GoToWebinar Pricing Plans – How Much Does It Cost Each Month 2022?

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GoToWebinar Pricing Plan

GoToWebinar is a webinar platform solution you can use to create and deliver online and video conferences to your customers, colleagues, stockholders, and many more. 

This platform is an excellent option, especially if you are a professional or a company that wants to expand your reach to your target audience, provide training through online and audio conferencing, and conduct effective engagements to your audience.

So, should you still consider buying GoToWebinar in 2022?

Well, in this GoToWebinar Pricing Plans, I will guide you on how much does GoToWebinar cost each month, does it really worth its feature & cost? Why you need to consider the GoToWebinar solution and the right pricing package that can fit your business.

I will also guide you on considering other best GoToWebinar alternative solutions and when you should consider integrating them as part of your marketing campaign technique.

So, keep reading…!

GoToWebinar Pricing Plans Overview

GoToWebinar Features

Lite Plan

Standard Plan

Pro Plan

Enterprise Plan

Monthly Billing





Yearly Billing





% Discount










Screen Sharing

Video Sharing

Polls, Handouts, and Q&A

No Download

Drawing Tools

Video Embedding


Registration & Reporting Tools

On-Demand Features

Channel Pages





Recorded Events


Video Editor


Source Tracking






Custom Channel Page URL


GoToWebinar Pricing Plans - An In-Depth Honest Review

GoToWebinar comes with 4 flexible packages. Each package contains features that vary depending on the following;

  • Registration 
  • Presentation
  • Reporting

These plans include; 

GoToWebinar pricing plans

GoToWebinar Lite Plan

This plan costs $59 per month when billed monthly, or $49 if you bill annually. 

GoToWebinar Lite plan is ideal especially if you have a business that wants to host web conferences not exceeding 100 attendees. 

Although this plan doesn't include all of the features, it still offers many built-in features, making it ideal if you have just started with your business.

Therefore, if you need video embedding, channel pages, and a few other advanced tools like recorded events, transcripts, and certificates, you will be forced to upgrade to the GoToWebinar higher tier plan.

Lite features include;

  • 100 Participants
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Polls, Handouts, and Q&A
  • Full-Service Registration
  • Automated Emails
  • Accept Payments
  • Custom Branding
  • Integrations
  • Online & Local Recording
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • GoToStage

GoToWebinar Standard Plan

The Standard plan will cost you $129 per month when billed monthly or $99 when billed annually.

With this plan, you will also host up to 250 attendees per webinar. This package also comes with all Lite features and extra tools such as 1 channel page & video embedding.

Other GoToWebinar Standard Plan features include;

  • 250 Participants
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Polls, Handouts, and Q&A
  • Full-Service registration
  • Automated Emails
  • Accept Payments
  • Custom Branding
  • Integrations
  • Online & Local Recording
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • GoToStage
  • Video Sharing
  • Video Embedding

GoToWebinar Pro Plan

The GoToWebinar pro plan will cost you $249 per month when billed monthly or $199 per month when you choose a yearly subscription.

The Pro Plan comes with everything present in the Standard plan and you can host a webinar with up to 500 attendees. 

This package also offers 3 channel pages, and all the premium features, including;

  • 500 Participants
  • Source Tracking
  • Certificates
  • Video Editor
  • Transcripts
  • Custom URL
  • Recorded Events

GoToWebinar Enterprise Plan

Then lastly, the highest tier plan, the Enterprise plan, costs $499 per month when billed monthly and $399 per month when you go with an annual subscription.

With an enterprise plan, you can host up to 3,000 attendees per webinar, making it one of the best options, especially if you have a large or growing business that needs to host a large audience.

GoToWebinar Enterprise plan also offers extra advanced features. You get all the features present in the Pro plan together with 5 channel pages instead of 3.

Other features include;

  • 3,000 Participants
  • Reporting and Analytics

What Does My GoToWebinar Subscription Include?

After purchasing your GoToWebinar package with your preferred subscription - either monthly or annual, you can easily create and deliver your webinars to up to 3,000 participants.

You will also enjoy working with GoToWebinar features such as;

  • Custom registration page: GoToWebinar will help you send registration forms to your target audience, manage your registrants and even send email reminders to them so that they never miss your webinar event.
  • Engagement dashboard: This is where you can view your audience engagement, including hands raised and time elapsed.
  • Recording: You can record your webinar and use it in feature as an Evergreen webinar.
  • Pre-recorded events: GoToWebinar will allow you to host pre-record webinars, hence saving you lots of time.
  • Polls & Surveys: You can contact polls and survey your audience to know what they like to improve your delivery.
  • Robust reporting: GoToWebinar provides detailed analytics, including the list of your webinar attendees sorted by their level of interest, the number of people who left your webinar before it ends, those who clicked your offer and many more. 
  • Flexible scheduling: GoToWebinar will allow you to set up one-time live events, series, or on-demand webinars, giving your audience freedom and a wide range of options to choose from.
  • Webinar templates: GoToWebinar offers stunning and professional templates that are high-converting and they also ease your whole process, helping you deliver quality to your audience.
  • Branding: You will have an opportunity to match your branding, including brand colors, logos, and many more.
  • Channel page: This will help you to manage on-demand webinars easily.
  • GoToStage: This feature contains all the tools that can help you to reach new audiences and generate leads. 
  • Integrations: You can integrate your GoToWebinar account with your favorite tools like Marketo, Leadpages, Unbounce, Zapier and many more.

GoToWebinar 7 Days FREE Trial

There would be no use to spend lots of money buying a webinar solution just to find out that the platform doesn’t suit your business!

As a result of GoToWebinar, you get a chance to try the platform and see if its features are what your business needs without spending even a single penny in advance.

Therefore, GoToWebinar comes With 7 Days Free Trial on all pricing plans.

GoToWebinar 7-Day Free Trial includes:

  • Unlimited free Webinar service usage & online meetings
  • Mic and speakers audio
  • Instant meetings
  • Full-service registration and reporting
  • Desktop and application sharing.
  • Integrated audio and high-definition (HD) video conferencing
  • Free mobile apps.
  • Archived Recordings.
  • Free product training and 24/7 customer support.

GoToWebinar 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

After your 7-Days Free Trial, you purchase your preferred GoToWebinar package. But in case you find out that the platform is not what you need, you can cancel your GoToWebinar subscription within 30 days of purchase and get your full refund back.

Which GoToWebinar Pricing Plan is Best For Your Business

If you are thinking, which GoToWebinar plan is for me? 

Then the short answer is, it all depends on your business needs!

If you are a beginner and only need a package that will help you host up to 100 audiences only, the GoToWebinar Lite package is all you need.

However, if having access to all the GoToWebinar vital features is necessary, consider upgrading to a higher tier plan where you will also be able to host a large audience.

For instance, with the Standard Plan, you can host up to 250 audiences per webinar.

If your business is large or growing at a large pace, GoToWebinar Pro or Enterprise plan will be the best choice. 

With the Pro Plan, you will host up to 500 people and the Enterprise plan will help you host up to 3K audience per webinar.

But how would you know that a particular plan fits your business?

Well, since GoToWebinar offers a 7 Day Free Trial for all the packages, I would highly recommend you try a free trial of all the packages before purchasing (no credit card is required) 

Why You Need To Consider GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar is a webinar solution committed to delivering effective webinars, especially in learning environments, such as training, knowledge sharing, or marketing campaigns where you need to demonstrate how your products work or how beneficial your services can be to the audience.

And with this platform, you can easily manage the whole webinar process, including planning, promoting, engaging, converting, and analyzing - all without hassle. 

Other reasons why I believe you should try GoToWebinar includes;

  • Easy and quick planning and setup: You don’t need to be an IT guru to operate this platform.
  • Effective tools to promote your event: GoToWebinar comes with custom registration pagers, stunning templates, branding capabilities, automated email systems and many more to help you promote your event.
  • You can engage your audience fully: GoToWebinar is an easy-to-use solution that offers all the necessary tools that help you to connect effectively with your audience. 
  • Convert efforts into results: GoToWebianr lets you record your live events and reuse them for sharing online or on pre-recorded events. 
  • Seamless integration: GoToWebinar integrates with your CRM, marketing automation tools and other platforms so that your working becomes seamless and easy.

GoToWebinar Discounts, Offers, Coupon Codes and Bonuses & How To Get Them

When you go with the GoToWebinar annual subscription, you can get a discount of up to 23%.

For instance;

  • GoToWebinar Lite Plan will cost $49/m instead of $59/m, saving 17%
  • GoToWebinar Standard Plan will cost $99/m instead of $129/m, saving 23%
  • GoToWebinar Pro Plan will cost $199/m instead of $249/m, saving 20%
  • GoToWebinar Enterprise Plan will cost $399/m instead of $499/m, saving 20%

It's also important to note that at the moment, there are no GoToWebinar coupon codes available.

Is GoToWebinar Cost Worth Your Money?


Considering that GoToWebinar offers different pricing options, it makes it ideal for any type of business, especially if you need the following;

  • You want to host 100 to 3,000 attendees per webinar.
  • You want to monetize your knowledge by doing paid webinars to your participants.
  • You want a webinar solution that offers fantastic features that will help you manage your online events such as training, marketing, and corporate communications to engage the audience, get leads, and much more.
  • You want a webinar solution that tracks performance and provides in-depth reports and analytics on your webinar registrants and attendees.
  • You want a webinar solution that will help you create simulated live webinars that last forever on the internet.

However, you might still find out that GoToWebinar does not suit your business needs.

But don't worry!

We have the GoToWebinar best alternative webinar solution in the market today you may want to consider.

For instance;

If your business is still at a younger stage and you just need to host a limited number of attendees, I recommend Demio - the overall best all-in-one webinar platform. Demio is also the most affordable here because, for example, if you want to host say 500 attendees, with GoToWebinar Pro plan will cost you $249/m ($199/m when billed yearly) and Demio Business Plan will cost you only $234/m ($163/m when billed annual), a big reason to go for Demio.

On the other hand, if your main target is to host more attendees (more than 3K), I recommend going with WebinarJam or EverWebinar, which costs $699/year & $499/year, respectively for 2000 live attendees and unlimited automated webinar. These might be one of the best webinar options you need to place your business in the next step.

One more very important things about a number of hosts, as this plan of GoToWebinar include ONLY SINGLE HOST and here with WebinarJam it covers up to 6 hosts, and if you want 6 hosts then your price comes 6x of current GoToWebinar plans which are really really very costly.

GoToWebinar Plans FAQs You May Want To Know

Q. Do I have to install anything before I can use GoToWebinar?

No, GoToWebinar is a cloud-based service and you can efficiently operate it on any browser.

Q. Does GoToWebinar have a long-term contract?

No, GoToWebinar only comes with 4 pricing plans that you can either choose to bill monthly or yearly.

Q. If I cancel my GoToWebinar account, will I lose my data?

Yes, suppose you purchase your package and then find out that it's not what you expected. You can cancel your GoToWebinar subscription within 30 days of purchase and then get a full refund but lose your data.

Q. How do I cancel my GoToWebinar after subscribing to its service?

To cancel your paid subscription plan is easy. You just need to sign in and go to the My Account page. Select “Turn Off Renewal.” Your pre-paid service will continue until the end of your subscription period, and then your plan will not be renewed.

Q. GoToWebinar is different from GoToMeeting?

GoToMeeting is the sister product of GoToWebinar. GoToWebinar is primarily for hosting one-way interactive webinars (the host does all the talking). GoToMeeting, on the other hand, can be used for multi-way video meetings (everyone can use their microphone to speak).

Final Thought

All in all, I would say that although GoToWebinar is not the best of the best webinar solutions in the market nor its cheaper, the platform can still help you to improve your digital marketing techniques.

The platform offers a flexible range of pricing plans, and the good thing about it is that you have a free trial period to decide your mind. 

Therefore, in line with this detailed review, if you think it is what you need to host your marketing webinars, I recommend you try GoToWebinar 7 Days Free Trial now.

But if your objective is to have the best of the best webinar tool solution, Go To check Demio Pricing hereStart with the Demio trial.

And if your primary target is to host a larger audience than before using a webinar solution that offers the best features and functionalities with reasonable pricing, WebinarJam & EverWebinar combo is your solution because of large participants & multiple presenters option at the best affordable price deal in the market.

My sincere hope is that this GoToWebinar pricing guide has helped you understand all the questions and worries about the GoToWebinar solution and if you ask me your idea of which package to choose then I recommend to go with GoToWebinar Standard or Pro plan but if you need multiple presenter then go with Demio or WebinarJam.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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