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EasyWebinar Trial

There are hundreds of webinar software platforms. It is tough to choose which is best and budget friendly. So, if you’re looking for a simple to use tool for launching your products, online conferences and meetings, Online coachings, Creating Webinar etc; then you can try your hand with EasyWebinar.

This powerful Webinar tool, EasyWebinar offers a 14 days free trial that you can use to be sure of the tool. 

How to sign up for the EasyWebinar free trial? Which plans to choose? Let’s check it out in this guide. 

Start your 14 days free trial now!

What is EasyWebinar?

EasyWebinar is a Webinar hosting platform. You can use it for marketing. It lets you host online meetings, remote conferencing, online training & marketing. With EasyWebinar you can host HD Quality, No latency streaming and screen sharing up to 4 people. In other words, it’s a fully-featured webinar platform. 

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Who is EasyWebinar For?

EasyWebinar is suitable for you if you need an all in one easy to use webinar platform that provides live & automated solutions. With EasyWebinar you can make high converting webinars a reality. 

  • Email Marketers
  • Coaches, Teachers, and Course creators
  • Bloggers
  • Startups
  • Software (Saas) Companies
  • B2B Companies
  • Human Resources & managers
  • Professional Service Providers
  • eCommerce Products
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Small Sized Business Owners
  • Medium Sized business owners

How to get EasyWebinar Free Trial

To start with EasyWebinar free trial, go to EasyWebinar website, click on “Start Your Trial”. It will open the pricing page. There you need to select your preferred plan and now click on “Try For Free” 

Once you’ve got the option to sign up for the free trial, follow these steps:

Step 1: Create your account on the sign-up page by providing your name, email, password and mobile number.

Step 2: Now it will ask for your credit card details of your selected plan.

Note: After the trial period, if you like EasyWebinar then you can continue using it. Otherwise don’t forget to cancel your free trial before it expires. In that case, you won’t be charged anything. Also, EasyWebinar will send you an alert as a reminder. 

And with this, your 14-days free trial will be activated and you can access all the features of your selected plan there.

Is there a 30 Days Free Trial in EasyWebinar?

Yes, EasyWebinar does provide a 30 days trial. You’ll get to try all the features of EasyWebinar Pro Plan for 30 days. Here is the link to get an EasyWebinar 30-day free trial

Are there any other offers available from EasyWebinar?

Yes, EasyWebinar is giving a 90 days offer to use any of its plans free of cost if you purchase any of its plans with annual billing. 

Why should you sign Up with EasyWebinar?

EasyWebinar helps you to connect with your customers, automate engagement and optimize every campaign by combining the power of a full suite marketing platform with face to face interaction. 

EasyWebinar is a tool that can help you reach your audience anywhere. You should sign up for EasyWebinar free trial because;

  • It’s one of the easiest marketing tools to scale your business.
  • Ability to stream live on multiple social media platforms at the same time.
  • You will learn all the features for a better understanding of how EasyWebinar works.
  • You can attract leads and nurture them even in this free trial.
  • It comes with both live and automated webinars under one roof.
  • The free trial is a good time to get used-to with EasyWebinar if you want to continue with it. It will save you time that you can invest in your business.
  • Quality video and audio which comes with special push offers and screen sharing options.
  • Super easy real-time live chat which makes it easy to engage with your audience.
  • It’s easy to use a Webinar hosting tool which is focused on helping you sell more.

Features You’ll Get with EasyWebinar Free Trial

With this free trial, you’ll get the chance to try all the features of your selected EasyWebinar plan. 

You’ll get these features with your EasyWebinar free trial;

Top Quality Webinars

You can conduct online video meetings & webinars. The experience for these onboarding sessions is smooth and powerful. You can have high-quality videos with no delay streaming.

EasyWebinar’s TrueVoice technology helps you to ensure that audio is always synced with the video. On top of that, even when two people are speaking the audio is synced with video. 

Live Automated Webinars

EasyWebinar lets you record and archive any of your video meetings so that you can schedule it to run automatically for a new batch of the audience as if it was happening live. You can stream webinars with 15 minutes increments which will enable your audience to watch the stream right on time. 

Dynamic Attendee Engagement 

EasyWebinar supports Real-time chats. When the stream is going on, attendees can ask questions, make comments and observations. This feature lets you create a connection between the presenter and the audience. You can conduct polls to answer questions on a topic. In other words, EasyWebinar helps to create a dynamic interaction play out among all.

Advanced Analytics & Reportings 

With EasyWebinar's advanced analytics & reporting feature, you can get to know the attractiveness and effectiveness of your webinar. It will help you to know how many people have registered for an event and how many people have actually watched it. You can also count the replays. It helps you in strategizing by analyzing the actions of your attendees.

How much does EasyWebinar cost you after the free trial?

EasyWebinar pricing starts from $78/M after the free trial. Here is the pricing of all it’s 3 plans monthly and annually. 

Standard Plan

Pro Plan

Enterprise Plan

Monthly Pricing




Annual Pricing





100 Live

500 Live

2000 Live

Checkout our EasyWebinar pricing guide if you want to learn more about its pricing in detail.

How to get most out of your free trial?

Free trials are the best way to understand a tool for its compatibility. So, what are the essentials features that you need while hosting a webinar or an online meeting? So first of all make note of some features that you’re looking for and then check EasyWebinar for those features.

Here are some features that are most important in a webinar hosting platform:

  • Customizing Webinar
  • Uploading handouts
  • Conducting live polls for the audience
  • Using surveys to ask for instant feedback
  • Recording webinars
  • Screen annotation
  • Sharing screen with participants

EasyWebinar has all the aforesaid mentioned features. Also, there is a probability that EasyWebinar will have all those features that you’re looking for. Once you get to know that all your features requirements are fulfilled by EasyWebinar, then you should check for its usefulness.

While using this free trial, Set up a test webinar with your partners/co-host so that you can fully test your audio, video and slides if they are working well on both sides. After that, Test the recording process, to make sure recording is working and create usable video files. Don’t forget to ask your partner to make backup recordings for you.

Then, Run tests on all engaging elements like polls, surveys, questions & answers. Check chat box is working so that your attendees can get in touch with you or your team to ask questions or report problems. 

This way you can test the tool to know whether the features are worth paying and easy to use and you can achieve your objective of trying the EasyWebinar free trial. And will get to know whether it’s built for you or not!

Does it Worth to Sign up for an EasyWebinar Free Trial?

EasyWebinar is a good webinar hosting platform. It offers top quality webinars, live automated webinars & more. It comes with a lot of great features to ensure that you have a positive experience during your free trial & after subscribing to the plans.

EasyWebinar is worth if your main goal with this is;

  • To deliver quality live streamings among your attendees.
  • To engage with the audience on a real-time basis.
  • To make your market strategy by analyzing analytics & reporting.
  • To Work on an easy to use Webinar platform.

However, I’d better recommend Demio as the Best Overall Webinar Software for both Live and Automated Webinar as well as in creating customizable & beautiful templates. There is no doubt that Demio is far better than EasyWebinar. Also Demio is cheaper than EasyWebinar. The starter plan will cost you $49/Month. 

I’d recommend Demio more if you need it for;

  • Well designed, interactive user interface
  • Attention-grabbing polls and CTAs during live events
  • Feature-rich automated webinars with flexible scheduling
  • Hosting live webinars, workshops, Q&A sessions and HD streaming

EasyWebinar Free Trial FAQs

Q. Do I need to provide my credit card details while signing up for the EasyWebinar free trial?

Yes, EasyWebinar asks for your credit card details while signing up for the free trial.

Q. Where can I learn more about EasyWebinar?

You can learn more about EasyWebinar Review from our guide and by visiting the EasyWebinar Website

Q. What if I forget to cancel my free trial before expiration?

If you want to continue with EasyWebinar then there is no problem. However, if you don’t want to continue with EasyWebinar and forget to cancel your free trial, your card will be charged for the amount. 

Q. What kind of events can I do with EasyWebinar?

With EasyWebinar, You can do Live Webinars, Automated Webinars, Encore Events, Summits, Hybrid Events, Create Simple Replay Pages and more. Moreover, you can create a registration page, thank you page, the email follow-up, social share feature, event page, the event replay & much more.

Q. To Run an Automated Webinar, what kind of video hosting do I need?

You don’t need any video hosting if you are using EasyWebinar. The Live Engine and YouTube Live integration features of EasyWebinar gives you the ability to repurpose the live events into automated webinars or, simply add in a YouTube, Vimeo, or Amazon S3 video as your automated webinar. 


EasyWebinar is an easy to use Webinar hosting platform. It can serve your requirement of hosting online meetings, conducting webinars & conferences.

It’s always wiser to research for the tool before investing your money. You can sign up for the free trial and try the tool yourself.

I hope this EasyWebinar free trial guide helps you to make better decisions.

Start your 14 days Free Trial Now!

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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