja offers robust customer care.
  • The platform is well integrated with in-built marketing tools to help you improve your sales.
  • WebinarNinja’s calendar reminders is a rare feature that can help you increase your attendant rate.
  • WebinarNinja offers quality video and audio equipment tools to make your marketing an exciting and interesting experience.
  • The platform also comes with ready-made templates that make work easier and faster.

Where does WebinarNinja Fails? (Disadvantages)

  • WebinarNinja doesn’t allow images in the offer section.
  • Uploading a heavy video to your WebinarNinja event can take a longer time.

WebinarNinja Testimonials & Success Stories

WebinarNinja Testimonials

WebinarNinja Alternative Solutions & Comparison

Choosing the best webinar solution platform for your business is not a walk in the park and you want to ensure that you choose the platform that will not disappoint you.

Consequently, if you eventually discover that WebinarNinja does not suit your needs, you can consider other amazing alternatives platforms such as;

1. Demio - Overall Best Webinar Solution for Both Live & Automated Webinar

Both WebinarNinja and Demio are amazing platforms with robust features for improving your marketing techniques.

However, in this category, if you need to work with the overall best webinar solutions that offer live, automated, on-demand, series, and hybrid webinars on one platform, Demio would be the perfect fit.

Find more idea on WebinarNinja vs Demio Comparison here

2. WebinarJam - For Best Webinar Software to Work with

Both WebinarJam and WebinarNinja are amazing and enable you to scale your internet marketing.

But if you are looking for the best webinar solution to work with, regardless of your business size, WebinarJam would be the best choice.WebinarJam is also the most affordable in this category and it will help you host up to 5000 attendees. So, if your goal is to have more attendees & the best feature-rich platform then the WebinarJam webinar solution is best for you.

Here is a complete WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja In-depth Comparison for more ideas.

3. EverWebinar - For Best for Automated & Evergreen Webinars

In this EverWebinar vs WebinarJam comparison, WebinarNinja is the best ALL-IN-ONE live and evergreen/automated webinar platform around.

EverWebinar is an ideal solution especially if you want to convert more customers with pre-recorded webinars and transform them into a successful lead capturing that will lead to more consistent sales without the need for live events.

Therefore, choose EverWebinar for best automated webinars and WebinarJam for the best live webinars solution.

Is WebinarNinja Worth It?

WebinarNinja combines webinar marketing platforms that offer a fantastic face-to-face interaction so that you can connect directly with your customers, automate engagement and optimize every event the way you want.

Therefore, WebinarNinja solution offers lots of benefits that can help you build a successful and competitive business.

Some of the benefits include;

  • Unlimited Registrants & Replay Attendees

  • Get up to 10 live presenters who can share the microphone, screen and camera and they can join the webinar before it starts or during the presentation.
  • WebinarNinja offers you the freedom to reply to access for a given period that you want as the host or not offer the reply at all.

  • No software downloads are required to use WebinarNinja as the tool works on any device and browser including Google, Apple, Android, iOS, etc.
  • Create, customize registration pages and email notifications.

  • Offering in-person and live training
  • Running automated, series and hybrid webinars.

  • Show analytics during and after a webinar.
  • Replay videos together with automatic recording and archiving.
  • Offering high-quality support from customer service.
  • Generating leads.
  • Growing your email list.
  • Onboarding new customers.
  • Hosting training seminars.
  • Showcasing both physical and digital products.
  • Building your brand in your industry.
  • Perform internal office training.

However, besides WebinarNinja offering all these functionalities, it's also no surprise that you might find the platform doesn't fit your business needs. 

Therefore, you can also consider other BEST alternatives in the market, such as;

  1. Demio For Overall BETS all-in-one Webinar Solution for Both Live & Automated Webinar.
  2. WebinarJam For Best Live Webinar Solution for your business.
  3. EverWebinar For Best for Automated & Evergreen Webinars.

Therefore, if at all you are in search of the best webinar solution platform that comes with all the tools you need, I recommend you go with Demio which will help you host from 50 to 1000 live attendees. 

If you want to host a large audience, then WebinarJam would be the best since it comes with 5000 people in a room plan at affordable prices in the market, so if you have more attendees then the WebinarJam webinar platform is best for you.

WebinarNinja FAQs

Q. If I choose a plan now, can I upgrade later or in the middle of my plan?

Yes! WebinarNinja allows you to upgrade your plan at any time right inside your account.

Q. Can I run free and paid webinars?

Yes. WebinarNinja allows you to run free or paid webinars for any of our webinar types with their simple Stripe integration.

Q. Do WebinarNinja offer support?

Yes! They do offer quick chat and email support all week.

Q. Do WebinarNinja offer any tutorials or training materials/videos?

Yes! WebinarNinja provides detailed support tutorials and materials. The team also offers all members personal attention and training to make sure they understand how to run the first webinar without any problems.

Q. Do I need to host WebinarNinja on my site?

No! WeninarNinja hosts everything for you, at no extra cost.

Q. How many webinars can I run with WebinarNinja?

WebinarNinja allows you to run unlimited webinars.

Q. Should I install any software on my computer to use WebinarNinja?

No. WebinarNinja can work on any web browser on any computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Q. Do I need to host my own video I record with WebinarNinja or any other software?  

No! WebinarNinja enables you to upload your videos directly to their platform and they will host them for you.

Q. How can I pay for my WebinarNinja account?

WebinarNinja accepts Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

Q. Does WebinarNinja offer a free trial?

Yes! WebinarNinja comes with a 14 Days Free trial on its plan to help you test its features before fully purchasing it.

Q. Can I run Automated or Evergreen Webinars with WebinarNinja?

Yes! WebinarNinja comes with Automated Webinars (also called Evergreen Webinars) with all the plans to enable you to offer your audience a recorded webinar at any pre-prescribed day, time and frequency.

Q. Can I display an offer on my webinars?

Yes! WebinarNinja allows you to create an offer for your audience at any point during your webinar presentation. 


Inside this Complete WebinarNinja Reviews & Buying Guide (2022), we have seen that WebinarNinja is worth it to consider integrating into your business to enhance your marketing campaign’s effectiveness. 

Getting started with this tool is also easy, all you just need is to sign up for WebinarNinja 14 Days Free Trial and test its features to see if the platform will fit your business or not.

But if WebinarNinja doesn’t turn out as your expectations, there are other amazing alternatives worth trying. 

If you want the best webinar solution, which comes with all the features you need and is also affordable, go with Demio. Demio is also perfect especially if your business doesn’t need to host a large number of audience.

On the other hand, if you are targeting to host a large audience then WebinarJam and EverWebinar would be the best solution. WebinarJam is also the best choice for running live webinars and EverWebinar will be the best if you want to run both automated and evergreen webinars.

Make sure to understand your requirements and your current business stage and based on that you have to choose the right WebinarNinja or other better tools plan which works best for you.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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