Landingi Review 2022 – Features, Rating & Does It Worth?

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Landingi Reviews

“Design, launch, connect, optimise and convert to take the lead!”

With today's world, it's essential to have the right marketing platform that will put you ahead of your competitors. 

Probably, you might have been figuring out whether Landingi can be the solution you promised your business for the 2022 year, but you are still confused whether the tool is right for you or not.

If so, then you are in the right place.

Here is an in-depth Landingi Review - The Ultimate High-Converting Landing Page Builder (2022) that will guide you on the tool's features, pros, cons, pricing and comprehensive buying guide.

So if you need answers about this fantastic platform, let’s go!

What is Landingi

Landingi is a full featured landing page and lightbox builder marketing solution. This means that Landingi includes all the modern marketing campaign tools you need to design and build landing pages that will help you attract more leads and make more conversion, so are the sales.


The platform was developed and launched by Blazej Abel in 2011 to provide solutions that focus on designing and creating landing pages and optimization that make your digital marketing campaign simple and convenient for your business regardless of your programming skills.

With this platform, you can personalise your page’s element to fit your client’s mobile and desktop versions. 

It includes powerful features such as;

  • Landingi Page Builder: Drag & Drop, Designed for Devices, 300+ Templates, Media Library, Fonts, One-Click Duplication, HTML Editing, Collaborative Features.
  • Leads Management: Lead Insights and Lead Export.
  • Publishing Features: Amazon AWS Cloud Hosting, Secure, Embedding and Domain Mapping.
  • Analyze and Optimize: Google Analytics, Custom Scripting and A/B Testing.
  • Landing Page Integrations: Lead Notifications, Autoresponder, Landing Page Scheduler, etc.
  • Agency Solutions: Sub-Accounts, Custom Templates, Custom Image Library and White Label Branding.

What Can Landingi Do?

  • Build and publish landing pages.
  • Collect and manage leads.
  • Automate essential marketing campaign tasks.
  • Optimise and analyse.
  • Integrate with your email marketing software.
  • Host landing pages and websites.

Is Landingi Right For Me?

A successful comfortable marketing campaign needs a great landing page builder solution, and Landingi proves to be one.

It enables you to create pages quickly and easily.

Therefore, Landingi is right for you if;

  • You are an internet marketer or business owner.  
  • You are a solopreneur or starter with little or no programming skills and are looking for a user-friendly tool.
  • Your main goal is to create high-converting landing pages.
  • You are a digital agency who wants an all-in-one solution for your marketing campaigns.

Landing is not right for you if;

  • You want an all in one platform.
  • You want an integrated email marketing and automation solution.

Landingi Features - Detailed Insight View

Landingi comes plenty of features that will help you improve your marketing campaign; from driving more traffic to lead generation to conversion. 

Therefore, this section is going to answer your questions, including;

  • What are the tools?
  • How easy are these tools to work with?
  • Can I collect leads?
  • Can I get insight on my landing page/web page?
  • Can I integrate other CRMs?
  • How much does it cost?

Let’s get started...

Drag and Drop Builder

Landingi Page Builder

Landingi offers a drag and drop landing page builder.

This feature is easier to use as you don’t need coding experience to drag and drop elements. 

The tool also enables you to modify and customise your landing page elements by providing lots of options, including adding font styles, social media icons, and many more.

400+ Landing Page and Popup Templates

Landingi Templates

Landingi offers 400+ ready to use, well-designed templates so that you don’t start building your landing pages from scratch.

However, if you want to build your pages from ground zero, Landingi also offers you that option. The platform allows you to import your own landing page file to your Landingi account and customise it to fit your taste.

All Landingi templates are tailored to fit your goals and any business.

And when it comes to customisation, the platform offers you an easy way to customise your templates with just drag and drop technology.

Lead Inbox

Landingi Lead Inbox

Landingi offers comprehensive features to help you collect and manage your leads.

In addition to this, Landingi also provides you with great insights about your leads. If you collected your leads somewhere else, Landingi enables you to export all the leads into a CSV or XLS file so that you can merge them into your marketing campaign.

A/B Testing, Analytics and Tracking

Landingi AB testing

Landingi is one of the tools that focus on quality, This platform ensures that you get the best performing results from your marketing campaigns.

Landingi comes with powerful A/B Testing tools to help you run various elements such as landing page, featured images, titles, buttons and many other essential elements so that you can determine one that will perform well to attract more traffic on your site.

Landingi is fully integrated with Google Analytics to help you track your stats to control and optimise your results accordingly, hence enhancing your customer user experience.

Landingi also includes Custom Scripts functionality that allows you to add hidden scripts in your code which you can use to track, manage and analyse data coming from integrated third-party tools.

Other essential features include Conversion Pixels (help you track and record your marketing campaign goals and how your landing pages perform) and Link Tracking tools.

Cloud Hosting

Landingi gives you full control of publishing and making changes. 

The platform helps you design and publish your pages within a fraction of minutes with no coding experience. 

It allows you to publish landing pages under your domain. You can also embed your landing pages on your server, or use Landing WordPress plugin to publish on your WordPress. 

Landingi also allows you to embed your pop-ups on any server you want, whether it's Landingi or your own.

And with Landing one-click publishing option, you can publish your page quickly without wasting a single second.

WordPress Plugin

Landingi comes with WordPress plug-in functionality that enables you to integrate your Landingi account with WordPress. 

This helps you even to publish your pages created with Landingi on WordPress.

User agents

Landingi Subaccounts

Landingi understands that marketing campaigns involve a daunting task, and it comes with a solution for that. 

The platform offers user agent tools such as a Sub account functionality that allows you to authorise another person on your team to access your account and review and make suggestions.

Authorized people can also create landing pages and monitor performance as well.

Subaccount also allows you to share your idea with your clients. It offers an option where you can upload elements and let your clients use the materials.

Integration With Third-party Apps

Landingi Integrations

If you have your favourite tool, Landingi makes it easier for you to connect with it.

The platform integrates seamlessly with other third party software so that you can give your prospects and customers a better experience.

You can integrate your Landingi with solutions including;

  • Email Marketing & Automation Tools: Such as MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, ConvertKit, Drip, FreshMail, AWeber,etc.
  • CRM/Sales Platform: Such as HubSpot, Salesforce, etc.
  • Chat Support Tools: Such as Zendesk Chat, LiveChat, CallPage and many more.
  • Analytics Tools: Like Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Heap Analytics, KissMetrics, MixPanel and Yandex Metrica.
  • Online Payment Systems like Zapier  

Therefore, working with Landingi can ensure a smooth workflow for your marketing campaign. For instance, you can automatically transfer your leads to any email marketing or CRM tool without challenges.

Customer Support

Landingi offers robust support across all its packages including email, chat, phone customer support.

Landingi also includes plenty of documentation and active forums to help you with more ideas about the platform and your marketing campaign as well. 

Other Landing Features

  • HTML editing: Landingi offers an HTML editor to help you exercise your programming skills.
  • Amazon AWS Cloud Hosting: Amazon Web Services, you have to help you host your pages with no security issues.
  • Domain mapping: Landingi makes it easy for you to map a custom domain name to the Landingi URL.
  • Media library: Landingi offers plenty of media elements such as images and icons to help you design your pages.
  • Fonts: Landing offers 800+ web-ready fonts from Google and you can access them through Landingi to enhance your design and branding.

Overall view

For you to run a good marketing campaign, you need a great landing page platform.

With these features, Landingi proves to help you achieve your goals.

With this platform, you can quickly and easily create your landing pages – even with very little coding experience.

Landingi is perfect for your business, especially if you are a marketer or business owner who wants to leverage from pay per click.  

However, you will also experience some limitations, especially if you go with the basic package. As its A/B testing and some integrations such as for email marketing and automation, Zapier and CRM/sales are included in their high-end packages only.

Landingi Pricing, Free Trial & Discounts

Landingi solution offers various packages that help you to choose a plan that suits your business. It also provides a 14-day free trial in all its packages and no credit card required.

This package is ideal if you have a small business or a small to medium eCommerce project, tutor, or a coach.

Landingi Pricing Plans New

Landingi plans include;

  • Landingi Create Plan costs $89/m or $89/m billed every 3 months, $65/m billed every 6 months, $55/m billed every 12 months: Includes everything in the core plan plus 10 custom domains, 50,000 unique visitors.
  • Landingi Automate Plan costs $127 or $127/m billed every 3 months, $95/m billed every 6 months, $79/m billed every 12 months: Includes 100,000 unique visitors and everything in the previous plans plus 20 custom domains.
  • Landingi Agency Plan costs $199/m, or $189/m billed every 3 months, $169/m billed every 6 months, $149/m billed every 12 months: Includes 10 subaccounts, 300,000 unique visitors, 30 custom domains, unlimited account users, Landing pages and Conversions.

Landingi Enterprise Package 

This package is designed to fit huge enterprises with a demand for more advanced marketing resources and platform facilities. 

The package includes only one plan whose pricing starts from $599/m billed every month

It has features such as;

  • Unlimited landing pages
  • Unlimited conversions
  • 100 000 unique visitors
  • 10 custom domains
  • 10 account users
  • 2 subaccounts

In Summary;

Landingi offers a great choice to its pricing packages. This means that there is a package for all kinds of business, regardless of requirement and budget.

Therefore, if you are just starting with your marketing campaign, you might consider Landingi create package at just $89 per month if you go with monthly billing. Landingi will also give you a huge discount on the same package of up to 38% if you go with 12  months billing, paying just $55 per month.

So if you have a tight budget, you can still create your landing pages and successfully run your business with Landingi.

If you want more ideas, you may want to check my Landingi Pricing Review Guide here.

Landingi Testimonials & Success Stories

I love Landingi as it is easy to move elements around the page and put them anywhere I want. The platform also comes with lots of features that makes it very useful.

Zeke D.

Landingi has the most important features built-in for a competitive price. Great support that usually answers pretty fast. It has some bugs from time to time, but the team is always happy to help.

Shay H.

landingi testimonials

Landingi Pros:

  • Landingi is an all-in-one landing page builder.
  • Landingi helps you to engage your visitors with background videos and convert them into leads.
  • Landingi offers an easy drag and drop editor to customise your templates without the need to have coding knowledge.
  • Landingi comes with lots of templates that suit your customers, products, services and campaign goals.
  • Landingi allows you to connect with other third-party solutions such as Zipper, email marketing and automation.
  • Landingi offers affordable and flexible packages with awesome discounts.

Landingi Cons:

  • A/B testing functionalities are only available on higher plans.
  • You will rely on third-party solutions for core features such as email marketing and automation.

Landingi Alternatives & Comparison


Unbounce is also one of the best marketing platforms that offer all the tools needed to create great, converting landing pages. 

Unbounce and Landingi are great; however, Unbounce is the #1 tool you can consider for overall quality and performance.

So if you compare Unbounce vs Landing and are looking for the most affordable tool, I would suggest you go with Landingi

But if your target is to design and develop quality landing pages, Unbounce can be a great choice.

As Unbounce is really the best yet affordable landing page builder tool in the market. 


Kartra is an all-in-one marketing solution that helps you build quality landing pages and high-converting sales funnels.

While you can do many things with Landingi, you will need to integrate any essential things like email automation to have complete marketing.

Unlike this, with Kartra, you don’t need the hassle of integrating other tools since it's a stand-alone tool.

Regarding Landingi vs Kartra, if you need an inclusive marketing tool integrated with all the tools you need for any type and size of the business, Kartra can be a perfect choice.


In the Instapage vs Landingi category, you will be able to create high-converting landing pages  with both platforms.

However, Instapage is a bit pricey here and it might only be a perfect choice, especially if you are an intermediate or experienced digital marketer.

On the other hand, when choosing between Landingi and Instapage, and you want the most affordable option, and especially if you are just getting started with marketing and you want to create unlimited landing pages, then I would advise you to go with Landingi.

Therefore, Landingi offers a better price along with more landing pages and unique visitors per month. 

Instapage offers many powerful and advanced features you can use along with PPC advertising & post click experience, so if your idea is to run more PPC campaigns and looking post-click & personalized experience to improve conversion then Instapage is really best.


Leadpages is a digital marketing solution which helps you to collect leads and build email lists through creating effective landing pages as well as websites. 

Leadpages offers just as many features as Landingi. Both platforms do not have a built-in email autoresponder.

However, regarding this Leadpages vs Landingi comparison, Leadpages has much more to offer which makes it a more robust platform compared to its counterpart.

For instance, unlike Landingi, Leadpages comes with other lead generation options such as lead magnets and webinars.

Therefore, if you want a robust platform that is more focused on lead generation and building email lists, choose Leadpages


In this GrooveFunnels vs Landingi comparison, GrooveFunnels has more to offer compared to Landingi.

GrooveFunnels comes with powerful features and its main focus is to help you create quality landing pages and high-converting sales funnels.

Besides, GrooveFunnels comes with a lifetime free package that you can use to improve your business.

At the moment, GrooveFunnels is also offering a lifetime pricing, which is a one time purchase and you will never have to pay the monthly subscription. However, this offer is limited, so you need to get it before it expires.

Therefore, if you are looking for a powerful tool and you also don’t want to pay monthly, GrooveFunnels is for you.

Is Landingi Worth Your Investment?

Regarding features and pricing, I would confidently say that Landingi is absolutely worth your investment.

It offers lots of freedom and benefits when it comes to building landing pages that will help you attract more customers and improve your sales.

Some of the benefits include;

  • Easy-to-use features: Landingi offers user-friendly tools that are suitable for you to use, regardless of whether you have programming skills or not.
  • A wide selection of templates: Landingi doesn’t care if you are a good designer or not. It comes with pre-made templates that are easy to modify and optimise so that they can fit your brand. 
  • Affordable discounts: Let's say you don't want to be a Landingi monthly subscriber, you will get huge discounts on 3-month, 6-months or 12-months payment options. So if you are a beginner on a tight budget, Landingi still is a preferred tool.
  • Royalty-free Stock Images: Landingi offers you with thousands of free stock images so that you don’t have issues when uploading and using photos on your site.
  • Fully Customizable Mobile View: Landingi helps you create landing pages that are fully customised to fit mobile and desktop versions.
  • Competitive price: Landingi comes with lots of packages to choose from depending on your business needs, making it fit any business size.

Want to know more about Landingi, Checkout FAQs

Q. What is Landingi used for?

You can use Landingi to create landing pages, perform A/B tests, design websites, launch and share your account with clients or colleagues. 

Q. Does Landingi offer multi-user capability

Yes, depending on your current plan, Landingi allows you to add up to 20 sub-accounts. So if you have a team and want to collaborate, Landingi has got you covered.

Q. Does Ladingi offer a free package?

No, Landing does not have a free package, but they offer 14 days free trial. During this period, you can test for Landingi features and its functionality for absolutely free.

Q. Is Landingi pricing pocket friendly?

Yes. When you compare to most of Landingi competitors in the market, Landingi offers much more affordable packages. For instance, Landingi Core Plan costs $47/m per month ($29/m if billed every 12 months) and with this package you get Unlimited landing pages and conversion, 5,000 unique visitors and 1 custom domain.

Q. I have zero design skills, is Landingi good for me?

Yes, you don't need to be a programming guru for you to use Landingi. The platform offers a drag and drop builder along with a wide range of beautiful pre-made templates to choose from. 


As an internet marketer, working with the right tool that can help you to attract more leads and turn them into potential customers is essential to ensure a successful online business.

A digital solution like Landingi can help you achieve this. It gives you total control of your campaigns and enables you to create and publish high-converting landing pages, and optimise them to better experience your customer. You can get started with your Landingi 14 days free trial now.

However, if you are looking for the best platform that will help you develop quality landing pages then go with Unbounce but if your main target is to have the best post-click experience, then Instapage would be the best choice for you.

And if you need the most powerful and the best all-in-one landing pages and sales funnels builder solution, I suggest you go with Kartra.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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