Demio vs Livestorm In-Depth Comparison 2022: Which is Best?

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Demio vs Livestorm Comparison

With the advent of technology and reduced physical meetings, most businesses now use webinar tools for virtual meetings and product promotions. 

The webinar platform solution used is definitely one that is powerful and has excellent features for the success of your business.

Demio and Livestorm is one of those tools that will intuitively serve you the above business need.

In this Demio vs Livestorm In-Depth Comparison, you will compare;

  • The features and benefits of each platform.
  • The cost of each of these webinar software tools.
  • The pros and cons of each platform
  • The pricing structure of both software
  • Similarities & Differences

Here, I will guide you in detail to make the right decision on which software you need for your webinars and virtual product promotion.

Demio vs Livestorm Comparison Table



Livestorm logo light





Entry-Level Price



Best For

Launching live and Automated webinars

Marketing, sales and creating videos for communication

Attendee Limit Max



App Download

Not required

Not required

Mobile support




1 - Unlimited

1 - Unlimited

Key Features

  • Live and Automated Events.
  • Event localization
  • Detailed insights
  • Unlimited sessions,
  • registrations & storage
  • Advanced event setup
  • Share any media or upload slides
  • Customizable registration options
  • Room engagement tools

  • On-demand and live webinars
  • Host virtual meetings & events
  • Webinar recording
  • Emailing Logistics
  • Tailored branding and Business Intelligence
  • Multiple online events management
  • Social media promotion
  • Chat, Polls and Q/A during webinars
  • Analytics and data integration  

Money-Back Guarantee



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Demio vs Livestorm In-depth review

How do Livestorm and Demio compare to each other? Let’s check all features, similarities, differences and when to choose which platform.

Demio Tools & Features

Demio is an all-in-one webinar platform with fully optimized features for your webinar solution.

The platform has notable features needed to host Live, Automated, Series and Hybrid webinar events and fully engage your audience at scale.

Some of its key features include;

Demio webinar software
  • Alerts/Notifications: Demio offers automatic email reminders sent to registrants before and after the event.
  • Customizable Branding: This allows you to boost your marketing strategy by providing more branding slides.
  • Multi hosts: A feature enables you to work with up to 5 co-hosts in a single webinar.
  • Q&A Management: This feature boosts your engagement with the attendees and helps you get their opinion and feedback on the products.
  • Live Chat: Demio lets you chat with your audience publicly and privately.
  • Screen Sharing, where you can easily share your screen with other members during the webinar.
  • Social Promotion: You can promote your upcoming webinar on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter and call upon people to register for it.
  • On-Demand Webinars: Your registrants can access any of your pre-recorded webinars at any time.
  • Polls/Voting enables you to interact with your audience by creating multiple-choice polls.
  • Reporting and Analytics Tools that enable you to track your webinar performance.

Livestorm Tools & Features

Livestorm is a web-based, feature-rich platform for hosting virtual meetings and webinars for your product demonstration.

Livestorm webinar video conferencing
  • Automated webinars: This helps in running evergreen webinars while focusing on other essential engagements.
  • Q&A tools: Here, your attendees can upvote the questions during webinars. 
  • An unlimited replay of your recorded webinar at any given time.
  • Custom branding: You can customize your webinar to your liking.
  • On-demand webinar: With these tools, you can run your webinars on auto-pilot.
  • Email marketing and automation tools for pre & post-followups.
  • Live Chat for you to engage your attendees seamlessly. 
  • Multi-language support for a wide range of your clients worldwide. 
  • Host unlimited webinars with intuitive tools and features.
  • Call to action (CTA) is essential for your promotional offers.
  • Seamless Integration with other marketing platforms for efficiency.
  • Video Conferencing for you to run your virtual meeting or events.

Demio vs Livestorm Similarities.

Both Livestorm and Demio offer unique and valuable features such as:

  • All-in-One webinar platforms
  • On-demand webinars
  • Both are user-friendly, intuitive and fast-growing platform
  • Screen Sharing
  • Q&A management
  • Email reminders/Notifications
  • Social media promotion
  • And many more...

Let’s now see how these features function in the two platforms:

Webinar Types & Ease of Setup

Both Demio and Livestorm are designed for hosting Live, Series, Hybrid and Automated webinars at no extra cost.

The setup for Demio is straightforward; it only needs your webinar title, you schedule it, and you are good to go since everything is configured by default. But in case you need to add some information, you can move to customization options.

Setting up a webinar with Livestorm is easy and simple; you just add a description and starting time, and you are done. It's possible to schedule multiple events using this platform, making it recurring.

Winner: Tie, both Livestorm and Demio allow you to set up any type of webinar with ease.

Customer support

Demio is always there for you 24/7 to make sure that you get a reply to your question as first as possible. It takes approximately 5 minutes or less.

Demio also displays recent updates and changes made to the software, and other than the live chat support, there’s a database of articles available on their support page. 

Furthermore, the platform has detailed step-by-step guides, videos and walkthroughs that help pursue everything you need during the webinar.

Livestorm has a customer support team to contact from Monday to Friday during working hours. You can also contact them through their Help widget.

Winner: Demio, It offers 24/7 live support, unlike Livestorm, which only gives support during working hours.

Webinar Funnel Pages

Demio allows you to make minimal customization on the Registration page and Thank you pages.

You can add different elements like;

  • The title
  • The subtitle
  • Description and product images
  • Background color 
  • Your logo
  • Webinar presenters 
  • Videos

Another plus for Demio is that you can use its Custom fields feature to add custom questions on the registration page to collect the information you might need.

Thank you page of Demio is clean and set by default. It comes with the elements such as, add to calendar button and a link to join the webinar.

Livestorm, on the other hand, has a fully customizable registration page. You can customize

  • The background & text colors
  • Button colors
  • Add your logo
  • Add a cover image

Livestorm also allows you to set up custom registration fields. It will help you to get specific questions from your registrants.

Winner: Livestorm

Webinar Email Reminders and Email Editors

Demio has 4 email reminders set by default and cannot be customized. The emails are sent,

  • Right after registration
  • 24 hours before the webinar
  • 1 hour before the webinar
  • 15 minutes before the webinar

The emails are sent to both those who attended and those who didn’t attend unseparated.

The platform also has a limited email editor. You can only include a custom text snippet in the mail body to suit your message before sending it to your registrants and attendees of the webinar.

With Livestorm, the design you set up on the registration page automatically reflects the webinar reminder emails. The email reminder includes features like your logo and design, webinar confirmation message, webinar link and links to add the webinar to the calendar.

All you need is to set the reminders to send out 1 hour and 5 minutes before the webinar starts. Then after the webinar, you can segment registrants who attended and those who didn’t attend and create separate emails for these segments.

Livestorm also allows you to preview and edit email content by changing the email texts, adding shortcodes, editing the button texts and colors.

Verdict: Livestorm

Webinar Audience Interaction Tools

Demio’s interaction tools are flexible. Chats are public by default, but the attendees can send you a private chat during a live webinar.

You can also invite a moderator to interact with the audience if you are hosting a huge audience to focus on the presentation.

Similarly, Livestorm allows you to launch the chat as public or private. The platform also has polls and calls to action but you can’t pre-figure them in the webcam setup.

Livestorms call-to-action includes a description, button text and button link, but you can’t add an image or a countdown timer.

In addition, Livestorm has a Q&A feature that allows attendees to ask questions and upvote each other's questions.

Verdict: Tie, both tools have excellent interaction features.

Webinar Recording Video & Replay

Both Demio and Livestorm send the live webinar recording to everyone who signed up for the webinar.

For Livestorm, you can change that in the webinar setup and upload your custom video for the webinar replay. In fact, once the webinar is over, the recording starts playing automatically for you and all the attendees. This will help you record by pressing the download recording button.

The great feature about Livestorm replays is that they come with interactive tools like polls and chats. This brings a live feel and an opportunity for those who didn't attend a live webinar to ask questions.

However, Livestorm webinar replay misses a call to action, but you can launch it manually and send the link to everyone watching via chat.

On the other hand, Demio’s replay lacks polls, featured action, or any chats you had during the live webinar. It's only a video.

However, you can add a static call to action below the video.

The only advantage for Demio is that you can download live webinar replay, trim and edit video and re-use it to create an automated webinar.

Verdict: Livestorm

Video Engine & Tech Support

Demio gives proper connectivity and audiovisual testing before getting into the webinar room. The video engine is based on WebRTC. The connectivity and audiovisual are always strong even if you invite an attendee to present.

Demio also offers the best customer support since your questions will be responded to faster through their always available support chat. They are super fast, thorough and polite.

Livestorm also offers high video quality that is above average. Attendees can run a connectivity troubleshooter in case they experience bad video quality.

Additionally, Livestorm offers a documentation page(knowledge base) where you can get support. You can also email their support if you have questions to ask. However, the chats are reserved for enterprise customers only.

Verdict: Demio

Webinar Analytics & Data Exports

Demio has continuous attendance analytics that enables you to learn insights for your webinar. 

The insights include information such as;

  • Registration tracking to help you plan for your webinar promotion. 
  • Attendance tracking to help you understand how many registrants attended and the average time attended.
  • Attendee focus tracking helps you know their concentration level, where you lost their focus and what you can do to improve focus in your next webinar.

On the other hand, Livestorm webinar analytic dashboard gives excellent insights like;

  • The channels that your attendees use to register (using UTM parameters)
  • The attendee’s focus during the webinar
  • When the attendees left your webinar
  • The duration that each attendee took in attendance
  • The operating system, browser and device did they use
  • Where your attendees came from (country, city)

With Livestorm webinar, you can also download Excel reports that include the following; Number of registrants, live attendees, replay views, chat messages, questions, poll answers, webinar duration and start & end time.

Verdict: Both platforms tie.

Livestorm vs Demio Differences

Demio and Livestorm Difference
  • Demio offers 14 days free trial, whereas Livestorm offers a completely free plan.
  • Video replay for a Livestorm comes with an interactive tool, while Demio does not have engagement features in replays.
  • Livestorm is for webinars & virtual meetings, while Demio is primarily meant for webinar solutions.
  • Demio includes multi hosts at an extra cost though you can invite up to 15 presenters free of charge hence not necessarily needing to increase hosts while Livestorm offers unlimited moderators (here host can start & end the webinar while presenters in Demio & moderators in Livestorm manage webinar but can not start & end webinar).
  • Livestorm has paid webinars for your paying registrants, whereas Demio lacks this feature which you will have to integrate with a third party at a cost in case you need it.
  • Demio has a 1k live attendees limit while Livestorm offers 1k in the regular plan but you can customize till 3k attendees.
  • Demio allows configuring your polls in advance before the webinar, while Livestorm does not have this feature, rather you add them during the webinar.
  • Livestorm allows you to send more personalized emails to your registrants and attendees while Demio is more of generic and automated marketing emails.
  • Demio has the best audience interaction features such as bringing the attendees on stage for more engagement while Livestorm lacks this feature.

Demio vs Livestorm Pricing

Demio and Livestorm Pricing

Demio Pricing Plan

Demio comes with 3 flexible pricing packages that can fit any size of your business. 

The pricing plans include;

  • Demio Starter Plan at $49/m: This plan offers 50 attendees, 1 host, 3-Hour Session Limit, Live Events, Standard support and standard limit.
  • Demio Growth Plan at $99/m onward: This plan has three different options, which include;150 attendees at $99/m, 500 attendees at $234/m & 1000 attendees at $367/m. It includes all Starter plan features plus 8-Hour Session Limit, Custom Room & Email Branding, Automated Events and Custom Form Fields, up to 5 hosts per account and registration source tracking.
  • Demio Premium Plan (Customized package): This plan offers up to 1000 attendees, a 10-Hour Session Limit, Concierge Onboarding, Dedicated Account Manager and Event Tech Support for 1 Event per Month.

30% DISCOUNT! Demio has an amazing discount for its clients who choose a yearly subscription for any plan. 

Instead of $49/m (50 attendees), you will pay $34/m, $99/m (150 attendees), you will pay $69/m, $234 (500 attendees) is now $164/m, while the $367/m is now offered at $257/m.

Livestorm Pricing Plan

Livestorm offers you a free mode and two standardized packages for your business. These include;

  • Livestorm Starter Plan (Free Plan): It helps you explore all the features before committing yourself to the paid subscription. With this, you get to host instant meetings with up to 4 people, 20 minutes & 10 registrants per event, unlimited events and moderators.
  • Livestorm Premium Plan at $109/month: With this plan, you will have up to 100 attendees, up to 4-hour webinar sessions, unlimited on-demand webinars, invite unlimited moderators to assist you during the webinar and 1 host (including an additional host adds $109/month per host). You have the option to choose live attendees e.g. 100 attendees at $109/m, 250 attendees at $218/m & 1000 attendees at $338/m.
  • Livestorm Enterprise Plan, billed by usage with Enterprise-grade service: All Premium features, unlimited hosts, up to 3,000 live attendees, multiple workspaces with unified billing, SLA, dedicated CSM & Premium training with a Livestorm expert, wire transfer payment and many more.

Livestorm vs Demio Pricing Summary

Both tools’ prices (Demio’s growth and Livestorm’s Premium plans) increase with an increase in the number of hosts. So, the more hosts you want for your webinar, the higher charges you get.

Demio allows you to invite up to 15 presenters and moderators to a single account free of charge who can handle your webinar except starting & ending the webinar.

With Livestorm, you can invite up to 16 simultaneous live speakers and unlimited moderators to help you manage your webinar except starting & ending it.

An upside of Demio and Livestorm’s pricing plans is that you can choose annual subscription plans and make huge savings.

Demio vs Livestorm Pros & Cons

Demio Pros & Cons


  • Live, recurring & automated webinars
  • Continuous attendance and focus tracking
  • Provides live offers and urgency timers
  • Unlimited video recording storage
  • 50 attendee package for monthly pricing


  • You can't change the registration page layout
  • You can't ask questions during the replay
  • You can't change the live room layout for attendees

Livestorm Pros & Cons


  • It has a lifetime free starter package.
  • Host virtual meetings, events & webinars
  • Its Q&A has upvoting
  • Attendees can ask questions during webinar replay
  • The webinar recording is automatically shared.
  • Conversion analytics & attendance tracking


  • No automatic call-to-action during the webinar replay recording.
  • When the attendee closes the call-to-action, they can’t bring it up again.
  • It offers basic webinar analytics, unlike its closest competitor which offers detailed insights

Demio or Livestorm: Which Tool Is Right for Your Business?

It is time to make a choice! The choice of which tool works better for your business entirely depends on your business needs and goals at large.


Choose Demio if…

  • You want an affordable all-in-one webinar platform for your business.
  • You are running lead generation, demand generation & brand engagement campaigns.
  • You want to provide a convenient and responsive mobile experience to your audience.
  • You want unlimited sessions, registrations & storage.
  • You want to customize questions in your registration form.
  • You want built-in security software that keeps your data private and meets all GDPR requirements.
  • You have a small business of not more than 100 attendees and need an affordable pricing plan.
  • You want to host any type of webinar with simple and faster setup alternatives.

Choose Livestorm if…

  • You want a complete video conferencing solution that includes webinars, virtual meetings & events to manage.
  • Need company communication solution for a product demo, customer training, virtual meetings, hirings, etc.
  • You want full customization of your registration page.
  • You want a platform with an ease of use interface and serves you better.
  • You are new in the business and might want to use a free starter package at no extra cost.
  • You want a webinar solution that will serve you both on webinars and virtual meetings without any hitches.

Demio vs Livestorm FAQs

Q. Does Livestorm offer plans for over 1000 attendees?

Yes, their enterprise plan allows you to host up to 3000 live attendees. You can contact them at any time to get their customized price.

Q. Does Livestorm have a limit on the number of webinars I should host for a month?

No, there is no limit on the webinars you can host for a month.

Q. Does Demio have a session-length limit?

Yes, they have a session-length limit for each plan: Starter plan (3-hour limit), Growth plan (8-hour limit), and Premium plan (10-hour limit).

Demio vs Livestorm Conclusion

In this Demio vs Livestorm In-Depth Comparison, we have seen how perfect the two webinar solutions are and which one can serve your business needs well. They all have excellent features.

Therefore, I recommend Demio to you if you want an all-in-one webinar software solution with an easy interface and quality features for your business. The platform has powerful features that will help you host your high-quality live and automated webinars for rapid business growth.

If your business involves running lead generation, demand generation, customer engagement & brand awareness campaigns then Demio is the right platform for you.

Apart from having affordable pricing plans, Demio can be a better choice if you have a small business that requires around 50 attendees and needs a monthly subscription. Alternatively, if you want a platform with a large attendee room and does not require monthly payment (You only pay annually), then try WebinarJam for your business. 

Livestorm also has amazing engagement features that will help you host virtual meetings, training and other communication sessions.

With its powerful video engagement features, Livestorm may also be an ideal platform for you in case you are planning to host any type of online event.

Additionally, if you are an entrepreneur with a big team size, looking for a company communication solution to host virtual meetings, customer training, hiring & onboarding employees, product demos & webinar then Livestorm is good for you.

Both platforms are superb, and their unique features will serve you well and help elevate your business to another level.

I believe this Livestorm vs Demio comparison guide has been beneficial for you in choosing which platform you need for your business, so go ahead and get started with your choice of the platform now.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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