EasyWebinar Pricing Plans: Cost Guide, Discount & Coupon Code 2022

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EasyWebinar Pricing Plans

EasyWebinar is a pretty incredible platform. I do not doubt that it's one of the best webinar solution software in the market.

So, if you are looking to purchase your EasyWebinar plan, you are in the right place. Here, I will discuss an honest, in-depth review (Latest 2022) about EasyWebinar Pricing Plans.

I will also guide you on how to unlock your EasyWebinar Free Trial, Discounts & Coupon codes.

Get Started with Your EasyWebinar 14 days Free Trial

If you are not sure whether EasyWebinar is right for you or not, this free trial will help you to test EasyWebinar features and see if it is a perfect fit for the business. 

This Trial is available for all pricing plans, which can be upgraded to monthly or annual subscriptions. 

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EasyWebinar Overview

EasyWebinar is an all-in-one cloud-based webinar solution platform for live and automated webinars. 

Its key features include multi-camera conferencing, customer onboarding and sales funnel management.

This tool allows users to stream live events, share screens and record sessions. It also allows visitors to register at multiple time segments so that you can stream your event in various time zones.

EasyWebinar also integrates seamlessly with other third-party platforms such as YouTube, ActiveCampaign, WordPress, MailChimp and many more.

The tool is ideal for both Startups, Enterprises & SMEs.

EasyWebinar solution is available on a monthly and yearly (with a discount) subscription and you get robust support via live chat across all plans.

So, if you are looking for a Webinar solution to help you organize online meetings, remote conferences, training, and marketing, or you are an expert, author, consultant, or service provider, EasyWebinar can be a perfect choice for your business.

What Does EasyWebinar Offer?

EasyWebinar Logo

EasyWebinar includes a dynamic, robust technology that allows you to dominate every and any marketing technique that would improve your entire business.

For instance;

  1. 1
    With EasyWebinar, you can do On-Time Webinars, Live Webinars, Automated Webinars, Summits, Hybrid Events, Encore Events, Create Simple Replay Pages and many more.
  2. 2
    You can create a beautiful & professional registration page, thank you page, automatic email & SMAM follow-up and live chat with your attendees during a webinar.
  3. 3
    You can also use EasyWebinar to attract customers through clickable offers, polls, event invitations and automatic email & SMS notifications.

EasyWebinar Pricing Plans Summary

EasyWebinar comes with 3 different plans, and you can choose whether to pay monthly or annually for your selected package. These plans include;

  • EasyWebinar Standard plan at $78 per month or $59/m if billed annually.
  • EasyWebinar Pro plan at $129 per month or $90/m if billed annually.
  • EasyWebinar Enterprise plan at $499 per month or $349/m if billed annually.

EasyWebinar Plans Comparison Table

Standard Plan

Pro Plan

Enterprise Plan

Pricing (If Billed Monthly)




Pricing (If Billed Annually)




Maximum Attendees




Simultaneous Attendees per Webinar



2000 with monthly payment & Unlimited with Annual payment option

14 Free Days Trial




30 Days Money Back Guarantee




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EasyWebinar Pricing Plans - An In-Depth Honest Review

Lets now go into detail on each EasyWebinar packages and see which one will suit your business needs;

1. EasyWebinar Standard Plan - Choose When You Just Started

This plan costs you $78 per month and $59 per month if you opt for yearly billing & save $228.

Features include;

  • 100 live attendees.
  • Unlimited automated webinars with 100 simultaneous attendees per webinar.
  • Unlimited live attendees with simultaneous YouTube Live Integration. 
  • EliteWebinarMastery Foundation Course Instant onboarding call.
  • EasyCast Facebook Live & YouTube Live Streaming Tool.
  • Chat support.

Who is the EasyWebinar Standard Plan for?

This plan comes with more than enough to help you get going in the right direction with webinars, especially if you are a newbie. 

Therefore, the EasyWebinar Standard plan will be a perfect choice for your business if you have just started with your marketing and need a superb webinar solution to host under 100 live attendees.

2. EasyWebinar Pro Plan - The Most Popular Plan

Pro plan goes at $129 per month or $90 per month if you subscribe with an annual option & save $468.

It includes all the features in the standard plan plus;

  • 500 live attendees.
  • Unlimited automated webinars with up to 500 simultaneous attendees per webinar.
  • Custom Fields From The Registration.

Who is the EasyWebinar Pro Plan for?

This plan is perfect for you if you need to host more than 100 live attendees. 

It can also be an excellent choice for your business, especially if you are more experienced when it comes to online marketing since you will have the freedom of marketing and selling to a large audience of up to 500 attendees & you can customize the field as per your requirements.

3. EasyWebinar Enterprise Plan - Higher End Plan

The Enterprise plan cost you $499 per month or $349/M if billed annually & save $1800 in a year.

This plan includes all EasyWebinar Pro features plus;

  • 2000 live attendees.
  • Unlimited attendees on all automated webinars/sessions with annual payment options.
  • 2000 simultaneous attendees per webinar session with a monthly payment option.
  • EliteWebinarMastery Program Full Course & Dedicated Account Representative.

Who is the EasyWebinar Enterprise Plan for?

This plan would be a perfect choice if you already have an established business. 

However, I would suggest that if you go with this plan, consider paying annually to enjoy full benefits because it allows you to get an unlimited number of attendees on all of your automated webinars & save big too.

Even though I recommend first you get started with Pro plan and when you have more attendees then you can upgrade to Enterprise.

easywebinar pricing plans

EasyWebinar Plans Features 

EasyWebinar comes with powerful features to help you run successful webinar events. These features include;

  • No Delay Streaming: This ensures real-time streaming without delays asking a question and getting a response.
  • High-Quality Picture: EasyWebinar offers high definition quality with no delays, buffering, nor frustrations.
  • Real-Time Chat: This includes super-easy live chat that makes engaging with your audience a breeze. With this tool, you can send emojis, links and any communications you would like in real-time.
  • Multiple Presenters: EasyWebinar enables you to have up to 4 presenters per webinar. Each presenter is able to use a camera and microphone and share their screen.
  • Record and Archive Features: These enable you to record and archive your webinar sessions. You can download and share them later or use previous live sessions as automated webinars.
  • Run HD ScreenSharing: This allows you to share everything in perfect HD, including presentations, documents, browser windows and many more.
  • Make Any Attendee A Presenter: EasyWebinar allows you to turn any of your attendee into a presenter, allowing them to present with screen share.
  • Fantastic Audio with TrueVoice Technology: TrueVoice technology allows for noise reduction plus high bandwidth streaming with no delay, even with 2 people speaking simultaneously.
  • EasyCast: This feature allows you to stream live on multiple social media platforms at the same time with your webinar event. You can go live on YouTue and Facebook.
  • Display Offers: This allows you to display and send offers in real-time for live and time based for automated. You can also track and segment the attendees who clicked request vs. those who didn't.
  • Q&A: With this tool, you can answer questions and chat in real-time with no delay.
  • Email Notifications icon: This allows you to send automatic email notifications before and after your webinar.
  • Polls: This feature helps you to increase engagement by polling your audience.
  • Advanced Analytics and Reporting Tools: This gives you great insights into your audience performance during your webinar (for both live and automated). You can see if your audience showed up, how long they stayed and if they clicked on an offer.
  • Integrate with CRM marketing automation such as HubSpot & Salesforce and other third-party services like Email marketing providers and Landing page builders.

EasyWebinar Discount Deal & Coupons Codes

You can get a 3 Months FREE Discount when you go with annual billing. This is a great offer, especially if you are planning to go with the EasyWebinar Pro or Enterprise plan, which comes with a massive upgrade of features.

Therefore, both of these offers come with all the EasyWebinar excellent tools and features to help you grow a successful online business.

But all of these discounts don't involve you using any type of coupon code. All it takes is to click on the annual and you are good to go.

Note: This Black Friday offer is for limited time and rest you can save as per mentioned above on the plans.

Which EasyWebinar Plan is Best for You?

“The core value of any business is to spend less and gain more.”

Here, all EasyWebinar plans are capable of helping you scale your marketing strategy.

But when it comes to maximizing your marketing under a low budget and still you can access unlimited features, I would highly recommend you to go with EasyWebinar Pro Plan which is the most popular plan. With the Pro plan, you will enjoy working with almost all the EasyWebinar features except 500 live attendees. 

This plan is also a better option, especially if you plan on using EasyWebinar for the long-term since it is an excellent way of saving more. 

However, as your business grows, you would want to upgrade to EasyWebinar  Enterprise plan when you have more than 500 live attendees till you can use Pro plan.

Therefore, choose the EasyWebinar Pro plan with an annual payment option to scale out your business.

Is EasyWebinar Worth Your Investment?

Yes. 100%. I would say that EasyWebinar is everything you need, at least, as far as online webinar marketing is concerned.

The platform comes with lots of benefits that you want to be part of. These include;

  • Host up to 4 co-hosts in the base plan.
  • HD video live streaming with no delay.
  • Stream your webinar in attendees local time zones.
  • Ability to scale to unlimited attendees with social media integrations.
  • Easy to convert Live Webinars to Automated Webinars with 9 different scheduling options.
  • Host automated webinars even in the base plan.
  • Create Evergreen Live and Pre-Recorded Webinars for top-funnel lead generation.
  • Easily create “Right On Time” Events that automatically stream at the next 15-minute interval.
  • Comes with lots of customizable countdown pages.
  • Robust and actionable insights that help you to gain a deeper understanding of your audience.
  • Compatible with Email Marketing, Sales & Business Programs.
  • EasyWebinar also includes Zapier Integrations.
  • Easy to customize EasyWebinar pages to match your brand.

EasyWebinar Pricing Plans FAQs

Q. Does Easy Webinar provide a free account?

No, It does not offer a free plan rather EasyWebinar has a 14 day free trial.

Q. Is EasyWebinar compatible with mobile devices?

Yes, EasyWebinar offers 100% mobile responsive templates, which enable your attendees to view your events on a smartphone or tablet. 

Q. Do I need to install EasyWebinar software on my computer to host or view events?

No, there is no need to install EasyWebinar software on your computer. Signing up for EasyWebinar is quick and easy and you can start building a webinar in 10 seconds once you sign up. 

Q. Is EasyWebinar affordable?

Yes, EasyWebinar offers 3 different affordable prices with monthly and annual payment options and are competitive with other platforms. You can currently take advantage of Black Friday deals before it expires to get your EasyWebinar account at a very low budget.

Q. Do I need any technical skills to use the EasyWebinar tool?

No, you don’t need to be a tech guru to use EasyWebinar. You can easily create your first live webinar within 60 seconds of purchasing EasyWebinar. EasyWebinar also comes with a full video support area and a great support staff who can help you get started.

Q. Is EasyWebinar easy to use?

Yes, EasyWebinar comes with a beginner-friendly user interface that is extremely easy to use without even the need for any coding skills.

Q. What payment method does EasyWebinar support?

EasyWebinar supports Monthly & Yearly payment methods, You can pay through your credit card.

Q. Does EasyWebinar offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, EasyWebinar provides a 30 days money-back guarantee; suppose you don’t like its service after the purchase. All you need to do is to request for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.


So, from this review, it's clear that EasyWebinar provides a more robust overall experience with easy-to-work tools for all stages of your business. The primary goal of this fantastic platform is to help you grow your business.

Therefore, with more attendees, features, automation options, integrations and better quality, EasyWebinar can empower you to build better relationships with your customer and boost your sales.

EasyWebinar Pricing is worth to Get started with Free Trial now and you experience all the features and benefits, including Live and Automated Webinars.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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