Kartra vs Kajabi Comparison: Which One is Best Solution to Choose 2022?

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Kartra vs Kajabi Comparison

Are you planning to run a successful online business? If so, then there are certain things that you will have to consider. These include building a strong website and landing pages and efficient sales funnel to gain leads, easy-to-use checkout pages to sell your products and many more. To perform all these, you will need to use Kartra or Kajabi. But which one is the best to choose for your business?

Kartra is a fully integrated software that allows you to create, market and launch your business online using just one platform. It provides the best features for funnel and landing pages creation that really converts.

Kajabi, on the other hand, is also an all-in-one platform which offers a wide range of impressive features for content creators for online courses with best hosting functions for membership sites as well.

So, with all these amazing functionalities, it might be quite confusing to know which tool will really work for you. In this Kartra vs Kajabi review, I'll guide you on how you can select the best tool and which tool is lacking with features which you might take into consideration while signup.

Which is the Best Tool For Your Online Business - Kartra vs Kajabi Comparison Summary


kajabi logo






Kartra is an all-in-one powerful digital marketing platform that you can use to run your online business

Kajabi is also claiming to be an all-in-one tool but the most prefered platform to use if you are looking to build exclusive membership areas.

Entry-Level Price



Landing Page Builder

Features landing page builder



A/B Testing

Include In-Built A/B Testing

Doesn’t natively conduct A/B tests

Key Features

  • DFY Templates
  • Drag & Drop Builder
  • Flexible Shopping Carts
  • Email Automation Service
  • Seamless Integration
  • Kartra Checkouts
  • Kartra Academy
  • Video Hosting
  • Kartra Calendars
  • Helpdesk Tool
  • Split Testing
  • Membership Sites
  • Custom Forms
  • Landing Page Generator
  • Email Broadcasts
  • Video Hosting
  • eCommerce Platform
  • Custom URL
  • Static Pages
  • Community Building
  • Integrated Blog
  • Downloads
  • Drip Content
  • Pipeline Blueprints

Free Trials

Gives a 14 Day Trial Period for $1

Offers a 14 Day FREE Trial Period

Money-Back Guarantee

30-day refund period

Sign Up

Kartra vs Kajabi Comparison - An In-depth Review

What Does Kartra Offers

  • Funnels & Campaign Builder: help you to create advanced sales funnels quickly that converts.
  • DFY Templates: This helps you to quickly create your own effective sales funnels & landing pages
  • Drag & Drop Builder: This allows you to easily design your own landing page 
  • Shopping Carts: This provides a flexible shopping cart service that helps you to sell your products and services.
  • Split Testing: This enables you to test your sales funnels and web page designs so that you can find the most effective one to use.
  • Email Automation Service: This helps to automatically send emails to your clients.
  • Kartra Calendars: This helps you to schedule individual sessions with your customers.
  • Video Hosting: This feature enables you to host your video files directly onto the site without the need for a third-party host. 
  • Affiliate Program Management: This allows you to integrate your desired affiliate signup process into your web pages. 
  • Kartra Checkouts: This helps you to sell products online using excellent payment gateways that are suited for PayPal and credit card payments. 
  • Kartra Academy: This is a dedicated Kartra’s learning centre that provides plenty of useful information. 
  • Integration: This helps to seamlessly integrate your website with PayPal, Authorize.net, Zapier, Stripe, Twilio and Plivo.
  • Helpdesk Tool: This is an excellent customer service that you can integrate into your site.
  • Membership Sites: This enables you to create membership portals with various membership levels and subscription plans. 

What Does Kajabi Offers

  • Landing Page Generator: This helps you to customize a pleasing landing page which attracts people to your site. 
  • Static Pages: This feature helps you to create a Contact Us page or an About Us page for your site.
  • Custom Forms: Enables you to create forms that feature custom fields in order to gather visitor information with ease. 
  • Video Hosting: This comes with unlimited hosting bandwidth that enables you to host, encode and stream your video content.
  • eCommerce Tools: This allows you to create your own eCommerce website where you can list all of the products or services that you are offering. 
  • Custom URL: Enables you to custom your domain so that you maximize your branding potential.
  • Community Building: This enables you to build a full-fledged community where you and your clients can active. 
  • Integrated Blog: This feature enables you to integrate your website with your blogs so that you can get more subscribers as well as boosting interaction. 
  • Downloads: This helps you to easily add files so that your customer can download. 
  • Drip Content: This feature enables you to increase retention by defining your content. 
  • Pipeline Blueprints: This feature allows you to create one-click automated marketing campaigns. 
  • Email Broadcasts: This helps you to send emails to prospective and current customers.

Distinguishing Features in Both Platforms

Special Kartra features NOT found on Kajabi

Special Kajabi features NOT found on Kartra

  • Calendar
  • Helpdesk
  • Marketplace
  • Video Hosting
  • Done-For-You Campaigns
  • Behavioural Adaptive Marketing (BAM)
  • Quiz Feature
  • Community Feature
  • Comment Section

Kartra vs Kajabi Similarities

Both Kartra and Kajabi comes with the following features, but the difference is on each feature’s functionality;


With Kartra, you are able to create your own custom funnel from a wide range of templates available. This feature also includes a Done For You Campaign that already comes with the pages, email marketing, automation, tagging and many more ready-to-use set up.

Kajabi comes with a funnel builder tool called Pipelines that enables you to use Pipeline Blueprints template to customize each page.

Winner: With amazing time saving Done For You Campaigns feature, flexibility in funnel building and ability to share your funnels with other people, Kartra takes a big win.

Design & Page Builder/Editor

Kartra offers lots of customizable pages and templates, including lead capture pages, sales pages and checkout pages which gives you a lot of freedom of choosing what you like. These pages are mobile responsive and you can easily integrate them with Kartra’s other tools such as analytics and split testing.

Kajabi, on the other hand, also comes with many templates like lead pages, sales pages and home pages and it enables you to create a standalone page/funnel.

Winner: The capabilities found within the page builder and theme editor give Kartra a great win.

Video Hosting

Kartra enables you to host and share videos, but Kartra’s video hosting bandwidth is not unlimited on its basic plan. This means that for you to enjoy unlimited Kartra video hosting, you will have to upgrade to a higher plan.

On the other hand, unlike Kartra, Kajabi enables you to host videos with the help of an in-built feature called Wistia with unlimited bandwidth on all its plans.

Winner: Kartra takes the lead. It comes with advanced features that Kajabi lacks, making it the most convenient for a digital marketing tool for your online business. 


Kartra Leads feature allows you to gather important information about your leads, as well as automated lead scores and also track your leads within the system.

On the other hand, Kajabi enables you to import your contacts from a 3rd party program like Mailchimp and add them directly into your Kajabi account. You can give an offer, add tags, track your potential client as well as send customized email campaigns.

Winner: Kartra takes the win here. Kartra Leads gives you a great opportunity to nurture your leads and turn them into recurring customers.

Email Marketing Solution

Kartra uses Behavior-Based Automation and personalization features to optimize communications with your customers. The email platform also includes a count-down timer tool that encourages customers to buy or sign up for special offers. These tools will also help you track all your customers’ interactions, clicks, opens and sales.

Equally, Kajabi’s email service comes with features that can help you to manage your email lists as well as customizing your campaigns

Winner: Kartra wins this one. It comes with a better sequence builder with a centralized place where you can handle all your automations.


Kartra allows integration of Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM) which makes the automation capabilities powerful. You can set the automation to most of the features which will help you send out automatic reminders and follow up emails.

Kajabi’s automation is similar to Kartra’s.

Winner: Although there are many similarities in functionalities, Kartra’s BAM makes it outstanding.

Membership Sites

Kartra’s membership sites come with built-in audio and video hosting capabilities which enables you to upload content directly on the Kartra servers. Kartra allows you to build only two membership sites on the starter plan, while you can build unlimited membership sites on the upgraded plans. It also restricts your content with the starter plan, allowing you to only host up to 50GB per month. The higher plans offer unlimited bandwidth. 

Kajabi’s membership sites include features like download section and media player for audio, video or pdf documents, custom domain names, social media links, comments section and blogs. It also offers superior membership sites which come with a wide range of customized product themes to choose from.

Winner: Kajabi takes a huge win here. Unlike Kartra, there is no restriction to any of the Kajabi’s plans plus, Kajabi’s membership site also comes with great features like assessments, lecture-specific automations, student comments and communities.

Affiliate Management Tools

Kartra comes with an in-built affiliate management platform in all plans with special commission structures. This feature includes detailed analytics which gives you an insight of how well each affiliate is performing and can also track earning per click, sales and conversion rate.

Equally, Kajab’s affiliate management tool is similar to Kartra. However, the affiliate program is not available on the Kajabi’s base plan.

Winner: Kartra is the winner. It comes with lots of more flexible & advanced affiliate management features than Kajabi. 

Customer Support

Kartra provides amazing support from the following options;

  • Kartraverse Training Portal
  • Kartra Facebook Group
  • Kartra Live Support
  • Kartra Support Portal

On the other hand, Kajabi also provides amazing support which includes 24/7 live chat and online training.

Winner: Kartra & Kajabi both have great customer support but Kartra has more options to learn before you need help.


Both Kajabi and Kartra allow Zapier integration. In addition, Kartra comes with more payment processor integrations than Kajabi, which comes only with PayPal and Stripe. Other tools that integrate with Kartra include Membership, Email, SMS, Hub, Calendars, etc. It’s also important to note that Kartra does not come with lots of integration compared to Kajabi since it's a complete all in one platform that stands on its own without depending on third parties.

Winner: It's a tie since both have equally amazing integration features.

Kartra vs Kajabi Differences

Where Does Kartra Excel Over Kajabi?

  • Kartra comes with in-built Calendar features allowing you to easily set appointments with your customers. 
  • Kartra includes Done For You Campaigns which saves you time by allowing you to create sales funnels in a matter of minutes.
  • Share your Funnels/Campaign Tools.
  • Unlike Kajabi, Kartra provides Marketplace where you can sell and buy products from other Kartra community members, as well as learn from others.
  • Kartra includes modern advanced features such as Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM) and Dynamic OTOs that make your automation possible and effective.
  • Kartra help desk features include functions like ticketing, live agent chat and knowledge-base management system which enable you to offer your customers with excellent customer service and support.
  • Kartra provides the best value of its pricing. The Kartra Basic plan includes all the essential features that you need for your business. On the other hand, Kajabi is extremely expensive and its basic plan (which is the most affordable) does not include essential tools such as affiliate tools, automations and the theme editor, so you have to source out other additional platforms which become expensive.

Where Does Kajabi Excel Over Kartra?

  • Community Feature: Kajabi enables you to build your own community where you can actively interact with your clients. This helps you to establish your brand loyalty and trust.
  • Unlike Kartra, Kajabi includes a Quiz Feature that allows you to test how well your students are digesting your content and you can as well give them an assessment to complete.
  • Kajabi comes with the comments section under each lecture which helps you to engage with your students and answer their questions.
  • Unlike Kartra, Kajabi enables you to build unlimited membership sites in all its plans.

Kartra vs Kajabi Pricing

Kartra Pricing

  • Starter Plan at $99 per month: Get 2,500 Leads, 15,000 emails, 50 GB bandwidth, Host 100 pages and 50 videos and Sell 20 products
  • Silver Plan at $199 per month: You get up to 12,500 Leads, Unlimited emails, bandwidth, pages, videos, products, membership sites, team members, help desks and Kartra Agency.
  • Gold Plan at $299 per month: You get all the features in the Silver plan including up to 25K Leads and 5 custom domains
  • Premium Plan at $499 per month: You get all the features present in Gold Plan including up to 50K Leads.

You can learn more about Kartra Pricing Plans at out in-depth guide.

Kajabi Pricing

  • Basic Plan at $149 per Month: You get 3 Products & Pipelines, Unlimited Landing Pages & Marketing Emails, 10K Contacts and 1K Active Members.
  • Growth Plan at $199 per Month: 15 Products & Pipelines, Unlimited Landing Pages & Marketing Emails, 25K Contacts, and 10K Active Members
  • Pro Plan at $399 per Month: 100 Products & Pipelines, Unlimited Landing Pages, 2M Marketing Emails, 100K Contacts and 20K Active Members.


When it comes to products, Kajabi only offers a maximum of 100 products while Kartra comes with unlimited products, making it cheaper and the best option for your business.

Contacts also called leads are the customers you are prospecting while the active members are the maximum number of customers you can have.


  • Cost-efficient all-in-one system
  • Offers lots of customer support channels
  • Comes with in-depth webinar training
  • Good starter package for membership
  • Professional onboarding process


  • Deep learning curve
  • The checkout process can load slowly
  • Does Not include sales intelligence 


  • Easy to use
  • All-in-one platform for marketing/selling
  • Excellent customer support


  • Pricing is extremely higher for advanced features
  • Coding skills are needed for advanced layouts
  • Email deliverability issues
  • No integrated sales tax
  • Kajabi only accept payments via Paypal or Stripe

Kartra vs Kajabi: Which Tool Is Right For You?

Choose Kartra If

Choose Kajabi If

  1. You want to run your online business on one platform
  2. You want to have an affordable tool with all the essential features
  3. Your primary objective is to create an optimized customer experience

  1. You are focusing your business more on offering courses and building membership sites & websites
  2. You need an unlimited cap for content without restrictions in all plans

Both Kartra and Kajabi are amazing all-in-one platforms. Kartra is awesome for funnel building and automation marketing while Kajabi is best for courses. In addition to this, Kajabi is not a good option when it comes to landing pages, funnel steps and order pages since it has limited page builder capability. However, it has the best member area features. 

Also, Kajabi is limiting the number of products, even their topmost plan Pro at $399/m has 100 products limitation while Kartra has unlimited products from their Silver $199/m plan onward which will really make a difference when you have more products to sell.

Some people compare Kajabi vs Kartra and suggest that you can’t just go like Kajabi is for course creator & Kartra is for marketing automation, yes they are right…

…but my point is if your main purpose is a business & marketing automation platform then why should you go with Kajabi? When it has really limited features even though they are claiming to be all-in-one but still not having many features and also limited by functionalities & flexibility of those features.

And if your focus is to sell more courses then definitely Kajabi has better management so it’s not because limiting Kajabi for course creators but it has better features for that to manage and lacking other aspects for the overall tool.

Therefore, if you want a truly all-in-one platform, advanced features & total control & flexibility then I would recommend Kartra but if your sole purpose is to sell more courses & membership sites then you can go with Kajabi.

Why Kartra Is Our Top Choice

  • Easy to create sales funnels and landing pages that convert.
  • A true all-in-one platform
  • Provides the best automation features
  • Comes with most affordable price
  • Provides great insight into your visits, clicks and sales

Pro Tips for Selecting Best Platform For Launching Your Online Business

  • Features and Functionality: You want to be working with a tool that comes with all the essential features for your business, without depending much on third parties-providers which attract an additional fee. The features should also be easy to work with so that you can create your pages, funnel as well as automating emails without many difficulties.
  • Value for Money: You need to choose a tool that provides value for its pricing. Some features are expensive yet their features aren't able to even perform the basics.
  • Quality of Analytics: Great insights help you to make the right decision for your business. Choose a tool that provides analytics features that will provide detailed analytics.
  • Find your requirements: I would also recommend clearing your requirements first so that you can check the features you need and based on that you can choose the right tool.

Key Features You Should Consider When Selecting The Best Platform Online Business

  • In-built Video Hosting that enables you to host videos without depending on YouTube or Visita
  • Calendars that will help you to schedule appointments with your clients.
  • Flexible Shopping Carts to enable your customers to buy your products
  • A/B Split Testing to test your page and see which one will perform better
  • Affiliate Program Management for affiliate marketing
  • Ease of Integration with other providers such as payment methods, emails and many more
  • High-quality Sales Funnel and Landing Page Builders.
  • Analytic tools which enable you to measure your results and improve your performance.
  • Email Automation Service that will help you make follow-ups in order to keep your subscribers engaged, hence boosting their interest in what you are selling.
  • Personalization of landing page i.e with the name of your visitor. 
  • Easy customization of templates to match your branding

Important! It would be better to choose a tool that comes with all these tools (built-in) so that you don't undergo the extra cost of any third party providers. Kartra is the best platform to choose since it comes with all these tools under one roof!

Final Thoughts

These two tools are great. So, if you already have a sales funnel and you need a solid membership platform with advanced automation features, then Kajabi might be the right tool for you. However, be ready for its price which is quite expensive.

If you want to work with an all-in-one platform, Kartra will be the best option for your business. since it comes with amazing unique features like helpdesk, booking calendar and advanced marketing features like Behavioral Advanced Marketing and Dynamic OTOs. In addition to this, Kartra is affordable and you will have an opportunity to work with all the essential features, starting from its basic plan. I, therefore, recommend Kartra as your #1 all-in-one platform for your business.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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