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Builderall Reviews

Are you getting it challenging to know which all-in-one online marketing platform can fit your business?

Possibly, you have Builderall as your best choice, but you are not sure if this tool will fit your business needs or not.

Worry no more!

In this Builderall Review, I will give you 101 guidance on what Builderall has to offer, discuss its in-depth features, to whom it is useful, pros & cons, testimonials, when to choose this tool and many more so that you determine if it will fit you or not. 

So, let’s go…

What is Builderall

First of all, Builderall is an all-in-one website design and online marketing platform that can help you Build, Market & Run a successful online business. 

The platform was founded by Brazilian entrepreneur & marketing expert, Erick Salgado, with a core objective of improving entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

builderall logo

The recent launch of Builderall 4.0 (from Builderall 3.0) has come with everything you'll ever need. So, whether an experienced digital marketer for a large enterprise and looking to further grow your business, Builderall is the most comprehensive marketing platform that offers all the tools you need for your success.

The Best tools in Builderall include;

  • Pre-made Sales Funnels
  • Drag and Drop Website Builder
  • Autoresponder
  • CRM
  • Schedule Booking
  • App Builder
  • Smart popup
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Messenger Chatbot
  • Hosting
  • Social Proof tool
  • Click map
  • SEO Tool
  • Training Videos
  • Live Weekly Videos
  • And many more...

Builderall has all these tools in one place and for the very best price to give you a robust internet marketing tool. The platform is flexible, quicker and its dashboard is easy to use.

What Can Builderall Do?

What can you do with the Builderall platform?

Builderall allows you to;

  • Build Websites & blogs from scratch.
  • Capture Leads and Send email campaigns.
  • Sell physical products on eCommerce stores.
  • Create high-converting sales funnels.
  • Create and sell online courses.
  • Generate scripts.
  • On page SEO analytics & reports.
  • Build membership sites.
  • Run social media campaigns & ads.
  • Livestream on Facebook and YouTube.
  • Create and edit animation videos that you can use in your marketing campaigns.
  • Track SEO metrics 
  • Heat maps reports to understand your visitor’s behavior.
  • And many more...

Builderall is, therefore, going to save you time and money in building and growing a successful online business.

But is it really going to fit your business? 

Let’s now take a look at Builderall detailed review…

Is Builderall Right For Me?

Builderall is not just a sales funnel builder but it's an affordable yet powerful all-in-one digital marketing platform

It has almost everything you may want in your business, including a website builder, blogging platform, email marketing software, hosting, webinar software, a CRM and many more marketing tools and functionalities for a small business. 

This means that with this platform, you can run almost every aspect of your online marketing;

Builderall Is Right For You If;

Builderall Is NOT Right For You If;

  • You want to venture into digital marketing and looking for an easy to use platform.
  • You are a novice digital marketer and want an excellent platform to manage your online store.
  • You want a Cheetah drag and drop builder experience.
  • You want to create pages and websites from scratch with little or no coding experience.
  • You want to leverage from 2-tier affiliate marketing.
  • You want an affordable all-in-one marketing platform.
  • You are looking for overall best landing pages and funnel builder platforms.
  • You want a tool to help you develop quality landing and sales funnels.
  • You want a platform that has a lifetime pricing deal.
  • If you need really the best, most sophisticated & very intuitive marketing platform.

If you ask me when I should sign up with Builderall? Then my simple single sentence recommendation is to use Builderall when you are limited by your monthly budget yet looking for a complete marketing platform.

Builderall Features - Detailed Review

what is builderall

Builderall has really tons of features, so let's check important main features in detail and then briefly review each tool to understand what you can do with Builderall platform.

Drag & Drop Cheetah Site Builder

builderall cheetah builder

Builderall offers comprehensive site builder tools called Cheetah Website Builder, including Pixel Perfect Builder, with a drag and drop functionality.

The drag and drop tool is extremely easy to use and user-friendly. The editor provides a wide range of features you can choose from so that you eventually create awesome websites and landing pages for both mobile & desktop devices - especially if you don't have any experience with coding.

With this functionality, you can easily do things as simple as adding images and many more. It is also easy to switch between pages you are building.

So whether you want to build a professional website, high converting landing pages, sales funnels, or webinars, Builderall has got you covered.


If you don’t have any coding skills, don’t worry!

With Builderall, you don’t have to start building your websites from scratch.

Builderall offers various premade stunning templates that you can just select and start building your site with a drag and drop tool.

Builderall templates are 100% customized and cover a wide range of niches and industries.

So, whether you are running any business, including music, travel, design, health, or beauty, there will be a template to suit your brand.

Builderall also provides total freedom of customizing the available templates so that you design them as you wish.

And if you also want to design your own design from scratch, Builderall also comes with blank canvas templates for that reason.

Funnel Builder & Sales Funnels 

Builderall Funnels Builder

Builderall comes with Canvas Funnel Builder, a tool that is unique and powerful. 

This tool enables you to map-out your funnel with a whiteboard-style approach and then let Builderall create your funnels automatically on your behalf. 

Then, you can edit the funnel in Pixel Perfect Builder. 

What makes Canvas Funnel Builder an amazing tool to work with is that it allows you to build any type of funnel with all kinds of elements for eBooks, events, webinars, e-learning, product launches, and many more.

Besides, Builderall offers Share Funnel functionality that allows you to share your funnels with other Builderall users or implement a funnel that is created by somebody else.

Script Generator

Builderall offers a Script Generator that automatically spins and develops scripts for just about anything that you can customize to your idea.

Therefore, if you want to create a webinar, email script, sales funnels or an ad, it becomes easier for you without even spending extra cost on outside providers like Funnel Scripts.

Builderall also optimizes these scripts for conversion, helping you to convert more visitors into customers.

Heat mapping

website-heatmaps tools

Heat mapping, also called the click map, allows you to view interaction of your audience on the site, including where they have been clicking, where they spend most time and so on.

This is essential as it helps you understand your audience behaviors so that you know where your visitors are spending most time on your page and where they don’t.

Customizing your pages with this information in mind can help you adjust and improve your visitors engagement & leads.

Design Studio

Builderall comes with several awesome features and tools for designing your website and landing pages.

This makes it easier for you to add and customize your images, videos, media and other visual elements that will make an impact on your visitors.

Builderall design tools include;

  • Design Studio: Here, you can create amazing images and videos for your website, pages, courses, products, eBooks, social media, and many more.
  • Image Spinner: This allows you to design 3D images for your products.
  • Photo Studio: Builderall allows you to edit your photos, change the size and background and many more.
  • Floating Videos: This helps design videos and install a pixel to the page you want the videos to be displayed so that to increase your audience attention.
  • Video Editor: You can create animated videos, add sound, text, animation, etc., and then publish them.

Therefore, whatever design you want, you will be able to do it with Builderall. Remember the ultimate goal here is to improve your entire business by increasing sales.

So, if  you are an entrepreneur who doesn't have the time or budget to go out and do a photoshoot of your website images, Builderall will make you look better and more professional!

Presentations Builder

Builderall’s presentation builder is a unique tool with similar functionalities with PowerPoint that helps you to build professional and attractive presentations for your marketing campaigns.

It comes with even better and more options than PowerPoint, but in terms of presentation, I would advise you to still consider PowerPoint. 

App Creator

Builderall App Creator

This amazing feature enables you to build, edit, and publish your own mobile apps which you can share on your social platforms at no extra cost. 

Creating your business app using this tool is another way of improving your online marketing strategy so that your campaigns can reach more people, increasing your overall ROI.

You can even include your current offers on the app, your social media links, audio, files and many more.

Unlike many other free app builders available on the market, Builderall app creator is easy to use and completely free from third-party ads.

Email Marketing

Builderall MailingBoss Email Marketing

Builderall offers a powerful email marketing tool, the MailingBoss Autoresponder.

This tool is easy to implement and use. It helps you to manage your leads as well as converting them into recurring customers.

Builderall also allows you to integrate with other 3rd party email platforms so that you have the freedom whether to use in-build email autoresponder or your other favourite third-party providers.

eCommerce Store

Builderall eCommerce

Builderall comes with basic eCommerce tools that allows you to sell your product online.

The platform uses Magento as it's eCommerce platform, and it's free to use.

Magento is a robust eCommerce platform, although it might not be as good as Shopify, if you are just going to use Builderall for selling products online and something else, then it will be a great tool, but if your primary goal is to only use eCommerce, then I would suggest considering other tools.

Membership Sites

Builderall allows you to build unlimited membership areas where you can offer content to your audience for the purpose of generating profits.

Here, you can offer a free or premium membership to your followers depending on your goals. For instance, you can create your online courses and restrict them to be accessible to only students who have paid.

You will also enjoy working with other amazing membership site tools like membership funnels, membership VIP funnels and webinars for membership.


Builderall Webinar

Builderall also comes with powerful Webinar features to help you create engaging events that will enhance your marketing.

With this feature, you can create HD videos that will attract your audience. You can upload your content directly from your desktop and present it to your audience.

Builderall webinar tools also enable you to schedule webinars start times, monitor statistics and many more.

Like many best webinar platforms, you can enable chat. What makes it even interesting is its Ghost users functionality, which are bot users that you can program to make comments during your webinar event so that your attendees don't feel alone.

So if you want a tool that can help you connect with your target audience effectively through live webinars and enhance your overall marketing, Builderall is a handy tool.

Dedicated servers

If you are going to leverage on online marketing, then you need a secure hosting for your websites, sales funnels, webinar, landing pages and anything you want to design and publish for your marketing campaigns so that you don’t uy third-party hosting services..

Builderall offers dedicated hosting servers for all these services. 

This means that you will save extra costs for hiring things like internet maintenance, security, backup, etc. as they will sort all these issues for you so that you can focus on important things like creating sales for your business.

Builderall 4.0 Affiliate Program

Beides the digital assistance that it provides, Builderall also offers you a chance to create income sources from affiliate marketing.

Builderall offers a lucrative commission structure on its affiliate. 

For instance, you will earn;

  • 100% commission for every new sale you make.
  • 30% commission for monthly payments of your sales.
  • 30% 2nd tier recurring commission, lifetime.

Here is my Builderall Affiliate Program detailed review for your in-depth idea.

Builderall Training Materials

Builderall comes with tons of training materials to help you get started on how to use it. 

The materials include tutorials and training videos. 

In addition to this, there are also Builderall active Facebook groups where you can get help directly from Builderall support and interact with other Builderall users with similar challenges.

Builderall Other Features

As we have seen, Builderall comes with almost all the features and functionalities you need to run a successful online marketing campaign.

Other features that are worth knowing includes;

builderall all tools
  • SEO Optimization: Builderall offers On-page SEO Optimization for the search engines.
  • Unlimited Browser Notification: Builderall offers unlimited automatic browser notifications for calendar and browser to enhance your marketing campaigns.
  • Autopost: This feature helps you to schedule your social media posts.
  • Social Proof Tool: This helps you to add social proof to your checkout pages and share info about your recent customers who have made a purchase.
  • Share Locker: This tool lets you block access to some parts of your site until users have shared your content on social media.
  • Blog Builder: Builderall also allows you to quickly build engaging blogs.
  • Facebook Messenger Chatbot Integration: This enhances your facebook communication, helping you to convert more.
  • A/B Split Testing: This helps you to scale your campaigns by testing different elements of the same variable to choose the one that will perform best.
  • Mobile Perfection: Builderall offers fast and stunning mobile versions for your websites.
  • Checkout: Builderall allows you to sell your products and courses online.
  • Bump Sells, Upsales and Down Sales: Builderall also allows you to configure upsells, downsells and bump-sells on your offers so that you can get the most out of your clients.
  • Countdown, Evergreen, Fixed Date Timers: This helps you to plan an event or add scarcity to your offers to help your client buy before expiry. This improves your overall sales.
  • Page Loading Accelerator: This tool helps your pages to load faster.
  • Mobile Page Loading Accelerator: You lose 24% conversions for every second your website takes to load on mobile, with Builderall your page will load in less than 1 second!
  • Smart Popup: This enables you to easily configure and display pop ups based on your visitors actions such as exit intent, Scrolling or timed popups.
  • Website Sharing: This feature enables you to share your websites and pages with your customers, colleagues or friends with just a single click.
  • SSL Certificate: This keeps your website free from insecurity issues.
  • Email Scarcity Timers: This tool helps you to send time sensitive offers to your leads.
  • Super Fast CDN Servers: This helps your clients websites to load faster no matter their country.
  • Website Daily Backup: This keeps your content safe by backing it daily automatically.
  • Youtube Live Streaming Tool: This enables you to go live on YouTube so that you can share your content with the audience with Builderall Webinar tools.
  • Facebook Live Streaming Tool: This also help you to go live on Facebook during Builderall Live Webinar feature.
  • Builderall Booking App: This helps you to create appointments and events with your clients.
  • Video Hosting: This enables you to host your marketing and training videos with Builderall.
  • Builderall Marketplace: Here, you can market and buy products with special discounts and sell your products as well.

Builderall 4.0 Pricing

Builderall is offering two plans at the moment;

  • Builderall Premium Plan: This plan costs $99.90/m $69.90/month. It comes with a 30% discount and this offer is available for a limited time for Builderall 4.0 launch.
  • Builderall Funnel Club: $199.00/ one time + U$99.90/Month $69.90/Monthly (Lock the price forever!) Ticket for all the Builderall Tools, more than 400 Funnel templates, and chatbot funnels.

For the Funnel Club, the first payment of the month will cost you $199, then after it will be $69.90/m.

Builderall also offers a 30 Days Trial at $1 only.

Here is my in-depth Builderall’s Pricing guide for more ideas.

Builderall Testimonials & Success Stories

builderall testimonials

“I must say I love Builderall. The platform is well structured and the tutorial videos are awesome.”

- David Jones

Builderall Pros

  • Builderall comes with lots of features under one roof.
  • Builderall is a perfect choice if you are an entry-level entrepreneur, especially with a tight budget.
  • It is one of the best affordable alternatives compared to ClickFunnels and Kartra.
  • Builderall offers a lucrative affiliate program.

Builderall Cons

  • The company is more on adding more tools to their platform than focusing on quality delivery.
  • Builderall comes with lots of tools which might be overwhelming, especially if you are a beginner.
  • Builderall interface is inconsistent which may cause poor user experience.
  • Builderall does not offer live chat support.

Builderall Alternatives & Comparison

As Builderall is offering almost all the tools that you need for your business on a pocket-friendly budget, it might not be a piece of cake for you.

However, there are some alternatives in the market that are competitive and you might consider them.

These include; 

1. GrooveFunnels

Builderall is quite affordable.

However, they are more focused on offering more tools than on giving quality. 

Therefore, in this GroveFunnels vs Builderall comparison, Builderall has as many powerful options as GrooveFunnels.

GrooveFunnels comes with more advanced features. Even though its Lifetime plan pricing might not be for everyone, it is worth it if you can manage to pay.

GrooveFunnels is also considered to be more professional compared to Builderall. 

So, GrooveFunnels will be a perfect choice if you are looking for a tool that provides a high level of professionalism, and you want to leverage a lifetime free plan or one time payment of your package.

2. Kartra

If you are looking for another Builderall alternative with powerful all in one features, and can take care of your marketing needs and overall business without the need for 3rd party integration, Kartra will be the perfect choice here. 

Kartra also offers affordable packages that can fit your business, regardless of the size, even when we compare Kartra and Builderall then find that it is not cheap but they are really best in the segment.

3. ClickFunnels

Builderall is one of the best choices, especially if you are a newbie in the world of internet marketing when you need landing pages and sales funnels tools at an affordable monthly budget.

But if you are a serious online marketer who cares about high-conversion sales funnels that will result in high rates and want the best product that will provide you this on a friendly budget, go with ClickFunnels.

ClickFunnels is awesome for sales funnels, landing pages, list building, webinars and sales pages.


Comparing Builderall vs GetResponse, Builderall would be a perfect choice especially if your business involves blogging and content management.

On the other hand, GetResponse does not include lots of features and functionalities as Builderall, but the ones it offers are powerful and come with great value to offer you amazing experience. 

Therefore, if you need a platform with great blogging functionalities and can help you create high converting landing pages and sales funnels, and perform email marketing, then go with Builderall. 

But if you need a great platform with more focus on email marketing and automation, alongside landing pages and sales funnels then GetResponse would be your perfect choice. 

Is Builderall Worth Your Investment?

Yes! Builderall is worth your investment.

Considering features, functionality and price they offer, Builderall is definitely a great platform.

So, if you are looking for an affordable and inclusive all in one marketing solution that can conveniently enable you to launch and run a successful online business, then Builderall is for you.

Other reasons you might find Builderall to be worth your investment include;

  • Builderall offers all the features you need to build a successful online business.
  • Builderall includes awesome features for affiliate management with an integrated payment system.
  • Builderall offers dedicated servers to host your content.
  • It comes with an integrated eCommerce tool to sell your products as well as to promote relevant affiliate offers.
  • Builderall affiliate program is very lucrative recurring income opportunity.
  • Builderall offers a dedicated Facebook community to help you get started.
  • Builderall is a perfect tool if you are a new business person or marketer and looking for an affordable platform that includes all the tools under one roof.

But if you found out Builderall is not for you, there are other Builderall alternatives in the market you might consider instead.

For instance, for overall best all in one platform that has best price value, go with Kartra

For creating quality landing pages and sales funnels, go with Unbounce.

For creating high-converting landing pages, sales pages and funnels, go with ClickFunnels.

For advanced features platform that offers a one time pricing, go with GrooveFunnels (please note that this GrooveFunnels Lifetime offer is available only for a limited time and it will expire soon).

Want to know more about Builderall, Checkout FAQs

Q. Is Builderall better than Kartra?

Builderall is much more affordable than Kartra but it won't give you the kind of quality you will get from Kartra. Kartra is more focused on providing powerful features that help you create high converting landing pages and sales funnels. So, if you have less budget to subscribe to Kartra then it can be a good idea to switch to Builderall, otherwise, Kartra offers all tools on an affordable budget, especially if you are an experienced marketer with a small to large enterprise.

Q. Is Builderall a pyramid scheme?

No. Builderall is not a pyramid scheme. It's one of the best digital marketing platforms that helps you to manage your online business.

Q. Why does Builderall have such a low monthly price? And is it a lifetime pricing?

Builderall is currently giving a special offer introductory price that is only available within a limited time. If you purchase your Builderall package during this offer, the price will never be raised for you.

Q. Are pages built with Builderall SEO friendly?

Absolutely yes. Builderall offers on-page optimization & SEO reporting tools that give you essential information that you need to make your page optimized, which improves your page rank.

Q. I have zero design skills, is Builderall good for me?

Yes, Builderall doesn’t care whether you are an artist, or an ICT guru or not. The platform offers WYSIWYG user interface with drag and drop functionality, together with premade beautiful templates to help you get started. 

Q. Can Builderall really replace my costly autoresponder tool?

Yes. Builderall offers full features including fully integrated autoresponder feature, saving you huge money that you would spend with integrating services like ActiveCampaign, GetResponse or ConvertKit.

Final Thought

Builderall gives you an easy way of starting your online business without hassle.

It comes with a complete tool-set for website building and marketing, at an affordable price. Therefore, if you are a newbie in digital marketing, Builderall offers you a great way to get started with less risk.

Builderall offers a 30 days trial period to enable you to test its features and functionalities. You can sign up for the trial and see if the tool is ideal for you or not.

However, if you are looking for the best & most advanced all in one marketing solution, I would advise you consider using Kartra as it offers all the essential features you need to run and manage any online business.

Or if you don’t want the hassle of monthly or yearly payment, go with GrooveFunnels as it is currently offering a lifetime deal and it comes with the best value.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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