EverWebinar Review, Rating & Complete Features Guide 2022

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EverWebinar Reviews
“Earn More Without Working More...Create Pre-Recorded Webinars That Look And Feel Live”

Webinars are becoming famous in today's market. However, getting the most effective webinar that delivers your desired results is not easy.

As a result, you might have thought of using the EverWebinar solution, but you are wondering whether it can fit your business or not. 

So, how do you get started with this tool?

In this EverWebinar Review, I will look into Features in the Details & Complete Buying Guide to help you make the right decision.

What is EverWebinar

EverWebinar is a webinar solution platform that helps you to run automated webinars that simulate live events. 

The platform allows you to record your presentation once and let people register to watch it any day or any time they want. Your customers are also able to participate in your webinar, although everything will be automated.

EverWebinar logo

Andy Jenkins founded EverWebinar to provide effective digital marketing to businesses and entrepreneurs, especially those who want to leverage re-recorded webinars.

EverWebinar offers 2 essential aspects of marketing, including;

  • Marketing Automation
  • Event-Based Marketing

You can use your past webinars, which you can automate and run so that you focus your energy on other important things and save your time too. 

EverWebinar comes with advanced features that give you the freedom to engage with your customers actively. 

These features include;

  1. On-Demand Webinars
  2. Evergreen Webinar
  3. Live chat
  4. Polls and Surveys 
  5. Split Testing
  6. Active Offers
  7. Analytics
  8. Point-And-Click Landing Pages
  9. Automated Integrations

So, What Can EverWebinar Do?

Therefore, with all these amazing features, EverWebinar can help you to do a lot of activities, including;

  • Automate your funnels to generate more sales.
  • Share tutorials and PowerPoint presentations with your audience.
  • Customize your pages, including landing & registration pages to match your brand.
  • You can automate your live chat to keep your audience engaging.
  • You can send email and SMS notifications, both pre and after your webinar event.
  • You can schedule when to run your webinar, either frequently or at a specific time.
  • Offers HD video presentation to your audience, irrespective of the device they are using.
  • View analytics of your webinars.

EverWebinar Summary

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Best Features

  • On-Demand Events
  • Evergreen Webinar
  • Just-In-Time Webinars

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When Should I Use EverWebinar?

Use EverWebinar If;

Don’t Use EverWebinar If;

  • Run automated webinars.
  • A B2B company that wants to leverage on providing automated product demos and Q&A to your clients.
  • Run blogs where you offer digital-based services such as, free advice, marketing coaching programs and answering questions.
  • You are a software company that wants to educate and inform your customers.
  • You are a digital marketer and want to target an audience with your already published content via a “ Live” webinar experience.
  • You only want to create live webinars.

  • You don’t want to implement effective digital marketing strategies.

  • You don’t have any content to share with your audience.

  • You want a platform that offers monthly subscriptions.

  • You don’t have a sales funnel where you can re-engage your attendees who didn’t take action after participating in the webinar.

  • You don’t have a good tool for recording your live webinar event.

Features & Tools - Detailed Outlook Inside Demio

EverWebinar is committed to offering you advanced features for your webinar automation needs so that you operate your business seamlessly on one platform.

EverWebinar Features

EverWebinar features and tools include;

Evergreen Webinar

EverWebinar Evergreen Feature

EverWebinar is the most known evergreen platform among digital marketers, and this is where it beats its competitors!

Also well known as automated webinars, these types of webinars offer the feel of a live stream so that your customers and attendees will stay glued to your content even longer, thinking it's a live event happening in real-time.

On-Demand Events

EverWebinar On Demand

EverWebinar enables your attendees to join your webinar event without delay.

Your audience can register for your webinar and join the event immediately without scheduling or wasting time.

This feature includes unique functionalities including;

  • Just-in-time webinars: Your audience will find a webinar session about to start in a few minutes. This gives them the impression that they have just arrived at the perfect time.
  • Watch replay right away: You can let your registrants watch a replay so that they can jump in without wasting time.
  • Join in progress: This will help your audience to be able to attend an ongoing webinar session, so they don't have to wait at all.

Live chat simulator

EverWebinar Live Chat Simulator

EverWebinar simply allows you to write or import your chat history and it will host it to simulate live chats.

An interesting thing about this feature is that you can configure the system to display your chats in order at your desired time stamp right throughout your webinar event.

Dynamic Attendee Display

EverWebinar Dynamic Attendee

EverWebinar is all about mimicking a live webinar environment. 

And just like other webinar events, people can join and leave your webinar during the presentation. 

However, the best thing about the EverWebinar Dynamic Attendees Display feature is that it will help you replicate your attendee’s behavior.

This feature includes amazing tools such as;

  • Attendees behavior replica: This feature allows you to predefined your desired attendee pick. Your webinar will be filled up with ghost attendee count to make your attendees think they are many in the room.
  • Hide the attendance: This helps you to hide your attendance level with a click.

EverWebinar Real-Time Analytics 

EverWebinar Analytics

Do you want to keep track and check the performance of your webinar? 

EverWebinar comes with advanced analytic tools that help you see everything and check the performance stats of all your webinars.

You will get detailed real-time analytics on;

  • Sign up: You will know how many visitors converted into registrants.
  • Attendance: You will know how many registrants converted into attendees.
  • Purchase ratio: You will know how many visitors converted into your buyers.
  • In webinar behavior tracking: You can quickly know how many people vote on your polls, how many people click on your links, how many people have filled your survey and many more.
  • Track the money: You will know your average dollar per sign up, especially if you are monetizing your webinars or selling products during your events.

Automated & Seamless Integration 

EverWebinar Integrations

Imagine a condition whereby, you have to work with individual platforms separately!. 

Isn’t this going to be tiresome and costly?

Well, EverWebinar offers automatic and seamless integration that also helps you work with your favorite tools under one roof.

EverWebinar can integrate with other third-party applications such as;

EverWebinar Other Features

EverWebinar All Features
  • Live Chat Simulator: This feature simulates your engagement to improve conversions with your client.
  • Clickable Offers: EverWebinar enables you to display offers directly during webinars to allow your audience to purchase them. This improves your sales.
  • Urgency & Scarcity: EverWebinar allows you to limit your content by activating an expiration countdown so that you can increase the speed of purchasing your products.
  • Page Builder: EverWebinar offers professionally stunning and customizable pages that help you to maximize your registrations.
  • Polls & Surveys: The platform enables you to create engaging polls and surveys to improve customer interaction.
  • Flexible Scheduling: EverWebinar allows you to schedule and run your webinars anytime you want. You can set up a recurring event or on specific dates.
  • Email & SMS System: EverWebinar allows you to set notifications before and after the webinar.

EverWebinar Features Summary;

How are these EverWebinar features going to help you?

Basically, all these features I have looked at into details will help you, as a marketer, to get more customers.

But how?

EverWebinar automated webinars enable you to reach an unlimited number of people to watch your webinar, the same presentation over time.

These webinars are engaging because they offer rich content, and they simulate live streams, which keeps your customers concentrating on your content even longer.

Big brands such as Google, Apple, Tesla Motors, and many more use EverWebinar automated webinar solutions to introduce their products with awesome shows.

EverWebinar Pricing Plans

EverWebinar comes with 3 plans namely;

everwebinar pricing plans
  • EverWebinar Monthly Plan: This plan costs $99/m billed each month, it includes Automated Webinars, Advanced Simulation Tools, Pre-made Landing Pages, Automated Email Marketing.
  • EverWebinar Annual plan: This package costs $499 per year and it comes with all the features in the Monthly plan. You get a discount of $98.
  • EverWebinar Biennial plan: This comes at $799 per every two-years giving you a discount of up to $395. It includes all the features of EverWebinar.

All EverWebinar plans also include the following features;

  • Live Chat Simulator
  • Clickable Offers
  • Urgency and Scarcity
  • Hybrid Webinars
  • Just-In-Time Webinars
  • Page Builder
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Seamless Integration
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Email & SMS System
  • Dynamic Attendee Display
  • Detailed Analytics

Here is EverWebinar Pricing Guide for your in-depth idea.

How is EverWebinar Different From Other Webinar Solutions?

Despite having many webinar solutions in the market that provide stiff competition, EverWebinar still outshines lots of them.

What makes EverWebinar outstanding is;

  • EverWebinar is the trusted and reliable webinar solution, especially if you only want to host automated or pre-recorded events.
  • It’s easy to switch between WebinarJam and EverWebinar since they are sister companies and they integrate seamlessly with one another.
  • EverWebinar offers an interactive Facebook Community with up to 39,000+ members to get help regarding the software.
  • With EverWebinar, you can automate chat features so that your audience can effectively engage with your webinars.
  • EverWebinar offers an easy way to split test your content to get the one that will perform best.
  • Unlike many webinar solutions in the market, EverWebinar also allows you to split test your entire webinar events, videos, offers etc - all to help you know and choose the element that can perform better.
  • To prevent your audience from realizing that your webinar is automated, EverWebinar offers an automated reset time feature that helps to keep your audience from immediately coming back to your event and seeing it count down again.

Tips For Getting More People to Register For Your EverWebinar Event

When you want to host your webinar with EverWebinar, you will need to raise awareness to get lots of people to sign up and attend. 

But how do you do that?

Here are some of the tips you can consider, no matter the size of your audience is;

  • Send email to your subscribers: You can send emails about your webinar to your email list using your preferred email provider.
  • Post on your Social Media platforms: Post about your webinar on all of your social media accounts - including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.
  • Leverage groups & forums: Facebook groups, LinkedIn Groups, and websites or forums are great places to market your webinar event.
  • Reciprocal partnerships: You can get someone whom you share customers, but is not a competitor, and then collaborate to host a webinars together.
  • Paid ads: Since your EverWebinar events are automated, you can constantly run paid ads to get more people to register for your webinar.

EverWebinar Testimonials & Success Stories

EverWebinar Testimonials

EverWebinar Pros & Cons

EverWebinar Pros:

  • EverWebinar is beginner-friendly.
  • EverWebinar is easy to set up and you don't need to download any software for you to launch your webinar event.
  • You can re-engage with attendees that bounced off using tracking pixels.
  • It has automated features that simulate live events
  • You can easily switch a WebinarJam to EverWebinar

EverWebinar Cons:

  • Unlike other competitors like Demio, you need WebinarJam to host live webinars because EverWebinar doesn't include live webinars. 
  • You need WebinarJam to host Live Webinars, which comes with extra cost.

How To Create Your First Webinar with EverWebinar - A Step By Step Guide

Getting started on EverWebinar is easier. 

Follow the following steps;

Step 1: Pick the right webinar software. (I recommended EverWebinar as the best tool specially for automated webinar - Try it for only $1 for 14 days

Step 2: Write a script for your webinar.

Step 3: Record a live webinar.

Step 4: Send traffic to your webinar registration landing page using emails, ads and social media.

Step 5: Upload your recording to EverWebinar

Step 6: Re-use your webinar over and over again by turning it into an evergreen webinar.

EverWebinar Alternatives

Even though EverWebinar comes with lots of benefits to help improve your marketing strategy, there are other alternatives that are also good to  consider.

These include;

1. Demio

Demio platform is the Best Webinar Platform in the market that allows you to run both live and automated webinars. It comes with all the features and tools that will help you run successful digital marketing.

Therefore, if you only need to run automated webinars on affordable pricing, I would advise you to consider EverWebinar.

But, if you want an all-in-one webinar solution platform that you can use to run both live and automated events, then go with Demio.

2. EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar is an all-in-one webinar solution that will also help you to host both live and automated events. 

What makes EasyWebinar competitive and most preferred over EverWebinar is that it is extremely easy to use and can help you create high converting webinars.

Therefore, In this EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar Comparison, EverWebinar might be the best tool if you only want to host automated events and don’t want to leverage live webinars.

3. WebinarNinja

Both EverWebinar and WebinarNinja are excellent platforms to integrate into your marketing strategy.

But which is better to choose?

If you have a tight budget and you need a webinar platform for the short term and include nearly all types of webinar events, then WebinarNinja would be a better option in this category. It also has flexible pricing plans and its features are extremely easy to use.

However, if you are into this for only hosting recorded webinars, then EverWebinar is the best for you.

Is It Worth Your Investment?

Yes, EverWebinar is worth your investment.

EverWebinar is one of the tools you need to consider integrating into your business, especially if your primary goal is to host and leverage from evergreen webinars only.

Besides this, the platform also offers lots of benefits, including;

  • EverWebinar provides a 14 days trial at only $1, which allows testing all the features and functionalities without any limitations.
  • Its pricing plan is flexible and it offers all the advanced features across all packages.
  • It comes with stunning pre-made landing pages.
  • EverWebinar automation is a breeze, which helps you to generate more sales.
  • EverWebinar helps you leverage your digital marketing by running automated Webinars that will stimulate live events.
  • EverWebinar includes advanced customer engagement features like live chat moderation for a hybrid webinar,  secure webinar rooms suitable with password protection, built-in autoresponders and you can easily communicate pre and post-webinar and many more.
  • EverWebinar also comes with active offer displays with urgency and scarcity that help you boost your sales.
  • The platform also offers advanced analytics and tracking for all your webinar performance.
  • With EverWebinar, you can split test your registration pages and determine which performs better.

However, EverWebinar may not be everything you need despite all these advantages, especially depending on the nature of your business.

Therefore, other best alternative EverWebinar solution you can consider include;

  1. Demio, if you want the best all-in-one platform.
  2. EasyWebinar, if you want to create high-converting webinars easily.

EverWebinar FAQs

Do you want to learn more about EverWebinar? Check some of the frequently asked questions that businesses and clients are asking about EverWebinar;

Q. Can I charge for an automated webinar using EverWebinar?

Yes. EverWebinar allows you to monetize your webinars or choose to offer them for free.

Q. Can my audience tell if it's live or recorded if I am hosting EverWebinar evergreen events?

No. EverWebinar helps you to simulate your recorded events and appear as if they are real. Therefore, your viewer can't tell if it's live or recorded.

Q. Can I use my landing pages from another software provider?

Absolutely yes. EverWebinar comes with a “add register” button that enables you to add your landing pages.

Q. What external video sources can I use with EverWebinar?

EverWebinar allows files from Vimeo, Youtube and Amazon S3. You can also use these features to convert your video into an automated webinar.

Q. Can I cancel my subscription plan?

Yes, you can simply cancel your EverWebinar subscription directly from your account. 

Q. What is a One-Click Registration Hotlink?

This is an advanced EverWebinar feature that you can use to allow people on your autoresponder mailing list to get registered quickly for your webinar by clicking one link.

Q. Is EverWebinar just a recording of an old webinar?

Yes. EverWebinar allows you to upload an old webinar that you have recorded using a platform like WebinarJam, however, your audience won’t realize that it's an old recorded webinar since EverWebinar evergreen feature helps to stimulate your recorded events and looks like its real.

Q. Is EverWebinar different from WebinarJam?

Yes. WebinarJam is primarily made for hosting live webinars while EverWebinar is for hosting automated/evergreen webinars. Both are sister companies.

Q. Can I use the EverWebinar solution without the WebinarJam platform?

Yes, you can use EverWebinar to automate your pre-recorded webinar events from other webinar platforms, not necessarily WebinarJam. However, I would recommend using EverWebinar with WebinarJam since they integrate seamlessly. 

Q. Does EverWebinar enable me to create a Real Time experience with chat?

Yes, EverWebinar is primarily created for hosting automated webinars, but the platform also allows you to use the Real-Time Chat Monitoring and Simulation to track and reply to the chat during the webinar event.

Conclusion & My Recommendation

EverWebinar might be the right tool you need, especially if you only want to host recorded webinars that simulate a live webinar.

However, you will need to integrate its sister service, WebinarJam which will help you to create a live Webinar before running it with EverWebinar.

EverWebinar offers all the advanced tools you need for hosting pre-recorded webinars. The beauty of this platform is that you can automate everything from your past/live webinar, including sales funnels, charts, and many more, to run a practical automated webinar as you focus on other essential things.

Therefore, if your aim is to work with the best tool for automated webinar events, sign up for EverWebinar 14 Days Trial at only $1 and test its features and functionalities.

However, if your target is to work with the best all-in-one platform, you can consider using Demio which also comes with flexible pricing ideal for any kind and size of business. 

Alternatively, you can go for EasyWebinar if you want to host both live and automated events for a large audience at affordable pricing.

With this detailed EverWebinar review, I hope I have provided all the essential information that will guide you to make the right decision.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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