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EverWebinar Trial

If you have been looking for an automated webinar platform solution, but you were not sure if its pricing provides value to its features, then don’t worry. 

EverWebinar Free Trial allows you to test EverWebinar’s feature functionalities before committing yourself to its subscription. 

Here is a detailed EverWebinar Free Trial Review to guide you on how to get started with a $1 14-Day Trial. You will also learn about EverWebinar 30 day & 60 day Trial.

What is EverWebinar Webinar?

EverWebinar is among the best webinar solution platforms with automation-friendly features to enable you to create pre-recorded webinars that have the look and feel of a live webinar. 

EverWebinar makes your whole process of hosting a webinar super easy. It includes all the essential features that can help you run a successful webinar event. 

So, with this tool, you can do two important marketing aspects;

  • Marketing Automation.
  • Event-Based Marketing.

EverWebinar Trial - How To Get Start

Although EverWebinar is not 100% free, it comes with a small fee that helps you to experience its features fully before making your decision. Here is how you can access your free trial;

How To Sign Up

Here is a simple way you can get started with EverWebinar 14 days of trial;

Step 1: Go to EverWebinar with a special trial link here.

Step 2: Click on the “GET STARTED” button.

Step 3: Now On the plans & pricing page, you can select your plan according to your budget and click on “Get Started” Button.

Step 4: Fill out your billing & account information.

Step 5: Make $1 to activate your free trial offer.

Congratulations! Your free trial activated...

What You Get with EverWebinar Trial

EverWebinar comes with lots of advanced features to make your webinar experience enjoyable. Some of these features include;

EverWebinar logo
  • HD Video Streaming: This enables you to stream quality videos to your audience with more blurry faces or choppy frame rates. 
  • Live Chat Simulator: This allows you to engage your attendees. You can pre-configure comment lines and roll during the live webinar. 
  • Polls & Surveys: This helps you to increase your audience interaction. These also features allow you to take your attendees’ feedback or know how deeply they are involved in your webinar.
  • Record Webinars: These tools allow you to create and record webinars in just a few clicks.
  • Clickable Offers: This enables you to convert your webinar attendees into paying customers rather than redirecting them to your website at the end of the webinar to make some purchases.
  • Automated Email & SMS notifications: These features allow you to remind your registrants via email and SMS automatically. With these tools, you can also build an email list and send them weekly newsletters.
  • Hybrid Webinar: This enables you to run pre-recorded webinars with real-time interaction. During the webinar, you can solve attendees’ queries through live chat.
  • Customized Landing Pages: EverWebinar comes with lots of pre-made stunning landing pages.
  • Detailed Analytics: This helps you to measure the performance of your webinar. You can check how many people sign up for your webinar, how many of them have purchased your service, etc.
  • Unlimited support: EverWebinar provides on-time 24/7 support and your issues will never be delayed.
  • Free training: EverWebinar comes with lots of free valuable materials to help you with how to use the tool to boost your business effectively.
  • Community: EverWebinar has a great Facebook community where you can interact with other experts and learn from them as well.
  • Seamless Integration: EverWebinar integrates with various features like payment gateway, automation tools, etc.

Why You Need EverWebinar Trial

Besides giving you confidence in learning the features and functionalities of EverWebinar, you will also experience many benefits that come with this tool. These include;

  • Automated webinars that will stimulate live events.
  • You can share files directly during your live webinar.
  • It comes with a live chat moderation for hybrid webinars.
  • You can also customize your pages to match your brand.
  • Work with secured webinar rooms right with password protection.
  • Display active offers during your webinar events with urgency and scarcity.
  • You can quickly know your data right with EverWebinar advanced analytics and tracking tools.
  • Work with built-in autoresponders, which enables you to communicate pre and post-webinar easily.

How Much Does EverWebinar Cost After Trial?

EverWebinar comes with 3 plans; Monthly, Annual and Biennial plan.

Basically, all the plans contain the same features. So, the price of each plan will depend on how much duration you want to make payments.

These pricing options include;

  • EverWebinar Monthly Plan: The plan means that you can pay $99 per month, It includes all the EverWebinar excellent features.
  • EverWebinar Annual Plan: This plan costs $499 per year. This plan also enables you to save a good amount of up to $98 compared to the EverWebinar Monthly plan. You also get all of the EverWebinar features.
  • EverWebinar Biennial Plan: This plan costs $799 and is payable after every 2 years. This Biennial plan offers the most benefits when it comes to savings. It also includes all the plans for hosting your effective webinar event. 

So, regarding EverWebinar packages, it is also important to understand that all the plans come with a 30-days risk-free Money-Back Guarantee.

Therefore, suppose you are not satisfied with the EverWebinar service after purchase; this means, you can still request your money to be refunded back within 30 days of purchase by simply submitting your EverWebinar account information to the support team.

Is EverWebinar 30 & 60 Days Free Trial Available?

There used to be a 60 day trial for EverWebinar some time ago; unfortunately, they got rid of it.

What about an EverWebinar 30-day trial? There is no such thing that exists. 

However, you can try EverWebinar’s 14 days trial, which costs only $1 and includes all the EverWebinar essential features.

Who Can Benefit From EverWebinar

EverWebinar is an ideal tool, especially if you have a small or intermediate business. So, you can benefit if you are;

  • A Blogger who gives answers to customer’s questions, sells coaching programs, or provides product reviews of various products.
  • Business-to-business operator
  • An Online Educator who wants to engage students, fans, or target audiences with published content.
  • An Affiliate Marketer who wants to market the EverWebinar affiliate program or any other product.
  • An Influencer who wants to market and recommend products online.
  • An eCommerce business person who wants to market and sell products online.
  • Or you are a Human Resource Manager who wants to train his/her team.

Is EverWebinar Worth Trial?

Yes. Keeping in mind that EverWebinar is primarily designed for you, especially if you are a beginner and intermediate marketer, it has a powerful foundation for hosting automated webinars for your marketing techniques.

  • It comes with great features with an easy-to-use interface that enables you to create a webinar in a matter of minutes. Its interactive customer features are also amazing to help you engage with your audience and effectively market your product.
  • The tool enables you to create beautiful landing pages that will help to convert more people to attend your webinar. 
  • Its seamless integration with other third-party tools gives this platform convenience of integrating into your marketing strategy without any challenges.


So, if you want a webinar solution that will bring results to your marketing strategy by doing automated webinars, EverWebinar Free Trial is worth trying. 

EverWebinar is built primarily for hosting automated and hybrid webinars. It is one of the better options when it comes to scaling up your online marketing game.

I highly recommend going with EverWebinar Biennial Plan which will help you save around $200 with a 2-year payment.

Get started with your 14-Day $1 Trial Today.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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