WebinarJam vs Zoom In-Depth Comparison (2022): Which is Best?

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WebinarJam vs Zoom Comparison

If you are running an online business of any size in today’s world or you are a digital marketer, you will need the most current and powerful software such as WebinarJam or Zoom to add to your marketing toolkit.

It's no surprise that every business will want to implement webinars as their marketing weapons in a post-COVID world.

The webinar tool you choose must have the best-sophisticated features, affordable prices with intuitive user experience for the business.

Here we will check each tool's features, what are the similarities and what are the differences of each platform, which solution they made for and when to choose which platform.

Having said that, today I will be comparing WebinarJam vs Zoom to ultimately help you decide which is the best solution for your business or any organization.

So, Let’s look at how these two amazing webinar solutions compare to each other side-by-side.

WebinarJam vs Zoom Comparison Table

WebinarJam Logo

Webinar Jam

Zoom Logo





Entry-Level Price

$39/m - $379/m (billed annually


Attendee Limit Max




Up to 6


Value for money



Quality of features score



Usability & Intuitiveness



Customizable branding



Live Chat






Event Management



Q&A, Polls/Voting



On-Demand Webinars



Social Media Promotion



Key Features

  • Live, Hybrid & Automated Webinars
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • Live Chat & Multi hosts
  • Polls/Voting
  • Q&A management
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Screen Sharing
  • Alerts/Notifications

  • Customizable Branding
  • Zoom events & webinars
  • Large meetings
  • Audio and video conferencing
  • Polls/Voting
  • Q&A management
  • Screen Sharing

Money-Back Guarantee,



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WebinarJam vs Zoom In-Depth Features Review

WebinarJam and Zoom both are popular and feature-rich tools so which one is best for your needs? Let’s look at what entails these two platforms and their feature functionalities to select the right option.

WebinarJam Overview & Features

WebinarJam is a cloud-based webinar solution that helps you to broadcast all types of webinars including live, evergreen, hybrid and automated webinars for up to 5K people online.

It comes with powerful advanced features that offer a nice experience for both you and your audience. 

Depending on the plan you choose, WebinarJam offers up to 6 hosts.

This platform is ideal, especially if you are an online marketer or entrepreneur who wants to leverage an all-in-one webinar software to showcase your products and services to potential and existing customers, boosting your overall sales and marketing efforts.

You can use webinars to;

  • Sell or market a product
  • Teach a course
  • Train employees
  • Connect with customers

Some of the amazing WebinarJam Features;

WebinarJam all in one webinar platform
  • A stunning All-In-One Webinar Platform for you to set up any type of webinar that you want for your business.
  • HD video engine to give your audience crystal clear readability.
  • Automatic recordings that enable you to have a recorded webinar in store.
  • Paid Webinar: You can set up your webinar chargeable or free, they do payment processing or you can integrate with PayPal or other payment gateways.
  • Reliable tech and video connectivity.
  • Dedicated “Always-On” live room: This allows you to hop in and go live at any moment.
  • Highly customizable webinar funnel pages and email templates for high-conversion.
  • 100% browser-based: WebinarJam is fully compatible with any machine, including PC and Mac, as well as all web browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox.
  • Reliable presentation tools: These include pre-uploaded slides, drawing tools, whiteboards and many more.
  • The pre-configured clickable product offers an optional countdown timer.
  • A/B testing: This feature helps you to test your content and see which one will perform better
  • One-click registration forms to maximize your attendees.
  • Up to 6 presenters: This gives you an opportunity for a panel discussion webinar.
  • SMS reminders: This sends an automatic reminder to your webinar registrants, a few minutes before the event.
  • Registration fee and/or password protection tools that enable you to host premium webinars.
  • Attendee Spotlight: This tool allows you to choose any of your attendees to join as a presenter.
  • Panic button: This is a handy tool in case of technical issues.

Zoom Overview & Features

Zoom is also a cloud-based communications solution for hosting online meetings and events.

While Zoom is primarily ideal for video conferencing, it can also double up as a tool for webinars. However, it's not much more into webinars compared to WebinarJam.

Zoom webinars support up to 10K attendees with an unlimited number of hosts, depending on the plan you choose.

Zoom is also widely used for internal audiences and one-to-one video events. It is ideal, especially if you are a company that wants to deliver insightful information to your existing customers and employees.

Some of the great features that help Zoom to serve you better include

Zoom webinar platform
  • Video conferencing & Virtual meetings that are crucial for your business needs.
  • A simple dashboard for registration and operation when using Zoom.
  • Q&A Dashboard that assists you to engage your audience during the meeting/conference.
  • Polls & Surveys for purposes of engaging your audience and getting the right feedback for your webinar.
  • Multi Hosts: This feature enables you to welcome as many hosts as you may need for your single webinar.
  • Public & Private chats where you can fully engage with your audience for purposes of improving your webinar interaction.
  • Multi Hosts: This feature enables you to welcome as many hosts as you may need for your single webinar.
  • Social Media streaming for you to present live your webinars mainly on YouTube and Facebook for your wider audience.
  • Customizable branding for the sake of increasing your webinar conversions.
  • Zoom App that you can download and use on various platforms
  • Integration with Landing Page and other marketing apps for branding and promotion of products to reach a wider audience.

WebinarJam vs Zoom Key Feature Comparison

Webinar Types & Setting up

WebinarJam offers all types of webinars for your business. i.e, Live, Automated, Evergreen, Series and Hybrid. This looks like a great deal right? You can host your webinar live and later run it as automated on EverWebinar at no extra cost.

In terms of setup, WebinarJam offers many great options that allow you to navigate through advanced settings.

On the other hand, Zoom allows you to host only live and recurring webinars. It does not offer automated webinars. You can schedule the recurring webinars at any time of your choice for your attendees.

Zoom’s setup looks like a 1-page form and it's pretty simple to navigate through various options when signing up. 

Winner: WebinarJam since it offers an all-in-one webinar solution for your business.

Webinar Registration

When your attendees register for your webinar event, they need to provide full names and email addresses and then pass the check that they are real people. 

If you compare Zoom vs WebinarJam, the WebinarJam platform allows you to use your website as a page to register. People who register will be quickly welcomed into the meeting without stress.

Zoom also allows you to create registration forms but they are very limited.

Winner: WebinarJam

Webinar Attendance

For your attendees to attend your Zoom meetings, they will need to download the Zoom app to their PC or mobile devices.

Therefore, for some people who try to use this software, it might be a bit difficult. 

But if you compare WebinarJam vs Zoom, WebinarJam doesn’t need to install anything. 

You just need to get the WebinarJam URL and share it with your followers to attend your meeting without problems.

Winner: WebinarJam

Webinar Email Reminders and Email Editors

WebinarJam allows you to send pre and post-webinar notifications to both your attendees and absentees through email or SMS. You can customize your email reminder to your liking depending on the information you want to pass across.

The good thing about the WebinarJam email reminder feature is that it segments your audience based on their behavior and many other aspects which makes it easier for you to craft your information.

Similarly, Zoom sends an email to your registrants to confirm their registration together with instructions on how to join the webinar.

The platform also allows you to separately craft a post-webinar email to send it to your webinar attendees and absentees as well. These email reminders can be sent at any given time due to the amble scheduling flexibility that the platform offers.

Winner: Both platforms tie

Audience Engagement Features

Both platforms have amazing tools for you to interact with your attendees and boost your webinar engagement. 

Zoom allows attendees to send chats to all hosts during a live webinar. They, however, cannot send to a single host separately but all at once.

The platform also allows you to launch polls during live webinars in which they appear on attendees’ screens and the results can be shared with them once you have closed the poll.

Similarly, WebinarJam has live chat features and surveys for your attendees, The platform allows you to pre-configure polls and surveys before the webinar and runs them once the event begins.

With WebinarJam, you can include the scarcity and urgency tools on your offers for your attendees to act quickly. You can also launch polls during the webinar and keep them in focus for your attendees to respond timely.

Winner: WebinarJam

Mobile Devices & Browsers

You definitely need a device or a browser for you to host webinars with these platforms.

With Zoom, you have to download the Zoom App for you to hold a webinar or an online conference on your device. You can download it on your Android device, iPhone or PC depending on the device you are using.

Unlike Zoom, WebinarJam allows you to host webinars through a browser. It is just a one-click experience for your attendees and they are in your event.

You get all the features on WebinarJam irrespective of the device you are using.

Winner: WebinarJam

YouTube Livestream

Both WebinarJam and Zoom platforms allow you to run a simultaneous live stream of your webinar events to YouTube right from your dashboard.

With WebinarJam, the YouTube live stream feature allows you to go live on YouTube as you host your live event, increasing your attendees.

Similarly, Zoom software will enable you to go live so your subscribers do not miss a thing.

So, if you want your YouTube subscribers to get the best of you without leaving the YouTube web app, either Zoom or WebinarJam can do your best.

Winner: Tie

WebCam & Screen-Sharing

Both platforms allow you to use your webcam and also share your entire screen with your attendees.

For WebinarJam, you have an opportunity to choose any of your attendees using the spotlight feature and make them speakers and share their screens.

With zoom, you can also let any of your attendees share their screen by unmuting them. 

Winner: WebinarJam

Audio & Video Quality

Zoom enables you to make your live meetings of excellent quality. 

And when you record Zoom webinars on your computer, the rate also improves. 

Similarly, when you look at the WebinarJam review, users say they like the excellent quality of its audio/video. 

So, if you are searching for a platform with the best recording options, either Zoom or WebinarJam is an excellent choice.

Winner: Tie


Both WebinarJam and Zoom come with unique analytics features for analyzing your webinar performance. 

However, when it comes to Zoom analytics tools, it provides a basic report of your webinar and doesn’t give an in-depth analysis report compared to WebinarJam.

You will only have an opportunity to see a report on the polls, the amount of time your attendees spent on the platform.

On the other hand, WebinarJam offers more options for analytics. 

With WebinarJam, you can see a detailed report on how many people visited your landing page, as well as the number of sales generated.

Winner: WebinarJam

Control Center

WebinarJam comes with unique, powerful features for taking care of your technical issues. It offers a control center and a panic button. 

The control center helps you manage your team, while the panic button will help you manage your technical issues during your webinars. 

Likewise, Zoom also provides an administrative dashboard that allows you to create a panelist and manage your team.

Winner: WebinarJam

Paid Webinars

Both WebinarJam and Zoom enable you to host paid webinars. 

With Zoom, you can integrate PayPal to your webinar. 

You can also plug in a payment gateway WebinarJam webinar dashboard to allow attendees to make payment before the webinar.

Winner: Tie


Zoom solution integrates seamlessly with some of the popular marketing automation tools available in the market. It integrates with Google calendar, Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce and many more.

Likewise, WebinarJam integrates with various platforms through Drip or Zapier, WebinarJam provides users with more features for integration.

Winner: Both WebinarJam and Zoom tie.

WebinarJam vs Zoom Similarities - The Common Features

Despite offering great services with their unique features, WebinarJam and Zoom have the following similar features too;

  • With both WebinarJam and Zoom, you get webinar & video conferencing solutions for your business.
  • Both platforms support YouTube & FB Livestream for your webinars.
  • Both can auto-record your live webinar to send to the user after the webinar is over or can be used for the automated webinar.
  • The two platforms have a WebCam and Screen-sharing that boosts your audience interaction.
  • With both Zoom and WebinarJam, you can have multiple hosts on your webinar though it may require extra costs.
  • Both platforms offer Live Chats, Q&A and Polls during webinars.
  • The two platforms have a webinar Analytic dashboard that provides insights on your webinar performance.
  • They both allow for Integration with other marketing apps such as Zappier and CRM for effective service delivery.
  • Both platforms provide a Control Center that is very essential in managing your audience.
  • Both platforms offer flexible scheduling features for your automated and recurring webinars.

WebinarJam vs Zoom Differences to Look Out

Here is how Zoom and WebinarJam contrast against each other:

WebinarJam and Zoom Difference




Built-in Templates

WebinarJam comes with a library of pre-built landing page templates for creating high-converting landing pages and registration pages.


Timed Offers

WebinarJam allows you to create timed offers, and you can choose when to appear during your live webinar.



WebinarJam allows you to create a poll and also schedule it to display during the webinar.

Zoom offers a polling feature, but it's only limited to the registration page.

Custom Livestream service

WebinarJam allows you to broadcast directly to YouTube & Facebook Live.

Zoom allows you to stream your webinar live on YouTube, Facebook, and WordPress sites.

Evergreen/Automated Webinars

WebinarJam enables you to convert your live webinars into evergreen webinars through EverWebinar which now comes as a single package, The platform also allows you to automate your webinars to provide a live-like experience for your attendees


App Download

With WebinarJam, you can use it directly from your browser, so it does not require any download to use the platform.

To join or host a webinar with the Zoom platform, you need to download the Zoom mobile app or install the desktop application on your computer.

As outlined in the table above, you can see that there are a lot of amazing features and functionality present in WebinarJam and are not available in Zoom Events & Webinar, making WebinarJam an ideal solution in this Zoom vs WebinarJam comparison.

Zoom works well for video conferencing and online meetings, this doesn’t place it in a better position to serve your webinar needs well.

The platform lacks entire marketing tools such as sending SMS notifications before the webinar and built-in sales features like countdown timers, clickable offers, that are essential in boosting your conversion rate. All these features are available on WebinarJam.

Zoom vs WebinarJam Pricing & Cost Comparison

WebinarJam and Zoom Pricing

WebinarJam Pricing

WebinarJam has four excellent pricing plans as shown below:

  • WebinarJam Starter Plan at $39/m (billed annually): This plan comes with 100 attendees, unlimited webinars, 1 host and 1-hour maximum duration.
  • WebinarJam Basic plan at $79/m (billed annually): For this plan, you get 500 attendees, 2 hosts, unlimited webinars, 2-hours maximum duration, attendee spotlight and Automated webinars.
  • WebinarJam Professional plan at $229/m (billed annually): This plan offers 2000 attendees, Automated Webinars, Always-On Live Room, The Panic Button, Unlimited webinars, 4 hosts and 3 hours maximum duration.
  • WebinarJam Enterprise plan at $379/m (billed annually): With this plan, you get 5000 attendees, Unlimited webinars, 6 hosts, 4 hours maximum duration, Automated Webinars, Always-On Live Room, The Panic Button & Control Panel.

WebinarJam Pricing Summary

WebinarJam’s starter plan only offers live webinars, Which would be better for you if you need to host live webinars only. However, if you also need to host automated webinars only, then go for EverWebinar as a separate tool for your business. 

In case you want all-in-one in a single package can run live, automated, hybrid, on-demand then subscribe to WebinarJam basic plan onwards.

Zoom Pricing

Zoom webinar has different pricing as follows;

  • Zoom Basic Plan at $0: This package is accessed for FREE and it offers 100 participants, 40 minutes of unlimited group meetings and both Private & Group chats.
  • Zoom Video Webinars at $79/month/license: This plan comes at a cost of $79/month/license with amazing features such as Unlimited webinar sessions for up to 30 hours each, Exportable registrant and attendee lists, CRM, paid registration, Live streaming, Cloud recordings, and analytic reports.
  • Zoom Event Platform at $99/month/license: This plan goes at $99/month/license, It includes all video webinars features plus an all-in-one event management solution, multi-session events, and post-event recording.

Zoom Pricing Optional Add-on Plans

  • Audio Conferencing that starts from $100/m: This package is based on the rates per call per country.
  • Cloud Storage starting at $40/m: This is an excellent package that allows you to store, stream and download your video recordings from the Zoom Cloud.
  • Zoom Event Services starting at $600/event: With this, you can work with the experts in Zoom events to maximize your events.
  • Premier Developer Support: These tiered support packages are provided to help minimize risk and reduce downtime.

Zoom and WebinarJam Pricing Summary

For the Zoom webinar solution, the pricing looks affordable when you choose a package with a single host & fewer attendees.

However, the pricing will be very expensive when you consider multiple hosts & more number of attendees e.g. if you choose 5000 attendees then this $79/m price shoots to $2490/m per host which is way way costlier than WebinarJam's $499/month pricing.

Also, this is just for a single host, so if you choose 6 hosts like WebinarJam offers then this price is $14940 per month… OMG…!

Therefore, WebinarJam is ideal if you want an affordable webinar solution with multiple hosts.

WebinarJam vs Zoom Pros & Cons

WebinarJam Pros & Cons


  • Exclusive webinar platform can run any type of webinars.
  • WebinarJam offers an extensive list of features
  • The platform allows you to communicate pre and post-webinar with built-in autoresponders.
  • WebinarJam allows you to record every webinar automatically.
  • WebinarJam gives you multiple webinar layouts.


  • WebinarJam does not provide onboarding help or a dedicated account manager. 
  • WebinarJam supports limited co-presenters of up to 6 co-presenters.

Zoom Pros & Cons


  • Zoom offers a reliable solution.
  • Zoom integrates well with Facebook and YouTube, allowing live presentation on those platforms.
  • Zoom allows up to 10K webinar attendees.
  • The platform also supports up to 100 panelists/presenters.
  • Zoom allows you to host unlimited meetings.


  • Zoom needs to install the app before joining the meeting.
  • Zoom is very expensive compared to WebinarJam.
  • Zoom is not ideal, especially if you are a small business, small startup, or an individual looking to host webinars.

WebinarJam vs Zoom: Which Tool Is Right For Your Business?

The platform you will choose in this Zoom vs WebinarJam comparison will depend on your business needs. 

Both WebinarJam and Zoom will fulfill different needs. 

So, I would recommend the Zoom solution if you have an internal audience of employees, students, or existing customers and want to improve their knowledge and performance through your webinars.

You need to note that Zoom is more focused on video conferencing, virtual meetings and added webinars later on. Hence, its features are not entirely conducive to leveraging the power of webinars. 

Therefore, it's only ideal when you are not interested in increasing your customer base or boosting your social media presence.

So, why is Zoom better than WebinarJam?

  • Best for hosting both meetings and webinars through the same tool.
  • Ideal for internal audiences and existing customers.
  • Best for educating your audiences about industry-specific trends, company activities, coaching, and more, rather than marketing your products and offering to them.
  • You want to leverage the chatting features for video conferencing.
  • Best for Video Conferencing.
  • It offers a free package with great features.
  • Best for YouTube and Facebook live streaming for your wider audience.

In all other cases, consider the WebinarJam solution if you want to leverage the powerful modern features and integrations to widen your customer base, spread the word about your business, and boost your social media presence.

So, why is WebinarJam better than Zoom?

  • Ideal for hosting marketing webinars for your product and services.
  • Turning your attendees into potential customers and boosting your conversion rate.
  • Offers advanced presentation and engagement tools such as automated follow-up emails and recorded replays to help your customer take further actions.
  • Looking to leverage advanced analytics to understand your customers better.
  • Ideal for integrating your social media channels with your webinars so that more people can follow you easily
  • WebinarJam is best for ease of use yet has excellent features.
  • It's best for any type of webinar hosting
  • It offers reasonable pricing packages with great customer support.
  • Has Whiteboard, offers time scarcity, video injection, Custom backgrounds.
  • It supports Video Conferencing
  • The panic button helps greatly in mitigating the challenges that may result from webinar live events.

What Is My Recommendation?

In this Zoom vs WebinarJam comparison, I would highly recommend WebinarJam.

WebinarJam is the most ideal webinar solution, especially if you want to boost your sales and engage more customers.

The platform is more geared up compared to Zoom not only for hosting webinars but also for marketing your products in general. 

Its integrations and analytics tools make it outstanding from many marketing tools available in the market.

While Zoom is excellent for hosting online meetings, it’s not tailored for more than that.

So, if your aim is to have the best tool for sales, I am afraid that Zoom will disappoint in this category.

So choose Zoom for a meeting & go with WebinarJam for your webinar solutions would be a wise decision.

WebinarJam vs Zoom FAQs

Q. For beginners, which is better; Zoom or WebinarJam?

WebinarJam scores better than Zoom in all online reviews, taking the lead as the most user-friendly with powerful features for webinar hosting.

Q. Is there a difference between Zoom and WebinarJam?

The main difference beyond price and support is that WebinarJam is primarily made for webinars, while Zoom is meant for online meetings.

Q. Which one offers better support, WebinarJam or Zoom?

Both Zoom and WebinarJam offer better customer support; however, WebinarJam has better user satisfaction than Zoom.

Q. What are some of the best alternatives to WebinarJam and Zoom?

Users who research WebinarJam and Zoom also look at Demio, EasyWebinar, WebinarNinja, EverWebinar, ClickMeeting and GoToWebinar.

Q. Does WebinarJam offer a trial period?

Yes, WebinarJam offers 14 days trial for $1 and a 30-Day Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee.

WebinarJam vs Zoom Final Verdict

Zoom comes with unique features However, they are applicable for meetings & conferencing solutions.

This means the Zoom solution is built exclusively for virtual meetings and not for webinars.

So if you want a platform that combines video conferencing meetings and webinars, Zoom is a good choice.

On the other hand, WebinarJam is a webinar hosting solution primarily for you, especially if you are a marketer who wants to host and successfully manage your webinars using a platform rich in quality features and can host a large number of attendees at an affordable price.

Unlike Zoom, WebinarJam offers advanced marketing automation tools to help you convert your attendees into leads without integrating a custom tool.

So, without a doubt, in this WebinarJam vs Zoom Comparison, the WebinarJam solution simplifies the entire webinar setup, automation, and online selling process with powerful features that are easy to use and most affordable!

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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