Kartra Review 2022: Is It Worth All In One Marketing Platform?

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Are you searching for an honest and in-depth Kartra review? Not sure when to choose and how Kartra can help? Here I get it covered thoroughly to make the right decision.

Selling products or services online is not easy, especially for someone who has started because the world is changing so fast. 

However, if you have a solid all-in-one marketing platform that can simplify your work as you focus on growing your business, then you are most likely to succeed. This is where Kartra comes in.

Kartra is a solid ALL IN ONE platform with powerful features that can help seamlessly manage your entire online business. You can create seamless marketing systems with advanced automation regardless of your industry.

Therefore, are you looking for detailed information about Kartra? Should you switch your current marketing automation tool and your entire online business to Kartra? All your questions are answered here!

In this Kartra review, you will learn about;

  • What is Kartra? What can it do for you?
  • Kartra’s main features & how those all work
  • Kartra pros & cons
  • Kartra pricing & cost guide for each plan
  • Kartra top alternatives and comparison
  • Whether or not Kartra is worth your money
  • Whether or not Kartra is worth your money
  • And much more.

Keep reading!

What Is Kartra?

Kartra is a fully integrated platform that enables you to create, market, and launch your business online using just one tool. 

kartra logo

You can use it to sell your digital products, physical products, or both while taking advantage of marketing automation, sales funnels, landing pages, email marketing, analytics tagging, and segmentation

Kartra is the Genesis Digital brand that Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime created in 2018 with the main aim of integrating and blending seamlessly with other marketing functions and helping you build your online business.

What Can Kartra Do?

You can use Kartra to build your sales funnel and make the whole online business procedure easy for you by having all the tools you may need in one place. With Kartra, you can;

  • Sell both physical and digital products.
  • Build automatic sales funnels and online campaigns.
  • Create high converting sales and landing pages.
  • Create a profitable eCommerce store.
  • Create and manage membership sites.
  • Run and manage affiliate programs.
  • Manage calendars, appointments & schedules.
  • Host appealing marketing videos.
  • Attract, capture, engage, manage and convert leads.
  • Generate more sales through upsells, down sells, and order bumps.

It is ideal for small, medium, and large businesses, new marketers (with little technical experience), and experienced marketers handling vast leads.

What Will Kartra Replace?

With Kartra, it means that you will not need to invest in any other tools or to hire a team of copywriters, web developers, system integrators, and designers.  It is an ALL-IN-ONE marketing tool that will help you operate from one place. 

Kartra comes with everything you need to create a successful online business, from hosting, email marketing, video, webinars, split-testing, cart checkouts, and a host of other valuable tools - each created to integrate seamlessly with one another.

Therefore, if you use Kartra to run your online business, you would have a great chance of replacing the following marketing solutions;

  • Sales Funnel Builder
  • Website & Landing Page Builder
  • Shopping Cart Software
  • Email marketing campaign platforms
  • Marketing Automation Tools
  • Membership portal builders and course hosting platform
  • CRM & sales pipeline tool
  • Helpdesk ticketing Software
  • Online form builders
  • Video Hosting solutions such as YouTube, Vimeo & Wistia
  • Split testing & link tracking software
  • Campaign analytics & tracking tools
  • Affiliate management & Marketplace tool
  • Heatmap app
  • Calendar/booking app
  • Custom programming specialists as Kartra seamlessly integrates with other software.
  • Graphic designers, i.e., Kartra offers many professionally designed templates that you  can customize for pages, forms, emails, etc.

Who Is Kartra For?

After our intensive research, we found out that for several businesses/people who need Kartra, especially as the world changes with COVID-19, you need to shift your business to a platform to survive and grow. 

Kartra is useful for anybody who wishes to create an online business and wants the convenience of having software with all the tools needed to run their businesses online in one place.

They include;

  • Online Entrepreneurs: If you are a successful small business owner or want to start one, then Kartra can make your year bigger and better, as Kartra is a perfect lead generation solution to grow your online business.
  • Course & Membership Creator: If you want to create and sell online courses and membership sites, then Kartra can work well for you. You can build loyal followers and fans and efficiently launch your membership site with Kartra.
  • Consultant/Coach: If you are a coach or a consultant and you have an existing online presence looking to grow, Kartra can be the best option to capture new leads.
  • Bloggers: If you want to focus on blogging, list building, email marketing, lead capturing, and creating landing pages, you don’t want the hassle of using multiple tools; Kartra gives you an easy way to grow your list, your audience, and engagement just from one tool.
  • Authors & Public Speakers: If you are a public speaker, or you want to become one of the most successful speakers in the modern world, then gone are the days of setting up large stages for your audience. Kartra gives you a great chance to shift your business online and provide your service to a larger number of people around the world.
  • Entrepreneurs on a budget: If you don’t have the budget or time to hire various teams to develop your business system and do integrators to create a thriving online business, Kartra is for you since it comes with all the essential tools you need for your business.
  • Any business person who wants to save time: If you want to spend less time fixing software issues and more time on what matters, like creating and closing sales, then Kartra might also be the best option
  • It is the best alternative to big-name costly platforms: If you are looking for an alternative to ClickFunnels, Kajabi, Leadpages, and many other tools, then it is suitable for you.

Blogger to expert marketers, small businesses to large enterprises can use Kartra for CRM, funnel building, lead generation, email automation, or any marketing automation needed to grow their business.

Who Is Kartra Not For?

Kartra has so many unique features which are easy to work with and is a true all-in-one marketing platform. However, we won’t recommend Kartra to those who:

  • Are after a get-rich-quick opportunity.
  • Have no products or services to sell (either own or as affiliates).
  • Are not into any eCommerce or physical products.
  • People think if you buy any tool, you can get wonderful results.
  • People prefer a cheaper option rather than the best features.
  • You can manage separate tools and don’t need everything on a single platform.

Kartra Features - What Tools & Services Does Kartra Offer?

Kartra comes with ALL advanced, easy-to-use features that will help you to create a successful online business. Let’s dig deep into every feature;

Kartra Page - Landing Pages/Websites Builder Tool

This feature is an ultimate page builder that is powerful & intuitive that can help you make stunning and highly converting pages/websites while getting real-time analytics of what is happening.

Therefore, if you are an online entrepreneur and wish to create stunning websites or high converting landing pages in your business, Kartra Page Builder is perfect for you.

You can create many pages, including lead capture pages, classic home pages, blogs, sales pages, checkout pages, thank you pages, among others, and complete websites. 

With Kartra page builder, you can integrate everything you need to run your online business and turn your online visitors into customers in one place.

Kartra pages have tons of neat features, including dynamic countdown timers, parallax scrolling, forms, dynamic backgrounds, pop-ups, and more… Other features that come with this tool include;

Kartra best landing page builder
  • Pre-designed templates: You can use over 500 pages and section professionally designed templates to create your own pages. You can also build your own creation from scratch on a blank canvas.
  • Customization: You can customize your website to fit your exact needs based on the industry you are in or type of business i.e resize the images, location elements, headlines, etc. You can also custom brand your pages using your colors, logos, fonts, etc.
  • Drag and drop feature: You don’t need to have any coding skills since Kartra has an easy-to-use drag and drop feature where you can import or build your pages quickly with just a single click of a button.
  • Interconnectivity: You can seamlessly integrate and get everything you need to run your online business by connecting your website to other sites one click, e.g., Email system, Membership Site, Help desk, forms, calendar, etc.
  • Mobile & Tablet Compatibility: Kartra is 100% mobile and tablet responsive. You can preview your creation for desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  • Custom domain: You can hook up Kartra to your existing domain through instant one-click publishing.

With Kartra page builder, you can create an advanced and high converting website without any tech skills or a massive budget.

Kartra Funnels & Campaigns - High Converting Multipage Sales Funnels Builder Tool

Kartra comes with a complete marketing funnel where you can access every component such as squeeze page, landing page, checkout page, and many more.

You can design and launch automated sales-driving advanced funnels in minutes. You can easily create videos to draw prospects in, send automatic emails and create tags that organize leads by behavior.

It’s a done-for-you campaign tool preloaded with automation, pre-made pages, pre-written copy, and among others, that you can execute in just a few clicks.

Kartra Funnels & Campaigns comes with features to help you build sales, including;

kartra best sales funnel builder
  • Pages: Kartra comes with built pages that are interconnected in the exact multi-page flow to help you create landing & checkout pages.
  • Sequence builder: Kartra comes with a simple drag and drops sequence builder to help you create your sales funnel. You can also run 24-7 autopilots and define Yes or No rules.
  • Emails: You can leverage the Kartra mail functionality to incorporate advanced email sequences into your campaigns.
  • IFs and THEN automation: You can define automation rules to govern your marketing strategy and get control of all possible scenarios. You can mark the triggers, establish the consequences, and even stack them up to form more advanced rules.
  • Lead tagging: You can profile your prospects as they advance through your funnel, segmenting them into laser-targeted subgroups.
  • Campaign Marketplace: You can sell your marketing ideas to others through the campaign marketplace. You also can export your marketing campaigns to your clients’ accounts.
  • Plug & play campaigns: You can use Kartra time-proven pre-designed marketing campaigns designed by experts to build attractive marketing campaigns. You can also import campaigns from other Kartra members.

Here is a quick overview of some of the fantastic done-for-you campaigns created by the Kartra team;

  • The eShop Campaign: Helps you to sell multiple products from a single page and also includes email sequences allowing you to follow up with visitors to your products and with customers.
  • List-Builder Campaign: A simple funnel is driven by a give-away opt-in that will help you quickly build your most powerful marketing asset - your email list - fast.
  • Quick Launch Campaign: Helps you to launch a new product and make sales fast.
  • Kartra MasterClass Campaign: This is a funnel that allows you to send traffic through a registration process to a webinar-like, on-demand video presentation and then sell them on a product.
  • Book Funnel Campaign: This is where you get everything you need to instantly launch a complete promotional campaign for your book right out of the box.
Kartra advanced sales funnels

Kartra Funnels & Campaigns is a fantastic feature that can replace many tools such as ClickFunnels, Kajabi, Ontraport, ActiveCampaign, Keap (Formerly Infusionsoft), etc.

Kartra Email - Next-gen Email Marketing & Automation Platform

This feature comes in handy to help you in email marketing, email automation, broadcasts,  tagging, sequences, and more.

Email Marketing allows you also to create behavior-based automation that sends emails based on your recipient’s behavior.

Kartra can also show you what is working and test to discover what might work even better. Therefore, you need to collect leads to use Kartra Mails effectively.

To create Kartra Mails & automation;

Step 1: Navigate your Kartra dashboard, click on “My Campaigns” in the left side navigation, and then click on “Leads.

Step 2: Click on “Import File” to add your leads or contacts into Kartra. Your files need to be in CSV or TXT files.

Step 3: Click on “Campaigns” and then “Broadcasts” to build your email broadcast. Click on the green “+” button to get started.

Step 4: You can enter the name of your email, account, recipients, message automation, schedule, and finish.

Kartra mails come with unique features, including;

Kartra email marketing
  • Attractive Templates: You can easily create emails by selecting from the many beautiful and professionally designed templates and components, including hero sections, video thumbnails, content blocks, testimonials, and more. You can also drag, drop, copy, paste and type to customize your emails in seconds.
  • Email Automations: Using the IF and THEN automation system, you can turn on automation based on the behavior of your leads. For instance, you can automatically send follow-up messages if the receiver has not opened previous messages.
  • Intelligent Split Testing: You can split test your email content and subject lines, track conversions and switch to email versions that convert best.
  • Custom Emails: You can personalize messages you send out to your leads using custom tags. For instance, you can insert their names, join date, country, etc.
  • Email analytics: With Kartra, you can analyze your emails comprehensively. You can get detailed analytics, including unsubscriptions, revenue ratios, spam complaints, and much more.

Also, Kartra seamlessly integrates with other excellent Kartra tools. For instance, you can automate your email marketing campaigns using Kartra Mail. You can cue up emails & SMS, add multiple trigger rules, add tags, lists, sequences, and much more.

Kartra is optimized for desktop, tablet, or mobile. With this Kartra fantastic feature, you will never need to use MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, GetResponse, or ConvertKit again!

Kartra Checkouts - Easily Sell Your Products & Services Online

Kartra Checkouts allows you to sell everything you need much more quickly. This unique built-in Kartra feature enables you to add products to your site, choose the main product, upsell or down-sell other products, and much more.

With Kartra, you can sell unlimited products and services, including memberships & courses, physical products, digital products, and much more.

You can also set multiple price points for each product and set payment terms such as one-time payments, installments, or recurring payments.

For instance, to create products to sell in Kartra;

Step 1: Navigate your Kartra dashboard and click on “My Products.”,

Step 2: Click on the Products tab and then the green tab +PRODUCT button on the right side of the screen.

Step 3: Enter basic information of the product, including product name and a description that the customers will see, and click confirm.

Step 4: Select whether your product is the main product, upsell, or down-sell. You can then choose the main product associated with the upsell or down-sell and click confirm.

Step 5: Select the product’s payment mode, i.e., one-time, limited installments, recurring installments, and recurring payments. You can also toggle off initial costs, default price, and money-back guarantee. Click “confirm.”

Step 6: Enter the URL for the thank you page you want to use for the product.

Step 7: Set up your checkout page with plenty of custom options, including colors, logos, font, etc. You can also define the sales tax, shipping cost, tag cart abandonment, etc.

Step 9: Add a custom customers list, tag your customers, connect the product to membership access and add automation.

Step 10: Select whether to activate affiliates or not.

All done!

You will see your products on the “My Products “ page. You can then set up your payment gateway and start receiving money for your products.

Kartra checkouts come with many features, including;

Kartra Checkouts
  • Everything you need to sell products & services; You can add unlimited products & services and set different price points. You can also create attractive checkout pages to compel customers to purchase, set 1 click transactions, automatically tag your buyers and add upsells, down-sells, and order bumps.
  • Sales, subscriptions and offers: You can increase your sales by converting your prospects into customers through special offers, promotions, discounts, trials periods, coupons, etc. You can allow your clients to pay however they prefer, whether by credit card or PayPal, and set one-time sales, installments, or recurring payments.
  • Checkout forms: You can create single-step checkout forms with all details displayed at once or multi-step checkout forms with personal information, then shipping details, and finally payment information.
  • Customer management: You can manage existing clients by modifying pricing and coupons to offer temporary discounts to unhappy customers, rescheduling payment days, editing payment options, or even freezing subscriptions until further notice.
  • Upsells, down-sells, cross-sales, and order bumps: You can automatically present second and more valuable products to your customers, present complementary products, offer additional products to your clients, and even offer entry-level products. You can also provide add-on products to your customers right before completing their orders.
  • Sales analytics: You can track your sales and revenue analytics, including sales, rebills, refunds, cancellations, active subscriptions, average lifetime value, etc.
  • Sales tax and shipping cost: You can ship your products nationally and internationally and define the price for each country. Kartra can also auto-calculate sales tax or VAT, recognizes the user's geolocation, and offers instant translation to 12 different languages and 40 currencies.
  • Custom fields: You can customize your customers' checkout experiences to get the exact information you need from your customers, add different sizes or colors to products, forward order details to your warehouse, etc.
  • Cart abandonment tagging: Kartra can automatically detect customers with incomplete purchases. By applying the custom tag, send the customer a follow-up or reminder to help capture lost customers.
  • Attractive checkout templates: Kartra offers thousands of professionally designed templates to choose from. The checkout pages are 100% secure & mobile customized. You can also customize checkout pages by adding colors, logo, font, etc.

With Kartra Checkouts, you can offer your clients billing support and ensure seamless selling of your products and services.

Kartra Leads - CRM Tool to Build Your Leads, Prospects & Customers Database

Kartra leads enable you to manage the leads in your business. With Kartra Leads, you automatically track and score leads and send relevant messages to ensure you convert as many leads as possible.

Kartra leads come with features including;

Kartra Leads CRM
  • Lead intelligence: You can get a comprehensive view of your leads and learn all the behavioral patterns of your users, i.e., details, subscriptions, helpdesk tickets, etc. With this intel, you can make data-driven decisions concerning your campaigns.
  • Kartra automated lead score: Kartra automatically adds a point score to all the interactions a lead or customer has with your emails, membership portals, checkouts,  etc. This way, you can know exactly who to focus your energy on.
  • Advanced Lead tagging: You can apply custom labels to your prospects, qualify them and categorize them into subgroups, i.e., paid customers, free prospects, VIPs, etc.
  • Importing Leads: You can import all your contacts while carrying over all your tags and leads by uploading a file.

With Kartra Leads, you can replace many tools, including InfusionSoft, ActiveCampaign, HubSpot, Kajabi, Ontraport, and many other CRM & sales pipeline tools.

Kartra Memberships - Deliver Content, Course & Training Materials Professionally

Kartra memberships will work well for you, mainly if you specialize in selling courses, training materials, publishing premium content, or offering group coaching. 

You can easily create and deliver paid or premium content to paying customers through the professionally designed drag and drop membership site.

Kartra memberships are the ideal tool for delivering online courses and training materials to your customers, focusing on creating and sharing content. You can easily organize and share content with your customer base.

No matter the type of training you want to create or the multi-topic content director you wish to offer, Kartra offers you complete flexibility making sure you give your learners a hassle-free and intuitive experience.

Creating a Kartra membership site is very easy. You have to;

Step 1: Navigate your Kartra dashboard and click on Memberships.

Step 2: Click on the green + MEMBERSHIP button.

Step 3: Enter brief details about your site, i.e, membership name, description, and sales promotional page. You can also specify whether your users can access content using a password or not. Click save and next.

Step 4: The content builder will launch. Click on “upload logo” to add your logo. Drag and drop the content you want from the sidebar section to the sidebar content section and edit as necessary. Click on the Actions tab to save and preview your work.

You can click on the “New Category” tab to create a new page to hold your posts with your content. You can add subcategories to organize your content further. Click on save and next.

You can upload images, videos, audio, and other files to be available for your members. You can also add more content to an existing membership site by clicking on the “EDIT” pencil icon on that membership.

Step 5: To enhance the look of your page, select a template and click save and next. 

Step 6: You can choose to turn on or off comments. Also, you can navigate the builder and click on “Access Levels” to set different access levels and decide to drip feed content. 

All done! Your membership portal is set up.

You can also choose to charge money for one to access your membership site or not by turning it into a product.

The Kartra memberships come with various features, including;

Kartra Memberships
  • Create memberships: You can quickly build your customized membership sites using the drag and drop feature and professionally designed templates. You can also add your logos, color, pictures, etc.
  • Multi-portals/tiers memberships: You can create multiple membership access levels with different pricing and contents to cater to other clients. You can also bundle up various into a global portal for further cross-sale opportunities.
  • Lesson structures: You can create different lesson categories, sub lessons, and individual articles with intuitive and quick navigation.
  • Drip feed content: You can make all your content available at once or decide to release content on a timed schedule. You can also set automated email notifications to your clients, so they never miss new content.
  • Customer engagement: You can interact with your customers by answering all their questions, moderating or comment approvals, or assigning staff to help you manage the community.
  • Member management: You can easily see member status (active or canceled), manually grant or revoke access, automatically revoke access, perform mass management of your users and keep track of your users’ progress through your content hence making it ideal for online courses and learning centers.
  • Upload files, videos, or audio: You can deliver your content in any matter or format, either text, video, audio podcast, or all of them.
  • Detailed analytics: You can also get complete analytical data of your customers, such as average course completion period, average progression level, average retention, etc.

The Kartra membership site is the best way to build a community and give your customers a premium experience no matter your industry. 

The Kartra Membership can replace Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkific, Podia, Simplero, and Builderall.

Kartra Videos - Video Hosting Platform

Unique video content has the power of selling and engaging with your visitors, and that's why Kartra comes with this amazing video hosting feature that replaces YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia. 

Kartra video removes the complexity of designing videos. Using the Karta video, just upload the videos and let Kartra sort out the rest.

To use the Kartra video, navigate the dashboard and click on “My Videos” and upload your videos. 

You can easily upload your marketing footage and product content videos straight to Kartra and can embed them into WordPress blogs and membership portals.

You can then click on any three dots below the videos you have uploaded, then click on the edit icon where you will be taken to numerous options. You can also add more video features, including calls to action, tag leads, end actions, etc.

Other amazing features that come with Kartra Videos include;

Kartra Videos
  • A fantastic video player: You can autoplay your videos, mute, display titles, customize the look and feel of your videos, autoplay the next video, or add watermark branding to your videos. The video player is fully optimized for all devices and can also embed your videos directly on your webpage or through a pop-up window.
  • Tag your leads as they watch: You can decide to tag your leads when pitching, tag people leaving the video so that they can get a reminder to watch again, and reward or send congratulatory messages to those who watch to the end.
  • Timed call to action (CTAs): You can trigger responses using timed-up forms to help you build your mailing list, timed checkout buttons for those ready to transact, and timed share to watch buttons. You can also allow your clients to choose whether they want to see the CATs or not.
  • Comprehensive playlists: You can easily upload and organize your videos into folders for easy navigation. You can also view your videos from a centralized dashboard and organize them in easy management sections.
  • Video analytics: You can see detailed analytics of how people have interacted with your videos which is the ratio a video marker will ever need i.e, click per play, average video watch time, etc., uncover watch vs drop out rates and call to action engagements.

The best part is that Kartra videos can play well on all devices, including desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. With Kartra videos, you can increase your sales if your ideal customers watch your videos.

Kartra Surveys & Quizzes - Survey & Quiz Builder Tool

Kartra surveys and quizzes feature can help you learn about your clients inside out. You can capture all the information to help you profile your prospects, leads, and customers with laser targeted automation, results-based tagging, and lead-by-lead analytics.

Using the simple Kartra drag and drop builder, you can easily create beautiful surveys with videos, images, automation, multiple questions, results pages, etc., within minutes. 

You can create traditional surveys and create scored quizzes to help you place your customers in membership levels.

Also, you can add as many questions as you wish to your surveys and add high-resolution images & videos into your surveys without any coding.

You can host surveys as stand-alone pages or integrations within your Kartra pages. Therefore, if you are into the online courses business, this feature can work perfectly for you.

To create quizzes & surveys in Kartra, you need to;

Step 1: Select the type of survey you want to make, whether a traditional survey or scored quiz, and click on “create.”

Step 2: Enter the name of your survey and category to help you organize your content and click on “create.” If you do not want any type, you can choose “no category.” You will be redirected to the survey setup wizard.

Step 3: Under basic info, you can change the name of your survey and add a short description of your survey. You can also customize your surveys by adding your logo. Click on the “save and next” tab.

Step 4: In the contents tab, click on the “Launch builder” to design your survey. You can define the survey questions, layout, overall look, etc. Once done, click on “save and next”.

Step 5: In the confirmation tab, you can choose to send your users an email upon completion of your survey or not. You can also customize the emails of the survey participants in the “my integrations” tab within the Kartra Mail global setup. Once done, click “save and next”.

Step 6: In the automation tab, you can create Kartra content you expect, including tags, lists, sequences, and automation.

Step 7: Once done, click on “save and next”. 

Done! You will have created your Kartra survey.

Other features that come with the Kartra survey and quizzes include;

  • Focus on customer experience: You can create surveys using branched survey paths based on survey answers to help you turn memberships into learning centers by placing customers into appropriate membership levels based on quiz results.
  • Results-based automation: You can trigger email responses add automation and auto tags based on the survey results and individual answers.
  • Conversational approach: You can create traditional single-step design surveys or multi-step surveys based on respondents’ preferences.
  • Multiple success messages: You can track all your respondents’ answers and customize result pages based on scores and responses. For instance, you can create certificates to attain specified quiz scores.
  • Audience analytics: You can view comprehensive analytics of your survey visitors, including survey completion rates and a summary of survey responses. You can also view lead-by-lead reporting and easily share analytics & results.

The Kartra quizzes and surveys features are powerful and can be used in place of platforms such as LeadQuizzes, SurveyMonkey, Typeform.

Kartra Helpdesks - Client Support Tool For Ticketing & Live Chat

Kartra helpdesks functionality is an email management system that allows you to create a trackable ticket scheme whenever your customers or visitors have questions about your products or service.

Kartra helpdesks also enable your customers to rate their assistance experience so that you measure your performance. Generally, this feature creates a fair system that allows you to keep every operation in order.

The Kartra helpdesk is integrated with the sales platform, where you can have instant access to your customers’ profiles. So, you know what your customers are subscribed to, purchased, lead score, and much more.

To set up the Kartra helpdesk;

Step 1: Navigate the Kartra dashboard and click on “My Helpdesk.”

Step 2: You will see a message displaying “Your helpdesk page look & feel.” You can choose to host the help desk on Kartra or on your website. If you prefer your website, Karta will create an embedded code that you can place on your page to help you create a pop-up help icon.

Step 3: You can customize your helpdesk by choosing or uploading your logo and background color, text, overlay color, opacity, add your image, etc.

Step 4: You can create Helpdesk sections with various topics, add departments that your customers can select via the drop-down menu, add categories, etc.

Using plenty of Kartra options, you can direct your clients to suitable topics.

Kartra Helpdesks comes with features and tools including;

  • Funnel tickets by department: You can arrange your tickets by department, i.e., billing support, technical support, sales support, etc. withso that your team can promptly react to the inquiry.
  • Live agent chat system: You can answer your client queries on the spot while online and offline through the helpdesk ticket. You can even download the chat log and respond to your clients while doing other things through the live chat window pop-up.
  • Email Conversations: You can seamlessly interact with your users through email and add your desired email address, e.g., [email protected]
  • Multi-agent collaboration: You can add more agents to your conversation, transfer tickets to different agents & departments, pass private messages, etc. You can also invite other online agents into live chats to help you respond to your clients.
  • Integrated billing: You can incorporate your clients’ profile, transaction history, billing actions, etc., into the helpdesk portal to quickly assist your customers.
  • Canned responses: You can embed frequently used replies so that you do not copy/paste the same messages repeatedly.
  • Analytics: You can view your customer service analytics, including response & resolution times, wiki ratings, etc.

Kartra helpdesk is 100% mobile optimized. Also, you can choose to host your helpdesk as a separate page or into an existing page as a floating sidebar.

You can also add bubble messages to your site to configure welcome, pre message popups to your landing pages, etc. 

With The Kartra Helpdesks, you can offer top-notch customer support to your clients, increasing client retention, repeat customers, customer service, and satisfaction.

Kartra Forms - Gorgeous Lead Capture Forms Builder Tool

Kartra allows you to design forms that you can use to collect fresh new leads by the help of the Opt-in Forms feature. The form builder’s interface is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

You can create Kartra forms using professionally designed and attractive templates. You can also customize your forms to match your branding by adding logos, colors, etc.  

You can also optimize conversions by embedding the forms on your pages or videos and setting trigger automation.

Kartra forms come with advanced features, including;

Kartra Forms
  • Attractive templates: You can create engaging and eye-catching forms from templates that you can use to capture exciting leads to follow up and convert them into returning customers.
  • Embed forms: You can place the forms on your Karta build web page outside pages where you can choose to embed it, slide it, pop it or peek it. You can also pop your forms in your videos when it is most relevant to increase opt-in chances.
  • Quick auto-fill: Kartra also prefills your visitors’ forms from previous visits and makes the visitor experiences effortless hence increasing chances of complete opt-ins.
  • Custom fields: You can add custom fields to your forms, capturing targeted lists.
  • Single or double opt-in: You can activate a single or double opt-in where your customers will be asked to confirm their email address.
  • Trigger automation: After the forms have been submitted, you can instantly engage the visitors through Kartra trigger automation, building customer relations when they are very interested.

The best part is that Kartra forms will appear attractive no matter the device you view them from, i.e., mobile, tablet, or desktop. You can also make your leads agree to terms and conditions to protect them and yourself against legal troubles.

To create and use Kartra forms;

Step 1: Go to My Forms, click on the +FORM button on the right and name your new form.

Step 2: Add a field including the name & email. You can add more domains to your form if you want additional information.

Step 3: You can choose whether you would like a single opt-in or a double opt-in and add a URL for a thank you page that your customers will be directed to make them feel appreciated. After confirming, you can click save and next.

Step 4: You can also select whether or not to send a welcome email or SMS. You can also modify the messages using the email form and click save then next.

Step 5: You can then decide what happens to the leads that fill out your forms by adding tags, lists, sequences. You can then click save and next.

Step 6: You can then choose to embed the form on your Kartra page, your website, or your video. If you decide to embed it on your site, you will be required to customize your form by clicking on launch the form builder. 

You can also specify form settings on the left side of the screen and see template options. You can select the form width, border appearance, etc.

You can then choose the template to use, preview the form, then save and click exit.

All done! Your Kartra opt-in form will have been created.

Kartra form is an advanced feature that can replace many online platforms, including Typeform or OptinMonster.

Kartra Calendars - Session/Meeting Appointments, Organizing & Scheduling Tool

Kartra Calendar is a simple and intuitive tool that can help you connect with your clients. Your clients can see your available dates & times and schedule meetings or appointments with you.

You can custom fit the Kartra Calendars tool to fit any purpose,, e.g., consultant, recurrent, and live event. With the Kartra Calendar, you can create either quick & straightforward free bookings or make paid appointments with integrated checkout pages.

The Kartra Calendars tool comes with other unique features, including;

Kartra Calendars
  • Real-time booking management: The Calendar tool is updated in real-time to avoid double booking, customize your calendar with logos and brand colors and book every client conveniently to help you convert more leads.
  • Time zone conversion: You can also set the calendar as per the time zone you are in so that Kartra can geo-locate them and automatically convert them to their local time.
  • Appointment management: You can view all your appointments from one dashboard access each of your clients’ histories in one click. You can also automatically update appointments and get automatic notifications every time an appointment is made. You can also define dates and hours that you are available.
  • Unlimited hosts/coaches: If you have many clients scheduling appointments, you can add hosts and coaches to help you attend to your clients.
  • Session occurrence & duration: Your clients can register for one-off or recurring sessions. You can also stagger appointments and define a downtime between your clients. You can also block out times to avoid last-minute bookings and block specific dates you don't want to work.
  • Reminder notifications: Upon sign up, both the user and yourself can get real-time pertinent event details. You can also get pre-session reminders, post-session follow-ups, cancellations, and reschedulings.

With Kartra, you can receive instant inbound and outbound updates, e.g., Google Calendar. You can also host different hosts with different integrations, especially if you run other classes with multiple hosts.

The Kartra Calendars feature is also supported on all devices, including mobile, tablet & desktop. This feature is powerful and can replace Calendly, Schedulicity, and Acuity Scheduling tools.

Kartra Affiliates - Affiliate Program Management Platform

Through this feature, Kartra allows you to integrate the affiliate portal to each product you design to give your customers a great chance of promoting your products.

In addition to this, you will also have access to the rest of your product sales analytics, which will provide detailed data on visits, sales, cancellations, refunds, revenue, and customer value.

You can also view your affiliate analytics, including earnings per click, affiliate performance, affiliate sales vs. total sales, joint venture performance, etc.

Through comprehensive affiliate profiling, you can also view your affiliates’ profiles, including analytics, performance, pending commissions, payment history, promotional links, etc.

To use the Kartra affiliate tool, you have to permit the product setup section of Kartra. You can either allow affiliate programs or disallow them. 

Allowing it means that when an affiliate refers someone through a unique link, and the customer makes a purchase, the affiliate earns a commission.

Kartra affiliate management comes with many features, including;

Kartra Affiliate Management
  • Flexible commissions: You can set commissions for each product as a percentage or fixed dollar value. You can also set different tiers & commissions in your affiliate program, e.g., standard affiliates, VIP affiliates, etc.
  • Payment milestones: You can control how to pay your affiliates based on the minimum sales amount, threshold period, release plan, etc. You can also offer your affiliates commissions upon a sale or lead generation.
  • Affiliate approval: You can learn more about your affiliates and review them manually using an affiliate sign-up questionnaire before approving them.
  • PayPal adaptive payments: Upon transaction, you can instantly pay your affiliates through PayPal's adaptive technology.
  • Joint venture brokers: You can let brokers recruit affiliates for you and earn second-tier affiliates each time their affiliate makes a sale.
  • Affiliate mailing list: You can stay connected to your affiliates by subscribing to your mailing list and tagging them.
  • Custom affiliate landing pages: You can create high converting and attractive landing pages for your affiliates to use. You can also create multiple affiliate links redirecting your affiliate traffic to different landing offers.
  • Custom affiliate portals: You can create customized affiliate sign-up pages using professionally designed templates.

With the Kartra affiliate management, you can grow your sales and profits through referrals. The Kartra affiliate management feature is a powerful tool that you can use in other platforms such as Post Affiliate Pro, Ontraport, HitPath, Rewardful, PartnerStack, etc.

Kartra Agency - Manage Your Customer Accounts From One Place

Kartra Agency Accounts, a FREE bonus starting from Kartra Silver Plan, offers you a solution that allows you to refer your clients to Kartra and manage them easily in one centralized master console.

Kartra agency tool is most suitable for marketing service providers who wish to manage their client accounts from one place.

It is more than a centralized dashboard as you can enjoy simplified billing, analytics, automated reports, and much more.

Kartra agency has two models including;

Kartra Agency
  • Owner Account: This model allows you to buy client accounts at a 40% discount and sublease them to your clients at your chosen price. You get complete control of your client accounts, i.e., restrict access, negotiate fees, freeze their accounts, etc.
  • Contractor Model: You can connect your agency account with existing Kartra accounts and manage them on their behalf. Here you operate as a contractor and charge your clients a fee.

Kartra agency tool comes with many features, including;

  • Detailed analytics: You can view the analytics of all your clients at a glance see the generated revenues, sales, leads, and website visits of all your accounts without logging in to individual accounts.
  • Secure Master login: Managing different accounts can be frustrating and time-consuming. With Kartra agency, you can also access your client accounts directly from the agency without entering passwords.
  • Automated reports: You can also send automated daily, weekly or monthly reports to your clients on their account performance to review their account metrics.
  • Simplified billing: You can keep track of multiple accounts’ billing profiles under one unified billing profile.
  • Business branding: You can brand your own business alongside Kartra by adding branding elements, i.e., your logo, at the bottom of every email you send.
  • Add client accounts: You can easily add new clients to your agency portfolio as your agency grows. You can also buy bulk client accounts or import existing client accounts.
  • Create client login credentials: You can create login credentials for all your clients and let them co-manage their accounts with custom permissions.

Kartra agency is a robust client account management console that can replace online platforms like vbout.

Therefore, if you are a service provider and wish to keep track of your client accounts, the Kartra agency tool is perfect.

Kartra Marketplace - Sell Your Marketing Funnels & Expert Services

Kartra Marketplace is divided into the “Campaigns Marketplace “ section and the “Experts for hire “ section. This tool allows you to buy or sell your expertise with other Kartra users. 

In the “Campaigns Marketplace” section, you can advertise your services to the community to accelerate the growth of your business without extra work.

You can pitch and sell marketing, sales, or customer service experience campaigns you have created and earn an extra income. Also, if you are a content creator, you can share your content with other Kartra users for free or at a fee.

In the “Experts for hire'' section, you can discover professionals for hire and save time by filtering them based on their area of expertise, i.e., copywriters, coders, marketers, etc. Kartra admin users scrutinize and approve the experts.; rather

Using the Kartra Marketplace, you can benefit from time-proven campaigns created by professional marketers. You can easily import fully-built funnels ready for action with a click of a button.

Therefore, Kartra offers advanced features for creating marketing campaigns and avenues to earn more cash in Kartra.

So, how does the Kartra Marketplace tool work?

Step 1: Navigate the Kartra dashboard and click on “My Campaigns.” A new window will open showing Marketplace and Campaigns.

Step 2: You will create campaigns or see those already done for you under the campaigns section.

Step 3: To create a new campaign, click on “My Campaigns.”.

Step 4: When creating your campaign, you will be required to enter basic information of the campaign and all assets, including products, lists, pages, tags, etc.

Step 5: You can choose to share your campaign privately with selected Kartra users or list your campaign in the Marketplace. You can also set the campaign marketplace category, i.e., single-page, multi-page, membership template, or an entire campaign.

Step 6: You can also choose whether the campaign is free or paid. Also, you can choose whether to use user-locked codes unique to each user.

Step 7: After configuring, you can pitch your campaign or save it later. The pitch will help the marketplace understand your campaign goals and content.

Step 8: Click on launch builder. You will add campaign elements, including the headline, video, text, image, etc. You can preview your campaign and Click save.

Step 9: If you decide to publish your campaign on the marketplace, you can share campaign invites with specific users by email or generate a share code that your clients will receive after campaign purchase.

All done!

You can sit back and start earning money from your campaigns on the Kartra Marketplace.

Generally, Kartra Marketplace can help you to;

  • Make extra income: You can earn extra income by selling your campaigns and funnels to other Kartra users. You can focus on creating great campaigns as Kartra handles payments and automatic delivery.
  • Effortlessly Import: You can easily and quickly import campaigns with pages, automation, etc., directly into your Kartra account with a click of a button.
  • Sorting/Filtering Campaigns: You can save browsing time by sorting your campaigns per single page, multi-page, membership, or full-size templates. You can also filter them by new, price, or most popular.
  • Grow your list: You can create free campaigns requiring users to give their email addresses to access, hence building your list.

Kartra Marketplace can replace marketing platforms such as ClickFunnels. Therefore, if you are an expert web designer or fully understand Kartra, you can sell your skills and earn more income.

Kartra Integrations & API

While Kartra has almost every essential business tool you would need to launch your online business to a highly converting sales funnel, you might still need to integrate some third-party tools that you might be using.

Kartra gives you a chance to integrate with custom businesses in your niche and automate your processes to help you run your business smoothly.

With Zapier and API to help you connect with thousands of popular apps to help you automate your work without any coding. Kartra integrations and add ons include;

  • Payment Gateway Integrations: Authorize.net, Braintree, PayPal, Stripe
  • Email marketing integrations: ActiveCampaign, SendGrid, Postmark, Mailgun, Elastic Email
  • Membership integrations: Kajabi, OptimizePress, Wishlist Member, aMember, Digital Access Pass (DAP), S2Member, WPFusion
  • SMS: Nexmo, Plivo, Twilo

Kartra Support

It may be challenging to interact with Kartra, especially if you are new to using such tools. The good thing is that Kartra provides various support options to help you familiarize yourself with the platform. 

This includes;

  • Onboarding: Here, Kartra will give you a footage video that will explain some of the primary features of Kartra along with the following steps you should take in your journey.
  • Facebook group: This is a private Kartra Facebook group that you can even join during your $1 14-day trial period. This group will connect you with other Kartra users and marketing professionals, and the engagement will be great.
  • Concierge service: This is a paid service (not included in any Kartra plan) where the Kartra team will set everything up for you on the platform, including product pages, thank-you pages, squeeze pages, email sequences, tagging, and automation. So, if you don’t have the time to spend learning and setting up your Kartra features, you can subscribe to this service for a $150 fee.

Other Kartra Features

  • Mobile Compatibility: You can effectively use Kartra on mobile, tablet, or desktop without compatibility issues.
  • Kartra A/B Split Testing: This powerful split testing feature enables you to create two contrasted pages, and you will be viewing both of them randomly on your browsers. You will have plenty of flexibility in testing your page, and the most successful one is the one you will use.
  • Behavior Adaptive Marketing: Kartra adapts web pages based on the previous interactions of your web visitors to help you maximize the quality of customer communication increase the number of leads and conversion rates.
  • Kartra Analytics Heatmap: You can track the behavior of your website visitors from the time they land on your page to help you get the most out of every visit. You can also uncover content that is more engaging to your visitors.
  • Seamless Feature Integration: Kartra features can seamlessly integrate into one platform, one contact point, and one support center hence minimal failure.
  • Cloud-based: Kartra is pure cloud software. Once you have an internet connection, you can access the platform from your browser without any downloads.
  • PCI and GDPR compliant: Kartra is secure as it employs industry-approved payment gateway practices that ensure that you and your clients buying experiences are secure.

Kartra Pros & Cons


  • A true all in one online marketing software platform
  • It has a drag and drop simplicity and funnel flexibility
  • Unique features that are easy to use for any size of business
  • Significant money savings from the consolidation of features on 1 platform
  • Knowledgeable and responsive support team
  • It comes with an in-built and reliable video hosting capacity
  • Kartra also comes with many videos to learn from


  • Learning the platform can take time as there are so many features
  • It may be expensive if your business is still new, but if you need multiple tools, then it's affordable
  • No free trial rather, they offer $1, 14-day trial

Kartra Pricing Plan & Discount

So, after this detailed review, which Kartra Pricing Plan fits your business? Here is a breakdown of the benefits of each plan. First, check below Kartra Pricing plan summary;

  • Kartra Starter Plan at $99/m: The plan features include Up to 2,500 Leads, 1 custom domain, 15,000 emails/mo, 50 GB bandwidth, host 100 pages, host 50 videos, sell 20 products, build 2 membership sites, 1 additional team member and 1 helpdesk connection. Ideal, especially if you are just starting a new online business or a small company.
  • Kartra Silver Plan at $199/m: The plan features include up to 12,500 leads, 3 custom domains, Kartra agency, and Unlimited access to Kartra all features include emails, bandwidth, pages, videos, products, membership sites, team members, and helpdesks. Most suitable for medium-sized businesses with a substantial number of leads.
  • Kartra Gold Plan at $299/m: It includes up to 25,000 leads, 5 custom domains & everything in the Silver plan with unlimited Kartra features. Most suitable for fast-growing medium-sized businesses that need to engage more clients and add more than 3 domains.
  • Kartra Platinum Plan at $499/m: The plan features include up to 50,000 leads, 10 custom domains & unlimited access to every Kartra feature included in the Gold plan. Most suitable for large organizations with large budgets and many clients to manage.
  • Kartra Enterprise Plan (Customized plan): The plan features and pricing are customized, which is the most suitable plan for businesses or organizations with specific business needs.

It is also important to note that all Kartra pricing plans involve a 14-Day $1 Trial, and you can get up to a 25% discount for the annual billing option.

Which Kartra Pricing Package Do I Recommend?

Each of Kartra’s Pricing Plans suits different online businesses. The plans differ primarily on the number of leads your business has, the monthly bandwidth you need; monthly email sends custom domains, budgets, and your current business situation & goal.

Therefore, the right package is the one that satisfies your business needs. So we would suggest you review your online business needs thoroughly and check out the full pricing on the Kartra pricing plans page to choose a plan that suits you. 

If you are just starting and do not have many contacts, you can get started with a Basic plan, but if you are already running a business and looking for more lead generation and growth goals, you need a Silver plan onwards as per your current leads.

If you are into course selling or eCommerce business, you might have more leads, customers, and products, and you need a Gold or Platinum plan.

So select the plan as per your current business situation and upgrade when you need more resources anytime in the future.

Kartra Testimonials & Real Customer Success Stories

Kartra User Testimonials

What We Like About Kartra

The best thing about Kartra is that it offers everything you may need to run your online business in one place. Below are some of the things we like about Kartra;

  • Kartra is easy to use and flexible: Kartra's features are adjustable, making the platform invaluable compared to many other landing page builders in the market. It also comes with plenty of training materials in the Kartra Academy to help you seamlessly navigate the software.
  • It is easy-to-use Kartra Builder Pages: You don’t need to be a programming guru or a design specialist to use Kartra. Its drag-and-drop page building technology lets you easily drag the templates and features you like and drop them to your page.
  • Unlike many other platforms out there, Kartra comes with built-in email marketing, automation, sequence builder, and essential features. You don’t need to go with external integrations or hire third parties for other services, which could cost you even more.
  • Seamless Integrations: Through Zapier and custom API connection, you can integrate Kartra with all your favorite tools.

However, Kartra is expensive, especially if you are afraid of spending on powerful and all-inclusive software or starting a small business with a minimal budget. 

Also, it is not an excellent platform for physical products, especially if your business is not well known.

Therefore, if Kartra does not cater to your business needs, you can consider other top alternatives, including ClickFunnels, Leadpages, ActiveCampaign, Groove.cm (earlier GrooveFunnels).

Kartra Alternatives and Comparison


ClickFunnels is a powerful tool that you can use to create beautiful sales pages to help you convert visitors into leads and customers.

This software is simple, intuitive, and powerful, with unique features such as landing pages, webinars, sales funnels, list building, among others.

It is the most potent sales funnel builder in the market today. So, when you compare Kartra Vs. ClickFunnels, which one is better?

Both tools are popular marketing solutions. However, ClickFunnels mainly focuses on sales funnel building and educating your clients about your business, while Kartra can help you efficiently manage your whole business.

Therefore, if your main focus is to build optimized sales funnels and create product/service awareness, then ClickFunnels is your go-to platform.

However, if you need an affordable tool to help you run your entire business and access detailed analytics about your business, then Kartra is perfect for you.


GetResponse is a powerful and simplified tool to help you send your emails, create pages and automate your marketing. Also, it is well known for sales conversion, cart abandonment campaigns, and list building.

This platform can help you create and send email marketing strategies, create a profitable newsletter, automated marketing campaigns, autoresponders, and much more.

Therefore, when we compare GetResponse Vs. Kartra, go for GetResponse if you want the best marketing tool and work with the best autoresponders less reliant on sales funnels or landing pages.

Otherwise, stick with Kartra if you want an all-in-one platform with all tools you need to run an online business and create attractive landing pages and high converting sales funnels.


Ontraport is a powerful CRM and automation platform designed to help you scale your business with all the tools for selling, marketing, and managing your online business from one point.

This platform can help you build, automate and scale your business online. It comes with fantastic business solutions, including sales +CRM, Payments, Marketing Automation, Pages +Forms, and many more.

So, which one is best between Ontraport or Kartra?

Well, you should consider Ontraport if you one to deliver personalized customer experience across multiple channels and prefer many options when it comes to setting up payment gateways and eCommerce sites.

But if you want a one in one platform with all features for creating excellent sales funnels, opt-in forms, webinar funnels, membership sites, and much more from one place without the hassle of integrating third-party apps, then Kartra is perfect for you. 


Leadpages is a powerful tool for creating websites & with high converting landing pages to help you drive sales and grow your business online.

It is a great tool that can help you create leads digitally and quickly publish websites and landing pages. Leadpages come with unique features such as landing page templates, Lead boxes. A/B testing, Lead links, among others.

So, which software is best for you? Kartra or Leadpages?

Leadpages excels in building high converting landing pages and websites for generating leads & customers. On the other hand, Kartra is a complete package to help you handle the whole funnel process.

Therefore, if you want a low-priced Kartra option and your main focus is creating landing pages, Leadpages is best for you. 

However, if you want an all-in-one tool with advanced features to help you manage your whole funnel process, automate marketing, create membership sites, etc., go for Kartra.

Groove.cm (earlier GrooveFunnels)

Groove.cm is a fast-growing & comprehensive CRM and marketing automation platform for digital and eCommerce marketers co-founded by one of Kartra founders with the most important business tools in one place.

It comes with comprehensive online business management tools including GroovePages, GrooveFunnels, GrooveCheckout, GrooveMail, GrooveAffiliates, and much more.

Therefore, when we compare Groove.cm vs. Kartra, Groove.cm can work well for you if you want a comprehensive platform with the most important modern and scalable technology that can help you run your online business.

However, if you want an all-in-one complete, mature & stable tool that can easily manage your entire campaigns where everything automatically flows, then stick to Kartra.

What Makes Kartra Worth Your Money?

Kartra is well worth your money to add more value at an affordable price. 

Kartra is an all-in-one digital marketing platform with all the essential features you may need to manage your online business. You do not need to purchase several software or services to manage your business.

Therefore, whether you are a beginning entrepreneur without much knowledge of online business management or an experienced entrepreneur looking for a comprehensive business management platform, Kartra can help you.

The platform is also easy to use, with multiple templates to guide you when using the platform. The main benefits of Kartra include;

  • ALL-IN-ONE Platform: You don’t need to switch from one tool to another. Kartra comes with all the tools to help you complete all of your tasks, just from one platform!
  • Tracking and reporting all in one place: You don't need to cram lots of log-in details. Kartra enables you to track all your marketing funnels right from the dashboard.
  • Drag and drop sales funnel creation: You can customize your funnels with an easy-to-use drag and drop sections to create a complete sales funnel.
  • A/B testing: Smart A/B testing that gives well-analyzed data for decision making.
  • Fully integrated marketing automation system: You don’t need to pay for ActiveCampaign, Drip, ConvertKit, or other marketing automation tools. Kartra will save you the cost you could incur by purchasing these tools.
  • Done for you funnels: Kartra allows you to share your entire funnel at a click of a button.
  • Fast servers: Since you will be working with lots of traffic to your website, you won't experience any slow down.
  • Kartra replaces your website with easy-to-work-with coding customizations: You can launch your entire online business without the need for any coding skills or experience.
  • Advanced product launch features: Kartra comes with a done-for-you marketing tool that helps you launch your product funnel in minutes.
  • Email segmentation features: Kartra enables you to segment your email subscribers based on any factor so that you focus on selling your products to the right audience.

Therefore, if you are a new user and wish to experience the Kartra features, you can use the Kartra $1- 14 day free trial.

However, if you still feel that Kartra cannot cater to your needs, you can consider other top alternatives. For instance;

  • ClickFunnels if you are looking to create optimized sales funnels.
  • Unbounce or Leadpages if you want to create high-converting landing pages/websites.
  • ActiveCampaign or GetResponse if your focus is creating email automated marketing campaigns.
  • Groove.cm if you want a comprehensive online business management platform with single payments.

There are many popular tools, but none of those are near Kartra in terms of features, price & in one simplicity.

Want to Know More About Kartra & Checkout FAQs

Q. Who owns Kartra?

Kartra was developed in 2018 by Andy Jenkins and Mike Filsaime at Genesis Digital, and ever since, the platform has proved to be one of the best business tools in the market.

Q. Does Kartra offer a free plan?

No, Kartra does not offer any free plans. However, you can start with the $1 free trial before committing to a premium plan.

Q. Can I Cancel or Change my Kartra Plan at any time?

Yes, Kartra’s billing portal allows you to cancel your plan or upgrade/downgrade plan levels anytime you want with no restrictions.

Q. What type of pricing plans does Kartra offer?

Kartra has a Monthly/Yearly Subscription pricing model starting from $99/mo to $499/mo and a $1 Kartra Free Trial Available to get started.

Q. Who are the typical users of Kartra?

Typical Kartra customers include bloggers, affiliate marketers, agencies, course creators, consultants, Small & local Businesses, Mid Size Businesses & Large Enterprises.

Q. Can I build a website with Kartra?

Yes. You can use Kartra to build websites of any kind for your online businesses and set them up with beautifully available templates within a short while.

Q. Does Kartra offer an API?

Yes, Kartra has an API available for use.

Q. What level of support does Kartra offer?

Kartra offers the following support options: Phone Support, Online Chat & Email Support, Forum, Knowledge Base, FAQs.

Q. Can I Use my domain in Kartra?

Yes, Kartra gives you an option to use your domain(s) based on your subscription plan to point to Kartra hosted pages.

Q. Do I need any coding skills to use Kartra?

Kartra comes with beautiful templates for emails, pages, forms, and fantastic user guides to help you seamlessly use the platform without any design or coding skills.

Final Thoughts

Kartra is our number 1 recommended all-in-one marketing tool with powerful and easy-to-use advanced features to help run your business online. 

It replaces almost all the page builders, funnel creation tools, email marketing providers, business management tools, web-hosting platforms, CRM, Course platform, and many more.

Suppose you want a tool that comes with a flexible shopping cart, stunning pages, intelligent split testing, ready-to-go campaigns with gorgeous templates and done for you campaigns, and all other essential easy-to-use features; Kartra might be the best choice for your business.

Wish to get started? Click Here to begin your 14 days trial at ONLY $1.

I hope this Kartra review & features guide will help you learn about Kartra and make an informed business decision concerning the best marketing solution for your business, So go ahead with Kartra to save time & money, improve productivity while canceling other costly software and manage your business at a single centralized platform to grow.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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