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WebinarJam vs EasyWebinar Comparison

I understand that choosing the right webinar platform for your campaigns is a big decision and you need thorough research before making the final decision. 

So, you want to make sure that the webinar you choose eventually is easy to use, powerful, has all the features that fit your business and is compatible with other third-party tools. 

And if EasyWebinar and WebinarJam were part of your consideration when you were doing your research, then you are at the right place.

Both platforms offer all the necessary tools you need to create and host live and pre-recorded webinars, promote your content, improve engagement, lead generation, and customer acquisition and many more.

This post will compare the two platforms, including their similarities, pros, cons, and differences across a host of features and capabilities.

You will better understand how each software works and which one will best suit your webinar needs at the end of the day.

So, let's go deeper into EasyWebinar vs WebinarJam In-Depth Comparison to choose the right webinar platform for your business.

EasyWebinar vs WebinarJam Comparison Table

EasyWebinar Logo


WebinarJam Logo


Overall Rating



Pricing Range

$78 - $499/month

$39/m - $379/m

(billed annually)

Live Attendees

100 - 2000

100 - 5000




Key Features

  • Live Webinars
  • Automated Webinars
  • Send offers
  • Invite other presenters
  • Question and answer
  • Email Notifications
  • Votes and polls
  • Registration Embed Form
  • Customizable
  • Custom "Thank You" Page

  • Live Webinars
  • Automated Webinars
  • Hybrid & On-Demand Webinars
  • Live Chat
  • Attendee Spotlight
  • Active Offers
  • Drawing Board
  • Automated Recordings
  • Page Builder
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Video Injections
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Email & SMS System
  • Handouts
  • Paid Webinars
  • Panic Button
  • Always-On Room
  • Control Center

Free Trial



Free Package



Money-Back Guarantee

30-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

30-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee

Sign Up

WebinarJam vs EasyWebinar In-Depth Review

Both platforms have unique & different offerings so which is suitable for you? Let’s check an in-depth comparison to choosing the right tool.

EasyWebinar Tools & Features

EasyWebinar, as the name suggests, is one of the most reliable webinar platforms that makes it easy to host and organize live and automated webinar recordings (Evergreen Webinar). 

Its features include;

easywebinar webinar software
  • Supports up to 4 different speakers
  • Invite participants to present on your webinar.
  • Use Live Chat to communicate with your webinar attendees easily.
  • Support upload of presentation media and share slides during your webinars.
  • Polling feature to help you ask questions and get feedback in real-time from your audience.

WebinarJam Tools & Features

If you are looking for a webinar solution that offers flexible and reliable features for webinar hosting, WebinarJam is a good option. 

WebinarJam helps you offer innovative live streaming solutions to your audiences and you can send your webinar presentation directly to Facebook Live, Youtube Live, and private Webinar Jam networks. 

Features include;

WebinarJam all in one webinar platform
  • Livechat for communicating with your attendees via group chats, private comments, highlighted comments, sticky announcements and many more.
  • Attendee Spotlight allows you to pick a speaker from your audience and encourage live testimonials and interactive discussions.
  • Handouts to enable you to share pdf files to download during the webinar.
  • Polls and Surveys enable you to quiz your audience and get quick opinions from them.
  • Drawing Board enables you to hand-draw images, diagrams, and notes directly on your slides to enhance your webinar presentation.
  • Page Builder to help you build responsive and high-converting sales pages.
  • Flexible scheduling tools, which enable you to run webinars whenever you need them.
  • Paid Webinars tools allow you to create paid webinars by integrating them into a payment gateway.
  • Active Offers which display during your webinars to make it easier for customers to purchase your products. 
  • Inject Video allows you to use pre-recorded videos in your live webinars and run the whole presentation on autopilot. 
  • Automated Webinar recordings allow you to record your webinars and share them using the Replica replay feature.
  • Control Center, where you can choose a team member to supervise and direct the whole webinar from a separate room.
  • Always-On live rooms allow attendees to join your webinar anytime as long as they have a registration link.
  • Panic Button allows you to click a button if you experience lag, a frozen screen, or other technical errors.

EasyWebinar vs WebinarJam Similarities Summary

  • With either WebinarJam or EasyWebinar, you can host unlimited webinars events.
  • They come with similar features for engaging attendees.
  • They both have automated webinar scheduling features.
  • Both can do live, automated or series of webinars to run.
  • Both platforms enable you to design sales pages with registration links.
  • Both platforms enable you to invite other presenters to speak on your webinar.
  • Both software will enable you to share everything during your webinar presentations (e.g., documents, your screen, browser windows, etc.)
  • With either EasyWebinar or WebinarJam, you can customize your countdown page.
  • Both platforms allow you to integrate with other top CRMs.
  • With either EasyWebinar or WebinarJam, you can customize your countdown page.
  • Both WebinarJam and EasyWebinar enable your attendees to join your webinar from anywhere and any device without downloading the app.
  • Both platforms allow you to record and archive any webinar sessions.
  • Both platforms allow one-click registration.
  • Both tools come with email marketing automation.
  • Both platforms offer webinar analytics and stats.

WebinarJam vs EasyWebinar Similarities Comparison - Which one is Better?

1. Webinar Hosting

When it comes to webinar hosting, EasyWebinar enables you to host both live and automated events.

The platform also offers flexible scheduling options for your webinars and you can run a direct and simultaneous HD live streaming on Youtube and Facebook with no latency.

For EasyWebinar automated events, you have the option to upload your video recording to amazon, YouTube live or use a video player like wistia and Vimeo. This more comprehensive option is what helps you increase the reach of your webinar.

On the other hand, WebinarJam is also a powerful all-in-one webinar platform, earlier if was known for conducting only live webinars, and they perform BEST on that.

But with their new launch, they combine their sister platform EverWebinar for Hosting Automated & On-demand webinars with WebinarJam to make it the single best platform.

Therefore, WebinarJam and EasyWebinar both give you the flexibility of hosting any type of webinar event. However, WebinarJam marketing features like one-click registrations, active offers, attractive landing pages with split testing and many more contribute to better conversions.

Winner: WebinarJam

2. Lead Tracking & Analytics

Both WebinarJam and EasyWebinar offer analytics tools.

Although, as far as lead tracking is concerned, EasyWebinar is limited as it tracks fundamental data that doesn’t do much when it comes to increasing your customer engagement.

But you will still manage your analytics information such as;

  • See how many people viewed your polls vs how many responded. 
  • See how many people clicked on your offers. But that is as far as it goes.
  • The attendee data section provides you information such as;
    • The attendee’s name, email address, time zone, 
    • The percentage of webinars they attended 
    • Whether your attendees watched their play. 

Unfortunately, EasyWebinar does not allow you to see when your attendee left the webinar, which makes retargeting efforts challenging as you will be targeting people blindly with after-event emails.

WebinarJam’s analytics section is highly detailed. The platform also allows you to extend your tracking using Google Analytics & Facebook pixel for tracking. 

However, the navigation of the WebinarJam analytic section can sometimes be complicated.

Winner: WebinarJam since it offers detailed analytics.

3. Customer Engagement Tools

Customer engagement tools offered by both EasyWebinar and WebinarJam include polls, surveys, offers, chat, Q&A and many more.

Let’s see how each platform deliver their customer engagement features;

a) Active Offers

With either WebinarJam or EasyWebinar, you can run active offers during your live sessions.

EasyWebinar comes with active offers tools that have countdown capabilities, which is a handy feature, especially if you want to create a sense of urgency to your offers during the presentation.

You can run offers during a live session. You can add suggestions with ‘buy links now’ to show during live or automated webinars, which you can fully configure before the session or even on the go while you are living. 

Similarly, WebinarJam also enables you to use pop-up buttons, offers & countdowns to encourage webinar attendees to take action, which generally increases your sales.

Therefore, if you are looking for a webinar platform that can help you do online marketing that can bring revenue to your business, either EasyWebinar or WebinarJam can be a great option.

Winner: Both platform ties.

b) Polls

EasyWebinar supports polls on both live and replay events, so on both webinars, your attendees can participate in voting without hassle.

On the other hand, WebinarJam also supports polls and surveys, which helps you get an opinion from your audience and collect all the data in real-time. 

Therefore, both platforms allow you to understand your customers’ needs and strategize according to the data generated from polls.

Winner: Both.

c) Chat

EasyWebinar and WebinarJam both have a live chat and a question box. 

However, EasyWebinar’s chat function can be disappointing. 

For instance, if a new chat comes in a while scrolling through the chat stream during a live webinar, the EasyWebinar chat page will automatically scroll to the new chats. 

This will interfere with you, especially when you want to answer earlier questions or interact with your attendees. 

On the other hand, WebinarJam also comes with an in-built live-chat simulator. You can send out broadcast messages to all your audience and they can respond publicly or via private chat.

So, both platforms offer a great way to increase one-on-one engagement with your audience, but people have complained much about the EasyWebinar chat page and there is no solution yet. 

Winner: WebinarJam

d) Email Automated Reminders

Both WebinarJam and EasyWebinar offer automated email systems.

For EasyWebinar, you have an email reminder turned on by default, and you have more options of adding more email reminders before and after the webinar event. 

However, EasyWebinar email templates appear outdated. The reminder editing window is also relatively small and the template gives you very few box options to include your text.

But one solution for this is to consider deleting all the content in the email template and working on a fresh canvas to make it attractive the way you want.

EasyWebinar also allows third-party integration with an email autoresponder of your choice, giving you more options such as segmentation and tagging.

Similarly, WebinarJam comes with lots of in-built templates that you can customize according to your need. 

WebinarJam automated email system also will help you to manage your communications before and after the webinar. This also lets you sync your email marketing platform too.

The platform also allows you to send reminders to your viewers before the webinar via SMS and emails after it ends. 

WebinarJam email automated system also includes an auto-response tool that allows you to offer your audience all the necessary materials like cheat sheets, PDFs, files, etc. before your webinar starts.

WebinarJam also enables you to send different emails according to the behavior of your audience.

Winner: WebinarJam

e) Registration Page Templates

EasyWebinar offers registration, replay page, event page and thank you page templates.

But still, their landing pages look outdated, and they also don’t offer many customization options.

Also, you can't see any changes you make to the templates during the editing process and if you want to see a preview of your edited template, you have to exit the page to access it. This can consume lots of time.

This will consume more of your time and may also not be the best in creating an efficient workflow.

What gives EasyWebinar a bonus is adding custom questions to your registration template when you are creating them. This enables you to engage your audience on polls during the registration process.

On the other hand, Webinarjam gives you an option to choose from more than 15 mobile-responsive templates.

The templates are also easy to customize. You can easily add text color, font style, background image, etc. however, you cannot change the placement of elements, which restricts customization.

WebinarJam also supports A/B split testing of landing pages. However, not as robust as dedicated Landing Page Builders such as Unbounce, Leadpages, Kartra, ClickFunnels, and many more.

Winner: WebinarJam

EasyWebinar vs WebinarJam Differences

WebinarJam and EasyWebinar Difference




Free Trial


14-Day $1 Trial period


Both Monthly and Yearly subscription options are available

Yearly subscription only


$78/m - $499/m

(More expensive)

$39/m - $379/m

(billed annually)

Max attendees



Customer support

Offers Phone, Email/Help Desk support and dedicated customer care on higher payment plans

Offers ticketed support and FAQs/Forum

Unique features

Webinar Courses, Access to on-onboarding & top plan have Dedicated Account Representative

Replica Replay, On-screen whiteboard, Set Custom backgrounds on webinar, panic button, always-On live room & control panel

Live & Automated Webinars on Base Package

Available (first standard plan cost $78/m with 100 attendees)

Not available (available on 2nd basic plan which cost $79/m with 500 attendees)



Actionable and in-depth analytics.



Easy & Intuitive

Webinar Hosting

Include built-in tools for hosting live and evergreen webinars

You can buy EverWebinar as an Automated platform alone or else the WebinarJam plan covers that too to run any type of webinars

EasyWebinar vs WebinarJam Pricing

WebinarJam and EasyWebinar Pricing

EasyWebinar Pricing

EasyWebinar offers three pricing plans, including;

  • EasyWebinar Standard package at $78 per month: It includes 100 live attendees per webinar, Unlimited live & automated webinars, Instant board calls. This package also allows you to host simultaneous Facebook and YouTube live streaming.
  • EasyWebinar Pro Package at $129 per month: This package includes all the features in the standard package, together with 500 live and simultaneous attendees per webinar.
  • EasyWebinar Enterprise Package at $499. This comes with all the features in the previous plans and 2000 live participants during the live engine, Unlimited attendees on automated webinars.

WebinarJam Pricing

WebinarJam offers four pricing options, including;

  • WebinarJam Starter plan at $39/m (billed annually): It includes 100 attendees, 1 host and 1-hour maximum duration & unlimited webinars.
  • WebinarJam Basic Plan at $79/m (billed annually): It includes 500 attendees, 2 hosts, 2-hours maximum duration, Automated Webinars & Attendee Spotlight.
  • WebinarJam Professional Plan at $229/m (billed annually): All features of the basic plan, 2000 attendees, 4 hosts, 3-hours session duration, Panic button, and Always-On live room.
  • WebinarJam Enterprise Plan at $379/m (billed annually): All Professional plan features, 5000 attendees, 6 hosts, 4-hours maximum duration and Control Panel.

WebinarJam has more pricing flexibility, if you need only live webinar then go with Starter plan at only $39/m, if you need only an automated webinar platform then you can choose the EverWebinar Monthly plan and if you need all in one then you can choose WebinarJam Basic plan onward as per your business need.

EasyWebinar vs WebinarJam Pros & Cons

EasyWebinar Pros & Cons


  • EasyWebinar enables you to host nearly everything, including landing, registration pages, thank you pages, and all types of webinars events.
  • EasyWebinar offers a 14-day free trial available
  • Give access to flexible, monthly pricing plans
  • Better support features, especially on higher pricing levels.


  • You can’t host more than 2K with EasyWebinar.
  • It’s expensive since it offers a small number of live attendees compared to its competitors.
  • With EasyWebinar, you can only host up to 4 presenters.

WebinarJam Pros & Cons


  • WebinarJam allows you to host an unlimited number of webinars
  • WebinarJam offers affordable pricing compared to its competitors
  • WebinarJam supports a large number of live attendees.
  • The platform offers unique and powerful features such as a Panic Button, Always-On live room, and many more.


  • WebinarJam does not offer flexible monthly payments, it comes with only yearly payments.
  • WebinarJam offers $1 for 14 days trial.
  • Does not offer any webinar courses.

EasyWebinar vs WebinarJam: Which Tool Is Right For Your Business?

Both EasyWebinar and WebinarJam come with powerful features when it comes to hosting webinars.

So, both tools are fantastic to work with...but if you want more design flexibility, WebinarJam offers more in the way of advanced customization features. 

And, if it’s value for money you are after, I would suggest WebinarJam has the edge. You can unlock more attendees and unlimited webinars at an earlier pricing tier and nifty access features that EasyWebinar doesn’t offer, such as the Panic Button or Always-On live rooms.

Therefore, choose EasyWebinar if;

  • You want easy to use all-in-one webinar platform.
  • You want a webinar platform for hosting a small group of people (up to 2K)
  • You don’t mind having a limited number of templates to work with.
  • You want to pay monthly for your subscription.
  • Need webinar courses to learn & live chat support from the team.

And choose WebinarJam if;

  • You want a powerful & featured rich all-in-one webinar platform.
  • Looking for streaming to YouTube Live or their private broadcaster. 
  • You want to add pre-recorded videos for the sake of presentations too.
  • Looking for more advanced features & the best affordable platform.
  • Looking for more attendees in a single webinar.
  • Ready to pay a yearly subscription.

What Is My Recommendation?

So, what is the Best Webinar Tools Platform?

Both EasyWebinar and WebinarJam are GREAT all-in-one webinar options.

However, the Always-On live rooms and Panic Button pushing tools make WebinarJam the best option for most businesses.

Other benefits of WebinarJam includes;

  • WebinarJam Chat feature is fully active to give total freedom of controlling your communication.
  • The platform enables you to maximize engagement by inviting your attendees and making them presenters.
  • With WebinarJam, you can present everything you want to your attendees, including your face, slides, whiteboard, keynote, polls, surveys, pre-recorded Videos, PDFs, and many more.

Both platforms have their own advantages so you will not disappoint with anyone to go based on your needs.

What To Look For In A Webinar Platform

What are the things you need to consider before purchasing your webinar software platform?

The first thing you need to identify is the objectives you want to achieve with the webinar software.

So, do you need webinar software to help you do live events for your products demonstrations, training, or workshops?

Or do you want to host automated webinars that will help you generate more leads and sales for your business?

For instance, suppose your primary objective is to have a webinar platform that helps you to run live events. You need to consider factors such as delay and audiovisual quality.

Therefore, if your goal is to choose the right webinar platform, you should consider examining the following aspects;

  • Is the platform easy to set up a webinar?
  • Does the platform enable attendees to join the webinar quickly?
  • Is there a limit on the number of presenters and attendees?
  • How are the video and audio quality of the software?
  • How are the video and audio quality of the software?
  • Does the platform experience any lag between audio and video?
  • Does the platform make the webinar registration process easy?
  • Does the platform allow customized registration pages?
  • Does the platform offer multiple scheduling options?
  • Does the tool come with an auto-detect registrant’s time zone
  • Does it allow automated reminders?
  • Are there any webinar presentation tools such as screen share, live chat, surveys, and polls?
  • Does the platform offer marketing tools to help you sell products and services?
  • Does it offer analytics tools that will help you measure the performance of your webinar?
  • Does the platform offer support to help you in case of technical issues?
  • How is their overall customer review? Are they the most recent customer reviews?
  • Does the platform offer Free Trial to help you test-drive the product risk-free before making your final decision?

EasyWebinar vs WebinarJam FAQs

Q. Can WebinarJam or EasyWebinar support hosting large numbers of attendees?

For WebinarJam, it is confident they can handle large volumes of viewers. While its Enterprise plan is capped at 5,000, you can host even larger than 5K using their simultaneous live stream through Facebook and YouTube. For EasyWebinar, you can only host up to 2K attendees.

Q. Do I need video hosting to run Live & Automated webinars on WebinarJam and EasyWebinars?

With both EasyWebinar and WebinarJam, you don’t need video hosting to run automated or live webinars.

Q. Does EasyWebinar offer a Free Package?

No, EasyWebinar only offers a 14-Day Free Trial that helps to test out their features and functionalities.

Q. Can I try out WebinarJam’s services for Free?

No. WebinarJam does not offer a 100% free trial. You will have to pay $1 to access their 14-Day Free Trial.

EasyWebinar vs WebinarJam Final Verdict

If you are a B2B company selling services and software online, webinars could be your secret weapon.

Therefore, choosing the right webinar platform is what will determine your campaign performance.

So, choosing between WebinarJam vs EasyWebinar Comparison will all depend on your business goals and targets... if your goal is to host any type of webinar and need a top platform with an extremely larger room, I recommend you to consider WebinarJam.

But, if you need easy to use platform, a limit of 2k attendees, enough to have 4 hosts maximum & want to pay monthly, then EasyWebinar is the right tool for you.

Furthermore, if your goal is to experience better service on a webinar platform at a cheaper cost, WebinarJam still stands out when compared to EasyWebinar.

You do not need to get EverWebinar separately at an extra cost as it used to be before. The current package starting from its basic plan comes with an automated webinars feature which now makes work easier and convenient.

Finally, I hope this detailed comparison between EasyWebinar and WebinarJam will help you make the right decision.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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