Demio vs WebinarJam In-Depth Comparison (2022): Choose Best

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Demio vs WebinarJam Comparison

Modern technology is forcing businesses to shift the way they contact their marketing online.

And if you have been thinking about how you can host webinars to your leads, Demio or WebinarJam are some of the top list solutions that can work for you.

But which one should you consider integrating into your business?

The secret here is to choose the right webinar platform that offers all the essential features you need for your business. 

So, which of the two platforms is right for your business?

In this Demio vs WebinarJam In-Depth Comparison, I will guide you based on my experience and in-depth knowledge of these two tools.

I will make an in-depth comparison of the two tools on features, customer engagement, ease of use, customer support, live webinars, recorded webinars, pros, cons and many more, including advice on some of the best alternative solutions in the market you may want to consider. 

Demio vs WebinarJam Comparison: Which One Is The Best Platform



WebinarJam Logo


Overall Rating



Pricing Range

$49/m - $367/m

(Customized package included)

$39/m - $379/m

(billed annually)


50 - 1K

100 - 5K


1 -  Unlimited

1 - 6

Hosting Time

3 - 10 Hours

1 - 4 Hours

Live Webinars & Webinar Series



Automated & On-demand Webinars


Included EverWebinar On Basic Plan Onward

Webinar Scheduling 

Allows limited webinar scheduling, only once per week for weekly webinars

Very flexible webinar scheduling

Best Features

  • Live & Automated Webinars
  • Unlimited sessions, registrations & storage
  • Advanced event setup
  • Share any media or upload slides
  • Customizable registration options
  • Room engagement tools
  • Detailed insights
  • Event Localization
  • Basic integrations & Zapier
  • 24/7 chat & email support

  • Live, Series, Hybrid or Automated Webinars
  • Live Chat
  • Attendee Spotlight
  • Active Offers
  • Drawing Board
  • Automated Recordings
  • Page Builder
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Video Injections
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Email & SMS System
  • Handouts
  • Paid Webinars
  • Panic Button
  • Always-On Room
  • Control Center


  • Pre-configured polls
  • Pre-configured offers with a product image
  • Public and Private messages separated
  • Moderator
  • Connectivity & audiovisuals check when joining
  • Pre-uploaded slideshow 
  • File handouts (PDF, PPT, Keynote, etc.)
  • Video injections to launch during live webinars
  • Unlimited webinar sessions
  • Browser-based application - no need to download an application to make use of it.
  • Bring attendees to Stage to use both their microphone and webcam.
  • Launch products and offers during the webinar

Free Trial



Free Package



Money-Back Guarantee



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Demio vs WebinarJam In-Depth Review

Let’s dive into detailed comparison and investigate the two platforms;

Demio Tools & Features

Demio is a webinar platform that you can use to create, market and host webinars. It includes fully optimized features that ensure successful campaigns and business growth. 

Demio also includes powerful personal conversion features that enable you to generate leads quickly from your campaigns.

The platform comes with all the features you need to host both Live & Automated webinar events and fully engage your audience at scale. 

Some of the Demio top features include;

demio best webinar software
  • Run Any Type of Webinar: Demio is all in one simple, intuitive & powerful webinar platform.
  • Alerts: Demio offers automatic notification tools such as automatic email reminders that remind your registrant about your upcoming events. 
  • Unlimited, Customizable Registration Pages: This helps you customize your webinar event to match your brand. 
  • Live Chat: This tool lets you hold interactive and engaging chats with your audience, including private and public chats.
  • Screen Sharing: This enables you to share your screen with your audience during your webinars.
  • Multi hosts: Demio enables you to host up to 5 co-hosts & even you can get more with customized needs.
  • Reporting and Analytics Tools: This tool enables you to track your webinar performance.
  • Automatic Webinar Recording: This Demio tool enables you to automatically record your webinars in HD format so that you can share them later.
  • Unlimited webinars: This Demio feature allows you to host unlimited webinars.
  • Unlimited storage: This tool offers you unlimited storage for your webinar recordings.
  • Polls/Voting: This allows you to create multiple-choice polls, which help you to interact with your audience.
  • Integrations: Demio enables you to integrate your account with other marketing tools such as Zapier.

WebinarJam Tools & Features

WebinarJam is a browser-based webinar software that enables you to host and manage webinars.

WebinarJam comes with powerful features and tools, including;

WebinarJam all in one webinar platform
  • Powerful All-In-One Webinar Platform: You can run any type of webinar with WebinarJam platform.
  • Live Chat: This enables you to actively engage your audience, including group chat, private comments, highlighted comments, sticky announcements and many more.
  • Attendee Spotlight: This allows you to encourage live testimonials or an interactive discussion by choosing any of your attendees onto your virtual stage during your presentation.
  • Active Offers: This enables you to monetize your webinars.
  • Drawing Board: This helps you enhance your webinar presentations by hand-writing notes directly on your slides or drawing diagrams to explain a concept to your attendees.
  • Automated Recordings: WebinarJam allows you to automatically record your webinars and share them using their Replica Replay feature. 
  • Page Builder: WebinarJam offers professionally designed and fully customizable pages that are 100% mobile responsive to help you maximize your registration.
  • Polls & Surveys: This tool helps you quiz your audience by creating engaging polls and surveys to understand your audience better.
  • Video Injections: This WebinarJam tool lets you plug in a pre-recorded video and run your presentation on autopilot.
  • Flexible Scheduling: This enables you to run your webinars exactly when and how you need them with a right-now webinar, a scheduled webinar, or a recurring series.
  • Email & SMS System: This enables you to schedule a series of pre-and-post-webinar notifications via email and SMS text to remind your registrants about your upcoming events.
  • Handouts: This fantastic tool helps you share files with your audience, such as homework, PDFs and many more.
  • Paid Webinars: This tool allows you to plug in a payment gateway during your webinar registration to enable you to create a paid webinar event.
  • Panic Button: With this tool, WebinarJam will boot up a brand new live room and automatically transfer everyone into it in case of any technical issue.
  • Control Center: This tool enables your staff to moderate and manage the event from a separate control room.

Demio vs WebinarJam Similarities

Let's check what are the similar features but also look at the better functionalities for the same.

1. Customer Reach

Demio allows you to host a maximum of 500 - 1K attendees.

With WebinarJam, you can host up to 100 attendees on its starter plan, while the highest plan allows up to 5000.

Both tools also allow you to upload presentations, switch between slides, give file handouts, and get detailed insights.

So, who has the bigger customer base? 

WebinarJam allows you to have a bigger customer reach with just one webinar. Unlike Demio, WebinarJam also enables transitions to your presentations and a whiteboard tool to point to things on your slide.

Therefore, considering these features, WebinarJam is the best option here

2. Webinar Presentation Tools

Both tools enable you to insert slides directly into your webinar room.

Both platforms also allow you to share file handouts with your audience. You can share PDF or Excel spreadsheet files with your audience, which they can easily download.

For Demio Live Webinar, you can launch your slides and your attendee will be able to view them with maximum possible quality. 

With WebinarJam, you will have slightly more customizability, e.g., you can add slide transitions. It also comes with a bonus that Demio doesn’t have. For instance, a whiteboard tool for pointing out things on your slides.


Winner for the Niftiest Presentation Tools: WebinarJam

Although both offer presentation features WebinarJam gives you more controls when switching between the webcam video and slides. 

Also, the WebinarJam whiteboard tool is essential for illustrating some points during your presentation, making WebinarJam the winner for the best webinar presentation tools.

3. Pre & Post Webinar Customer Follow Up Tools

Customer follow-up tools play a significant role in boosting sales.

a) Email Reminders

WebinarJam comes with lots of customization options for email reminders. The platform enables you to use short codes and write custom text to remind your registrants about your upcoming webinar. 

However, with Demio, you can only customize text but you can’t alter the look and feel of the webinar page like with WebinarJam. 

Demio only allows you to insert a custom text snippet into the email body. So if you are not looking to customize your emails that much, then Demio would be a great choice.

b) Email Frequency

Unfortunately, Demio doesn’t allow you to change the email schedule or add custom email reminders at all. They offer only four email reminder formats to choose from and nothing beyond that.

On the other hand, WebinarJam enables you to customize the email schedule or even add custom email reminders. This saves you lots of time. 

c) Audience Segmentation

When you can easily segment your audience based on different aspects such as their demographics, buying patterns, and many more, it helps you offer more customized services to them, which boosts your conversion rate in return.

Unlike Demio, WebinarJam allows you to segment your audience based on their behavior and send customized email reminders accordingly.

So, who offers the best email tools? 

Honestly speaking, Demio’s email reminders are good enough but you do not have much flexibility to customized too much if you are experience marketer.

However, if you are an experienced digital marketer who needs more flexibility like segmenting your audience and customizing their messages, WebinarJam would be the winner here, no question about that! 

WebinarJam offers powerful customization choices too. 

4. Ease of Use 

Both WebinarJam and Demio offer easy-to-use features and tools.

In Demio, the setup process is simple and changing preferences is also easy with customization options. 

On the other hand, WebinarJam is also easy to set up. The platform allows you to customize while setting up your webinar. 

So, which tool is better for user-friendliness?

Both tools are winners in ease of use as they allow you to set up your webinar in a matter of a few minutes.

So with both WebinarJam or Demio, there are no more frustrations and learning curves. 

5. Video Engine & Tech Support

Demio offers quick and efficient customer service. They will attend to your questions and concerns with in-depth solutions.

On the other hand, WebinarJam has an active Facebook community where you can answer most questions. 

WebinarJam also includes a unique feature called “Panic Button”. This tool enables you to automatically creates a new webinar room and directs all your attendees to it in case something goes wrong while presenting your webinar

So, who will help you more?

If you experience any technical problem or have marketing questions during your webinar presentation, both platforms will give you better and quicker answers.

While on Demio, you will get the answer from the customer support chat. On the WebinarJam, you can ask the Facebook Community and get marketing advice from members.

However, what determines the winner in this category is the “Panic! Button”, which can be a real saver during your presentation.

This means that WebinarJam takes the day.

6. Webinars Types

The main difference between Demio and WebinarJam is in the type of webinars you can host.

Demio enables you to host nearly all types of webinars, including Live, Series and Automated Webinars, which take you just a few minutes to create.

Earlier days WebinarJam was known for only hosting live webinars but after new launches that covers their sister automated webinar platform EverWebinar with WebinarJam plan to make it truly all in one webinar platform.

In addition to this, both WebinarJam & Demio allow you to schedule recurring webinars based on your preferences, either daily, weekly, or monthly.

However, Demio enables you to schedule only once a week while WebinarJam doesn’t have any restrictions. 

So, which platform is better for hosting different types of webinars?

Tie between WebinarJam and Demio.

Demio and WebinarJam both win here since it allows you to host any webinar types, including  Live, Series, Hybrid, Automated, On-demand webinars and many more. 

Though the webinar scheduling process is more intuitive with WebinarJam.

7. Webinar Funnels & Converting Registrations

WebinarJam offers a webinar registration page and a thank you page with lots of customization options. It includes various layout options, video embedding tools and different color schemes. 

WebinarJam also includes built-in A/B testing for registration pages. This enables you to test various variants to know which will perform better.

On the other hand, Demio offers limited customization options. It comes with only one layout and it doesn’t allow you to change the text on the “Register” button. 

While Demio allows you to add a description, images and even a video to your registration page, all these will appear at the bottom of the page, below the fold.

However, Demio offers a great advantage in its custom questions on the registration form.

So, which of the two platforms offers better Webinar Funnels & Converting Registrations?

WebinarJam’s Registration Page A/B testing is a brilliant feature, especially if you are a marketer looking to maximize your clients’ signups, making WebinarJam the winner in this section. 

8. Audience Engagement Features

When you compare Demio vs WebinarJam regarding how you will interact with your webinar audience, the good news is that both tools come with powerful audience engagement tools for the live webinars. 

So on both tools, you can pre-configure the polls and the offers, have both public and private chats and the Q&A separated.

Both tools also offer the moderator role, who assists the presenter by chatting, taking questions and launching polls & offers.

But where is the difference?

Demio offers powerful Q&A tools that include the “Start answering” feature.

On the other hand, WebinarJam focuses more on providing powerful tools for offers. It comes with a scarcity timer and available units counter that you can set up to encourage more product sales. This tool is great for marketing.

So, who is the winner for the best Interactivity during webinars? 

Although both tools offer excellent audience engagement and interactivity features, Demio is undoubtedly the overall winner in this category! Its advantage is with the Q&A marking and “Start answering” feature.

9. Attendee Experience on Different Browsers & Mobile Devices

Both WebinarJam and Demio offer a fully mobile responsive experience for your attendees.

It's also easier for your attendees to join from both Androids or iPhones on both platforms.

But with WebinarJam, the user engagement tools opens as an overlay, the video and chat feature will still be constantly visible.

The problem with WebinarJam is that the “Request to speak” tool and attendee count take up too much space. The host webcam video is also so tiny that attendees can barely see it. But these are not essential either.

For Demio, they separate their engagement tools from the video. 

This means that when you launch a poll, your attendees will be taken to another screen. Demio allows your attendees to switch between the webinar video and the engagement tools by simply swiping left or right. This type of flexibility brings the best user experience for you (the host) and your audience (attendees).

So, who is the winner for the most convenient mobile experience?

Demio, since it offers the best webcam video experience.

10. Pricing Package

The pricing structure of Demio and WebinarJam varies greatly. 

While WebinarJam only offers annual plans, Demio chooses to pay monthly or yearly (with discounts). 

Demio also offers a customized package that enables you to customize features and pricing depending on your business requirements.

In addition to this, WebinarJam offers 100 attendees starter plan at $39/m and the top 5000 attendees Enterprise plan at $379/m billes annually, whereas Demio offers 50 attendee starter plan at $49 and top 1000 attendees Growth plan at 367/m and you have option to go monthly or yearly.

So, which one offers a better pricing package?

Overall, WebinarJam is the better deal, especially if webinars are an essential marketing strategy for you and you are willing to commit to a year subscription option. The platform also offers more advanced and abundant features at a lower annual cost.

However, if you want the flexibility of paying every month, then Demio would be a great option here.

11. Hosts or Presenters Tools

If you are planning to host a large audience, having multiple presenters/hosts is essential in ensuring you coordinate a smooth webinar session.

Demio allows 1 to unlimited hosts. Besides, the platform also allows you to add moderators and presenters.

With WebinarJam you can get 1 to 6 hosts as per your plan.

So, who is the best for multi-host functionality?

Demio wins here, its flexibility in allowing unlimited hosts is amazing, despite its limit in hosting up to 1K attendees. 

WebinarJam limits you on hosts, yet it allows a large number of attendees, up to 5K.  

12. Automated Notifications Features

Demio sends your registrants notifications by default to keep them informed at different time intervals.

Demio notification includes;

  • Instant confirmation after a successful registration.
  • Replay follow-up that is sent to both the attendees and those that missed the session.
  • 24 hours of reminders before the scheduled start time of the session.
  • 60 minutes of reminders before the scheduled start time of each session.
  • 15 minutes of reminders before the scheduled start time of the session.

On the other hand, WebinarJam offers 4 different kinds of notifications.

They include;

  • The welcome message is sent immediately to your registrants after a successful registration.
  • Pre-webinar message sent to all subscribers before the scheduled start-off time of each Webinar, either as a reminder or additional information.
  • A last-minute reminder that is sent 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of your Webinar.
  • The post-Webinar message is sent as a follow-up for those who missed the session.


WebinarJam takes the lead.

While Demio limits you to only the default email notifications, WebinarJam goes the extra mile.

Besides the WebinarJam default email template, WebinarJam also allows you to add 10 additional email notifications before your webinar event and 10 after your webinar event. 

So, In total, WebinarJam allows you to automate an additional 20 notification emails, making WebinarJam the best in this category.

13. Event Scheduling Tools

Demio offers more flexible event scheduling options compared to its counterpart. 

So, with Demio, you can add upcoming sessions at any time you want.

Demio gives you two options when creating your webinar session;

  1. One-time webinars, which are ideal if you want to host sessions with specific dates.
  2. Recurring webinars are perfect if you want to host sessions that occur in repeating schedules, e.g., daily, weekly or monthly.

On the other hand, WebinarJam Scheduling tools come with three options for your event.

They include;

  1. One Single Session is ideal if you want to run a single session multiple times, giving your Attendees more flexibility to attend your sessions depending on their convenient time.
  2. Multiple Sessions, similar to a mini-series, span through a few days, with each session being a new episode. 
  3. Reoccur series of presentations, which is perfect for providing new episodes with new information. 

So, which tools offer the best scheduling features?

Demio and WebinarJam both offer better scheduling options.

14. Free Trial

Demio offers a 14 day free trial period, enabling you to taste its features before committing to its subscription.

Also, you won’t require your credit card details to access your free trial.

On the other hand, WebinarJam's free trial package is not 100% free like Demio’s but it is just $1 to try so it looks like a free trial. 

With WebinarJam, they charge their free trial for $1 for 14days.

Winner: Tie

Demio vs WebinarJam Differences

So, how is WebinarJam different from Demio?



Offers limited webinar scheduling, e.g., only once per week

Offers very flexible webinar scheduling

Offers few customization options on the Registration Page, e.g., it only allows you to change the background color.

Offers lots of different Registration Page templates with lots of customization options.

Does not allow customization options on the Thank You page, but it shows the “Add to calendar” button and event time

Gives lots of Thank You Page templates with different stunning layouts.

Allows you to custom questions on the registration form

It provides built-in A/B testing tools for registration pages

Offers standard email reminder text, e.g., you can only add a custom text snippet to the email body

Provides a wide customizability for email reminders, e.g., allows you to add custom designs and shortcodes

Does not offer custom email reminders. It only offers 4 default reminders that are still cool

Allows you to set new email reminders based on your attendee segmentation

Enables you to sort questions and mark “Start answering.”

Allows you to run scarcity timer and offers displayEnter your text here...

Offers high-quality video with no delay

Offers excellent video quality, although with a slight delay

Provides fast and helpful 24x7 live customer support

Offers very active Facebook community & support tickets but not live all the time

Have to stop the slideshow from showing

It's easy to switch between slides and

webcam video as the main sc

webcam as the main video screen

Doesn’t offer a whiteboard

Offers whiteboard tool to draw on the screen

14-day trial for free

14-day trial for $1

Allows you to pay both monthly and yearly

Allows you to pay only yearly

Does not allow you to host paid webinars

Allows you to host paid webinars. It also offers analytics for your sales.

Does not offers YouTube streaming features

Offers YouTube & Facebook streaming features that allow your subscribers to access your live webinar via YouTube without signing up for it.

You can not blur or set virtual background

You can blur your background or set virtual background

Demio vs WebinarJam Pricing

So, how much does Demio and WebinarJam cost?

Demio Pricing

Demio offers three plans, namely;

Demio Pricing Plan New
  • Demio Starter Plan ($49/m when paid monthly or $34/m when paid annually): Ideal for a small business or solo entrepreneur. Allows to host up to 50 attendees.
  • Demio Growth Plan ($99/m when paid monthly or $69/m when paid annually): Ideal if you are a growing company that needs a bigger room size and multiple Hosts. It includes automated events, custom branding, and a ton of other tools. It offers different options of hosting attendees of up to 150 ($99/m), 500 ($234/m), and 1000 ($367/m) which also varies in pricing.
  • Demio Premium Plan (Customized package): This package supports a maximum of 500 or 1K attendees, unlimited hosts, dedicated account manager, custom domain and It also offers priority support.

Here is a detailed Demio Pricing Guide for your in-depth idea.

WebinarJam Pricing

WebinarJam offers four plans, including;

WebinarJam Pricing Plan New
  • WebinarJam Starter plan at $39/m (billed annually): It includes 100 attendees, 1 host and 1 hour maximum duration, unlimited webinars.
  • WebinarJam Basic Plan at $79/m (billed annually): It includes 500 attendees, 2 hosts, 2 hours maximum duration, Attendee Spotlight, Automated Webinars.
  • WebinarJam Professional Plan at $229/m (billed annually): It comes with 2000 attendees, 4 hosts, 3 hours maximum duration, Attendee Spotlight, Automated Webinars, Panic button, and Always-On live room.
  • WebinarJam Enterprise Plan at $379/m (billed annually): It offers 5000 attendees, 6 hosts, 4 hours maximum duration, Attendee Spotlight, Automated Webinars, Panic button, Always-On live room, and Control Panel.

You can read my WebinarJam Pricing Guide to learn more & select better plans.

Demio vs WebinarJam Pros & Cons

Demio Pros And Cons


  • Enables you to host Live, Series & Automated Webinars
  • Provides excellent 24x7 live chat support
  • Offers free trial
  • Allow you to pay monthly or annually
  • Allows you to make a guest speaker from your attendees


  • Does not support large attendees (maximum of 1K attendees)
  • Lack of registration templatess

WebinarJam Pros And Cons


  • Supports large attendees (up to 5000 attendees)
  • Comparatively affordable & most featured rich
  • Provides customizable page templates
  • Provides advanced email notifications


  • You only have to pay annually (do not have monthly option)
  • Free trial is $1 for 14 days

WebinarJam vs Demio: Which Tool Is Right For Your Business?

Ultimately, deciding between Demio or WebinarJam, you will have to consider the more important aspects of your business.

For instance...

Choose Demio If;

  • Want all in one webinar platform without any worries
  • You are comfortable with fewer customizations.
  • You want to host any type of webinars in the simplest & faster way possible.
  • You want to pay monthly.
  • You want to include custom questions in your registration form.
  • You want to save some money.
  • You want to provide a convenient and responsive mobile experience to your audience.
  • Have fewer attendees so need a lower cost plan to select.

Choose WebinarJam If;

  • You are ready to pay annually for the webinars platform.
  • More feature-rich, affordable and capable to handle large attendees.
  • You want to customize both your webinar funnel pages and emails.
  • You want flexible and customizable email reminders and designs (with segmenting & analytics).
  • No interruptions at all to your webinar, even if you experience technical problems. The panic button is convenient for such situations. 
  • You want a vibrant social media community.
  • You want to experience better customer engagement that continues even during the replay videos.
  • You want a larger space for a bigger audience.
  • You want to work with additional tools during webinars like a whiteboard, transitions for presentation and many more.
  • You want customizable webinar Registration Pages (with A/B testing).
  • You want to host more live-like webinar replays (with analytics).

So, which one is better? 

Which one should you choose?

Here is my advice...Both Demio and WebinarJam are ideal for your business.

However, if your focus is to host any type of webinar and looking for the intuitive & overall best webinar platform then Demio is ideal for you, but if you need a large attendees capacity of up to 5k, need more featured rich platform and do not mind paying annually right away then WebinarJam would be the best option here.

WebinarJam vs Demio My Final Thought

Generally, both platforms WebinarJam or Demio are great solutions when it comes to hosting webinars.

WebinarJam is a top webinar platform brand well-known for its live webinar but after their recent launch, they covered EverWebinar (which is an automated platform) to WebinarJam plan to make it truly all in one platform.

On the other hand, Demio got started with an all-in-one webinar platform that focuses on simple to launch webinars with better & intuitive experience and they really do their job well to get top place in a short time.

Furthermore, WebinarJam tends to offer more functionalities, advanced features, is easy to use, and is built with the latest technology tools to monetize your webinars that make hosting webinars an easy process while Demio limited their customization to launch your webinar faster with their proven templates.

Undoubtedly, WebinarJam and Demio are the top best webinar platforms that simplify the entire webinar setup, automation, and online selling process.

But, WebinarJam is best for large businesses who need large attendees room size of up to 5000, need to run paid webinars and are ready to pay annually.

Whereas Demio is a suitable platform for hosting a small number of attendees (up to 1K attendees) and hosting any type of webinar that needs a simple yet best webinar platform that offers monthly or annually billing options.

I hope my in-depth WebinarJam vs Demio comparison guide gets you inside ideas about both platforms that help you to choose the right webinar platform as per your business needs.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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