Terms Of Use

Terms of Use

Legal Definitions

The terms “We”, “ours”, “us”, “company” refers to nextpinnacle.com. The terms “you”, “your”, “yours”, “client”, refer to the customer, those using the services and products or nextpinnacle.com Nextpinnacle.com reserves the right to change these terms with or without notice and under acceptance of these terms of service, you as customer agree to do so. Clients must be over the age of 18 to contract for services with Nextpinnacle.com.

General Statement

  • Nextpinnacle.com will supply regular customers with an updated copy of Terms of Service with each order for service.
  • NextPinnacle guarantees 100% manual directory service. However, all directories are privately owned and maintained and we cannot guarantee listing on any directory as this is beyond our control. The customer accepts this condition and relinquishes any right to complain.
  • NextPinnacle manually submits your link to directories which are third party contractors, clients are responsible for reviewing the privacy policies of these directories.
  • Nextpinnacle.com assumes no responsibility for damage to client’s websites, page rankings or popularity, loss of revenue or customers, etc, from accessing our website or purchase of services and products.
  • Orders for services and products from Nextpinnacle.com cannot be canceled and are nonrefundable.

Time for Service Delivery

Service packages list a tentative delivery time in terms of business days. These delivery schedules are tentative and cannot be considered legally binding. Delays caused by title or description issues or network issues can arise and we ask your patience and understanding while we diligently and professionally work to resolve them.

Manual submission of websites to directories is subject to the approval of the directory authorities and we guarantee submission of your website. The directory editor operates independently and we have no control over their schedule. Therefore we cannot guarantee a particular time for listing of websites.

Transaction Security

NextPinnacle accepts payment for services rendered by PayPal.com and by credit card. We do not collect any personally identifiable information from these vendors. Customers should review the terms of service including privacy policies of these before using them for payment as well as maintain their own security software and use Wi-Fi networks and other transmission sources for financial information with proper security awareness.

Obligations of Clients

As a client of NextPinnacle you agree to all terms of service, payment agreements and service contracts.

As a client of NextPinnacle, you agree to furnish accurate, truthful and ethical information about your company, website, etc. You agree as customer to be in compliance with all relative laws and regulations governing the nature of your business and service, and respect third-party rights where applicable. You will not use any defamatory words, statements, or visuals, regardless of whether that content is directed at Nextpinnacle.com personnel, clients or other third party situations.

No client may attempt to distribute any content on their website that constitutes any violation of law, regulation or statute, or attempts to interfere with any NextPinnacle client or operations of Nextpinnacle.com. No client may attempt to transmit any virus, worm or other harmful internet- distributed digital program intended to interfere with normal internet operations through any association with NextPinnacle’s services or technology or through links initiated on the client’s behalf as part of their service by Nextpinnacle.com.

Nextpinnacle.com website

NextPinnacle’s website is maintained on a regular basis by the company. However any downloads or copying from the website is at the own risk of the client since the website can be considered �as is�. Nextpinnacle.com reserves the right to change the content of this website at any time and it is intended for the information of our clients. The material on this site is owned and copyrighted by Nextpinnacle.com, including text, layout and graphics. Any use without permission is considered a violation. Any link to this website must be granted by Nextpinnacle.com.

In accepting services from Nextpinnacle.com, you as client agree to accept all conditions and terms of service as published by Nextpinnacle.com.