Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

General Statement

NextPinnacle values, appreciates and respects our customers. Your privacy is a capital concern and our Privacy Policy has been formulated to protect your information and inform you of how we collect and use certain types of information to ensure the best possible service. All businesses are fueled on information. There are two types of information that NextPinnacle collects and uses to serve its clients: personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information.

NextPinnacle business use of personally identifiable information

As a business procedure in serving our clients, NextPinnacle may collect personally identifiable of information such as e-mail address, postal code/zip code, company name, name of owner. NextPinnacle may use or disclose such information in order to manage or operate the website, provide services or respond to the company’s inquiries. No information will be collected or requested to use NextPinnacle’s website or services.

Legal Issues

NextPinnacle may be required to supply personally identifiable information to satisfy any legal requirements such as summons or court requirements. We are liable under law to provide information if subpoenaed in any court situation.

Mailing Lists and e-mail Lists

Many businesses sell or lease their customer or e-mail contact lists to contractors without permission of their clients. NextPinnacle does not.

Communications and use as internal documents

When the client utilizes the services of NextPinnacle, the content of any communications will be retained as documentation of the service provided. The information may be shared among internal staff or with sub contractors in relation to delivery and performance of services rendered by NextPinnacle.

Non-personally identifiable information

NextPinnacle does, as a business practice, collect certain types of information such as and not limited to: client IP/Internet Provider addresses, browser and search engine type, online access times, domain and URL names, visitor usage habits and other types of available online information, which does not specifically identify any individuals. This data is used to supply service and measure effectiveness. This information will also be used to produce reports and may be supplied to companies with whom NextPinnacle contracts to supply services.


Cookies are a type of technology that collects user information in order to monitor visitor experienced in order to devise improvements to the website. All visitors have option to disable cookies on their systems, therefore it is optional. NextPinnacle utilizes cookie technology in order to improve our website. No personally identifiable information is collected by use of cookies.

Links to Other Sites

NextPinnacle submits your website to other directories, search engines, websites, blogs and social media sources which are independently owned and operated. Although we work with you diligently to select these links, we have no control over them or their policies, legal issues, service issues, accuracy, content or other issues that are associated with that website. We will work with you to correct any issues with other website links. That is our service commitment.

Data Security

NextPinnacle operates within the highest degree of professionalism and utilizes state of the art security software to protect all data. We are on guard at all times against any attempts to intrude or �hack� our systems. Your information is in safe hands at NextPinnacle.

Account Information

Clients are encouraged to review all information retained by NextPinnacle to maintain accuracy and efficiency of service delivery. Please contact support with any questions.

Policy Updates

These policies are produced by to govern and explain business practices and responsibilities regarding privacy of client information and can be change or updated at any time.