Unbounce Pricing Plans 2022 – How Much Does It Cost Monthly?

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Unbounce Pricing Plans

Unbounce is one of the best landing page tools available in the market. Their conversion based plans are giving good service at an affordable monthly cost. Unbounce’s main focus is to generate higher conversions by creating and optimizing effective landing pages.

So, exactly how much does Unbounce cost you per month? Which Unbounce plan is best for your business? Is the Unbounce cost really worth it? All these questions are answered in this in-depth review of Unbounce Pricing Plans.

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Unbounce Pricing Plan Summary

How much does Unbounce cost each month? Here are 4 pricing plans Unbounce is offering,

  • Unbounce Launch $80/M (500 Conversions, 20,000 Unique Visitors)
  • Unbounce Optimize $120/M (1,000 Conversions, 30,000 Unique Visitors)
  • Unbounce Accelerate $200/M (2,000 Conversions, 40,000 Unique Visitors)
  • Unbounce Scale $300/M (3,000 Conversions, 50,000 Unique Visitors)
  • Unbounce Concierge, contact support for that.
Unbounce pricing review

Plan Name















Unique Visitors















Common offerings





Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)





Advanced Targeting & Scheduling





Smart Traffic





A/B Testing





Dynamic Text Replacement (DTR)





Essential Features





  • Common Offerings: No. of landing pages, No. of popups & sticky bars, and No. of client sub-accounts.
  • Essential Features: Free hosting, Mobile responsive page builder, Fully customized templates, Real time conversion analytics, Speed boost, Auto image optimizer, Unsplash photo library, Integrations & webhooks, and Security & compliance.

Unbounce Pricing Plans In-Depth Review

Let's check what each plan has to offer with respect to features and benefits and which plan suits your needs.

Unbounce pricing plans

Unbounce Launch Plan at $80/Month

Unbounce Launch Plan costs $80 per month giving you 500 conversions, 20,000 visitors, and one domain. It is the most basic plan which gives you all the essential features which you’ll need to build landing pages.

With annual pricing you’ll get a 10% discount, so it will cost you $72 per month.

Basically this plan is only focused for building landing pages and nothing much. For beginners it may be okay but I would not recommend this plan for people who are looking for more conversions along with building landing pages, since you will not get A/B testing and other advanced features with this plan.

By the way, $80 per month is not a bad start to catch upto 500 conversions in starting. If you need higher limits with some extra features, you can go for Optimize Plan.

Unbounce Optimize Plan at $120/Month

Unbounce Optimize Plan costs $120 per month and gives you 1,000 conversions, 30,000 visitors, and 3 domains. Along with essential features to get started with landing pages, you will get features like, A/B testing, Smart traffic, Dynamic text replacement which can help you to optimize your conversion with every page visit.

With the 10% discount in annual billing, it will cost you $108 per month.

This plan is recommended for those who want to maximize their conversions. I would definitely recommend this plan as it is the affordable-yet-powerful plan. Unlike the Launch plan, you can test, divert your traffic, and optimize your landing pages to get higher conversions.

Offering 1,000 conversions with the ability of creating unlimited landing pages, unlimited pop ups, unlimited sticky bars definitely stands out at just $120 per month.

Unbounce Accelerate Plan at $200/Month

Unbounce Accelerate Plan costs $200 per month and gives you 2,000 conversions, 40,000 visitors, and 7 connected domains. Covering all the features of Optimize plan, you’ll get benefits of AMP pages and advanced targeting. Basically it covers all the features of Unbounce except 1:1 onboarding & training which is available in the Concierge plan.

Its annual billing will cost you $180 per month with 10% discount.

I would recommend this plan to big businesses or agencies. Marketing agencies who need to manage their clients’ campaigns can best take advantage of this plan. Although every Unbounce plan offers unlimited landing pages, unlimited popups, sticky bars, and unlimited client sub-account. This plan covers everything you’ll need to serve your clients.

Unbounce Scale Plan at $300/Month

Unbounce Scale Plan costs $300 per month and gives you 3,000 conversions, 50,000 visitors, and 15 connected domains. The only difference between Scale and Accelerate plan is the limits.

It will cost you $270 per month with a discount of 10% if you pay annually.

This plan is only worthy for you if your business is growing fast. Since you’ll get 1,000 more conversions and 10,000 more visitors than the accelerate plan without any change in features offered.

Unbounce Concierge Plan

I haven’t mentioned this concierge plan in the table above. This is a custom plan which Unbounce can cater for you if you need higher limits which can’t be served even with Unbounce Scale plan. There is also an option for 1:1 onboarding and training, in which their team will help you to better manage and operate your Unbounce account.

Unbounce 14-Day Free Trial

You can expect a 14-day free trial in all the Unbounce plans. You can test all the features of your selected plans in this trial. I would suggest to go for the Accelerate plan while opting for the free trial. As this plan offers all the features Unbounce has, so that you can test all the features in your free trial. Then you can select your plan according to your business need.

Just note one thing that when you will create your account for the Unbounce free trial, your selected plan will automatically get started. So I suggest you change your plan as per your requirement before the free trial expires.

Features Unbounce Plans Offer

Unbounce features
  • Landing Pages: Unbounce landing page builder lets you create stunning landing pages with 100+ templates, Drag-and-drop builder, Clone edit, Quick publishing, and AMP functionality.
  • Popups & Sticky bars: These small elements are very effective in lead generation.
  • Smart Traffic: It is an AI powered traffic conversion tool, which sends your traffic to your most relevant page.
  • Integrations: 100+ integrations for Unbounce landing pages and popups with email, CRM, and analytics tools.
  • A/B Testing: to test and improve your landing pages.
  • Lead form builder: to easily create and add lead forms within your landing pages.
  • Dynamic Text Replacement: DTR is now very crucial for Google Ads to get higher conversions.
  • Reports & Analytics: to measure your landing page performance.

Unbounce Discounts and Coupons

There are no such Unbounce discounts and coupons available other than the 10% off on buying an annual subscription.

However, you can get an exclusive 20% discount for the first 3 months if you sign up using our link.

Which Unbounce Plan is Best for You

If you are a new business and just getting started with landing pages, then I will suggest you to go with the Unbounce Launch plan. By investing $80 a month, you will get all those features which you will need to get your initial conversions. Although I would recommend the Unbounce Optimize Plan if you’re a little familiar with similar tools and now looking to get higher conversions with your PPC campaigns.

You can start with the Launch or Optimize plan depending upon your business requirements and once your business starts growing you can easily upgrade to the next higher plan. One thing to take note of here is that if your metrics exceed the limits, i.e. if your conversions or visitors in the current month are higher than the selected plan then Unbounce will automatically upgrade your plan. Although they’ll inform you in advance but since it may affect your budgeting so I would suggest to choose your plan as per your estimated needs.

Unbounce is also a preferred landing page and conversion tool for agencies. As you can create unlimited client sub-accounts in all the Unbounce plans. If you’re a marketing agency, I would recommend Unbounce Accelerate plan to start with. You can upgrade to Scale plan when your business starts scaling fast.

Does Unbounce Cost Worth Your Money?

One thing I found best in Unbounce new pricing plans is that they are making it affordable depending on the number of conversions you want. You will not have to pay a huge bucks to get all the services when you really don’t need them.

Being the best landing page builder tool here are some notable Unbounce features which worth more than you pay for it,

  • Unlimited Landing pages, Pop ups, Sticky bars, and sub-accounts.
  • Powerful flexible page builder & editor to build and publish pages easily.
  • Mobile friendly templates and ability to get more templates from third party sources like ThemeForest.
  • Great solution for marketing agencies with very little coding skills.
  • Best A/B testing, and triggering options for pages.
  • Great customer support with a live chat system.

Their most affordable plan without compromising with features which is Optimize plan also costs you $120 per month. Covering all essential features I think it is the most affordable rate among its competitors like Instapage, ClickFunnels, etc., where you’ll have to invest near-about $200 for the same.

The ability of creating unlimited landing pages, popups, sticky bars and unlimited client sub-account makes Unbounce an in-budget solution for marketing agencies. However, marketing agencies have a lot more to do other than building landing pages that convert, they have to take care of email automation, shopping cart tools, help desk platforms, video hosting, membership software and many more other online business solutions. In that case Kartra, which is an All-in-One tool will be a better option to choose for.

Definitely it will cost a little more due to their All-in-One platform. If your only goal is to create, optimize your landing pages and hence to get high rates of conversions then Unbounce is no-doubt best for you.

Unbounce Plans FAQs

Q. What features are available in the 14-day Free Trial?

The free-trial is different for different plans. You will get access to all the features of your selected plan in your free trial period.

Q. Can I upgrade my plan later on Unbounce?

Yes, as your business grows you can upgrade your account for a higher plan anytime.

Q: Can I cancel my account after free trial if I don't like it for any reasons?

If you don’t want to continue for any reasons on your Unbounce free trial then you simply cancel it before the 14 days trial period expires and you will not be charged any more.

Q. Do I need to buy hosting additionally?

Free hosting is included in all the Unbounce plans. So there is no need to buy hosting additionally. But if you want to publish your pages on your own website, in that case you will need to buy hosting additionally.

Q. What will happen if I exceed the conversions and traffic limit of the selected plan?

When it looks like you are going to exceed your conversion and traffic limits, Unbounce alert you about the same in advance. And if your metrics exceed your limits, Unbounce automatically upgrade your account to the next higher version.

Q. How do Unbounce count conversions and unique visitors?

Conversion is a goal set by you and when someone completes the goal, Unbounce count it as a conversion. And by using cookies, Unbounce takes care of your visitors to be counted only once before converting in spite of their number of visits.

Final Thoughts

Unbounce is no-doubt the best landing page builder tool available in the market. After-all, the only thing which really matters at last is Conversions, and ultimately getting more business. And their new pricing plans are making it more affordable for every type of business.

You now know about the 4 Unbounce plans and the one which would be best for your business. Don’t forget to access the 14-day free trial to experience those tools on your own.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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