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Leadpages Affiliate

Leadpages Affiliate Program is an income-generating program that allows you, as a Leadpages member, to market and sell Leadpages platform - one of the Best Landing Page Builder tools focused on helping you generate more leads and improving your online business. With this program, you can earn recurring commissions of up to 50% for as long as your affiliates remain Leadpages customers. So, here is an in-depth review of how the Leadpages Partner Program works.

Best Features of Leadpages

Leadpages include essential business features such as;

  • Leadpages Website Builder
  • Unlimited pages, leads, and traffic, pop-up forms and alert bars
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Free hosting on a Leadpages domain
  • 200+ mobile-responsive templates for landing page
  • Email trigger links for 1-click signup
  • Text-to-Opt-in codes/SMS campaigns
  • WordPress integration
  • SEO capability
  • Simple conversion analytics & third-party tracking
  • Digital file hosting & lead magnet email delivery

Leadpages Affiliate Program Guideline

Making money with Leadpages can be simple and easy if you do it the right way. All you need to do is to market Leadpages to the right people. So, if someone joins from your referral link, then you will earn commissions.

How to get access to an affiliate program?

Step #1: Sign up and subscribe for a Leadpages plan if you want to use the tool but it’s not a requirement, even non-user can apply & join for leadpages partner program and promote the tool.

Step #2: Once you have created your Leadpages account, log in and go to the ‘AFFILIATE PROGRAM’ button and apply for the affiliate. Leadpages will approve your application within one business day.  

Step #3: After your application is reviewed, you will receive an approval email and new affiliate welcome series from Leadpages to maximize your results from the program. 

How this partner program works

Leadpages offers different plan options where one can choose the package that fits the business needs. When you sell to your referral and renew or upgrade to a higher level, you will continue earning commissions. Therefore, you can earn 10-50% commissions depending on the total amount you sell from new customers every month. 

Tier Level

Monthly Net Sales From New Customers

Commission Rate

(New Accounts + Renewals)


$0 – $49.99



$50 – $2999.99



$3000 & Above


Note: You will receive your commission after a 30-day time period (just incense your referral decides to cancel the plan), including a 14-day trial. Payment options include Paypal, Bank Transfer and Wire Transfer and you will earn for as long as your referrals remain active customers.

Example scenarios:

Let’s say your sales for this month (November) is $1000 from new sign-ups and $2000 from renewals totaling to $3000. You would earn 50% of both new and renewal accounts revenue. 

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Leadpages Partner Program Testimonial & Success Stories

What Other People are saying about Leadpages affiliate program? there are many top marketers are already making money and recommending other to do the same.

Leadpages partner testimonials

How To Promote Leadpages

When you join Leadpages partner program, you will use your unique referral link to promote Leadpages. There are also various ready-to-go ads you can use or create your own links to the available content and share it with people. Here are a few promotion ideas you can use to boost your earnings;

  • Social Media: One of the best ways to promote Leadpages is to market it in your social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Share your story with the audience on how you have benefited from Leadpages and how they can use it to improve their business. Provide your referral link at the end to enable them to subscribe to Leadpages free trial.
  • Run Facebook Ad Campaign: Facebook Ads help you to get traffic from a highly targeted audience. You can include free gifts, such as a checklist, a webinar or any other resource guide that will attract visitors to your landing page -  where you have your affiliate link.
  • Email marketing: If you have a large email list and subscribers in your niche, you can market Leadpages to them by showcasing its benefits to the business.
  • Leadpages blog reviews: Investing in review-focused affiliate blogs can effectively help you promote Leadpages. These reviews drive customers who are interested in making purchases.
  • Hold Webinars: Get people to sign up for your live webinar so that you can share your experience on different topics regarding Leadpages. Alternatively, if you can sign up more than 200, Leadpages will help you to host a webinar that will greatly boost your marketing.
  • Create YouTube Videos: Creating short YouTube videos will also help you promote Leadpages to a large audience. Show your audience Leadpages features, how they work, and how they can use it to launch a successful online business.
  • Quora Answer: You can create your profile at Quora and provide valuable answers to relevant topics of Leadpages, landing page building, lead generation, etc. and link back to your website where you have recommended Leadpages.

What I Like About This Program

  • Leadpages allow a 14-day trial hence increasing the chances of conversion.
  • Leadpages price is also affordable and comes with great value features, which also boost the conversion rate.
  • Leadpages offers advanced reporting, which will help you track your affiliates (new customers and customer status)
  • Leadpages give excellent support to your referrals with marketing education and tech support to ensure their success, which in turn boosts your earnings.

What I Don’t Like About This Program

  • Unlike most other affiliate programs, you must apply for Leadpages Affiliate Program and wait for approval.
  • They don’t have a tier-2 plan.

Is There Any Other Affiliate Program like Leadpages?

Yes, there are many good recurring affiliate programs you can get a start with, a few of them are Kartra affiliate program, Builderall affiliate program & GrooveJV GrooveFunnels affiliate program.


Q. How do I Track Conversions?

You can track conversions through your affiliate link provided by Impact - A Leadpages affiliate tracking software.

Q. How Can I Contact Leadpages Affiliate Program Support Team?

If you have anything to clarify about Leadpages affiliate program, you can reach their support team at [email protected].

Q. Is Leadpages Affiliate Commission a Lifetime?

Yes, you will earn recurring commissions as long as your customers remain active Leadpages users.

Final Advice: Should I Choose Leadpages Partner Program?

Yes. From this review, it is clear that Leadpages offers a lucrative recurring affiliate experience. It's a good program to earn you passive income, just similar to Kartra. Just plan your marketing angel for Leadpages to the right audience and it’s good to go. I also recommend you to join the few other good affiliate programs mentioned above to supercharge your effort.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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