WebinarJam Review, Rating, Features Guide 2022 – Does it Worth?

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WebinarJam Reviews

“The Most Powerful All-In-One Webinar Platform.”

Generating quality leads, getting LTR customers to buy your products or services and building credibility via webinars begins with a reliable and easy-to-use webinar solution like WebinarJam.

However, figuring out whether this platform fits your business or not can be challenging as well!

Well, WebinarJam is one of the best webinar solutions you can consider integrating into your digital marketing strategy. 

But how do you get started?

How much does WebinarJam cost?

Are WebinarJam features ideal for my business?

Do they offer a free trial?

Here is an honest WebinarJam Review (Latest 2022) - Features, Pricing & Free Demo that will solve all your worrying questions and help you make the right decision.

What Is WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is one of the best webinar solutions that you can use to contact webinar sessions for your business. Over 50,000 businesses are using WebinarJam platform for their webinar solution.

WebinarJam Logo

This platform supports live streaming on Youtube & Facebook and event broadcasting via private webinar rooms.

The platform allows you to design your webinar events using existing videos, animations, slides or by sharing computer screens with your attendees.

Once you are done creating your webinar content, WebinarJam allows you to register your attendees online using pre-designed beautiful & professional landing pages.

WebinarJam also enables you to customize your landing pages with specific call-to-action buttons, promotional marketing content and links to checkout pages for paid webinar sessions.

It is one of the easiest webinar solutions you will love working with and ideal for small and large businesses. 

WebinarJam is also compatible with all operating systems, mobile device platforms, and browsers. 

With WebinarJam, you can decide to present solo or invite co-presenters from your audience. 

It includes powerful features such as; 

  • Live chat system
  • Attendee Management
  • Q&A
  • Email Marketing
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • Built-in live chat to engage with attendees.

WebinarJam was launched by Andy Jenkins in 2013 in order to provide online marketing solutions to business and entrepreneurs. 

Andy Jenkins is also the co-founder and CEO of Genesis Digital, the company behind Kartra, EverWebinar and WebinarJam.

With WebinarJam, you can also do the following;

  • Send offers to attendees
  • Schedule events
  • Host sessions or training
  • Automate and send emails
  • Track the performance of your webinars.
  • Spotlight your co-presenters and attendee
  • Chat with your audience
  • Highlight messages, comments and answers
  • Moderate your webinars
  • Run slick slideshow presentations
  • Preset using whiteboard
  • Run polls and surveys
  • Update units automatically or manually
  • Point and click registration page builder
  • Embed remote registration
  • Manage post-event communication
  • Display active offers, the urgency of products, limited units, buy alerts, feedback flow and many more.

Types of Webinars You Can Host With WebinarJam

WebinarJam is optimized for results, and simplified for users.

This means that WebinarJam enables you to focus on your presentation, and not the tech side.

It includes built-in landing pages, email sequences, slide templates and many more that can help you host the following types of webinars;

1. Live Webinar: WebinarJam enables you to host a standard, live webinar in HD format, as well as interact with your attendees effectively by responding to queries, making offers, and engaging them in polls during the live session.

2. Automated Webinar; With WebinarJam, you can record live webinars so that you replay them whenever you want. This type of webinar allows your attendees to have the live webinar experience, and it will help you generate more sales without spending much energy. 

3. Series & summits: WebinarJam also helps you to provide a multi-session course for your consumers. (Available with Pro, Plus, and Power plan)

4. Hybrid Webinar: WebinarJam enables you to play any pre-recorded video, and still, you are able to interact with your attendees in the chat and using questions & posting polls and offers. (Available with Plus and Power.)

WebinarJam Features

Is WebinarJam Right For Me?

How do you know that WebinarJam is right for you?

Well, WebinarJam can be one of the best Webinar solutions you need to integrate your marketing techniques. 

If your business needs lead generation, customer retention and improving sales, then WebinarJam might be the right tool for you.

You can also consider this platform if;

WebinarJam Is Right For Me If;

WebinarJam Is Not Right For Me If;

  • You want to effectively connect with your ideal customers
  • You want to sell your products online and make money with webinars
  • You have an audience to connect with
  • You have a product to sell or a presentation to deliver to your audience/customers.
  • You have a coaching program to share with your customers
  • You are an online content creator
  • You want to show your product to your customers
  • You want to host large number of attendees of up to 5000 attendees
  • You want a webinar solution with advanced features such as Always-On live room, The Panic Button and The Control Center
  • You want to host unlimited webinars just from the basic price
  • You want to have multiple presenters of up to 6 hots
  • If you want the best Live Webinar solution
  • You prefer advertising offers directly to prospects.

  • You don’t want to effectively connect with your audience.

  • You don’t sell online products or services.

  • You have a small number of attendees so higher cost is not required.

  • You are looking for a monthly price tool as WebinarJam has only yearly plans.

WebinarJam Features & Tools - An In-Depth Look Inside Features & Demo

WebinarJam offers powerful features and tools that can help you improve your digital marketing at large and provide the best webinar platform you need.

This features include;

LIVE Webinars

WebinarJam Live Webinar

WebinarJam is well known to be the best webinar solution for live webinars, and this is where it outshines and outperforms its competitors in the market.

The platform allows you to host up to 5,000 people for one webinar.

The WebinarJam also offers up to 6 LIVE presenters with 4 hours maximum duration. 

What also makes WebinarJam more powerful is that the platform allows you to use Youtube LIVE streaming.

Evergreen Webinars

WebinarJam Evergreen

WebinarJam allows you to offer replica replays of your live webinars.

This feature works by helping you to upload any video. You don’t necessarily have to be a recorded WebinarJam video - and you can upload it to YouTube too.

When it comes to WebinarJam’s automated evergreen webinar, the only work is on driving leads through your web-registration page, but your recorded webinars keep on running day and night!

The Evergreen feature will make your recorded webinar exactly mimic the live webinar and your audience will think that they are attending the live event.

The replica replay feature is powerful to record your live webinar, including comments and replies exactly without delay - hence, your recorded webinar events will have a quality display as well as interaction. Your audience will be as engaging and interactive as if they are in a live session.

WebinarJam Advanced Live Chat

WebinarJam Live Chat

WebinarJam also comes with advanced chat tools that enable you to chat and run Q&A sessions in real-time, which help you to provide an optimal interaction experience to your audience.

This WebinarJam flexibility of engaging attendees with live chat, question and answer, private comments, highlighted comments, sticky announcements, moderation capabilities, and many more help you to increase conversion.

User-friendly Automations

WebinarJam comes with amazing automation tools that are also simple to use. 

WebinarJam features enable you to simply automate your entire process, right from your mobile or desktop device.

This means that you can automate all the important webinar actions like registration landing pages, reminders, follow-up email after the webinar, SMS and many more.

Flexible scheduling

WebinarJam Flexible Scheduling

Do you have a specific day and time you want to run your live webinar?

Well, WebinarJam allows you to schedule your webinars in case you don’t want to go live right now. You can schedule your live room to open in a few minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months to come.

This feature with other excellent tools such as;

  • Right Now: This allows you to go live instantly without wasting time!
  • Scheduled: Here, you can schedule your event to go live in the future.
  • Recurring Series: This tool helps you schedule a series of events that repeat from time to time.
  • Always-On: This enables you to set up webinars that can be accessed any time by your audience.

In addition to this, WebinarJam adjusts the local time to suit your attendees, regardless of where they are.

All these WebinarJam features and tools give you the freedom to manage your webinar events like a professional. Such scheduling flexibility helps you to offer an amazing experience to your audience so that they never miss your webinars, hence increasing attendants.

WebinarJam Post-Event Communications

WebinarJam Email Communication

How do you say you had a successful webinar?

WebinarJam enables you to communicate with your audience after the webinar. This helps you to determine the impact of your webinars.

In addition to this, you can also engage with attendees and registrants who didn’t show up to determine the reason behind their decision. This helps you to make adjustments whenever possible.

WebinarJam post-event communication features are powerful. For example, you can segment your follow up in many ways. 

You can send a separate follow-up email to those attendees who stayed till the end of your webinar, and another different onboarding email to attendees who participated for a few minutes during the live session and left or those registrants who signed up for the meeting but never attended.

This is one of the important ways to improve your sales conversions!

WebinarJam Analytics

WebinarJam Analytics

WebinarJam also offers advanced analytic tools that give you rich data that will help you to understand your audience better.

A good data insight helps you to make the right decisions for your webinars and overall business operations.

WebinarJam is committed to segmenting your audience depending on the different actions they take so that you can know who is serious and who you need to focus on most.

This metric includes;

  • Registrations
  • Total visitors
  • People in the room
  • Replay watched
  • Number of clicks

WebinarJam One-Click Registration

WebinarJam One-Click Registration

Most people find it challenging to go through the process of filling out registration forms. Therefore, you need a better approach that will help you get more people on board.

WebinarNinja offers a One-Click Registration feature which is a great technology. Your audience doesn’t have to fill any form to attend your webinar event.

All you need to do is to send an email to your target audience with the invitation link through your email autoresponder service. When they click on the registration link, that’s it.

WebinarJam will, therefore, automatically extract their personal information such as email address & name.

WebinarJam Video Injections

WebinarJam Video Injections

This is an incredible WebinarJam tool that enables you to inject videos into your presentation.

This is just another way that WebinarJam ensures you effectively engage with your attendees.

The rest is to make your videos as attractive as you can so that you attract your audience. You can pre-record a portion of your previous webinar to add flavour to your live webinar. 

The video will then integrate seamlessly into your live presentation and your attendees will not feel a disconnect during the presentation. 

Easy File Sharing

WebinarJam Handouts

Do you want to share files with your audience?

WebinarJam makes it easy for you to share files with your attendees during your live webinar presentation, including Homework, application forms, brochure, and many more...just with a single click on the “Share” button.

WebinarJam Polls and Surveys Tools

WebinarJam Polls & Surveys

WebinarJam is also committed to ensuring that you offer maximum engagement and interaction to your client by providing polls and survey tools.

Interacting with your audience helps you to understand their specific needs and know them even better.

WebinarJam 4.0 Panic Button

WebinarJam Panic Button

If you experience any technical glitch during your live session, WebinarJam is always ready to save you from embarrassment.

The platform offers the Panic Button tool that acts as your backup plan, ensuring that your webinars aren’t affected.

So, WebinarJam is an incredible platform, but you may experience challenges like your webcam failing to turn on, your audience struggling to hear your audio, having a frozen screen, network connection problem and among others, this is where the Panic Button comes into effect.

Therefore, whenever you notice such challenges, you can simply click the button, and then a new WebinarJam live room will automatically boot up with all presenters and attendees being redirected there in seconds.

WebinarJam Page Builder

WebinarJam Page Builder

WebinarJam comes with stunning professionally-looking templates that you can use to create high converting registration pages. 

You can simply choose your favourite template from the library and customize text, logo, colors, upload images and videos to make sure that everything matches your brand. 

WebinarJam split testing capability also helps you test your landing pages and determine the one that will perform best to use it in your entire registration process.

So here, WebinarJam gives you an option to customize your pages from scratch or use a completely custom webinar registration page from the WebinarJam library. 

Alternatively, you can simply use your favorite funnel builders software like Kartra, ClickFunnels, or GrooveFunnels.

WebinarJam Integration

WebinarJam Integrations

WebinarJam integrates with tools such as;

  • Google Hangouts, which allows you to create Hangouts sessions for your webinars automatically. 
  • Autoresponder solutions such as ListWire & Aweber
  • Payment gateway such as Kartra and PayPal to help you run paid webinars.

WebinarJam Other Features

  • Handouts: WebinarJam allows you to easily share files like PDF bonuses during the live webinar that your audience can download
  • Paid Webinars: This allows you to create a paid webinar by integrating a secure payment gateway during registration. 
  • Drawing Board: This helps you improve your presentations by hand-writing notes directly on your slides to explain a point.
  • Active Offers: WebinarJam comes with live offer displays that help you to monetize your webinars.
  • Attendee Spotlight: This WebinarJam feature helps you bring any attendee onto your virtual stage during live presentation. This encourages live testimonials and an interactive discussion. 
  • Email & SMS System: WebinarJam allows you to schedule a series of pre-and-post-webinar notifications, both via email and SMS text. This helps you to remind your registrants so that they never miss your content.
  • Always-On Room: This feature helps you reserve dedicated always-on webinars that your audience can access any time. 
  • Control Center: This tool helps you let your co-presenter or staff moderate and manage the event from a separate control room while focusing on the presentation. 
  • Password Protected Rooms: WebinarJam also helps you to secure your content and restrict access to your live room.

In a Nutshell;

Generally, WebinarJam is one of the most powerful all-in-one tools if you are looking for a webinar solution that will place your marketing campaigns in the next level and be on a far step more than your competitor.

Its amazing features and functionality is something you don’t want to miss trying.

For instance, if you are a marketer, you will love working with the following tools;

  • CRM Integration to enable seamless working without spending more and wasting time with individual platforms.
  • Stats & Analytics where you will be able to track your stats and monitor their performance on conversions, attendance and retention rates.
  • All Devices in HD Glory that will help you present and show your products in quality images and videos to attract more customers and generate leads.
  • Automated Recordings that will simulate your live webinars, and saves you time because they will automatically be collecting leads as you focus on other tasks.
  • Active Offers to enable you convert your webinars into money-making events.
  • And many more...

How to use WebinarJam

Have you tried creating a webinar event before?

Creating a new WebinarJam webinar is pretty easy using your mobile phone or computer, especially if you have some experience working with any webinar software platform.

Well, if you are ready for WebinarJam, all you need is to follow the following steps; 

Step 1: Use this link to go to the WebinarJam pricing official website.

Step 2: Choose your preferred package and provide all the required information.

Step 3: Check your email to verify your WebinarJam account.

Step 4: Log in to your account and start creating your first webinar by clicking on the “Create Your First Webinar” button.

Step 5: Share your link with your audience.

Step 6: Once you are ready to start your webinar, locate the “Your Links” button on your webinar’s page, and then click “Presenter Login Links,” copy the link under “Live Room” and paste it into your browser window.

WebinarJam Pricing Plans

WebinarJam comes with flexible pricing plans that are based on the number of attendees you want to host.

These plans include;

webinarjam pricing plans
  • WebinarJam Basic Plan: This plan costs $499/year. You will get up to 2 presenters per webinar, 500 attendees per webinar, unlimited webinars and 2 hours max duration.
  • WebinarJam Professional Plan: This plan costs $699/year. The pan grants you unlimited webinars, up to 4 presenters per webinar, 2000 attendees per webinar, and 3 hours max duration and additional advanced features like Always-On live room and The Panic Button.
  • WebinarJam Enterprise Plan: This plan costs $999/year and is ideal for large businesses. Its features include all that are present in the pro plan together with The Control Center, up to 6 presenters per webinar, 5000 attendees per webinar, and 4 hours max duration.

You can learn my WebinarJam Pricing Guide to understand which plan to select as per your requirement.

WebinarJam Offers, Discounts & Coupon Codes

WebinarJam offers a 14 days trial at $1 only. This enables you to test its functionalities and features without any restriction.

Its pricing is also on a yearly subscription, making it one of the affordable webinar solutions in the market. For instance, the WebinarJam Enterprise plan, which costs $999/year means that per month you will incur $83.25/m for hosting unlimited webinars with an audience of up to 5000 attendees.

WebinarJam also offers a 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee, so that if for any reason you find out that WebinarJam does not suit your business, you can request a full refund within 30 days after your purchase. 

How is WebinarJam Different From Other Webinar Solutions?

From this review, so far, we have seen that WebinarJam is one of the best platforms for recording live webinars.

Therefore, there are lots of benefits that come with considering this platform as part of your business...Why? Because:

  • WebinarJam is intuitive, simple and easy to set up.
  • WebiarJam comes with lots of training videos for your in-depth guidance on every step.
  • WebinarJam enables you to link to your Youtube channel or Facebook Live so that you can stream live.
  • The platform enables you to live chat with your attendees in the chat box, where you can also embed polls and special offers display.
  • WebinarJam allows you to record your webinar together even if you have multiple people presenting in different places.
  • WebinarJam yearly payments may look expensive, but they are the most affordable if you look at it from a monthly subscription perspective. The platform also allows you to try its features for only $1 for 14 days without any restriction on any feature.
  • WebinarJam also offers amazing features like the pop-up buttons, offers & countdowns that help to encourage your webinar attendees to engage with you effectively.

WebinarJam Testimonials & Success Stories

I've been using WebinarJam since it's creation and have found it the best for people looking to make offers and convert attendees into customers. I've used GoToWebinar and Zoom as well but find WebinarJam to have more features and less restrictions than any other platform.

Fernando C

WebinarJam User

Value for money. Ease of use - both for set up and for client No need to install anything on the views end (unlike Zoom etc) so more will tune in to the webinar. Awesome customer/tech support when I have a query/issue. Simple landing pages ready made - and a good variety of them.

Katie P

WebinarJam User

WebinarJam Testimonials

WebinarJam Pros & Cons


  • WebinarJam is the least expensive compared to other webinar solutions in the market.
  • WebinarJam comes with lots of amazing features and functionality.
  • The platform offers an automated email system and reminders.
  • WebinarJam allows you to co-present up to 6 presenters and can present at the same time.


  • WebinarJam doesn’t offer a free trial; it’s 14 days free trial costs $1.
  • WebinarJam doesn’t offer a monthly subscription. You have to pay for a yearly subscription which may look expensive.

The Best Webinar Solution in 2022 - WebinarJam Alternatives 

If you are not sure that WebinarJam is the right tool for you, here are some of the best alternatives you can consider;

1. Demio

Demio offers one of the most flexible and modern features and tools for webinar solutions. With Demio, you can deliver any type of webinar, including Live, Hybrid, Automated or On-Demand, for your marketing campaigns. 

Therefore, in this Demio vs WebinarJam comparison, Demio would be an ideal platform for you if you are looking for the best all-in-one platform that would help you host high-converting webinars without doing a lot of hard work.

Similarly, in this Demio and WebinarJam category, go for WebinarJam if your primary objective is to improve your online marketing through live casting, event streaming & webinar broadcasting to a large audience of up to 5K attendees.

2. EasyWebinar

If you want to host high-converting webinars, EasyWebinar can make it extremely easy for you. The platform is easy to use, beginner-friendly, and offers powerful webinar features that can deliver quality presentations to up to 2K attendees.

Here, WebinarJam would be cheaper compared to EasyWebinar, but EasyWebinar is dedicated to helping you to create high converting webinars.

Here is an in-depth EasyWebinar vs WebinarJam comparison guide for your idea.

3. EverWebinar

When you compare WebinarJam and EverWebinar, EverWebinar is a solution primarily for evergreen (automated) webinars & its sister brand of WebinarJam. 

Therefore, if your main goal is to host webinars on-demand for your audience. This WebinarJam vs. EverWebinar comparison you actually need both the solution together if you want to host both live & automated webinars and these two toolsh are from the same company integrated with each other.

Is WebinarJam Worth Your Investment?

Absolutely YES!

The WebinarJam solution is worth it, especially if you want to host valuable webinars, especially to a large audience and at affordable prices.

WebinarJam is one of the most affordable and the best webinar solution platforms in the market that can move your marketing campaign to the next level.

Its powerful features and user-friendly functionality is something you should try exploring.

With WebinarJam, you will benefit from;

  • Automated email system and SMS reminders.
  • Facebook Live and YouTube Live Streaming.
  • Automatic SMS and Voice messages reminders and follow-ups.
  • Advanced analytics and tracking for in-depth data.
  • Automatically webinar recording.
  • Ability to inject pre-recorded video for perfect and engaging presentations.
  • Ability to easily customize your pages for your brand and business consistency
  • Ability to secure your webinar rooms with password protection.

And suppose WebinarJam is not worth your effort. We also have another best alternative webinar solution you can consider.

For instance, if you want to work with overall the best all-in-one webinar solution for hosting any type of webinar event for an audience of up to 1000 attendees, I recommend you consider Demio.

But if your target is to have an easy-to-use webinar solution for hosting high-converting Live & Recorded webinars for up to 2K attendees, I recommend you try EasyWebinar.

And if your goal is just to host on-demand webinars and nothing else, you can consider EverWebinar.

WebinarJam FAQs

Q. Is there a difference between WebinarJam and EverWebinar?

Yes. EverWebinar is primarily for automated webinars, while WebinarJam is mainly for live webinars.

Q. How do I use WebinarJam?

You can use WebinarJam to sell your products or services online, establish your authority, increase your brand recognition and many more through Live, Automated or Hybrid webinars.

Q. Is it possible to personalize a WebinarJam screen with my logo or brand?

Yes. With WebinarJam easy-to-customize landing pages, you can add your own design, logos, colors, images, videos and many more to match your branding.

Q. Is WebinarJam legit?

Yes, WebinarJam is a legit webinar solution platform that is ideal for both small and large businesses.

Q. Is WebinarJam Free Trial available?

Yes, but it's not 100% FREE. WebinarJam offers a 14-day $1 trial.

Q. Can I add presenters or moderators during my WebinarJam Live event?

Yes, WebinarJam enables you to invite up to 6 presenters from the audience to present or moderate your event.

Q. What forms of payment does WebinarJam accept?

WebinarJam accepts Mastercard, Visa, and American Express.

Q. Can WebinarJam handle large volumes of webinars?

Yes, WebinarJam enables you to host up to 5,000 webinar attendees and unlimited webinars.

Q. Can I charge my webinar when using WebinarJam?

Yes, WebinarJam allows you to charge your webinar, or you can choose to also offer your webinars for free.

Q. How do I get started with WebinarJam?

Are you ready to try WebinarJam? It’s easy to get started. Sign up for its 14 Days Trial at $1.


Suppose you want easy-to-use and affordable webinar solutions that offer robust features that will help you improve your business. In that case, WebinarJam can be the best webinar solution to try out.

But should you find out that this platform is not ideal for your business, I recommend you consider the best alternative solutions to WebinarJam, such as Demio for the best all-in-one platform, EasyWebinar for hosting high-converting webinar events and EverWebinar for hosting on-demand webinar events.

I hope you enjoyed this WebinarJam review and understand its features, cost and worthiness to your business and right direction to choose the best plan & alternative tool if needed, If you ask me whether it is right tool to go then yes it is really best of best tool you can try without much worried.

Try WebinarJam for 14 Days - it costs $1 ONLY.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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