Livestorm Free Trial – How To Get A Lifetime Free Package

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Livestorm Free Trial

If you are thinking of leveraging Livestorm to your marketing strategy, but you don’t know how you can get started, this is the right post for you.

Most webinar software is expensive, so it’s great to get a chance to test out their free versions before committing to their paid services.

Livestorm comes with a Free Package that enables you to host an unlimited number of free webinars and get a feel of the software first, without even involving your credit card details.

Therefore, in this Livestorm Free Trial post, I will guide you on How To Get A Lifetime Free Package and how you can benefit from it.

Start your Livestorm free plan here.

What is a Livestorm Webinar?

Livestorm is a web-based webinar and video conferencing solution that offers scalable training and product demonstration tools for companies of all sizes.

The platform allows you to connect with your employees, customers and other companies online.

This means that Livestorm can help you to do live training and product demonstration sessions for your company.

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In addition to this, Livestorm also helps you to;

  • Create a meeting room.
  • Host high-quality online webinars.
  • Screen capture to create training materials.
  • Create your virtual events.

Since Livestorm is a web-based webinar solution, this means that you don’t need to download any app or desktop software to host the webinars.

Similarly, your attendees don’t need an app to join your meetings as they can easily do so through their browsers via an invite link.

Livestorm also offers some excellent tools for engaging with your client, recording your sessions, and many more.

Some of the Livestorm key features include;

  • Webinar
  • Browser-based
  • No-download
  • On-demand webinar
  • Live webinars and video calls
  • Scheduled webinars
  • Recurring webinars
  • Webinar analytics
  • Emailing Logistics
  • Webinar recording
  • Tailored branding and Business Intelligence
  • Multiple online events management
  • Social media promotion
  • Chat, Polls and Q/A during webinars
  • Analytics and data integration
  • In-built translations for landing pages, emails, and webinar rooms
  • Audience segmentation capabilities
  • Registration pages
  • Email reminders and follow-ups
  • Integrations

Livestorm Free Trial

Most webinar solutions offer a free trial for a certain limited period.

However, Livestorm is different.

Instead of a free trial, Livestorm offers a LIFETIME FREE package that enables you to test its features for as long as you want.

Livestorm Free Plan vs Premium Plan

When you first sign up to Livestorm, you have an option of choosing the free account to try the platform or upgrade directly to their premium plan.

One advantage of the Livestorm Free Plan is that it enables you to publish as many webinars as you would like, for free, and test for as long as you want.


Free trial

Premium plan (starter)

Maximum Live Attendees



Maximum Hosting Duration

20 hours

4 hours

IE and Safari support



Mobile support



Unlimited webinars published



How To Sign Up For Livestorm Free Trial

Creating a Livestorm free account is easy and you can do it right here with the following steps;

Step 1: Go to Livestorm official website.

Step 2: Click on the Get started for free blue button located on the top right corner.

Step 3: Fill out your details and then submit.

Step 4: Once you are done, you will receive an email confirmation to complete your registration.

Congratulations, you have created your Livestorm free account.

Now you can create your first webinar. Happy testing!

What You Get With Livestorm Free Trial

The Free Livestorm Plan offers unlimited free webinars but with a limited number of registrants, of up to 10.

Besides, the free package is also limited to the following features and functionalities.

  • 10 registrants 
  • 10 live attendees
  • 20 minutes hosting time
  • Email invites disabled

Why You Need Livestorm Free Trial

Livestorm doesn’t offer a free trial, but it comes with a FREE package to enable you to explore its features thoroughly, so you don’t have time limitations to check the elements.

How Much Does Livestorm Cost After a Free Plan?

Livestorm offers 3 plans but the first is a free starter plan and the last is Enterprise customized so overall it is a single plan with all the features with pricing varying depending on the number of attendees you want.

  • Livestorm Premium Plan: This plan costs $109/m per host. It includes all the features in the free package plus 100 live attendees, unlimited events, event registrants & moderators, instant meetings with up to 12 people and 4 hours per event. Note that the pricing of this package will increase with the number of live attendees.
  • Livestorm Enterprise Plan: This plan includes unlimited premium features and is customized depending on your requirements. Contact the Livestorm sales department for a quotation.

Here is my detailed Livestorm Pricing Guide for your idea.

Who Can Benefit From Livestorm

Livestorm platform offers powerful video communication tools for companies of any size. 

Therefore, Livestorm solution can be a better fit, especially if you have;

  • Small businesses
  • Medium businesses
  • Enterprises
  • Individual hosts, like broadcasters, salespeople and many more.

Many companies reportedly use Livestorm in their tech stacks, including Instapage, Pipedrive, Bosch Workelo, Remotive and many more.

Upgrading to a Livestorm Premium plan

Upgrading to a premium account is also easy.

All you need to do is log in to your free account, then go to your Billing settings and fill out your billing information. 

This time, payment will require you to include your credit card and is processed by Stripe to guarantee your safety. 

But if you want to pay by wire transfer, you can contact Livestorm customer care.

Is Livestorm Worth Trial?


From my detailed Livestorm Review, it's seen that this platform offers good value for money.

The platform is user-friendly with reliable video-conferencing tools that will help you to skyrocket your marketing efforts.

In addition to this, Livestorm offers lots of benefits that you can’t afford to miss.

These include;

  • Livestorm is a browser-based solution, meaning zero installs for both you (the host) and attendees.
  • Livestorm comes with a clean and modern interface.
  • On-demand webinar recording.
  • Store an unlimited number of past meetings or webinars.
  • The platform allows you to stream live as well as recorded content.
  • It offers separate sections for chats and questions for easy engagement.
  • Livestorm helps you to take care of landing pages and email notifications.
  • With Livestorm, you can run multiple sessions under a webinar.
  • Livestorm also offers robust audience interaction features which promote effective communication with your attendees.
  • The platform comes with robust analytic reports for easy tracking and to better understand the areas of improvement. 
  • Livestorm allows you to personalize your events with its professional, custom registration page.
  • Livestream comes with plenty of integration options.

Therefore, it's worth trying Livestorm and seeing if the platform will suit your business needs or not.

However, Livestorm might also have some cons, and its most significant drawdown is that it’s not the most cost-friendly option in the market.

So, if Livestorm's free plan doesn’t meet your requirements, here are some of the best Livestorm alternatives you can consider trying;

  • If you want the best all-in-one platform affordable and allows you to host any type of webinar to up to 1000 live attendees, Demio could be the best option.
  • WebinarJam and EverWebinar might be the best options, especially if your goal is to have a webinar solution with the most feature-rich platform to host a large audience or unlimited attendees.
  • But if you want the best platform to work with and offer easy-to-use functionality, EasyWebinar might be the best for your business.

Livestorm Free Trial FAQs

Q. Does Livestorm allow me to host more than 1,000 attendees?

Yes, the Livestorm Premium plan enables you to host up to 1000 live attendees and if you need more than 1k attendees then you can use the Enterprise plan for custom requirements.

Q. Is Livestorm safe?

Yes, Livestorm provides all necessary security measures to ensure safety.

Q. Does Livestorm support Mobile devices?

Yes, you can use Livestorm on your phone, tablet or desktop. All you need is a browser.

Q. Is Livestorm good if I am a beginner?

Yes, Livestorm is beginner-friendly and user-friendly. 

Q. What type of support does Livestorm offer?

Livestorm offers support through Live Chat and Mail.

Q. Is Livestorm any good for Video Conferencing?

Yes, Livestorm has a high rating for Video Conferencing, and it is considered one of the best video conferencing platforms.


So, do you need Livestorm?

Remember, the stronger pro of Livestorm is, the platform will help you;

  • To organize your online meetings and events with maximum engagement with your audience.
  • To combine your video conferencing services with powerful marketing tools. 
  • To enjoy a free trial forever. (You can upgrade to the premium plan on your terms when you’re ready).

Therefore, if you are ready to try Livestorm, you can test it by starting with the Livestorm Free Plan (no need to sign up with your credit card). 

This will help you to get a feel of their tools and functionalities before you invest in them.

However, check the best webinar software tools comparison to find the right option for your webinar tools requirement.

You can consider other alternatives platforms such as Demio if you want the best all-in-one platform that is affordable and allows you to host any type of webinar to up to 1000 live attendees and WebinarJam and EverWebinar if you wish to a webinar solution with the best features for hosting a large number of audience or unlimited attendees.

So go ahead and get started with your best-suited webinar platform trial to test the platform.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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