Kartra Pricing Plan, Monthly Cost, Discount 2023 – Is It Worth?

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Kartra Pricing Plans

Looking for Kartra pricing plan features, cost, and guide on which plan to choose? Let's move.

Managing an online business itself is a challenge especially when you don't have the right technology and resources.

So, are you tired of online business systems? Or, do you want to reduce what you spend on business systems? Well, this is where Kartra comes in. 

While there are many platforms available today to help you manage your business successfully, choosing the right platform that gives more value can be confusing. The tool which is easy to use, affordable, has everything to manage your business on a single platform makes it easy and that is where “Kartra” comes in place.

Kartra is an all-in-one sales funnel and marketing platform with a combination of ease of use, flexibility and advanced features & functionalities.

Kartra is not only designed as a sales funnels but also an inclusive platform for landing page building, CRM, membership site, shopping & checkout, email marketing, list building, video hosting, business management and much more designed for marketers

So, are you looking to learn about Kartra pricing? Are you confused about whether Kartra is worth it or expensive? Or, are you trying to figure out the best Kartra pricing plan for your business? Well, this post is for you!

In this Kartra pricing and cost guide, you will get answers to all the questions you might have. We will help you to learn about 

  • How much Kartra cost each month
  • What does Kartra Starter, Kartra Silver, Kartra Gold & Kartra Platinum plan offers.
  • Which plan is suitable for your business.
  • What coupons, offers and current exclusive discount deals are available. 
  • When to choose which plan.
  • Whether Kartra is worth it in 2023 and much more.

With this knowledge, you will be able to make the right decision about the best pricing plan for your business based on your needs and budget.

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Kartra Pricing Plans - A Quick Overview

How much does Kartra cost each month? Kartra offers multiple pricing packages to fulfill the business needs of small, medium and large businesses. They include;

  • Kartra Starter $99/M (2500 Leads, 1 custom domain, 15000 emails/m)
  • Kartra Silver $199/M (12500 Leads, 3 custom domains, Unlimited emails
  • Kartra Gold $299/M (25000 Leads, 5 custom domains, Unlimited emails
  • Kartra Platinum $499/M (50000 Leads, 10 custom domains, Unlimited emails)
  • Kartra Enterprise plan (Fully customized price & features)

Starter Plan

Silver Plan

Gold Plan

Platinum Plan

Kartra Monthly Pricing





Kartra Annual Pricing





30 days Money back Guarantee





Pre-designed sales funnels















Emails Marketing






1 Custom Domain

3 Custom Domains

5 Custom Domains

10 Custom Domains

Landing pages

Host 100 Pages

Unlimited Pages

Unlimited Pages

Unlimited Pages

Video hosting





How many videos

50 Videos

Unlimited videos

Unlimited videos

Unlimited videos

Course hosting





Sell Products

Sell 20 products

Unlimited products

Unlimited products

Unlimited products

Affiliate management





Membership sites

2 Membership sites

Unlimited Membership sites

Unlimited Membership sites

Unlimited Membership sites

Team Members

Add 1 Team Member

Unlimited Team Members

Unlimited Team Members

Unlimited Team Members

Helpdesk with live chat

Connect 1 Helpdesk

Unlimited Helpdesks

Unlimited Helpdesks

Unlimited Helpdesks

Kartra Agency

Not Included





Kartra Overview - All-In-One Platform

Kartra is the greatest all in one platform to help you manage your online business. With Kartra, you can access all the technological solutions you may need for your business are in one place without the need for integrations.

Kartra integrates sales, marketing, web hosting and communications systems into one palace which helps you to save costs and eliminate use of separate systems.

The key Kartra features include Checkouts, Pages, Leads, Funnels & campaigns, Mail, Memberships, Surveys & Quizzes, Videos, Helpdesk, Calendar, Forms, Affiliates, Agency, Marketplace, Integrations & API.

Kartra can help you to;

  • Create an advanced multi-step sales funnel.
  • Website visitors into leads, leads into customers and customers into recurring clients.
  • Build your leads, organize them in groups and automate your sales funnels.
  • Build marketing pages including landing pages, product launch pages, sales pages, thank you pages, etc.
  • Analyze your campaigns and conduct market research through surveys and quizzes.
  • Sell products & services online through secure payment gateways and attractive checkout forms.
  • Conduct your marketing using other advanced tools such as videos, memberships, affiliate programs, etc.
  • Create automated or live SMS and email marketing campaigns to help you interact with potential clients.
  • Schedule appointments and monitor the calendar.

Best For?

Kartra is suitable for anyone who wishes to run their online business seamlessly on one platform. It is a suitable platform;

  • If you need the best, feature-rich all-in-one business marketing tool.
  • If you want to focus on making profits other than solving software issues.
  • You want to manage your consultancy, agency, course business or local business with a simple single platform.
  • If you are looking for the most suitable alternative for other marketing software such as ClickFunnels, Keap, Ontraport.
  • If you do not have a budget dedicated to hiring a team of developers rather you can manage your tech with a better platform.

Generally, Kartra can work well for marketers, bloggers, freelancers, business owners, online entrepreneurs, course creators, consultants, digital agencies, trainers, small businesses, enterprises, large corporations, etc.

Get a Kartra 14 -days Trial at just $1

 (For Limited Time only)

Are you undecided on whether to invest in Kartra or not? Or, have you used a platform that works like Kartra and wish to get an idea of what Kartra entails?

Well, do not worry. While Kartra does not offer a free trial, it offers a deal as close as free. Kartra offers a 14 day free trial on any plan for as low as $1.

This trial will surely help you to see for yourself whether it's a right fit for business or not. For a limited time, Kartra has doubled its trial period and offers a 30 days trial for just $1, even if you miss this limited chance, you can always get your hands on a regular 14 days trial for just $1. 

The Kartra trial is available for all pricing plans which can be upgraded to monthly or annual subscriptions.

Kartra Pricing Plans, Cost, Features & Selection Guide

Before you try out Kartra, you have a chance to choose between several pricing plans based on your budget and business needs. 

Kartra offers 4 different plans ranging from $99/m to $499/m and fully customizable plans with further discounts available if you choose an annual option.

The pricing is simple and direct with no hidden fees, The platform charges only one flat fee per plan per month. The best part is that Kartra does not lock any features for any plan but offers them at different limits.

Also, the pricing plans cater for all business sizes from small businesses to medium-sized businesses to large businesses. You can also choose a lower plan and upgrade as your business grow.

Below is a detailed review of each of the plans.
kartra pricing plans

Kartra Starter Plan - Best for Beginners

Kartra Starter Plan is the most basic plan you get for just $99 per month which can be further reduced to $79 per month if you subscribe annually so you get up to 25% discount and save $240 with the annual subscription.

Though it sounds basic but it is not that basic at all as it gives you all the features to set up and run your small business online successfully with spending less and getting more done with its amazing features

Benefits Of Kartra Starter Plan

Even in a starter plan you get all the amazing features Kartra has to offer at a limited number of leads & emails which is good enough for small businesses to get started. 

Here you get sales funnels, contacts management, email automation, sales videos, etc. for your small businesses to start on.

This plan comes with 2,500 leads/contacts, 15k emails and one domain that you can connect to the help desk. With these limits, this plan can be helpful especially if you are getting started with creating email lists and setting up a few automated campaigns.

Also, this plan is restricted to only one domain which is enough for you to concentrate on a single website as you start off your marketing journey.

The best part is it includes pre-designed sales funnels so you do not have to do coding and can utilize inbuilt sales funnels to generate more results. 

This plan is  most suitable for those who are starting off as online entrepreneurs. You can easily sell 20 products, which is great for small personal businesses like DIYs, local businesses, writers, educators, Trainers, affiliate products marketers, startups and many other small eCommerce businesses.

It also has other great perks mentioned below, which surely makes it worth spending. They include;

Kartra Starter Plan
  • Included Pre-designed sales funnels
  • 50GB Bandwidth
  • 2,500 Leads/Contacts
  • 15,000/month Emails Marketing
  • Sell upto 20 Products
  • 1 Custom Domains
  • Host 100 Landing pages
  • Included Video hosting
  • Included Course hosting
  • Included Affiliate management
  • 2 Membership sites
  • Add 1 Team Members
  • Connect 1 Helpdesk with live chat
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 14 Days Free Trial in just $1 (for limited time get 30 days free trial just at $1)

Who Should Opt For It?

If you have just started a small business and are looking for a way to start growing your reach, then Kartra Starter Plan is best to invest in as it costs less and has a low investment risk.

It's easy to use even if you're not tech savvy and you will also get training videos to get the most out of it making it suitable for beginners.

Also, if you are an online entrepreneur, consultants for small-time trainers and you feel like Kartra's basic features can cater to your business needs, then this plan can work for you.

Lastly, if you are running an online business and are on a very tight budget, then you can go for this plan too. 

What Are The Limitations?

With the right use of Kartra, you will surely grow your small business just within months. This will call for an upgrade as initially 15,000/month emails and 2,500 contacts may be enough but with growth comes expansion

This plan allows you to sell only 20 products on the Kartra Platform. This can work well for a starting online entrepreneur. However, this may not work for an established business. Also, if you are hosting HD Quality videos then 50 GB is not enough. 

The good news is you can always upgrade to the Kartra Silver plan to support your business expansion without delays. 

However, if you are already having more than 2,500 contacts, want to sell more than 20 products and your business is hosting HD videos then it is recommended to opt for Silver Plan as the starter plan is not the best fit for you.

Kartra Silver Plan - Best Value for Experienced

Kartra Silver Plan is the “Best Value Plan that you get at just $199 per month, The price  can be further reduced to $149 per month if you choose an annual subscription so you get up to 25% discount and save $600 annually.

This plan is a great improvement from the Starter plan as it offers abundant value and unlimited access to Kartra tools.

What Will You Get?

Kartra Silver Plan is popular among its users because of its amazing basic features and perks of having some unlimited features like unlimited video hosting and many more making it a big step from the starter plan.

This plan comes with 12,500 contacts/leads, allows you to use up to 3 websites, unlimited bandwidth, sales & landing pages.

With a $100 difference in pricing compared to the starter plan, the silver plan offers so much value. This makes it suitable for middle-sized businesses that are fast growing, engaging more clients and expanding their websites

The Silver plan features are as below.

Kartra Silver Plan
  • Included Pre-designed sales funnels
  • 3 Custom Domains
  • 12,500 Leads/Contacts
  • Unlimited Emails Marketing
  • Host Unlimited Landing pages
  • Unlimited Video hosting bandwidth
  • Included Course hosting
  • Included Affiliate management
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Membership sites
  • Add Unlimited Team Members
  • Connect Unlimited Helpdesk with live chat
  • Included Kartra Agency

Who Should Opt For Kartra Silver Plan?

Kartra Silver Plan is the most popular best value plan. It is suitable for all those businesses that are small to medium size as it includes some amazing basic features enough to support your growing business needs. 

If you are a digital marketing agency or an affiliate marketer and you are willing to spend some cash on a powerful platform, this plan can also work well for you. 

It comes with Kartra Agency which allows you to work with a portfolio of clients without stressing about management as it can be done with just one tool at one place.

Additionally, if you feel like you have outgrown the Kartra starter plan or you have some budget to invest in a powerful business management platform, you should definitely opt into the silver plan.

The Silver plan has many unlimited tools and allows more emails & leads making it suitable for more engagement with clients to help grow your business.

What Are The Limitations?

Karta Silver Plan seems promising to facilitate small to medium size businesses, the only limitation is when you want to generate more than 12,500 leads and connect more than 3 domains.

Otherwise, the unlimited bandwidth and other features really make it worth its cost and sufficient enough to run your business smoothly.

Kartra Gold Plan- For Growing Needs

Kartra Gold Plan is just $299 per month which can be further reduced to $229 per month if you choose an annual subscription where you get upto 25% discount and save $840 annually.

This plan is designed for growth when Silver Plan 12,500 leads/contacts are not enough for your growing business needs.

What Will You Get?

Like other plans, you will get more than 6 unlimited features plus its basic features are amazing as you can generate up to 25,000 leads and unlimited email marketing to grab the attention of your potential clients and to support growing business needs. 

Also, this plan opens you up to 5 custom domains and other benefits such as unlimited pages, integrated email marketing systems, survey & quiz creation tools, Kartra marketplace, Kartra agency and great customer support.

These extensive features make this plan most suitable for established  businesses that are looking to grow their business list, increase their online presence  and sell unlimited products & services.

Check out other perks you are about to enjoy while signing up for Kartra Gold Plan:

Kartra Gold Plan
  • Included Pre-designed sales funnels
  • 5 Custom Domains
  • 25,000 Leads/Contacts
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Emails Marketing
  • Unlimited Products
  • Host Unlimited Landing pages
  • Included Video hosting
  • Included Course hosting
  • Included Affiliate management
  • Unlimited Membership sites
  • Add Unlimited Team Members
  • Connect Unlimited Helpdesk with live chat

Who Should Opt For It?

Kartra Gold plan is best for established businesses and helps you grow your business tremendously by generating more leads and having the freedom of connecting up to 5 domains. 

It is a good plan for teams nearing enterprise marketing levels and having a big team. It is best to stabilize your growth before you go bigger and bigger to opt for the Platinum plan. 

The growing curve can be flattened for some time and you still can enjoy the perks of constant growth without the stress of running out of bandwidth.

In short, it is the best plan to enjoy your smooth journey while planning for your next big destination.

What Are The Limitations?

Kartra Gold Plan is enough to support any growing business. The only limitation is that it supports only 5 domains.

If you are a course seller and have a lot of leads and nurture them to sell your subscription then you need more leads and similarly, if you are growing e-commerce having many customers and need to follow up then also this 25,000 leads is limited for you.

Therefore, if you are in fast growing e-commerce, course selling or consultant business and want to fulfill the growing needs of your customers and want to generate more leads with the option of adding more than 5 custom domains then surely you can check out Kartra Platinum Plan below.

Kartra Platinum Plan - For Established Business

Kartra Platinum Plan is just $499 per month which can be further reduced to $379 per month if you choose an annual plan so you get upto 25% discount and save $1440 annually.

This is the highest of all the plans offered by Kartra. It is the most extensive plan with the most advanced features.

What Will You Get?

With Kartra Platinum Plan you will get unlimited bandwidth to even host HD videos without running low. This will ensure the smooth management and operation of your large business. 

Plus with unlimited email marketing and pre-designed sales funnel you have the freedom to take your business to the next level with proper growth strategies. 

This plan also offers up to 50,000 leads and 10 custom domains with unlimited landing pages. These extensive features make this plan suitable for large scale e-commerce businesses.

The amazing features of this plan are mentioned below:

Kartra Platinum Plan
  • Included Pre-designed sales funnels
  • 10 Custom Domains
  • 50,000 Leads/Contacts
  • Unlimited Emails Marketing
  • Unlimited Products
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Host Unlimited Landing pages
  • Included Video hosting
  • Included Course hosting
  • Included Affiliate management
  • Unlimited Membership sites
  • Add Unlimited Team Members
  • Connect Unlimited Helpdesk with live chat
  • Included Kartra Agency

Who Should Opt For It?

Kartra Platinum Plan is best suitable for large fastest-growing businesses having to cater to a variety of customers with smooth operations from one place. 

This plan brings a lot of freedom by saving time and effort and lets you manage and grow even your large range of business especially, course selling, e-commerce without stressing over hiring hundreds of employees.

If you have a budget dedicated to an all round e-commerce platform, this plan can work well for you. This plan offers all you need to manage a large scale eCommerce business.

Also, if you are a large business with many leads and you do not see the need for a customized quote, the Platinum plan is for you.

What Are The Limitations?

Kartra Platinum Plan seems a bit costly but by opting for an annual plan you can get all these amazing features, especially unlimited bandwidth, freedom to connect 10 custom domains and add unlimited products by saving $1440 annually. 

Which is quite a fair deal as it will save you not only money but effort to hire and manage a big team. Instead, Kartra will do most of it for you all at one place.

Kartra Enterprise Plan

With Kartra Enterprise Plan you can freely choose custom built features whether its leads per month, email marketing, required domains, bandwidth or any other available Kartra Feature to match your business needs. 

You can tailor these features to fit your business management and growth requirements by contacting responsive and helpful Kartra customer support.

This plan is most suitable for large businesses with specific business needs.

Kartra Plans and Freedom of Choice

“You can upgrade or degrade levels of your Kartra Plan anytime you want without any restrictions which gives so much freedom to test which plan is best suited for your business and then stick to it till you are ready to grow your business to the next level.”

“Also, Kartra offers a 30 day money back guarantee. This way, you can ask for a full refund within the first 30 day in case the plan you have purchased does not align with your goals.”

Kartra Discount, Offers & Coupon Code

Kartra Plans Discount

Kartra does not offer any coupon codes or offers at the moment. However, each plan comes with a free bonus Kartra Agency feature from the Silver Plan and above.

Also, you get to enjoy a 25% Karta discount deal on all the plans if you go for the yearly pricing option. 

You can save $240 to $1440 yearly when opt-in for this offer based on the plan you select. So If you have a long-term business goal and looking best pricing deal then I strongly recommend to go with a yearly plan and getting a Kartra Discount Deal.

Does Kartra Lifetime Deal Available?

Kartra does not offer a Lifetime Deal. However, Kartra offers 25% discount and sometimes 50% deals on Kartra Black Friday, rest they never had lifetime deals in the past, so you can go with a yearly plan and save money.

RelevantHow to get Kartra 30 days trial?

Which Kartra Plan is Best for You?

The best Kartra plan for you depends on your business needs. For instance, the number of leads you have, domains you have, whether you are managing client account, etc,

However, if you are just starting and looking for an all in one marketing solution with less number of contacts then the Kartra Starter plan is more than enough for you.

If you are a more experienced consultant or course creator and you really need more resources, Kartra Silver plan can work perfectly for you. It is the most popular plan that people choose because of its unlimited features except the number of leads.

So, if you are already in business and have little monthly income or cash to spend on an eCommerce platform, then the Kartra Silver plan is the best to go with.

Also, If your business is growing and has up to 25,000 contacts and need to connect to up to 5 domains, then you can go with the Kartra Gold plan. The Kartra Gold plan can allow you to engage with more potential customers and increase more sales.

But If you have an already established eCommerce business or courses, then Kartra Platinum is what you need. This plan comes with everything you may need to seamlessly manage a large business.

However, if you have specific business needs, then the Kartra Platinum plan is perfect for you. This plan can be tailored to suit your particular needs.

Generally, here I recommend you to get started with the Kartra Silver plan as it has amazing features and it works well for most businesses. Then, based on your business growth you can upgrade your plan whenever you require.

How Kartra Pricing Compare?

Now question is does Kartra monthly cost worth? Let's compare with the other tools pricing to get more idea.

And now check how Kartra platform can compare with other tools by features, functions, cost and all the aspects to make informed decision.

When you you compare the tools then realize that you can’t go wrong with Kartra.

Services Offered by Kartra Plans

Kartra pricing plans offer the following amazing services or features to fulfill your business sales and marketing needs:

Services Offered by Kartra
  • Kartra Checkouts: You can sell your products and services through secure and attractive checkout forms using both credit card and PayPal.
  • Kartra Pages: You can create attractive pages that are 100% mobile optimized using the drag and drop page builder and hundreds of pre-designed templates.
  • Kartra Leads: You can build your leads, prospects and client database. Also, you can manage your leads by arranging them in thematic groups through lists and custom tags.
  • Kartra Funnels & Campaigns: You can create a multi-step funnel flow to help you convert your prospects into leads, leads into customers and customers into returning clients.
  • Kartra Memberships: You can deliver your content, training materials, or courses using a professionally designed drag and drop membership portal builder.
  • Kartra Mail: You can manage next-gen email automation, live email, or SMS marketing campaigns to help you engage with your clients and increase sales.
  • Kartra Videos: You can create amazing videos to inject into your marketing campaigns, lead capture forms, video playlists, etc.
  • Kartra Helpdesks: You can offer excellent customer support to your clients at multiple levels through the advanced ticketing system and the knowledge base management system.
  • Kartra Calendars: You can create and organize live sessions with your clients or students.
  • Kartra Forms: You can create your own customized and automated lead capture forms with powerful tagging.
  • Kartra Affiliates: You can recruit, manage and track your affiliates to help you promote your products and services at flexible commissions.
  • Kartra Agency: The Silver plan and other higher accounts offer access to agencies where you can manage all your customer accounts from a centralized place.
  • Kartra Marketplace: You can sell your marketing funnels and expert services and also learn about the resources that other Kartra users are creating.
  • Integrations & API: Using API, you can customize your account with add ons and integrate with other third-party applications.

What Is Kartra Agency?

Kartra agency feature is a bonus free of charge feature available from the Silver plan and above. Kartra agency allows you to view and manage all your client accounts from one centralized place.

This feature is easy to use with a secure one-click log-in where you can perform quick client analytics and automate reports for your clients 

Kartra agency allows you to;

  • See important metrics of your clients and their quick performance overview.
  • Add new accounts to your customer portfolio.
  • Allow your clients to co-manage their accounts by creating logins for them.
  • Centralize all your accounts in a unified billing profile.
  • Generate personalized and account performance reports for your clients.

Therefore, if you are a contractor or agency or you manage many Kartra accounts, then this feature can simplify your work.

Available Kartra Adds On

Best thing is you can integrate some of the features to fulfill your growing business needs. What if you like the default plan but still need to upgrade some of its features without the upgradation of the Kartra Plan you're using? 

Kartra Adds on integration is there to rescue you as you can upgrade the following features with ease:

  • You can add additional domains
  • You can upgrade email and bandwidth. 
  • If you are tech savvy then by using Kartra API you can program your own custom adds on.

What Can Kartra Replace?

Kartra is a comprehensive online marketing platform with almost everything you need to run a successful business.

You can save hundreds of dollars since you don't need to hire and pay copywriters, designers, web developers or system integrators.

Also, Kartra can help you manage your business, market and grow it all at one place without using multiple tools like email marketing, web platforms, lead generations, e-commerce stores etc.

For instance, with Kartra you can replace:

  • Funnel Builder e.g. ClickFunnels Standard: $97/month
  • Landing page builder e.g. Leadpages: $25/month
  • Advanced email automation e.g. ActiveCampaign (or other CRM at 2500 leads): $49/month
  • Cart checkout e.g. SamCart or ThriveCart: $99/month
  • Membership Plugin or Software $79+/month
  • Video Hosting (Vimeo): $20/month
  • HelpDesk like Zendesk: $5/month
  • Appointment schedule booking e.g. calendly: $8/month
  • iDevAffiliate: $39/month
  • Optin forms/popups like Sumo Pro: $29/month
  • Deadline Funnel: $37/month
  • CRM e.g. HubSpot: $50/month
  • Survey & quizz tools e.g SurveyMonkey: $25/month
  • Graphic designers
  • And much more…

It’s $562 per month of tools you can cancel just with a $99 per month Kartra plan and if you need more then sign up with a Kartra silver plan at $199 which is also far cheaper and way beyond than the rest of the tools.

How Do You Get The Most Out Of Kartra Plans?

Below are a few tips to help you gain more from the Kartra plans.

  • Make use of Kartra training: You should make use of the Kartra training to learn more on how to make maximum use of Kartra features and how to perform better as an online marketer or entrepreneur.
  • Conduct extensive research: Research about everything concerning Kartra, the number of features, how the features work, what are the advanced use, etc. before using it. For instance, reading this article.
  • Constantly review Kartra analytics: You should make use of Kartras detailed analytics i.e content, email, content performance, etc to help you manage your clients better and make informed marketing decisions.
  • Make use of the Kartra Helpdesk: You should make use of the highly reliable customer support through the helpdesk to help you handle your issues. With instant help, you will save a lot of time and concentrate on growing your business.
  • Recruit Affiliates: You can recruit affiliates to help you market your business at a commission so as to increase your sales and profits.
  • Try Everything: Kartra is a comprehensive platform with a variety of features to help you manage your business. Try as much as possible to use every feature as you grow your business.

Is Kartra Worth Your Money?

Definitely Yes!

Kartra is a powerful digital marketing platform that can help you manage and grow your online business. It can make your business efficient and stress free to manage at affordable costs.

If you are already running an online business using different tools you should definitely consider Kartra as you will be able to spend less and get more.

Kartra can simplify your business by putting all the tools and subscriptions in one place so that you can concentrate on growing your business rather than managing. Kartra can surely make your business management, automation, sales and marketing easy and at one place.

With Kartra, you can create your website, create landing pages, build sales funnels, sell products, organize marketing contacts, create automated marketing campaigns and help you recruit & manage affiliates to help you grow your brand.

Kartra is also easy to use with the freedom to choose the pricing plan based on your business needs and automate many time consuming processes.

It has many perks which weigh more than it actually costs, which are as follows:

  • All in one business marketing platform.
  • Get unlimited more than 8 features like bandwidth, email marketing and products.
  • You can build your own empire of affiliate marketers.
  • Pre-designed sales funnels formulated by sales experts.
  • Pre-designed ready-to-use templates for emails, checkout, forms and for many other needs.
  • Team members can be added to support business management.
  • You can upgrade or cancel your plan anytime.
  • You can customize your own pricing plan with Kartra Enterprise.
  • Hosting a landing page, video hosting and running e-commerce becomes easy.
  • You will get 13 amazing tools in one place with the freedom to add and customize adds-on.
  • You can avail of up to 25% discount by opting annual pricing plan.
  • 30 days full money back guarantee.
  • You can not suffer from system downtime since there are no data integration errors.
  • Offers great customer support and training materials.

Join the Kartra Free Trial today to see for yourself what this amazing platform can do before advancing to a paid plan.

While Kartra is a powerful platform, it might not work for every business. So, if that is the case with you you can consider other top Kartra alternatives including;

  • ClickFunnels: An amazing platform that can help you create attractive sales funnels to convert your visitors into leads then into customers with pricing between $97/mo and $297/mo.
  • Leadpages: A great platform that can help you create amazing websites and opt-in forms easily and sell your products online with pricing between $49/mo and $399/mo.
  • ActiveCampaign: A powerful email marketing software to help you drive growth by automating your customer experience with pricing between $15/mo and $323/mo.
  • GrooveFunnels: A fastest growing sales funnel and marketing software for digital and eCommerce marketers with one-time payment as of limited time and then it will be monthly in future soon.

Other Kartra alternative platforms include Ontraport, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Marketo, Buiderall, GetResponse, 10XPRO, etc.

Want To Know More About Kartra, Checkout FAQs

Q. How can I select the best suited Kartra Pricing Plan?

It's easy, since Kartra pricing plans offer many unlimited features, to know which pricing plan is best suited for you, look for your current business needs and match with the number of leads, email marketing and bandwidth you require. 

Q. Do I need to download anything to use Kartra?

No, you can access Kartra from anywhere in the browser.

Q. Can I cancel or change my Kartra plan?

Yes, you can cancel your plan, upgrade it or download it anytime.

Q. Does Kartra offer a free version?

No, however, Kartra offers a 14 day trial at just $1 where you can get a personalized experience with the platform features before making your investment decision.

Q. Can I upgrade bandwidth without choosing a next-level pricing plan?

Of course, with Kartra add-ons you can stick to your current pricing plan and even then can add additional bandwidth, email marketing, domains and many other amazing add-ons, Integrations & API. 

Q. Are there any hidden costs?

No, Kartra is transparent when it comes to money, there is no hidden cost and extra charges, You only pay a flat fee for your selected plan monthly or annually. 

Q. How does Money-back Guarantee work?

If you are not satisfied with any Kartra plan you have purchased, you can request a full refund of your money within the first 30 days. 

Q. Can I integrate Kartra with other platforms?

Yes you can integrate Kartra with other platforms like CRM, payment gateways, email marketing tools, sales generators and many others as Kartra keeps upgrading the integration options. 

Final Thought

Kartra is an all-in-one business solution to many of your growing business sales and marketing needs. Keeping in view what Kartra will help a business to achieve, clearly, the cost seems nothing.

After this extensive review of Kartra Pricing Plans, we have found it worth its cost as it is easy to use even if you do not know coding, designing, and marketing.

They have pre-built designs, sale funnels, and add-ons that will help you grow your business without hiring copywriters, designers, and web developers.

It will surely help you increase your business reach, sales, and conversions. However, if for any reason you feel like Kartra is not working for you, you can consider other top alternatives.

If you need dedicated sales funnels best platform then you can go with ClickFunnels and if you need a single payment new platform option then sign up with GrooveFunnels now.

For instance, if your focus is to create automated email marketing campaigns then ActiveCampaign can work well for you.

However, individual platforms cater to particular features but Kartra is a complete platform and I highly recommend getting started with the Kartra trial right now.

I hope this detailed Kartra pricing guide will help you understand and decide the best plan to cater to your business needs and how to spend less and get more.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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