EverWebinar Pricing Plan [2022] – How Much Does Annual Cost?

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EverWebinar Pricing Plan

Lead generation, customer retention, and building trust with your customers are essential activities in your business, and that’s why we have automated webinar platform solutions like EverWebinar

This platform allows you to create pre-recorded webinars with robust automation tools to help you achieve all these activities hassle-free. 

In this EverWebinar Pricing Plans review, I will cover an in-depth cost guide that will help you budget yourself before purchasing your EverWebinar account and get an idea of how much does EverWebinar costs you and whether you can get any discount or coupon code for saving or not.

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What Is EverWebinar?

EverWebinar is an automated webinar solution platform that helps you to host pre-recorded webinars that will look like live events. It is a perfect tool, especially if you are a small business person or a solopreneur who wants to achieve more by simulating pre-recorded events. 

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What Can You Do With EverWebinar?

EverWebinar comes with a user-friendly cloud interface to enable you to schedule your webinars on custom-branded pages. It gives you the freedom to provide optional participant support using live chat autoresponders. You can also share files with your audience via instant downloads.

EverWebinar also includes powerful advanced tools to provide hassle-free registrations & invitations. It also provides detailed analytics that you can use to measure your webinar performance in terms of attendance and engagement. 

Therefore, whether you want to use EverWebinar by yourself or as part of your team, this platform gives you a great chance to create fully automated webinar campaigns without the need for wasting time on repetitive live events.

EverWebinar Pricing Plans Summary

EverWebinar comes with only one package, which has 3 affordable pricing options. These options include;

  • EverWebinar Monthly Plan at $99 per month
  • EverWebinar Annual Plan at $499 per year ($42/m but billed annually)
  • EverWebinar Biennial Plan at $799 per every 2 years ($34/m but billed every two years)

EverWebinar Pricing Plans - Detailed Guideline

How much does EverWebinar cost? This platform is designed to fit your business with one of the most affordable pricing plans in the market. 

It's also essential to understand that all EverWebinar plans include Advanced Simulation Tools, Automated Webinars, Premade Landing Pages and many more.

EverWebinar Pricing Package

So here are pricing options you can choose from;

1. EverWebinar Monthly Plan 

The monthly plan means you can pay $99 each month. It includes all the EverWebinar excellent features.

Who Is the EverWebinar Monthly Plan For?

This plan is ideal if you need a webinar solution but are not ready to commit to an annual payment. So, if you have just started and are looking for a webinar solution, I would suggest you go with this plan.

2. EverWebinar Annual Plan

This plan will cost you $499 per year so it looks like you are paying $42 per month but here billed yearly. With this plan, you can save a big amount compared to the EverWebinar Monthly plan, up to $689 per year. You also get all of the EverWebinar features.

Who Is EverWebinar Annual Plan For?

This plan is ideal, especially if you want to save by having all the features of EverWebinar at a discount. If you are ready to make your payments strictly per year, an annual plan can be a perfect choice.

3. EverWebinar Biennial Plan

This plan costs $799 per every 2 years so it looks like you are paying $34 per month but here billed every two years. This Biennial plan offers the most benefits when it comes to savings. 

Who Is EverWebinar Biennial For?

This plan would be ideal if you have an already established business and you want the convenience of making your payments every 2 years. Since $799 upfront payments could be expensive to a newbie who has just started, this plan is just the perfect choice for an already profiting business.

However, it's still a perfect choice if you want to save more, regardless of your experience.

Note: As EverWebinar includes all the features on every plan and just different on payment options for your convenience and nothing different in any features & functions. 

EverWebinar Free Trial

Before you make your final thoughts on purchasing this excellent product you can test its features and tools so that you can make a risk-free decision.

EverWebinar is also offering a 14 days Trial at only $1. During these two weeks, you will have a chance to explore all the features and scale your marketing strategy as well.

Although the trial is not completely free, it’s worth it.

So, if your main objective is to get the benefits of hosting automated webinars with easy-to-use platforms at an affordable price, then you need to try EverWebinar at only $1 for 14 days and see if this tool fits your marketing objectives.

What Is Included in EverWebinar Plans

All the EverWebinar plans come with unique and easy-to work with features. They include;

EverWebinar All Features
  • Live Chat Simulator: This tool helps you to increase your conversions and simulate engagement with your audience.
  • Clickable Offers: This is to help you to schedule the perfect time to pop-up a special offer for your attendees during your webinar presentation so they can click to purchase on the spot. 
  • Pre-landing pages: EverWebinar includes pre-made stunning landing pages that are professional and help you to maximize your registration with zero coding.
  • Urgency and Scarcity: It helps you increase the urgency to purchase products by activating an expiration countdown or limiting the number of products available for sale.
  • Hybrid Webinars: This feature enables you to host an automated webinar with the interactive benefit of live & real-time chat.
  • Just-In-Time Webinars: This helps you cut down on registrants who are skipping your event by setting dynamic "Just-In-Time" which gives your registrants an impression that they have arrived just at the perfect time when the webinar is about to start..
  • Page Builder: This is 100% mobile responsive and it is easily customizable & professional to attract attendees.
  • Polls & Surveys: This enables you to include pre-configured polls and survey to monitor your attendees
  • Community: This includes an exclusive Facebook community where you can join and learn from other experts.
  • Flexible Scheduling: This helps you to host your webinar as frequently as you wish by setting it up to reoccur on multiple days of the week, multiple times per day, or you may even want to set it up to continuously begin in the next 15 minutes with the just-in-time feature.
  • Email & SMS System Notifications: This helps you to send automated email notification reminders to all of your registrants after registration, 15 minutes before the webinar starts, and even follows up with a recorded replay of the webinar
  • Dynamic Attendee Display: This enables you to stimulate your webinar environment by making it appear as if there are many other attendees in the webinar room at the same time.
  • Waiting room video. This helps you pre-record a custom video to play for your attendees while waiting in the waiting room, waiting for the webinar to begin.
  • Detailed Analytics: EverWebinar gives you great insight on your attendees performance, from how long they stayed on your event and whether they clicked on offers or not.
  • Seamless Integrations: EverWebinar integrates seamlessly with other tools such as Aweber, Getresponse, Kartra, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft & ActiveCampaign.

EverWebinar Coupons & Discount Deal

There are no EverWebinar coupons at the moment.

However, you can opt to go with its EverWebinar Annual or Biennial payment, which comes with huge discounts when you pay an upfront fee.

In addition to this, you can also Try EverWebinar 14-Day Trial at $1.

Which EverWebinar Plan is Best for You?

The perfect EverWebinar plan for your business will depend on the conveniences you need in terms of payments. Since all the plans come with the same feature, the difference comes in payment options.

For instance, if you have just started on your business and need a webinar solution for your marketing at an affordable price then you can go with Monthly plan and if you have a developed business on a consistent profit, I would advise you to go with the EverWebinar Annual or Biennial plan. 

This plan gives you the freedom to explore all EverWebinar features on a relatively pocket-friendly budget. With this plan, you can save up to $200 compared to the annual plan & $1577 compared to the Monthly plan. 

Is EverWebinar Worth Your Investment?

Absolutely! EverWebinar is worth everything you need to develop a perfect marketing strategy in your business. If you already have an offer or products that convert well, then EverWebinar can help out in so many ways. 

Here are some of the reasons why EverWebinar is worth your investment;  

  • EverWebinar is the best webinar solution tool, especially for hosting an evergreen webinar presentation.
  • EverWebinar is extremely easy to use 
  • Easily integrates with lots of popular business tools like Kartra, ConvertKit and other third-party CRM platforms.
  • It comes with free training that can help you to quickly turn a webinar into a highly converting automated marketing machine for your business.
  • It’s relatively easy to set up and no download is needed to host or attend webinars.
  • It is easier to switch a WebinarJam webinar to EverWebinar.
  • It gives you the option to set up your sales webinar so you can focus on the marketing and driving traffic to your message.  
  • Allows you to set Just-In-Time webinars that will be going live in just a few minutes after the person subscribes, or you can also schedule the webinar to occur at a specific time on specific days.
  • Multiple high-quality opt-in templates that allow you to sort based on the best conversion.
  • EverWebinar also includes advanced reporting tools to enable you to see the average time people stayed, attendees list and list of registrants who didn't attend your webinar.

Who Should Use EverWebinar?

EverWebinar is a perfect tool if you are;

  • A Blogger
  • An Influencer
  • An Educator
  • A Coach & Consultant
  • An Affiliate Marketer
  • Business-to-business operator
  • An eCommerce business person

EverWebinar Pricing Plans FAQs

Q. What is the difference between EverWebinar & WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is designed to be for live webinars. Once you have a high converting live webinar, you can then take the recording and convert it into an automated webinar in EverWebinar. EverWebinar, therefore, simulates the live experience and looks the same to your audience. 

Q. How can I cancel my EverWebinar subscription or update my EverWebinar Account?

If you need help with either of these, you can simply submit a ticket to the EverWebinar support team.

Q. Does EverWebinar offer a 30 Day Money Back guarantee?

Yes. EverWebinar comes with a full 30 day 100% money-back guarantee in case you are not delighted with their services. Note that this service is only valid if you make your refund request within 30 days of your purchase.


EverWebinar can help you improve your sales, especially if you are a small or medium-sized business person. It will help you in organizing virtual event automation for your marketing. EverWebinar Pricing is worth getting started with EverWebinar 14 days free trial at $1 now.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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