Top 13 Best Webinar Software Platforms Comparison & Tools Review 2022

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Best Webinar Software Platforms Comparison

Webinar software platforms make it possible for any business to integrate modern communication strategies that can help to achieve various benefits from cost and time savings to better branding value and an enhanced online presence.

Therefore, there are various webinar tools with different pricing, features and capabilities in the market. However, choosing the best webinar software can be a bit challenging. To make work easier for you, I am going to highlight the best webinar platforms that can help you connect and interact with your audience.

Top 13 Best Webinar Software Platforms

  1. Demio
  2. WebinarJam
  3. Livestorm
  4. EasyWebinar
  5. BigMarker
  6. WebinarNinja
  7. EverWebinar
  8. ClickMeeting
  9. GetResponse
  10. GoToWebinar
  11. JetWebinar
  12. Webex
  13. My Own Conference

As per my recommendation, the best webinar software platforms are Demio, WebinarJam, EasyWebinar, WebinarNinja & EverWebinar but let’s check in detail why it is best.

Webinar Software Platforms Comparison Summary



Price Range


Best For



Best Overall Webinar Software for Both Live and Automated Webinar



Best Webinar Software to Work with



Best for Creating Video Communication Strategy



Best for Easy-to-Use Powerful Webinar Platform



Best Interactive Platform for Summits and Virtual Conferences



Best for Teaching, Marketing & Selling



Best for Automated & Evergreen Webinars



Best for Recurring Webinar and Automatic Follow up



Best for Built-in Marketing Automation with Integrated Webinar



Best for Selling Your Services Online



Best for Fastest Broadcasting Platform



Best for Conferencing, Meeting & Team Collaboration

Free - $6000


Best For Customizing solution for each Event

Best Webinar Software Tools (In-depth Reviews)

With a number of online webinar hosting platforms out there it’s quite a trouble to make the best choice, well our in-depth webinar platform reviews and buying guide of all top 13 best webinar tools will make it hassle-free for you.

1. Demio

Best Overall Webinar Software for Both Live and Automated Webinar

demio best webinar software

“Run more effective webinars with less work.”

Demio provides the easiest and the best way for marketing and customer education through live broadcasting. It comes with modern and powerful features which enables you to run both automated and live webinars, unlike many platforms. In addition to this, Demio gives an option for hybrid mixes of pre-recorded and live recordings

Overall, Demio’s interface is well put together and it will take you a fraction of a minute to understand it. As a host, you can run interactive polls or even hide them, show or hide the chat area, launch offers with call-to-action buttons, share live document handouts, run Q&As and among other things.

Therefore, whether you are looking to generate quality leads, active users and increase conversions or educate customers, Demio could be the perfect platform for you. 

Some of its features include; Screen Sharing, Social Media Promotion, Polls/Voting, Q & A, On-Demand Webinars, Multi hosts, Event Management, Alerts/Notifications and Customizable Branding.

Key Features

  • Live events: You can host live webinars, workshops, Q&A sessions and training with real-time, HD streaming.
  • Automated events to enable you to put your events on autopilot with a pre-recorded presentation
  • Private chat which allows the audience to send private messages to event coordinators or public messaging visible to everyone.
  • Automatic replays which allow you to record your events automatically and then customize and share a replay page with your audience.
  • “Stay registered” series to allow the audience to sign up once for an ongoing series of webinars
  • Branded registration page to help you maintain your brand consistency.
  • Reporting/Analytics to give insight to your webinar performance

Best Feature of Demio

Marketing & Engagement Features such as live chat, Polls, Handouts (downloadable files), CTAs (Featured Action) or offers.

You can run any type of webinar campaign whether Live, Series, Hybrid, Automated or  On-demand webinars - this makes it easy for you to manage everything from a single webinar platform.

Pricing & Packages

demio pricing plans
  • Starter Plan: $49 per month for 50 attendees
  • Growth Plan: $99 per month for 150 attendees
  • Business Plan: $234 per month for 500 attendees

Discount deal: If you sign up for a yearly plan then you can get a 30% discount on your monthly price & Demio is also giving a 50% discount for non-profit companies and schools that have shifted their operations to online due to pandemic.


  • Demio has a well designed, interactive user interface.
  • It comes with attention-grabbing polls and CTAs during live events.
  • Feature-rich automated webinars with flexible scheduling.
  • Users can join from mobile without an app (in the web browser) and they also don't require account sign up to join the meeting


  • Does not give the best way to manage Q&A
  • Demio self-advertises on the post-event landing pages instead of offering conversion-optimized 

Who is Demio for?

If you are looking for a best dedicated webinar platform that can do any type of webinar events whether its Live, Hybrid, Automated or On-demand for your marketing activities then Demio is for you.

Get started with a 14-day free trial of Demio now.

2. WebinarJam

Best Webinar Software to Work With

webinarjam best webinar platforms

“Increase Your Sales And Engage More Customers.”

WebinarJam is a flexible webinar hosting platform that provides online marketing solutions such as live casting, event streaming and webinar broadcasting. It comes with powerful features that are dynamic with flexible layout controls which gives you full control of your presentation. 

During your live stream events, you can choose to present solo or invite co-presenters. You can also upload and playback preloaded videos, run slideshow presentations or share your screen with your co-presenters and make annotations directly on the screen. Attendees are also able to ask questions using WebinarJam built-in live chat.

In addition, WebinarJam platform itself is pretty self-explanatory; however, they still provide you with training videos to guide you on exactly what to do.

Other tools of Webinarjam include; the ability to send offers to attendees, send automated emails and get your webinar’s performance insights.

Other features include; Alerts/Notifications, Event Management, On-Demand Webinars, Polls/Voting, Screen Sharing and Social Media Promotion

Key Features

  • Live Chat to enable you to have real-time chat and Q&As
  • Automated Recordings of your live webinar
  • Attendee Spotlight to enable you to choose host partners from the audience
  • An in-built extended scheduling management tool to set your schedules at the exact intervals you need
  • Post-Event Communications which helps you to follow-up with your audience after the presentation, engage them and encourage them to take the final action
  • Multi-language Capability to enable your webinar to be translated to customers’ chosen language
  • Detailed Performance Analytics tools to give an insight into your data
  • One-click registration to make your registration process as simple as possible in order to bring in more registrants
  • Integrations with third-party CRMs, email marketing tools, shopping carts and much more.

Best feature of WebinarJam software

WebinarsJam comes with the following amazing features;

  • Automated messaging to the attendees to remind them about the webinar 
  • WebinarJam’s Page Builder which is interactive and attractive registration page to attract more attendees
  • Panic Button to help you to escape a bad webinar. 
  • Control Center that helps you to assign your co-host to moderate or manage the event from a separate control room. 

Pricing & Packaging

webinarjam pricing plans
  • Basic Plan costs $499/year: You get up to 2 presenters, 500 attendees and a maximum of 2 hours duration per webinar
  • Professional Plan costs $699/year: You get 4 presenters, 2000 attendees and 3 hours max duration per webinar. Other features include; Always-On live room and The Panic Button.
  • Enterprise Plan costs $999/year: You get up to 6 presenters, 5000 attendees and 4 hours max duration per webinar. Other features include Always-On live room, The Panic Button and The Control Center.

If you need a 14-day $1 trial then you can visit WebinarJam from here and check the pricing page to load and then move your cursor to above the menu and it will pop up to your offer, be sure you can only manage this if you go through the above link.


  • It comes with highly customizable landing page templates for your webinar.
  • Allows you to pull your attendees for a one-on-one presentation in case they have a question.
  • Totally compatible with a wide range of operating systems and browsers.
  • It provides pop-ups to your audience during the live session, which allows them to buy your product or service right from the webinar.
  • It comes with multiple training videos


  • Does not allow to run automated webinar
  • If you need automated webinar then need EverWebinar separately

Who is WebinarJam For

Whether you are a marketer, a business person, an online teacher, coaches & consultant or an entertainer who needs an incredibly simple method that you can use to host your live webinars with zero difficulties, then WebinarJam will work for you.

WebinarJam has the highest 5000 people in a room plan at really affordable prices in the market, so if you have more attendees then WebinarJam webinar platform is best for you.

Get started with a 30 day money back guarantee of WebinarJam today.

3. Livestorm

Best for Creating Video Communication Strategy

livestorm top webinar platforms

“Engage your audience with Simple yet powerful video communication tool for companies of all sizes.”

Livestorm platform is a webinar solution that provides a complete toolkit with beautiful registration pages, branding capabilities, widgets, integrations, analytics and much more. Livestorm includes modern tools such as easy to use interface, landing pages and email automation that improve your conversion rates with your audience. 

It functions 100% in your browser plus, it not only comes with basic webinar requirements but also provides powerful webinar software features including lead management system, audience segmentation capabilities and advanced post-webinar analytics tools. In addition to this, Livestorm also comes with built-in translations for emails, landing pages and webinar rooms.

Other features include Live events, Product demos, Customer Training, Sharing screen, documents and videos, Interaction features like chat, questions and polls, Internal Communications features and Online Courses

Key Features

  • Q&A during webinars to enable attendees to upvote any relevant question
  • Live Chat during the webinar
  • Unlimited replay where your webinar is automatically recorded to be available for people who didn't attend
  • Custom branding which allows you to add your logo, a cover image and your colours so that your brand is easily noticed.
  • Share presentations features that enable you to upload and share presentation slides in a few clicks. 
  • Call to action (CTA) that directs your webinar attendees to a page or promotional offer.
  • Native Integrate with Zapier, Stack, other CRM and you can export videos to YouTube.
  • Email invitation tools
  • Multi-language support

Best Features of LiveStorm

What is amazing with LiveStorm webinar platform is the fact that you can embed your registration form to let your audience register on your website the data is mined and stored automatically. Other features such as Pre-recorded video, Share YouTube videos, private & paid webinar, email registration & filter, automated webinar and advanced analytic tools makes LiveStom an outstanding webinar software tool.

Pricing & Packaging

livestorm pricing plans
  • Basic Plan is Free which limits you to host upto 10 attendees for a maximum of 20 minutes per webinar. This package is currently free for Covid-19 relief.
  • Premium Plan at $109/m: 4 Hours per webinar with 100 attendees
  • Enterprise Plan which comes with custom pricing

If you have more attendees then Livestorm premium plan will cost you $218/m for 250 attendees and $338/m for 1000 people in your webinar room.

If you want to do an online instant of schedule meeting then also you can do with LiveStorm. Currently both the plans, Meet Basic & Meet Premium are free because of Covid.


  • Ability to host large online events and webinars with up to 1000 live attendees.
  • Comes with amazing engagement features.
  • Provides great analytics on registered audiences.


  • The support team is not instantly available if you have on the spot issues.
  • Little bit more costly than other webinar software tools. 

Who is LiveStorm For?

LiveStorm Webinar is ideal for you if you are looking for a webinar solution for all your customer training sessions, demos, online courses and online communication sessions.

Get started with the LiveStorm free trial now.

4. EasyWebinar

Best for Easy-to-Use Powerful Webinar Platform

easywebinar webinar software

“Flexible and powerful enough to run your business and stay within your budget.”

EasyWebinar is a Webinar solution that enables you to organize online meetings, remote conferences, training and marketing and is mainly ideal if you are an expert, author, consultant or service provider.

As its name suggests, it comes with easy-to-use interface along with other powerful features to help you run your webinars without hassle.

EasyWebinar can support up to Four Multiple Presenters and it lets you invite an attendee to be a presenter as well. It also allows you to choose one of the participants as a moderator.

EasyWebinar’s integration with other marketing tools makes the platform robust for marketing. For instance, the contact information of the visitors who sign up for your webinar can be automatically entered into your email marketing campaign.

In addition, EasyWebinar comes with its own built-in training course that you can use before you can start hosting or attending conferences and meetings. The platform supports high definition screen sharing for displaying documents, browser windows, desktop movements, and more.

Other features include; High-quality Streaming, Real-time Chat, Offers & Polls, Advanced Analytics & Reporting, Webinar Scheduling, Multiple Webinar Types and Mobile Apps

Key Features

  • Integrations with email, CRM & other marketing tools
  • Blind Editing: This includes Registration Pages, Custom Thank You Pages, Event Pages, Replay Pages and "Event Ended" Pages.
  • Webinar Funnel Pages which include all the marketing funnel pages you need to run live webinars or automated webinars.
  • Registration Embed Form to enable you to embed a button or a form on your own website, through which visitors can easily register for your webinar.
  • Advanced Analytics features that show your customers’ activities insite.
  • Record and archive your webinar sessions and you can later use them as automated webinars.
  • New EasyCast feature: This tool enables you to stream to Facebook and YouTube Live at the same time you are running your webinar.
  • The Offer feature to allow you to set up one or more offers to display during your live webinar.
  • TrueVoice technology feature: This enables you to reduce noise and maintain high-speed bandwidth streaming.

Best feature of EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar comes with a complete suite of marketing features which focuses on face-to-face interaction in order to enable you to connect with customers, automate engagement and optimize every campaign. 

Pricing & Packaging

easywebinar pricing plans
  • Standard Plan at $78 per month: 100 live attendees
  • Pro Plan at $129 per month: 500 live attendees
  • Enterprise Plan at $499 per month: 2000 live attendees


  • EasyWebinar comes with both live and automated webinars under one roof.
  • Super easy real-time live chat which makes it easy to engage with your audience.
  • Ability to stream live on multiple social media platforms at the same time.
  • Ability to host lots of attendees - up to 2000 attendees
  • Quality video and audio which comes with special push offers and screen sharing options.


  • Live chat for managing Q & A is little bit okay
  • Templates looks somehow older
  • Little bit costly but worth the features & ease of use

Who EasyWebinar is For?

EasyWebinar is for you if you need to work with easy-to-use best webinar platforms that will help you to make high converting webinars a reality.

If you need an all-in-one online webinar platform for live & automated solution then its wise to consider EasyWebinar.

Get started with EasyWebinar, a 14-day free trial now.

5. BigMarker

Best Interactive Platform for Summits and Virtual Conferences 

bigmarker best online webinar software

“Use webinars and videos to inspire more people, automate marketing and grow your business.”

BigMarker is another webinar solution that allows you to host both live, on-demand and automated webinars, training, events and online presentations thereby helping you to create meaningful conversations with your prospecting leads and customers.

BigMarker enables you to present your best content since it comes with modern features like; Screen Sharing, Presentation sharing, Presenter video feeds and Whiteboarding.

In addition to this, BigMarker allows you to stream directly to your audience via Facebook Live, YouTube Live or your own website. The platform supports RTMP, WebRTC and HLS, which enable you to broadcast to any device on any platform.

What makes BigMarker webinar even more interesting is that it comes with an affordable cost, considering that they offer 6 products in one platform; Webinar Hosting, Webinar Automation,  MeetingSpace, Webinar Marketing, Webcast and Webinar Series.

Other features include Alerts/Notifications, Event Management, Multi hosts, Screen Sharing and Social Media Promotion

Key Features

  • Automation that helps you to create self-driving webinars to help you create automated sales funnels
  • Customizable landing pages, email and analytics.
  • Powerful live, on-demand and recurring webinars and online events
  • Integrations with apps like Hubspot, Salesforce and Zapier.
  • Summit or series to enable you to deliver a series of webinars to your customers. 
  • Evergreen webinar to help you run automated webinars on an evergreen basis.

Best Features of BigMarker

BigMarker gives you a great opportunity of Inviting your attendees on stage to participate in other ways with deeply integrated, powerful engagement features such as Chats, Q&A, Polls, Surveys, CTA Pop-ups, Raise Hands, Invite On-stage and many more. 

Pricing & Packaging

bigmarker pricing plans
  • Starter Plan at $99 per month: 100 attendees and 1 host accounts
  • Elite Plan at $189 per month: 500 attendees and 2 host accounts
  • Premier Plan at  $399 per month: 1000 attendees and 4 host licenses

You can get a big discount when paying yearly and it will cost you $79/m for Starter, $159/m for Elite & $299/m for Premier. Starter plan does not include Evergreen webinar & webinar series, for this you have to sign up for Elite or Premier.


  • Interactive and easy to use interface
  • It's easy to schedule webinars with BigMarker
  • Ability to stream multiple camera feeds


  • Considering the fact that the pricing is based on the number of hosts & attendees, BigMarker can be a somewhat costly platform.

Who is BigMarker For

If your primary goal is to work with a webinar solution that can run live events, workshops, town halls and keynote presentations, then BigMarker could be a great choice for you due to its interactive video features and seamless performance.

BigMarker could also be a great option for embedding registration and live webinar to a website and especially if you want to have many hosts in one webinar.

Get started with the BigMarker 7-day free trial now.

6. WebinarNinja

Best for Teaching, Marketing & Selling

webinarninja webinar hosting platforms

“Getting it all with one platform, with one account is made possible now. Any webinar can be live or recorded, paid or free.”

WebinarNinja is another amazing all-in-one solution that gives you everything you need to run your webinars. This marketing and lead generation focus webinar platform is a solid tool that brings all of the essential features under one roof.

For instance, WebinarNinja makes it easy for you to teach, market and sell your products and services through four kinds of webinars; Live, Automated, Series and Hybrid.

Other features include; Alerts/Notifications, Archiving, Live Chat, Multi hosts, On-Demand Webinars, Recording, Screen Sharing, Social Media Promotion and Virtual / Pre-Recorded Interviews.

Key Features

  • Paid events to enable you to run free webinars or paid virtual summits
  • Ad Tracking where you can insert your Facebook Ad tracking pixel
  • Add-ons and Integrations which allows you to connect to other tools such as ActiveCampaign, MailChimp, Infusionsoft and Hubspot.
  • Webinar Funnel Pages with well-designed templates for your registration and thank you pages.
  • Multiple presenters which enable to have one or multiple presenters
  • Questions & Answers feature to separate the normal chats from questions
  • The Replay Room which makes a replay available after your event is recorded
  • Analytics which gives you insight on your live webinar performance.
  • Training academy which is a powerful resource that will help you to deliver professional webinars right out the gate.

Best Features of WebinarNinja

  • WebinarNinja includes a simple Email Marketing system which allows you to send pre and post-webinar notifications to all registrants before and after your webinar.
  • File storage feature which is a dedicated media library that helps to store your videos without depending on third-party platforms like Amazon Web Services or Vimeo.
  • Landing pages and registration forms which are easy to customize.
  • You can run multiple polls before, during or even after your webinar on your replays and see results instantly.

Pricing & Packaging

webinarninja pricing plans
  • Pro Plan at $95 per month for 300 live webinar attendees
  • Plus Plan at $159 per month  for 500 live attendees
  • Power Plan at $249 per month for 1,000 live webinar attendees

WebinarNinja Plus & Power plan includes Hybrid webinars except these, the rest of the features come in all plans.


  • Clean, intuitive UI and dashboard.
  • Easy to set up and use
  • It comes with full payment gateway integrations.
  • Allows you to run all kinds of webinars, including live webinars, webinar series, automated webinars & hybrid webinars - all in one platform


  • WebinarNinja video quality is a bit low.
  • Sometimes it becomes slow to load documents, especially when you are having large number of attendees
  • It is difficult to find the data of registered people or those attending your webinar

Who WebinarNinja is For?

If you are looking for a modern webinar solution with a competitive price and easy-to-use features.

Get started with WebinarNinja 14-days free trial now.

7. EverWebinar

Best for Automated & Evergreen Webinars

everwebinar online webinar platforms

“You Can Earn More Without Working More, Create Pre-Recorded Webinars That Look And Feel Live.”

EverWebinar is a webinar platform that comes with the power of automated webinar marketing technology which can help you in organizing virtual live event automation right from both a technological and marketing perspective.

It allows you to create automated webinars, meaning, you can record your presentation one time and the audience can register to watch it any day they want, instead of hosting live webinars of the same content everyday which can be exhausting.

EverWebinar includes powerful features for interacting with your attendees such as Q&As, pop-up offers and polls, live chat simulations and many more.

Key Features

  • Automated live chat which enables you to pre-schedule the questions and answers that will appear in the live chatbox. 
  • Customizable email reminders, follow-ups and SMS notices, fully automated via the Notifications menu option.
  • Live sales alerts to show your attendee that others are buying to encourage them to do the same.
  • Seamless third-party integration with leading autoresponders or CRM which you are using for your business..
  • Real-time detailed Analytics to help you keep track of important metrics like click-through ratios, dollar-per-signup and more.
  • Configuration and Scheduling to enable you to reschedule any recorded webinar for rebroadcast based on desirable dates, starting times, time zones, etc.

Best Features of EverWebinar

  • Automate Webinars: You can schedule webinars to replay at set occasions for the day
  • Professionally designed, fully-customizable Page Builder which are 100% mobile responsive.
  • Clickable Product offers features which enable your attendee to make a purchase on the spot
  • Dynamic Attendee Display tools: This feature mimics a live event and makes your attendee feel as if there are many people attending your webinar.
  • Hybrid Webinars which provided live, real-time chat to the audience.

Pricing & Packaging

everwebinar pricing plans

EverWebinar comes with 30 days money back guarantee, plus it offers you a 14 Day Trial for $1, after which you can subscribe to any of its yearly payment packages, which include;

  • Installment Plan at 3X199/year
  • Annual Plan at $499/year
  • Biennial Plan at $799/2 years


  • Ability to automate webinars that will stimulate live events.
  • It comes with multiple training videos for additional guidance
  • Ability to live chat with your attendees in the chat box
  • It comes with built-in autoresponders and you can easily communicate pre and post-webinar.Easy to switch a WebinarJam webinar to EverWebinar


  • Only automated webinar platform
  • If you want live webinar then you need WebinarJam separately

Who EverWebinar is For?

EverWebinar is ideal for you if you already have offers or products that convert well and you want to computerize screenings of your pre-recorded webinars and transform them into a successful lead capturing.

It is also best for businesses who need to get more leads through webinar to get more consistent sales but do not want more live events… so you can set your webinar once and focus on traffic to drive to your webinar sales funnels.

Get started with EverWebinar 14-day trial for $1 now.

8. ClickMeeting

Best for Recurring Webinar and Automatic Follow up

clickmeeting webinar platforms

“Getting started is hassle-free and only takes a moment. Customize your webinar room and other elements with a few clicks to make a great first impression and attract a bigger audience.”

ClickMeeting is another webinar solution platform ideal for businesses of any size. ClickMeeting is easy to use and includes all the essential features for your webinar process. 

ClickMeeting is also a browser-based tool hence, requires no software installation and works on all devices and operating systems. The user interface comes with interactive tools and features to make your webinars more engaging for attendees as well as cost-effective for you. 

Other features are; Alerts/Notifications, Event Management, On-Demand Webinars, Screen Sharing and Social Media Promotion.

Key Features

  • Subaccounts to help you assign webinar duties to other person in your team so that they can run the event at the same time
  • Automated Webinar to enable you to record your webinars, download and share with whoever you want.
  • Multi-User Account to allow coworkers to log in without confusion of credentials
  • Detailed Reports and analytics on your webinar attendance rates
  • Paid Webinar to help you monetize your expertise by integrating PayPal payments for your webinars
  • Address book to help you keep your contacts organized
  • Custom Branding to help you brand your waiting room to match with your brands

Best Features of ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting offers amazing tools for webinars of any size that can help you before, during and after your webinar. 

It comes with features such as;

  • It comes with features such as; Registration Page that guides your audience to register for your webinar thereby collecting useful information about them.
  • Customized invitation to help you create an effective webinar invitation that attracts more attendees.
  • Engagement features which will help you to engage your attendee with dynamic presentations, interactive whiteboard, videos, Q&A, live chat, polls and surveys.

Pricing & Packaging

clickmeeting pricing plans

ClickMeeting Webinar pricing depends on the number of attendees you want. 

  • Free Trial for 30 days: Supports up to 25 attendees, 30 minutes recording and 500MB storage 
  • Live Plan at $30 to $309 for 25 to 1000 attendees, 6 hours recording and 1GB storage
  • Automated Plan at $45 to $359 for 25 to 1000 attendees, 10 hours recording and 2GB storage
  • Enterprise Plan which comes with custom pricing in case you want to host more than 1000 attendees. It also supports up to 10 hours recording and 2GB storage 


  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • Easy to learn and understand.
  • It's also simple to schedule a webinar.
  • Doesn't require a credit card to try.


  • It limits you for only one host at a time
  • It doesn't allow you to share your desktop if you are using Chromebook or other non-Mac/non-Windows devices.

Who ClickMeeting is For

If you are looking to host recurring webinars and automatically follow up with attendees after webinars, then ClickMeeting could be the best tool for you.

Get started with ClickMeeting 30-day free trial now.

9. GetResponse

Best for Built-in Marketing Automation with Integrated Webinar

getresponse best webinar platforms for small business

“Get your business online and connect with your audience anywhere, anytime.”

GetResponse, a primarily email and marketing automation tool also comes with powerful, impressive webinar features to help you host live and recorded events.

The webinar room offers you quality audio and video streaming and you can also run online polling, share your desktop, files and a digital whiteboard. Your attendees can collaborate with you using the live chat box to share feedback and ask questions.

In addition to this, GetResponse can also help you to;

  • Host unlimited webinars of up to 1,000 live attendees
  • Share the stage with two other presenters
  • Store your webinar recording of up to 20 hours

Key Features

  • Quick scheduling to enable you to select your dates, times and custom URLs for your webinars as quick as possible
  • Marketing Emails and Webinar Reminder Emails
  • Recording tools to help you record your webinars, download and share with your audience
  • Security which comes with SSL-encrypted URLs and freedom of choosing whether your webinar is open to everyone or password-protected.
  • YouTube & Facebook integration which can help to boost your audience
  • Engagement to help you engage your audience with dynamic presentations, interactive whiteboard, videos and live chat.
  • Webinar Funnel Analytics & Data Exports which give you detailed reports and analytics on your webinar attendance rates.
  • Built-in A/B Testing which helps you to compare different variants of your registration pages.

Best Features of GetResponse

  • Conversion Funnel for webinars
  • Webinar Funnel Pages
  • Webinar Registration form (with custom fields)
  • A sales-focused post-webinar thank-you page

Pricing & Packaging

GetResponse pricing plans

GetResponse comes with a 30-day trial, where you can host webinars across all its plans except basic. However, you are limited to only add up to 10 webinar attendees during the trial and there are no webinar recordings nor on-demand webinars during the trial. Plan includes;

  • Plus Plan at $49 per month: 100 attendees and 3 hours replay recording storage
  • Professional Plan at $99 per month: 300 attendees and 6 hours replay recording storage
  • Max Plan (custom pricing): 500 attendees and 10 hours replay recording storage

Above price is for 1000 contacts, if you have more leads/contacts then price would be different.


  • It offers a fully customizable CTA button
  • The audience interaction tools are amazing
  • It comes with easy access and interactive tools
  • It provides clear and detailed data on webinar funnel conversion overview


  • The drag-and-drop interface not that much powerful
  • Hard limit of hosting upto 500 webinar attendees for regular plans

Who is GetResponse For?

If you are looking for a tool that can manage email marketing, basic automation and webinar features from a single platform and you are not much into industry-leading webinar tools, then GetResponse could be a good choice for you.

Get started with GetResponse 30-day free trial now.

10. GoToWebinar

Best For Selling Your Services Online

gotomeeting webinar program

“Success without the stress - Tell your story. Reach more people. Grow your business.”

GoToWebinar platform is another amazing webinar solution that includes reliable technology that is super simple to use for your marketing, training or corporate communications. With GoToWebinar, you can also host both Live webinars and Automated webinars

It comes with features such as; Crystal clear webinars, One-touch connectivity, A one-time live event, series or evergreen webinars, Custom branding, Engagement dashboard, Drawing tools, templates, registrations pages, Multiple Presenters, Multi-User/Assistant and many more

Key Features

  • You can do custom branding, custom registration, and automated email reminders. 
  • The bundled GoToStage service is handy in drawing more people onboard.
  • Recording feature to record events you can reuse them for sharing online with your audience.
  • Integrates with other third-party tools.
  • Give insightful reports and analytics on the attendee report and webinar performance

Best Features of GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar includes every tool you need for great webinars such as Quick and easy virtual event management, Data on attendees and performance, Videos, polls, GoToStage sharing and more to boost engagement, Automatic email invitations, confirmations and reminders.

Pricing & Packaging

GoToWebinar pricing plans
  • Lite at $59/m (100 Participants)
  • Standard at $129/m (250 Participants)
  • Pro at $249/m (500 Participants)
  • Enterprise at $499/m (3000 Participants)

If you pay yearly then you get a 23% discount and the plan would cost you $49/m for Lite, $99/m for Standard. $199/m for Pro & $399/m for Enterprise. You have some limitations on the GoToWebinar Lite & Standard plan while other Pro & Enterprise come up with all the features & just different in the number of attendees.


  • It is easy to use
  • Easy plan and setup
  • Best for multi-user scenarios
  • You can use on and off-network


  • Does Not provide quality audio
  • Webcam and screen can’t be managed at the same time
  • You have to convert your webinar so that you can use or share
  • Questions and messages can be difficult to manage especially if you are presenting alone

Who is GoToWebinar For?

GoToWebinar can be a great tool for you if you are a professional with a story to tell, as it will highly support your marketing, training as well as internal communication.

Get started with the GoToWebinar 7-day free trial now.

11. JetWebinar

Best for Fastest Broadcasting Platform

jetwebinar live webinar platforms

“Host webinars without limits.”

JetWebinar is a real-time live and simulated live webinar hosting solution that offers marketing automation tools as well. This tool was designed for enterprise clients who want to maintain professionalism with lower-tier budgets. Includes a unique user interface which provides you and your attendees with one-click access to content regardless of your device.

JetWebinar also integrates with other third-party CRM and marketing automation platforms seamlessly to allow your organisation to boost the speed and efficiency of sales funnels. This means that you can use JetWebinar to effectively build your email lists, provide product education and motivate sales.

It comes with unique features to empower your marketing efforts with the efficiency and ease of use. These features include; Sales Intelligence, Analytics/ROI Tracking, Customizable CTAs.

Key Features

  • Fastest real-time live webinars: JetWebinar provides good speed for ensuring a high level of video quality.
  • Personalized email to help your audience know about your upcoming webinar, send scheduled reminders about the same and keep following-up
  • Custom templates: This makes your webinar slides look beautiful and match your branding.
  • Affiliate tracking so that you can create individual promoter accounts and track all registrations that come from the individual promoter.

Best Features of JetWebinar

  • Automation of webinars which enables you to rehost your webinar whenever you want to.
  • Built-in landing page editor where you can create registration pages, thank you pages and plethora of other pages as needed effortlessly.
  • Selling tools that will enable you to close more sales during and after the webinar

Pricing & Packaging

jetwebinar pricing plans
  • Elite 1K Plan at $397 per month (1,000 attendees)
  • Elite 3K at $1,099 per month (3,000 Attendees)
  • Elite 5K at $2,399 per month (5,000 Attendees)
  • Enterprise Plan with custom pricing for 10K-1M+ Attendees


  • Helps you to host high-quality webinars
  • Easy to create engaging webinar experiences that increase the rate of conversion
  • Ability to host 10K-1M+ Attendees


  • Changing moderators during the presentation might be difficult
  • Not a lot of customization

Who is JetWebinar For?

JetWebinar is ideal for you if you are looking for a tool that can host a real-time live, simulated live webinar and automated marketing tools with more number of attendees..

Get started with the JetWebinar 14-day free trial now.

12. Webex

Best for Conferencing, Meeting & Team Collaboration

webex webinar tool

“Meet less. Connect more. Get stuff done.”

Webex is a video conferencing and webinar solution that enables you to host powerful, interactive online events and webinars that engage your prospects, customers and partners. Since Webex's primary focus is on video conference, its webinar offering is a little limited, although you will still manage to work with perfectly fine solutions for basic webinars - you can present to a small audience in picture-perfect video quality.

It comes with webinar features including, Application/File Sharing, Call Sharing, Multimedia Content Sharing, Conferencing, Chat and Brainstorming Tools, etc.

Key Features

  • Advanced analytics that help you gain insight from your attendees during your webinar.
  • A cloud-based platform, not a must to have an app to host your webinars
  • Polls which enables you to facilitate audience engagement.
  • Integrates with popular marketing tools like Salesforce.

Best Features of Webex

  • HD video
  • Screen sharing
  • Ability to join from any video system

Pricing & Packaging

webex pricing plans
  • Free package (Maximum of 1 host)
  • Starter Plan at $14.5 per host per month (1-9 hosts & 100 attendees)
  • Plus Plan at $19.95 per host per month (1-50 hosts & 100 attendees)
  • Business Plan at $25.95 per host per month (1-100 hosts & 200 attendees)
  • Enterprise Plan: This plan comes with customized pricing and enables you to host unlimited hosts with up to 100K attendees. Contact customer care for quotations.

If you opt for an annual subscription, you will get a discount of 10% on each package you choose. For instance, monthly cost per host will come at $13.50 for starter plan, $17.95 for plus plan and $26.95 for Business plan. 


  • Perfect webinar tool for small groups and one-on-ones.
  • The excellent HD video and audio quality.


  • You are limited to host up to 200 attendees only.
  • Its tools are more focused on video conferencing than a webinar

Who is Webex For?

Webex could be an ideal tool especially if your company is focussing more on video conference and team collaboration than on hosting live webinars.

Get started with the Webex free trial now.

13. My Own Conference

Best For Customizing Solution for Each Event

myownconference online webinar tools

“Discover more of MyOwnConference and easily host powerful online events and effective webinars.”

MyOwnConference is another webinar platform that you can use to organize webinars. It includes lots of useful features and a flexible pricing scheme to facilitate training events in the largest teams.

During your webinars, attendees are able to participate in discussions using their microphones, webcams or live chats. My Own Conference platform makes your presentation even more interesting, comprehensible and dynamic with the help of demonstrating slides and videos. 

It comes with all the basic webinar features that increase your effectiveness to the audience. These features include; On-Demand Webcasting, Presentation Streaming, Presentation Tools, Private Chat, Real-Time Chat, Screen Sharing, Two-Way Audio & Video and Video Conferencing.

Key Features

  • Video conferencing: My Own Conferencing enables you to also broadcast live.
  • Video recordings so that you can store, share or analyse.
  • Instant messaging to allow presenters to get feedback.
  • Email reminders to help you send an email to remind your attendees about the webinar

Best Features of My Own Conference

What makes My Own Conference software interesting is its ability to show documents, slides and any materials that improve the perception of the webinar for its attendees.

Pricing & Packaging

myownconference pricing plans

My Own Conference webinar offers you a Free lifetime plan that comes with 20 attendees. You can upgrade at $36 per month ($30/m when billed yearly) for 60 attendees and even $6000/m ($4800/m when billed yearly) for 10,000 attendees


  • It's very adaptive since it comes with easy-to-use functionalities
  • It allows you to block any misbehaving participants
  • My Own Conference allows you to demonstrate the notes and documents live for a better understanding of the attendees


  • Although the user interface is simple but not as good as others
  • Poor customer service
  • Not good display of video when there is a lot of attendees

Who My Own Conference is For?

My Own Conference would be an ideal tool if you have just started your business and you are looking for a webinar solution which is more affordable yet can host a powerful presentation.

Get started with My Own Conference free trial now.

Top Webinar Software Tools Buying Guide, Tips, FAQs and More!

Other Webinar Software Platforms You Might Consider

Here is the list of other webinar software platforms that could be of help to you;

  1. ON24
  2. Stealth Seminar
  3. Zoom
  4. Adobe Connect
  5. AnyMeeting
  6. Webinars OnAir
  7. Zoho Webinars

Which are the Free Webinar Softwares?

Some of the best FREE webinar platforms include  ON24, Zoom,, Google Hangouts, YouTube Live, Facebook Live and ezTalks. These do not have all the features you are looking for in the webinar but have some meeting & conferencing features.

When you need one-on-one or one to few people meeting then a free tool is working but, when you market to the new audience & more opt-ins to promote your offer then it is not working well and here you need the best platform over free tool.

What is a Webinar Software?

Webinar software is a tool used to run online live video seminar meetings which can be attended by audiences from anywhere online.

They are powerful tools that you can use in your business to market products, educate customers and even train your colleagues and employees. Webinar software includes modern communication features and strategies which come in handy to make your webinars more interactive, engaging and flexible.

Who Should Use Webinar Software?

  • Coaches & consultants: high end coaching & consultants can use webinar to engage & convert their prospects.
  • Bloggers/Affiliates: Connect face-to-face with your fans and readers, offer free advice, sell coaching programs and other online services.
  • B2B companies: Webinars will help you to save time and money with an automated demo of your product, a “live” sales pitch and Q&A thereby helping you to further collect qualified leads.
  • Software (Saas) companies: If you have a salesforce company, webinars will help you to educate your customers.
  • Human Resources and managers: You can use webinars platforms to train your entire teams, even if they are remote, over and over again with the same webinar content.
  • Educators: You can use webinar tools to re-teach the same content and keep students engaged.
  • Ecommerce products: Webinar tools can help you market and sell your products and make more money.
  • Professional services: Webinar tools will enable you to pitch people your services at the end of your presentation.

What are the Benefits of Webinar Platforms?

Generally, webinars come with great benefits over other forms of online learning techniques, such as e-learning modules. This is because webinars are interactive and they engage your target audience in the right way. With webinars, your attendees are able to understand the message better than they would otherwise. The benefits include;

  • Webinar helps to generate high quality leads.
  • Webinars help you to focus on high-quality leads that will improve your sales. 
  • Webinars help you build brand awareness and set the brand voice.
  • This helps you to position yourself as an expert.
  • Webinars help you to reach a large audience around the world.
  • They help to better understand your audience by survey, poll, Q & A inside webinar.
  • Automated, evergreen & on-demand webinars can save your time while they run automatically without your presence & yet convert while you sleep.
  • Webinars are more engaging since they are one of the most effective digital marketing strategies available to businesses today.
  • Webinars give you an opportunity to properly introduce yourself to your target audience hence, building a stronger, lasting business relationship.
  • Train employees and customers through pre-recorded or live workshops.
  • Help to share valuable information with your audience.

3 Pro Tips on How to Use Webinar Softwares Effectively For Maximum Results

Webinars software are powerful tools for building your brand, generating leads and establishing and growing your authority in your organisation. However, you can only achieve all these things if you use your webinar software in the right way. So, if you have to choose the right webinar tool, here are some pro tips to ensure maximum results with your webinars;

1. Testing Process

You have to test every element of the webinar process before you show up for the webinar to ensure that your attendees and co-host can hear and see your content. So, how would you do this?

  • Set up a test webinar: If you are inviting partners/co-host to join you during the event, ask them to join you for the test run so that you can fully test your audio, video and slides if they are working well, both on your side and their side.
  • Test the recording process: Be sure the recording is working and creates a usable video file. Ask your partners to do backup recordings for you.
  • Run tests on all engaging elements: Which includes polls, surveys, questions and answers. Ensure that the chat box is working so your attendees will be able to get in touch with you or your team to ask questions or report problems.

2. Interact With Your Audience

During the real presentation, you need to keep your webinar interactive whereby you enable your audience to ask questions so that they get personalized instructions, advice and feedback from you or your team. And the best way of interacting with your attendees during your webinar is to pay close attention to your webinar chat feature. Of course, that might be difficult to handle especially if you are presenting the webinar yourself, so you may want to find someone in your team to take care of the chats.

3. Focus on Quality Content in Less Time

If possible, Keep your webinar to under an hour. If the webinar is too long, participation may start dropping. It’s therefore good to focus on delivering the best value in the shortest time possible.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Webinar Software Tool

  • Ease Of Use: You want to choose the best webinar platform that is easy to use where you will easily schedule, set up, host, record and share your presentation and information without any difficulties.
  • Cost: You want to choose a webinar tool that has a lot of features while being reasonably priced.
  • Number of Attendees: As your company grows, you want your webinar software to be able to grow with you. Therefore, you don’t want to choose a platform that will limit your long-term growth and potential.
  • Support for multiple presenters: If you anticipate that you will often have multiple people from your team joining you as a presenter, then you will want to go for a tool that allows more than one presenter.
  • Phone Compatibility: If a participant is not near a computer or doesn’t have one, they may find it useful to participate in your webinar using a phone.
  • Attendee Participation: Attendees participation is essential for keeping people engaged with your presentation. Choose a webinar platform that supports audience participation with features like polls, live chats, Q&A, feedback forms and more.
  • File sharing: For better workflow, you may want to share relevant files during your live webinar. Be sure to choose a software that does not restrict you from sharing files with your audience.
  • Audio and Video Quality: Quality audio and video reflect the value and worth of your organisation. Therefore, be sure to invest in a company that is dedicated to offering quality audio and video content for your audience.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Webinars are more than a presentation. You want to leverage your attendees’ data by making good decisions and that’s why you need to choose a tool that can give you robust reports on your webinar activities.
  • Integration Features: You also want to choose a webinar software that easily integrates with your existing systems such as email autoresponder & CRM.
  • Customer Support: You want to make sure that you pick a platform with excellent customer service that will sort your issues ASAP.

Top 3 Features You Should Find in the Best Webinar Software Tools

Best Webinar software comes with lots of amazing features that enable you to present to your audience. All these features are essential but there are some MUST HAVE features for you to have the most effective presentation. These features include;

  1. Screen sharing allows your webinar audience to remotely view your screen.
  2. Whiteboard/screen annotation that allows you and your meeting participants to mark-up or write notes on their screens.
  3. Webinar/Meeting Recording which allows you to fully record your online meeting for later consumption.

What is The Best Webinar Software Tool? (Our Recommendations)

If your goal is to have the best webinar platforms that will boost your marketing efforts with live or automated webinar (any type of webinar), then Demio can be the best tool for you.

If you want to host your webinar with almost zero difficulties and reach more people as well, WebinarJam could be the best software for you and your team.

If your goal is to leverage on working with an all-in-one webinar tool that can host live and automated events, then EasyWebinar can be the right choice for you.

If you want to work with an easy to use all-in-one webinar platform that can run Live, Automated, Hybrid and Series Webinars then WebinarNinja could be for you.

If you are not running a live webinar and looking for an automated or on-demand webinar solution only then EverWebinar is the best yet cost effective for you - But, only automated nothing else.

Last but not least, choosing the right webinar tool will greatly determine how effective your webinars will be and the ultimate results you will achieve from your tool. Therefore, I believe that this recommendation would help you come up with the right choice for your business.

Why Is Demio Our Top Choice?

  • Demio is an all-in-one best webinar platform that can run any type of webinar.
  • Demio comes with a great and simple user interface.
  • It can integrate with all your email autoresponder platforms
  • It is also cost-effective especially if you are starting webinars
  • Demio includes in-built webinar reminders which you can customize
  • Demio allows you to preload all your PPTs and presentation materials
  • Demio webinar analytics features are visually appealing and provide detailed insight
  • It is easy to design beautiful webinar registration pages with Demio which help to attract more people to your webinar.
  • Demio is completely browser-based, meaning you or your audience doesn't need to download the app in order to use it.

Best Webinar Software FAQs

Q. Do I need Webinars to build a successful online business even if I'm just starting out?

Webinars are not necessarily needed. You can still succeed in building your online business without doing webinars. However, if you want to compete in today's digital world, you need to up your game. Therefore, providing webinars is one of the best ways of getting ahead of your competitors.

Q. What Is The Best Webinar Platform?

According to our in-depth research, the best webinar software tool should make it easy for you to record your webinar, share and follow up with your prospects without any difficulties. These software include; Demio, WebinarJam, EasyWebinar, WebinarNinja & EverWebinar.

Q. Do I need to have a Webinar as part of my sales funnel?

Yes. If you are selling high-ticket products, services, coaching or running a consulting company, you are recommended to add a webinar as part of your sales funnel process. Webinars can help turn cold prospects into hot buyers after they have viewed your webinar presentation.

Final Verdict

Evolving digital needs and more since the raging COVID-19 pandemic have forced schools, organizations, companies and all kinds of businesses to rethink the way they can do their presentation, instructions and sales to their clients. 

Fortunately, webinars can give any business an easy and efficient means of connecting with its target audience, from all corners of the world. 

With the right solution like Demio webinar platform and proper execution, you can enjoy all the benefits we have discussed in this post on a consistent basis. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a webinar software that will ensure maximum results, I  recommend Demio as the best webinar platform. It's a truly all-in-one webinar platform with all the features that will help you market your products as well as actively interacting with your prospects, clients and employees - in one platform.

Get started with your 14-day Demio trial now.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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