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Roofing Facebook Ads to Get More Leads

Roofing Facebook Ads - Ultimate Guide For Your Roofing Company (2022)

If you are running a roofing service, then your aim must have been to get as many clients as you want.

Roofing Facebook Ads is one of the effective techniques you can implement to help you generate top quality clients in your target location. 

So, if you have been planning to improve your marketing efforts but don’t know where to start…then, I will guide you on how Facebook advertising for your roofing company strategy will help your business by a great deal.

What Is Roofing Facebook Ads?

Roofing Facebook ads are targeted campaigns to your Facebook audience based on their location, demographic, and profile information. 

Roofing Facebook Ads use pixels to track visitors to specific pages on your website. It enables you to custom your audiences and target highly convertible customers for your roofing company.

Using Facebook Ads, you can re-engage warm roofing leads on Facebook - where they spend a lot of time. 

Generally, if you are a residential roofing contractor and you want to run an effective Facebook lead generation campaign, you have to consider creating an ad that will;

  • Create curiosity for your viewers.
  • On the thank you page, include a link to a calendar or a different form with a compelling offer. A voucher discount can do better.
  • Have someone on your team call right away the leads that have opted for the discount.

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Ready for New Facebook Marketing for Roofing to get Leads?

Why Choose Facebook Ads For Roofing Leads?

In case you still doubt the benefits of Facebook ads, let’s see briefly why you need to invest in Facebook Ads;

  • People spend lots of their time on Facebook, which is the best place to find more customers.
  • Facebook offers robust analytics on your ads performance.
  • Facebook helps you target specific people based on their interests, behaviors, demographics, age ranges, connections, locations, or languages.
  • Facebook enables you to customize your Ads based on your specific objective. 
  • Facebook Ads allows you to remarket and retarget people who are already interested in you.
  • With proper targeting, Facebook ads help you to get clicks and conversations on fordable ratings.
  • Facebook ads allow you to add a CTA button and find more new leads quickly.
Facebook roofing ads

Examples of Facebook Ads for Roofing Companies

Before I show you a few examples of Facebook Ads for your roofing company, here are some tips  you need to consider when creating your ads;

  • Make sure to include compelling offers or discounts in your ads.
  • Use modern and creative with good quality pictures of a house or labor working on a roof.
  • Include Google reviews in your Roofing Facebook Ads to win the trust of your prospects.

Examples 1;

Primary Text: 30+ Years of Experience in Roofing Service. Instant Service. Call The Experts!

Heading: Special 15% off on Roof Replacement

Example 2;

Primary Text: (Name of the company) is one of the top-ranking roofing companies in San Antonio, Trusted by over 300 Clients. Be The Next One! Get High-quality service, Free Estimate, and 7 years of Warranty.

Heading: Roof Installation & Repairing – Hire The Experts!

Example 3;

Primary Text: You need an Expert To Repair Your Roof? Or To Replace It With A New One? Get Instant Help Top-Rated Roofers – 24/7 Service is Available. Free Call Now!

Heading: (Company Name) | We are The Roofing Experts

How to Get More Roofing Leads on Facebook

1. Create Awesome Facebook Ads

Facebook offers various types of Ads that you can choose for your roofing company, including video or slideshow ads, lead ads, carousel ads, and banner ads. 

All these roofing Facebook ads can work well in helping you to generate consistent leads on Facebook. 

Something important you need to remember here is that Facebook is a place where people pass the time and not a place to look for roofing services. 

Therefore, using the right Facebook marketing strategies is essential for winning roofing leads for Facebook.

When creating your Facebook ad, you need to consider the following aspects;

  • Attention or Awareness
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Remember, your ad aims to increase conversion rates and profits. Therefore, these aspects will help you develop a compelling ad copy that will grab your viewers’ attention, create interest in them, and then drive them to take action.

The benefits of using Facebook ads for roofers is that Facebook ads allow you to target your audience based on;

  • Custom audiences (existing customers or leads)
  • Location (city, state, country)
  • Gender (male or female)
  • Interests (like fitness, entrepreneurship, fashion, literature, etc.)
  • Behaviors (such as someone visiting your website)
  • Connections (target your Facebook followers)

2. Create a Compelling Offer

At the heart of success, an essential component of any business is implementing compelling & irresistible offers.

The secret is to design an offer to make your audience realize that this roofing service is what they need. 

Your offer must also attract the right prospect, have low friction, and have a high value. That’s how to generate roofing leads.

Keys to building a compelling offer.

A good offer should have the following elements;

  • Design a simple offer that has no barriers. For example, if you give gifts to those who will order your service, don’t add some barrier content like “only valid with orders over $300.” This will turn off many of your prospective clients.
  • The one that attracts your audience to give your services a try.
  • Be clear about your offer and give content that is easy to be understood by your reader.
  • Offer great value in your offer.
  • Deliver a discount or a premium that will encourage your target customer to order your service instantly.
  • Include a strong call to action.

3. Find The Right Audience

Finding the right audience for your roofing company is essential for campaign success.

For instance, as a roofing contractor, you are likely bound by geography, so you will only find work within your territory.

This means that your targeting is essential. You don't need to use complicated interest targeting - all you need is to use a combination of addresses and zip codes to help Facebook know which location you want to target with your ads.

4. Retarget Your Traffic

The truth is, even if you have a compelling Facebook ad that includes offers, most people that see your ad just won’t proceed with your offer. However, this is completely normal and there is nothing you can do about it.

So, what is the solution?

The best way to get more people to claim your offer and become a new lead for your roofing business is to try a retargeting technique.

And when retargeting your customers, be sure to use a different ad than you did the first time. Also include things like testimonials, videos of happy customers, and promotional messages.

A Quick Overview of Other Roofing Advertising Alternative

Is Facebook marketing for roofers ideal for or should I use Google Ads instead? 

What about an SEO or even a paid listing in a directory?

All these techniques will work for your roofing leads if done correctly.

But which one should you choose?

The marketing strategy you choose will highly depend on your objectives; what you want to achieve.

For instance;

Use Facebook Ads if;

Use Google Ads if;

  • You aim to generate more roofing leads from your marketing.
  • You want to build a robust social media following.
  • You want to create a larger online presence.
  • You have a small budget.
  • You are a storm chaser and want to target neighborhoods that a storm has hit specifically.
  • If your objective is to generate more roofing leads from your marketing.
  • If you are in a non-storm location and your objective is to generate inbound phone calls faster.
  • If you want a quick ROI.
  • You aim only to target commercial roofing leads, then Google Ads would be the best option.

Facebook Ads vs Google Ads (AdWords)

When you want to understand the difference between Facebook Ads and Google Ads better, think it in this way;

Facebook Ads helps new customers to find, while Google Ads will help you to find new customers.

Facebook offers several advantages over Google Ads, regarding the commercial side. 

These include; 

  • Less expensive. The average cost per click is about ¼ the cost of Google Ads.
  • Facebook helps reach a large audience and you can target people based on demographics, net worth, zip code, home value, the car they drive, and many other things.
  • Creating a winning Facebook marketing strategy nursing FB Ads is a little more complicated than an AdWords campaign.

However, Facebook Ads also comes with its cons, including;

  • Unlike Google Ads, the behavior of the traffic you will get with Facebook Ads is different.
  • If you don’t plan your Facebook campaign well, you can lose a lot of money.

Therefore, Roofing Google Ads is still more effective for your commercial roofing service than Facebook Ads.

The biggest advantage that Google Ads has over Facebook Ads is the behavior & intention of the traffic you get. Google Ads enables you to target people at the top of the buying cycle and you can start getting leads within the shortest time possible.

Another great thing that Google Ads has over Facebook is that many people who click on your ad will not realize that it's an ad. They will think that they are clicking on an organic search result.

Both Google Ads & Facebook Ads have their own pros & cons and I recommend based on your requirement and budget to select the platform, if you have any query then book a strategy call and let’s find the better strategy.

NextPinnacle - How NextPinnacle Can Help

Facebook roofing ads are still effective for your roofing company. 

I have helped lots of businesses to generate million-dollar opportunities on Facebook Ads.

My roofing marketing strategy includes roofing SEO, website optimization, PPC, and overall business strategy to plan & execute based on your company goal.

So, if you are looking for the best marketing consultant to help you target roofing leads for Facebook, NextPinnacle is here for you.

I will also help you in other areas, including;

  • SEO Ranking
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  • Sales & Copywriting
  • Sales Funnel
  • Lead Generation
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Website & Business Strategy

So what next?

Let our team use Facebook Ads to grow your roofing business. Schedule a Free Strategy Call now and get to know more.

Final Thought

How to get roofing leads on Facebook? Generally, visibility for your roofing services is key to growing your roofing business online. 

Our Facebook Ads strategy for roofers ensures that your company reaches potential customers and, in turn, you generate optimal ROI for your business.

Therefore, Facebook Ads will provide a unique opportunity for your roofing company, and I will help you reach more highly convertible people.

Ready to Start Roofing FB Ads?

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