Ontraport Pricing Plans 2022 – Does Monthly Cost Worth It?

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Ontraport Pricing Plan

Ontraport is a complete business automation software especially designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs. It offers features like powerful CRM, marketing automations, landing pages, membership sites, eCommerce sites, and excellent support.

It can be one of your preferred tools that you may use to run your business smoothly. But how much does Ontraport cost? And what are the best alternatives of Ontraport?

In this guide, I’ll review Ontraport pricing plans, how much does Ontraport cost each month, it’s features and does Ontraport worth it’s cost.

Ontraport Pricing Plan Summary

Here are the 4 plans that Ontraport offers:

  • Ontraport Basic plan at $79/M
  • Ontraport Plus plan at $147/M
  • Ontraport Pro plan at $297/M
  • Ontraport Enterprise plan at $497/M

Ontraport also offers a custom plan if you need to send over 5 million emails per month.

Ontraport Basic plan

Ontraport Plus plan

Ontraport Pro plan

Ontraport Enterprise plan

Monthly pricing





Annual pricing





Contacts (Leads)










User Accounts





Business Process Automation















Email Marketing





Landing Pages





Marketing Analytics





Marketing Automation





Membership Sites

Not included




Partner & Referral Programs





Sales Force Automation





Here Basic, Limited, and Full are abbreviations I gave based on how many features Ontraport offers in particular functionality in the plans.

Ontraport does not offer annual plans as such. But if you buy a 1 year subscription of any plan, you’ll have to pay the price for 10 months and you’ll get an additional 2 months service for free.

Ontraport Pricing Plans In-Depth Review

Now let’s review Ontraport plans, pricings, features in detail to help you make an informed decision about choosing Ontraport or not.

Ontraport Pricing Plans

Ontraport Basic Plan at $79/M

Ontraport Basic plan offers you a very basic functionality to start your business. It gives you 1,000 leads with 1 user account on a price of $79/M. You can send unlimited emails to your contacts.

You can buy it for 1 year (12 months) at the cost of 10 months. So you’ll save $158 in a year.

Other features this Ontraport plan offers are;

  • Contact segmentation
  • Lead capture
  • Lead nurturing
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Landing page personalization
  • Goal based automations
  • Automated re-engagement

Ontraport Plus Plan at $147/M

Ontraport plus plan costs you $147/M if you pay monthly and provides you 2,500 leads and 2 user accounts (You can buy more user accounts at $47/M/User). You can send unlimited emails in this plan too.

You can buy it for 1 year (12 months) at the cost of 10 months. So you’ll save $294 in a year.

If you buy the Plus plan then their customer service representative will help you in setting your account and learn Ontraport features fast. You’ll also get e-commerce functionality with this plan.

Along with all the features included in the Ontraport Basic plan, it offers some additional features that are;

  • Custom metrics dashboard
  • Lead routing and scoring
  • Automated partner payments
  • Free WordPress hosting
  • Cart Abandonment automation
  • Payment gateway integration

Ontraport Pro Plan at $297/M

Ontraport Pro plan gives you 10,000 leads and 3 user accounts at a cost of $297/M (You can buy more user accounts at $47/M/User). This plan also includes unlimited emails sending. Email consultation is one of the main features that keeps this plan advanced than previously discussed plans.

You can buy it for 1 year (12 months) at the cost of 10 months. So you’ll save $594 in a year.

In email consultation, you can request one-on-one email delivery consultation appointments that give you insights, advice, and best practices about your email delivery rates.

Along with all the features that are included in Plus plan, this Ontraport plan offers some additional features like;

  • Custom objects
  • Campaign performance projection
  • First and last click attribution tracking
  • UTM link generator
  • UTM tracking
  • Lead source tracking
  • Marketing ROI tracker

Ontraport Enterprise Plan at $497/M

The Ontraport Enterprise plan offers all the features that are listed in all the plans we discussed so far. With the default plan, you’ll get 20,000 contacts to whom you can send 200,000 emails/M in total.

You can buy it for 1 year (12 months) at the cost of 10 months. So you’ll save $994 in a year.

This plan gives you 5 user accounts by default. You can buy more at $47/M/User.

With this plan, they will help you with your account setup. Along with e-Commerce and email consultation, Ontraport will assign a person account representative who will help to work with Ontraport better.

In this plan, You can buy more contacts at $99/M for additional 100k contacts. You can also buy 100k additional emails at $99 (for the same billing period only). You can also buy bulk email packages if you routinely need extra emails at $399/M for 500k emails.

Ontraport Custom Plan (Contact Sales)

Ontraport Enterprise plan offers a maximum of 5 million emails per month on additional purchase. If you need even more, then Ontraport allows you to contact their sales team. They will then create custom quotes depending on your database requirements.

Ontraport 14 Days Free Trial

Ontraport offers a 14 days free trial, The trial gives you access to all the features that Ontraport offers. It does not ask for your credit card information while signing up. Ontraport says that you first start with the free trial, check the features and then select any plan as per your requirement within your account.

Ontraport Discounts & Coupons

Ontraport does not offer any additional discounts or coupons as of now. The only offer is that you can buy your Ontraport 12 months plan at the price of 10 months. That’s the annual pricing.

Features Ontraport Plans Offer

Ontraport has all the features that you may require for your business. From business process to marketing, everything is covered in it. Have a look on these features that you’ll get in Ontraport;

Ontraport features
  • Business Process Automation: Includes features that make business processes easy like, Automated follow-ups, Process mapping, Automated task management, API access, Fulfillment lists (for co-ordinating online and offline activities), etc.
  • CRM: Includes features to make a complete CRM tool like, Contact management, Contact segmentation, Tags and customer fields, multi-step and pre-filled forms, Leads and deals, etc.
  • E-Commerce: You can run your e-commerce business with Ontraport with features like, Payment processing, Payment Gateway integration, Coupon codes, Cart reminder automation, Upsell & cross-sell forms, Custom invoices, Credit card decline follow ups, Shopping cart integration, etc.
  • Email Marketing: You can run your email marketing campaign with Ontraport with features like, Ontraport email templates, Automatic email tracking, List segmentation, Tracked links, Split testing, Transactional emails, Spam scoring, Newsletters, Broadcasts, Automated re-engagement, etc.
  • Landing Pages: With Ontraport you can create good landing pages with features like, Landing page templates with drag-and-drop functionality, Ontraport forms, Personalizable conditional blocks, Sticky blocks and bars, Facebook comments, Mobile view customization, Landing page checklist, Pop-up forms, Lead capture, Page tracking, etc.
  • Marketing Analytics: You can use marketing analytics features to analyse your marketing ROI with features like, Visual performance reporting, Contact flow reports, Funnel and goal conversion reports, Customer lifetime value reports, Marketing ROI tracker, Lead score tracking, UTM tracking, Campaign performance projection, etc.
  • Marketing Automation: It offers marketing automation features like, Campaign maps, 2-way SMS text messaging, If-then rule based automations, Pre-built campaign templates, Customer lifecycle automation, Facebook lead capture, Goal based automation, Conditional filtering, Triggers and actions, Simultaneous automations, etc.
  • Membership Sites: Support features that are useful for building membership sites like, Multiple membership levels, Page-by-page content protections, Automated subscription payment, Login delivery & password reminders, Free WordPress hosting, Customer & affiliate center, etc.
  • Partner & Referral Programs: Features that help you earn by referring Ontraport like, Referral links, Partner tracking, Promo tools, Earning reports, Automated partner management, Automated partner payments, etc.
  • Sales Force Automation: Ontraport also provides sales force automation to help you do better with your sales team and process.

Which Ontraport Plan is Best for You?

If you need a one word answer, then I’ll say Ontraport Pro Plan. As it has all the features at comparatively affordable cost. However it also depends on your requirements.

If you started a new business and want a tool to manage most basic things, then Ontraport Basic plan is enough. By the way, it would be hard for you to scale your business with this plan, as you can’t buy more user accounts in addition to default 1 user. It’s more like a tool for a 1-person company.

It’s Plus plan is a much better option than the Basic plan. It has all the features that you’ll need to run your business effortlessly, and even to scale it. The only downside is you won’t get all the marketing analytics features. But that difference is visible in pricing too. Although you still have enough analytics features at $147/M than the Pro plan which costs you $297/M.

The Plus plan is the best one if you have some budget and want a tool to better manage your business. Anything that you can imagine to do with Ontraport to manage your business and marketing operations, you can do them with this plan.

If you need more than 10,000 contacts for your business, and emails up to 200,000 per month, then it’s Enterprise plan will work well for you. You can buy additional contacts as well as emails if you need more.

Does Ontraport Cost Worth Your Money?

Ontraport is a nice all-in-one tool to help you run your business and marketing works seamlessly with a single tool. If we look at the pricing, then no doubt Ontraport is offering its services at an affordable price. However it’s Basic plan is not much recommended because of its limited features.

The Ontraport Plus and Pro plans are good as per the pricing. Well, there is one other similar tool Kartra that is very competitive to Ontraport. Kartra is also an all-in-one tool and what I liked about it is its offerings are transparent.

You can read my detailed comparison about Kartra and Ontraport to get a more precise idea of what each tool has to offer and when to choose which one.

Kartra’s Starter plan costs you $99/M giving you 2,500 leads and 15,000 emails. Ontraport here is offering unlimited emails for its first 3 plans but gives you 1,000 leads only.

If we talk about customer support, both these tools offer great customer support experience. I couldn’t find any significant complaints from it’s customers about their customer service. So, if you are looking for Ontraport, I would say it’s pricing really worth it for the Basic and Plus plans. But for higher plans, Kartra is a better option.

Ontraport Plans FAQs

Q. What features are covered in Ontraport free trial?

All the features that are offered by Ontraport are available in the free trial.

Q. Can I upgrade my plan on Ontraport later?

Yes, you can anytime upgrade/downgrade your plan on your account dashboard as per your needs.

Q. Can I cancel my free trial in case I don’t want to continue with Ontraport?

Yes, you can cancel your free trial if you don’t want to continue with Ontraport. Since they don’t ask for credit card details in the free trial, so you won’t be charged.

Q. What will happen if I exceed the contacts limit of the selected plan?

If you exceed the contacts limit then Ontraport automatically upgrades your account to the next level. You’ll receive a notification from them. If you remove the extra contacts then you can downgrade your account.

Q. Can I migrate my data from another software that I was using to Ontraport?

Yes, Ontraport representatives will help you to migrate your data from other software in the free account setup calls. (This feature is not available in the basic plan)

Q. Does Ontraport offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, Ontraport offers a 30 days money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied then you can cancel your account and contact Ontraport team for the full refund.

Final Thoughts

Ontraport is a good all-in-one tool. We’ve reviewed it’s cost and worthiness. It’s always better to make decisions after understanding all pros and cons especially when it costs your money and can affect your business too.

Kartra is a strong alternative to Ontraport, I’d recommend you to first review Kartra, Kartra’s pricing, Ontraport and other tools before buying any of these tools. Don’t let the opportunity cost affect your business.

Kartra has funnel building, advanced email automation, video hosting, heldesks, calendars, affiliate management which you could not find with Ontraport and it has even better membership management & better pricing than Ontraport which makes it a more preferred choice to get started with Kartra.

I hope I was able to guide you better for Ontraport pricing. You can now choose any tool which fits best to your requirements.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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