Builderall Affiliate Program Review – Earn 30% Passive Income Every Month

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Builderall Affiliate

Builderall is a fantastic tool that you can use to automate your entire business operation hence helping you to boost your sales and overall return. However, selling your product or services with Builderall is not the only way you can generate income.

This platform comes with Builderall JV and Builderall Affiliate Program that helps you to make an extra income from affiliate commissions. Therefore, if you are looking for other sources of creating a passive income, you can make money with Builderall. Let’s have a look on how this Builderall program works.

What Is Builderall and How Does it Work?

Builderall is an all-in-one marketing tool and business builder that offers tools to create sites, sales funnels, blogs, automate marketing campaigns and boost conversion rates.

Builderall works by offering you niche-specific sales funnels which include pre-tested landing Pages, Facebook ads, Autoresponder setup and many more, which enable you to generate leads and increase your sales.

Besides, Builderall also comes with an affiliate program, commonly known as “Builderall Business” which includes a 2-tier affiliate system that lets you earn recurring commissions through Builderall sales as well as scaling your business.

How To Become a Builderall Affiliate

Builderall allows you to run an affiliate program in two ways;

  1. If you already have the Builderall Funnel Package which costs $69.90 per month
  2. If you don’t have any Builderall package, you can also run an affiliate completely for free.

Automatic Builderall Affiliate Approval

Every Builderall Funnel Club user is automatically approved for their affiliate program & Builderall JV so you don’t have to apply separately.

How To Become Builderall Affiliate For Free

You don’t have to subscribe for Builderall service to become an affiliate. Builderall has what they call Leveraged Affiliate Program which will help you manage your affiliate without paying anything.

Here, you have to apply for an affiliate program because you are not a member of Builderall, so first create your account and then you can apply for their affiliate program, They take 2-3 days for this approval process.  

Builderall Affiliate Commissions and How To Earn

If you sign up for Builderall Plan, you will be entitled to 3 commissions, which include;

  • Personal sales commissions: When someone purchases a Builderall subscription from you, you get 100% of their first month’s payment. However, the exact amount will now depend on the pricing plan the customer has.
  • Personal sales recurring commissions: After the initial purchase, every time your customer pays their monthly subscription, you get a 30% recurring commission.
  • 2nd tier recurring commissions: Here you get 30% commission on every Builderall monthly subscription made by your 2nd tier customer (if your customers also sell Builderall to other people).

Note: Personal sales recurring commissions and 2nd tier recurring commissions offer lifetime payment, as long as your customer remains an active user of Builderall.

However, if you opt for a free Builderall affiliate program, your commission will depend on the Leveraged Affiliate Program. This program is based on a points system, so you will need a lot of leads to earn your points. It includes two types of scoring;

  • Self-consumption points: Each dollar generated by an Affiliate’s own consumption of one of the platform plans equals 3 points.
  • Direct sale points: Each dollar generated by the direct sales of Builderall plans is equivalent to 1 point.

It's also important to note that for you to receive both first-level sales and recurring commissions with this option, you must achieve and maintain a minimum of 180 points per month.

How Do You Get Paid with Builderall?

If you are a new affiliate, you will be able to withdraw your personal sales commission after 35 days. For a qualified affiliate, you can withdraw after 5 days of payment. Both personal sales recurring and 2nd tier recurring commission allows you to withdraw the amount 5 days after the payments

Builderall Affiliate Earlier Potentials

lets calculate how much money you can make with Builderall, Let's say you just referred 1 people to builderall for Funnel Club price then you get $69.9 for first month and then recurring $20.97 (30%) for life, but let's say for next 12 month then its $251.64 + $69.90 = $321.54 in first year just referring 1 client.

If that client stays longer then you will get the lifetime commission, and now you can calculate how much potential it has when you can refer more people, so it is really very potential & lucrative for recurring income.

How Much Do You Get Paid?

How much you get paid with the Builderall Affiliate Program will largely depend on your capacity to learn, execute, and scale. The Builderall Affiliate Program is not a get rich quick program since it requires dedication and hard work to achieve what you want. So, it's possible to make money with Builderall affiliate if you do it the right way. 

Benefits of Becoming a Builderall Affiliate

  • Beginner Friendly: Operating Builderall doesn't need you to be a tech guru. It includes easy-to-use features along with customised templates so that you don't start from scratch.
  • You get a good package of commissions: Even after earning 100% on the initial sales, you will get a lifetime commission of 30%, as long as your customer remains active. You will also get commissions from your affiliate’s customers, making the program a sustainable business for cashflow.
  • Builderall comes with more bonuses as Builderall car program: For every 100 active subscriptions you bring onboard through direct Builderall sales or your affiliates, Builderall offers you an extra of $500 bonus.
  • Builderall is high in demand: Since it's affordable, yet an effective all-in-one businesses marketing platform, most people would want to work with such a platform, making your marketing easier.
  • Builderall is an amazing product: Builderall comes with done-for-you tools such as marketing and sales funnels, giving you a great foundation to start from.
  • Builderall has flexible pricing plans: Anyone can manage Builderall subscriptions for as low as  $69.90 a month. This makes it easier on your side to entice as many people as possible since the price is much affordable.
  • Everlasting Solution: Builderall is focused on providing online business solutions and it's not going anywhere. This creates a demand for lots of people who want to work with such tools.

Who Can Join the Builderall Affiliate Program?

What makes Builderall affiliate program more amazing is the ability to run the affiliate without even being a funnel club member. Therefore, as long as you have the internet, then you have great potential to be a successful Builderall affiliate. So, you can join the Builderall affiliate program if;

  • You are a Builderall user and you want an extra passive income from the affiliate marketing.
  • TYou are an online marketer looking for money-generating opportunities.
  • A newbie who is looking to earn money by promotion.

Best Ways to Promote Builderall For Free - Best Traffic Sources & Methods

Making money with the Builderall Affiliate Program is not a walk in the park! You will need to learn and educate yourself on important knowledge that would help you promote the product effectively. So, to increase your affiliate success with Builderall, here are some few tips for you;

1. Identify Your Target Market

Identifying a target market enables you to focus on a specific segment of the audience. This in turn helps you to identify their specific problem which can be solved by Builderall.

2. Use Facebook Page & Groups

One of the best ways to promote Builderall for free is by taking advantage of your own Facebook account, where you can entice potential buyers without spending a coin on paid ads.

How to do it:

  • Start by setting up your Facebook profile funnel (profile photo, cover photo and bio).
  • Join Facebook groups where you will search for your target audience. Basically, Builderall users are small business owners, affiliate marketers, marketing agencies, etc.
  • Begin to interact with members by posting relevant content, helping them answer their questions, ask questions e.t.c. This will help you to build authority and good relationships with people hence drawing them to your personal Facebook funnel.

3. Create Educational Blogs & SEO

Promoting Builderall through blogging could be the best option especially if you are not a social person. What you just need to do is to create content and blog posts in regards to Builderall then optimize them for ranking. This will help to attract traffic where you will get lots of people to sell.

4. Create YouTube Videos

Youtube is another goldmine source for promoting Builderall. You can create lots of content on various topics like how to use Builderall, How to grow business online, How to build a website, How to make money with Builderall and many more. 

Builderall JV & Builderall Affiliate Program FAQs

Q. What Can I Use Builderall For?

A. Builderall is a landing page builder that can help to track your sales and monitor the progress of your business. It includes all the essential features you can use to build Websites, SalesFunnels, Email Campaigns, Sales Videos and eCommerce Stores.

Q. Can I Promote Builderall For Free?

A. You can take advantage of the Builderall Leveraged Affiliate Program whereby your earnings will depend on the number of points you earn from your affiliates.

Q. Where Is The Best Place To Promote Builderall?

A. You can promote Builderall by building affiliate Websites, through YouTube, Email Marketing, Facebook Groups, Google Ads, Instagram and many more.

Q. Can you make good money promoting Builderall?

A. Yes, you can make recurring affiliate commissions promoting Builderall. As long as the user stays active, you earn monthly income for life.

Q. Will I Get A Free Car with Builderall car program?

A. Yes. If you refer 100 people to the Builderall platform, Builderall will give you a $500 bonus per month to your car lease. If you work extra hard and refer 200 customers, you will get a $1000 car bonus per month so you can rent a car, drive around and have fun with your family.

Q. Is It Worth Joining The Builderall Promotion?

A. Yes, Builderall is undoubtedly a great opportunity to make money online with a lot of benefits since it comes with essential tools that are useful for boosting your online business visibility.

Q. Is Builderall One of those Pyramid Businesses?

A. No, Builderall Business is not a Multi-Level Marketing or a pyramid scheme. This is just a commission structure to attract more affiliates as well as giving you passive incomes just like the one given by Kartra, GrooveFunnels or ClickFunnels.

Conclusion; So, Should You Join Builderall Affiliate

As we did, the in-depth Builderall Affiliate Program Review to understand whether it's good or not, and based on this review it looks really amazing! As most businesses are looking for an affordable, yet effective tool which is easier to use, this is the point you can actively take part in Builderall promotion.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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