Kartra vs Infusionsoft: A Comprehensive Comparison, See The Best CRM Option

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Kartra vs Infusionsoft Comparison

Kartra and Infusionsoft are the biggest names in online business today, but who has the best-automated business solution for you? Well, today we're going to give you a comprehensive comparison of these two amazing automated business platforms: Kartra vs Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft is an old famous small business CRM system that targets eCommerce, email and social media marketing solutions in one place. It is also more costly and limited with features with your small plan which is difficult for small businesses to opt-in.

On the other hand Kartra, a new and popular player in the market, gives you a complete suite of integrated sales and marketing tools that are ready-to-use which make it easy to build your pages, checkouts, emails, sales funnels and many more just to help you launch your entire online business (irrespective of the size) in just a few minutes.

Despite these two tools having almost the same functionalities, Infusionsoft seems not to provide most of the essential aspects that have truly transformed the modern sales industry such as video marketing, affiliate marketing programs, membership sites and help desk features for customer support services. In addition to this, its features are known to be complicated and confusing and you may need to hire an expert to get your business up and running with the Infusionsoft tool.

What is the Best CRM Option - Kartra vs. Infusionsoft in a Glimpse






Starting Price


$199/Month + $999              one-time payment for expert coaching

Ease of Use



Platforms Supported


Web-based, iPhone app, Android app

Typical Customers

Small businesses, Mid size businesses & Large enterprises

Small businesses ONLY


  • Google Calendar
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Zapier
  • Etc. but as Kartra is All-in-one tools so you need really very less external integrations
  • Constant Contact
  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • HubSpot CRM
  • HubSpot Marketing
  • Mailchimp
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud
  • Slack
  • Xero
  • Zapier
  • Zendesk

Customer Support

Phone, Online, Knowledge base, Video tutorials

Phone, Online, Knowledge base, Video tutorials

Emails Per Month




It comes with a secure, encrypted connection which protects your overall data as well as your customer payment information

Data encryption which ensures your data as well as your customer information is secured


Add-Ons Available in Integration Marketplace including Additional Domains, Emails & bandwidth & Integrations & API

More Add-Ons Available in Integration Marketplace such as Spiffy Order Forms, Graphly, Mobit, StripeyFuse, ScheduleOnce etc.

Key Features

  • Campaign Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Page Design
  • Auto-Responders
  • Calendar Management
  • Calendar Sync with Google
  • Campaign Management
  • Sales Automation
  • Ecommerce
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Integration Marketplace
  • Activity Tracking
  • Service & Support
  • Appointment Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Auto-Responders
  • Email Marketing
  • Automated Sales
  • Calendar Management
  • Landing Page Design
  • Sales Automation
  • Campaign Management
  • Campaign Planning
  • Ecommerce
  • Activity Tracking
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Integration Marketplace
  • Service & Support


  • All in one marketing platform
  • Premium features just from the starter plan
  • Best for small, medium and large businesses
  • Overall  easy to use
  • Comes with every business tool you need  so no need for third party features
  • Funnel templates built by renowned marketing experts
  • Knowledgeable and responsive support team

  • They provide training both live and in person
  • Best-designed user interfaces 
  • Great integration & API which enables you to connect Infusionsoft to hundreds of third-party tools.
  • Great support & training


  • Learning the tool may take time due to many features but it is very easy.
  • Kartra Does not support sales intelligence, such as marketing and social marketing.
  • Kartra only provide online training and not in person

  • A lot of limitations are there in the starter plan
  • Very costly plans
  • Does not come with sales functionalities
  • It also does not support sell intelligence, Dynamic Content and Customizable CTAs
  • Only good for small businesses
  • It comes with heavy one-off mandatory kickstart fee which can put some customers off

Money-Back Guarantee

Yes; 30-Days Money Back Guarantee

Does not have money-back guarantee

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Kartra vs Infusionsoft Comparison in-depth

As an online business owner, there is always time to make a life-changing decision in your business. Choosing a tool that will ensure your operations run smoothly is, therefore, one of the unavoidable steps you can take. So, Choosing between Kartra and Infusionsoft, which should you really go for? Let’s check some comparisons that will guide you before you make a final decision.

Kartra vs Infusionsoft Features




Affiliate Management System

It comes with a seamless and exciting affiliate management system that gives you additional income and includes options for incentivising, paying and communicating with your affiliates, all in one place, so you can effortlessly grow your network without the stress or number crunching.

It comes with referral programs too, however, it is confusing and unreliable and you are prone to make mistakes as an affiliate, like sending the wrong link or emailing a wrong template.

Shopping Cart

Has a shopping cart system with all the features you might need to run a successful e-commerce shop

You can access some features ONLY through the help of purchased add-ons

Sales Automation

Comes with a  set of complete funnels that are connected in one tool to enable you accomplish your goal. These elements are preloaded with ready-to-use campaigns that are created by world-class marketers. They come fully loaded with pre-written copy, pre-made pages, preset automation, and more – that you can easily swipe, tweak to fit your brand and deeply in a matter of an hour.

This feature enables you to easily automate your sales and other marketing processes. You can track your potential clients. You can also send text messages and emails to new leads with customized emails that can help convert your leads to potential clients.


You can connect Kartra with many of the platforms you know and use for your business, including many popular payment gateways, membership platforms, email marketing platforms, SMS, Zapier, and many more. Kartra is also adding many more integrations too.

You can easily connect all your data, applications and devices right from across your business in order to become more productive and efficient. This feature integrates with all major platforms and tools including wordpress, outlook, gmail, zipper, webinarjam and among others.

Video Hosting

Kartra comes with its inbuilt video functionality which is marketing-oriented and mobile-friendly. Kartra video hosting enables you to include marketing messages, CTAs and other essential video features without the need of a third party.

For you to enjoy the Video Hosting feature with Infusionsoft, you need external features such as SproutVideo which also offers several different email and marketing automation platform integrations.

Email Automation

Has an email marketing platform to capture which comes with over a hundred pre-built page templates to nurture your email list.

Autoresponder email system that comes with lots of options like textboxes and social sharing widget.

Kartra vs Infusionsoft Pricing

Kartra Pricing

Starter Plan at $99 a month ($79 per month if billed annually)

With a limit of 2,500 contacts and 15,000 emails, this Karta plan is good for small businesses beginning to build email marketing lists. Other features include Up to 2,500 Leads

1 custom domain, 50 GB bandwidth, 100 pages, 50 videos, 20 products, 2 membership sites and 1 helpdesk

Silver Plan at $199 a month (Annual billing saves $600)

There’s a significant increment in terms of contacts at 12,500 and unlimited emails, bandwidth, pages, videos, products, membership sites, team members and help desks and you also get access to Kartra Agency. This plan also opens you up to using three websites with Kartra’s software.

Gold Plan at $299 a month (Saves you $840 if annually billed)

This plan gives you access to up to 25,000 Leads, 5 custom domains, unlimited emails, bandwidth, pages, videos, products, membership sites, team members and helpdesks.

Platinum Plan at $499/month with annual billing saving you $1440

This is the best plan for businesses and corporations with a larger list (50,000 Leads), longer email sequences, need for more domains, larger contact lists etc. You get full access to Kartra features including unlimited emails, bandwidth, pages, videos, products, membership sites, team members, helpdesks, helpdesks e.t.c

Infusionsoft Pricing

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 4

Option 5

Option 6

Option 7








500 Contacts

1,500 Contacts

2,500 Contacts

5,000 Contacts

10,000 Contacts

25,000 Contacts

50,000 Contacts

Kartra & Infusionsoft Similarities

  • Sales Checkout Service

Both Kartra and Infusionsoft come with sales checkout services. While Kartra is integrated with only fixed checkout forms, Infusionsoft enables you to create a customized checkout page which easily allows you to add your product and prices through a template.

  • SMS Messaging

Both tools come with SMS integration systems which make it easier to send out a mass text, with the help of  gateways like Twilio and Plivo for Kartra and FixYourFunnel or Call Loop integrations for Infusionsoft. However, Infusionsoft seems to have a smoother integration than Kartra.

  • Email Automation Tools

Both Kartra and Infusionsoft have a good range of email automation tools built right into the platform. However, ultimately we found out that Kartra comes out superior in this aspect as its tools are a bit more flexible. 

Kartra & Infusionsoft Differences

While both are excellent business choices, each of these CRM platforms have some distinct differences.

The main difference between Kartra & Infusionsoft is when you compare them at managing your business. Kartra is an all-in-one tool that includes everything you need for your business, while Infusionsoft is a sales and marketing tool where you can use external features (add-ons) to enhance your marketing automation.

In addition to this, we also found out that their customer target is totally different. For instance, Infusionsoft will work well for your small business whereas, Kartra will help you manage any size of your online business, whether it’s small, medium or large.

Kartra & Infusionsoft Usage

Q. When Do I Need Kartra?

Choose Kartra if:

  1. You want an all-in-one marketing platform

  2. You want to launch your products and discounts and generate massive sales

  3. You want an interactive affiliate program

  4. You want membership sites as an extra income source

  5. You need access to a greater amount of customer support

  6. You want customizability for every page in your business

  7. You want advanced multi-dimensional sales funnel.

 Q. When Do I Need Infusionsoft?

Choose Infusionsoft if:

  1. You want a greater number of integrations

  2. You want more straightforward SMS messaging connections

  3. You want personalized sales checkout pages

  4. You want your email marketing to target social media users

  5. You want payments to be through an in-site application

Kartra vs Infusionsoft: Which is Better to Select??

Better Features

Kartra comes with all in one marketing platform so you don’t need much integration from external tools which make it easy for you to manage and get best reporting & tracking at a single dashboard!

Ease of Use

Kartra is quite simple to use since it comes with on-screen instructions, which are easy to follow and execute. 

On the other hand, Infusionsoft, can be a bit complicated and confusing to use and you may require to source professional help to properly set up your business, which will come with extra cost.

However, if you are an experienced user and you have enough time to handle a new tool, then Infusionsoft can be the choice for you.

Good Customer Service & Support

The truth is that each of these CRM companies has their customers’ best interests at heart. However, Kartra has gone an extra mile to make sure their customers have everything they require. It provides a great network of support for its users including: 

  • The Kartraverse Training Center: where you can enroll into a training program or attend Kartra Academy.
  • The customer support team: that you can contact at any time via phone or email, You can also share a feature idea with their development team.
  • The helpdesk: where you can sort out all your billing, collaboration, and response needs any time.
  • Facebook group community: where you can interact with other members for consultation purpose and information sharing.

On the other hand, Infusionsoft contact support program operates only in two ways, that is,  the Ask the Community board and live chat.

Marketing Tracking & Analytic

When it comes to Kartra’s analytic tools, they are built-in which give you in-depth analytic with ease and do not require add-ons like Infusionsoft. Although Infusionsoft also comes with administrative, order and billing reports, you will need to install extra plug-ins which often you will have to pay for to access these analytic tools.

Email Automation & Pricing

Kartra contains unlimited autoresponder email packages that enable you to send emails to your client without any restriction. While Infusionsoft also comes with an auto emailing system, the number of emails you can send per month is restricted according to the plan you choose. You might, therefore, want to consider the number of emails you are allowed to send for your CRM plan.

Integration Price

Both Kartra and Infusionsoft although come with landing page builders but it costs you additional cost to enjoy Infusionsoft app extensions. Other integrated features such as affiliate management system, e-commerce, auto-response and among others come built-in for both tools. So, research and come up with your must-have features in order to choose a good solution for your business.

Sign-up Benefits

If you sign up with Kartra, you will immediately get a one-on-one consultation with their team of experts. They will answer all your questions and guide you step by step to help you set up everything you need as quickly as possible.

However, benefiting from all these training and any expert coaching with Infusionsoft will require you to pay for the service. Although the fee is one-pay-off but it’s extremely expensive. 

Overall Best CRM

With all of this information, it might still be challenging to know which of these marketing automation tools is right for you. Although each system has its pros and cons when it comes to full package features that can handle any size of your business, Kartra takes the game. 

You don’t need to purchase any additional software with Kartra, it is a more cost effective solution compared to Infusionsoft. It is easy to navigate its features and you don't need to hire a professional to manage it for you, since Kartra will connect you with its immensely efficient customer support programs where you’ll interact with different people and experts to help your issues.

Why Kartra Is Our Top Choice

Kartra is surely making your business management, automation, sales and marketing easy and at one place. It has many perks which weigh more than it actually costs, that are as follows:

  • All in one tool: Kartra comes with all essential features including sales funnel, landing pages, website hosting, email marketing, marketing automation, advanced analytics and product creation and many more.
  • Flexible Monthly Pricing: Unlike Infusionsoft, Kartra’s basic plan is affordable and their services are not limited based on the package you choose. Plus, if additional features are updated to your plan, you don’t need to incur an extra cost to access them.Other plans are also affordable since they come with all the essential features you need for your business.
  • Overall quality: Kartra is the best tool you can use for your both online and physical business. It guides your customers every step of the way, from the moment they first engage with your website to finally placing an order.
  • Easy To Use: Kartra features are easy to navigate and you don’t need any coding skills which makes it easier on your side to use.
  • Minimum Failure Issues: Kartra, as an all-in-one ecosystem business solution that helps you solve any problem you may face. It comes with 4 tiers of customer care support, something you will not get to any CRM system in the market.

Pro Tips for Selecting Best CRM Option

When it comes to CRM selection, every business has different needs. Therefore, considering the following will help you come up with the best choice for your online business:

Key Features You Should Look For in CRM Software

  • Ease of use: The best CRM system is the one you/your team is going to enjoy to use with ease
  • Reporting: A good CRM tool enables powerful reporting across various data.
  • Marketing: The best CRM solutions should have built-in marketing tools such as email templates, email marketing pipelines, SMS messaging and project management tools without depending on external add-ons.
  • E-commerce: A good CRM software has built-in e-commerce functionality or allows for easy e-commerce integration.
  • Customization: The best CRM tool should have customization options for sales and projects.
  • Lead management and sales: Your CRM tool should automatically generate leads and make a follow up with automated emails and other tasks.
  • Automation and integrations: The CRM  software for your business should automate tasks for you. Equally, it should be able to integrate with your other apps such as email, calling, accounting, SMS, eCommerce, and marketing platforms. 
  • All-in-one Tool: The platform you choose should contain all the essential tools you need to run your business without incurring the extra cost of depending on external sources/experts.
  • Affordable Pricing Plans: The pricing plan offered by the tool you want to choose should be reasonable compared to the feature you are going to get out of the tools.

Questions to ask when considering CRM software

Since there are lots of CRM software available in the market, with sophisticated features, choosing the right tool that works for your business becomes essential. It’s important to ask yourself questions like:

  1. How easy is it to use? 
  2. Is the API accessible?
  3. Do I need to pay for training?
  4. Does it have any additional fees? 
  5. What is the implementation process?
  6. What is the total cost of the software? 
  7. Do I have to hire experts to operate the tool?
  8. What type of security features are built into the tool?
  9. How much technical assistance is needed for the tool?
  10. Is the tool built for small/medium/large (or all size) businesses?
  11. Is the tool full package or do I need extra features to run some operations?
  12. How easy is it to integrate the tool with other marketing solutions I already use?


Q. Do I need design skills to operate Kartra platform?

No. Kartra comes with instant marketing assets that are already polished, with a professional look and a wide variety of attractive templates for pages, emails, forms and many more, just to help you attract more customers and maximize conversions effortlessly. 

Q. What are the requirements to have Kartra system into my device?

Kartra is software hosted in the cloud and you don’t have to download it. All you need is an internet-connected computing device (Mac, Windows, Chromebook, Linux PC, even most of the latest tablets), and a recent version of any of the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.) then you are good to go.

Q. What Is Kartra Academy and How Do I Access It?

It’s a built-in portal with Kartra Membership program that automatically enrolls new customers and provides bonus content and training from Frank and Andy.

Q. What Is a Kartra Demo Account?

This is a very powerful Kartra testing engine. It gives you full flexibility about how you test Kartra features and functionality.

Q. Which Kartra package should I choose?

Since Kartra offers you different packages to best meet your business needs and your budget, you are advised to choose the one that matches your size of business. Consider the number of leads, monthly email and bandwidth volume and number of marketing assets you’ll need.

Q. Can I Use Kartra For Real Estate?

Yes. Kartra for real estate gives you over a hundred pre-built page templates available to import with a single click, just from your day one of use.

Q. What type of pricing plans will Kartra offer me?

Katra offers two types of pricing models, one which comes with a monthly subscription and another is yearly subscription and both have free trial which is freely available.

Q. Who are the typical users of Kartra?

Kartra users range from Small Business, Midsize Business to Large Enterprises. 

Q. What languages does Kartra support?

English is the basic language Kartra supports well with.

Q. Does Kartra offer an API?

Yes, Kartra comes with an API for use.

Q. What other apps does Kartra integrate with?

Kartra integrates with major apps including Google Calendar, Zapier, Authorize.net, PayPal, Braintree, SendGrid, Stripe, Kajabi, Plivo Mailgun,Twilio Communications Cloud and OptimizePress

Q. What level of support does Kartra offer?

Kartra offers Phone Support, Online Support, FAQs, Forum and Knowledge Base.

Q. Can I add multiple users or more contacts to Infusionsoft later after purchasing?

All pricing plans for Infusionsoft include 1 user license and 500 contacts. However, you can always purchase additional users for $30/month. 

Q. How does Infusionsoft ease the client billing and payment process?

Infusionsoft can handle centralized billing as an all-in-one payment and invoicing tool. Because the payment feature is already built into the app, you just need to connect your bank accounts and pay a flat, low fee of 2.9 percent plus 30 cents for each transaction.

Q. Is a credit card required for a free trial when signing up for Infusionsoft?

No credit card required for Infusionsoft’s free trial

Q. Is Infusionsoft's free trial limited in any way?

No. When using Infusionsoft free trial, you’ll have access to every feature, allowing you to explore the full functionality of your chosen package.

Q. Can I cancel my Infusionsoft subscription anytime?

Yes. What you just need is to initiate your cancellation request at least 10 days prior to the next invoice date. This request should be initiated verbally through the Infusionsoft representative.


To be honest, creating and running a successful online business isn’t an easy thing. It takes lots of money, time and effort to achieve success. And like most entrepreneurs, you most likely do not have all the above three in place for your business. That’s why you need help, not only from your team but also with the best system that can help you accomplish things easily and become profitable. No doubt, Kartra is a reliable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. If you have a growing business and need more customized solutions, then Kartra is the best solution for you.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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