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Roofing PPC (2022) - Grow Your Leads & Sales Instantly

Is finding steady commercial or residential leads for your roofing company a challenge?

Just like any other business, a consistent stream of new & quality leads is essential for your roofing company, especially if you want to sustain the business for longer and better competition.

Therefore, if you are not investing in Roofing PPC campaigns, you miss out because roofing lead generation is easier, especially with modern technology.

But how would you do it?

Well, in this Roofing PPC (2022) guide, I will discuss strategies that can help you drive your Roofing PPC traffic to your website and ultimately Grow Your Leads & Sales Instantly.

What is Roofing PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click advertising.

This is a type of digital advertisement where you get paid traffic for your website. Roofing PPC, therefore, is a form of buying visitors for your roofing company website.

PPC platforms that you can use for your roofing company include;

  • Google Ads Pay-Per-Click campaigns
  • Bing Ads Pay-Per-Click campaigns
  • Facebook/Instagram Ads Campaigns

So, the key to getting more leads from your site is to maximize your first page on search engines like Google, Bing & Yahoo.

And because organic SEO takes time to give you consistency, it can be a challenge when you rely on it for short-term lead production. 

Therefore, if you need to generate leads faster for your roofing business, PPC roofing can be the best option. 

My idea is not that you should replace your SEO strategy with roofing PPC, but instead, you need PPC Roofing as a better and faster supplement. 

Roofing PPC generates leads through;

  • Calls to Action: These are effective ads that will display a clear CTA button, such as a phone number on your website.
  • Landing Page Optimization: When you create a high-converting landing page that can help you to convert visitors into potential customers.
  • Keyword Targeting: Right targeting of keywords which has the intention of buyers searching for your roofing services in their location.
  • Better Visibility: When your website is listed at the top of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP), you have a good chance of being ahead of other organic competitors.
  • Social PPC for Roofing: Facebook ads help you to reach more at your location with better offers.

Generally, PPC Roofing is a valuable strategy to promote your website and get better visibility.

Benefits of Roofing PPC for a Roofing Contractor

Roofing PPC Agency

Generally, PPC for roofing is a promotional channel that will help your roofing company advertise your services through paid advertisements. 

This marketing technique is an excellent way for you to find in-market buyers looking for your roofing services. It will help your company record a tremendous increase in customer calls with a set budget and a flexible schedule. It will also help you maximize your roofing leads and convert more PPC leads to sales and profit.

Roofing PPC also works fast compared to traditional SEO, and if you manage it appropriately, it can yield impressive ROI for your roofing business. 

SEO, Content marketing and link building can take you several months or even longer to impact your roofing business. 

So if you are looking for instant results for your roofing services today, you need to consider investing in roofing PPC management services from NextPinnacle

Our roofing PPC experts are Google Certified and we have handled lots of successful campaigns.

In addition to this, Roofing PPC also comes with the following additional advantages for your roofing company;

  • Cost-Effective: You can spend less and have better results by targeting potential clients.
  • Keyword Research: You can research keywords and develop a keyword list that will enable you to increase traffic to your site when clients search for those keywords.
  • Location or Demographic Targeting: Roofing PPC helps you determine your target audience, improving the overall conversion rate.
  • Market Data Collection: You can track and monitor your campaign results and use that information to adjust whenever needed to improve future campaigns.
  • Flexibility: Roofing PPC Marketing gives you all freedom, including branding your services and boosting their quality, adding or removing keywords at any time for bigger traffic, and many more. 
  • Financial Planning: You can set a daily budget for your marketing campaign with PPC advertising. If you’re making good money from it, increase the amount of spending whenever you want to!

Roofing Business Growth Marketing System

Why Your Roofing Business Struggling?

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Roofing Digital Marketing System

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Roofing Leads

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With Following Proven Process & Approach

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Roofing SEO

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Roofing PPC

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Roofing Facebook Ads

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Ready for New PPC Marketing System to get Leads?

Our Roofing PPC Process & Approach

1. Strategy and Competitive Analysis

We invite you for a free strategy talk so that we can understand more about your roofing company and your goals. We then use competitor analysis to see how to place your company on a competitive edge and create a high-level plan for effective roofing leads.

2. Keyword Research

Using the right keywords will improve your PPC campaign. We will employ the best keywords that target qualified leads while staying within your budget to ensure the best results and help you be more steps ahead of your competitors.

3. High-Converting Ad Copy

We create high-converting paid ads to help you grab attention and get more clicks. Our experienced writers will help you create original and engaging ad copy with quality keywords to help you target quality leads.

4. Reporting & Analytics

We do a complete market analysis and track every element of your campaigns to keep you updated on how your campaign is doing.

5. Continuous PPC Assessments & Improvement

Whether you want to create your PPC campaign from scratch or you already have one that needs fine-tuning to improve results, NextPinnacle will help you maximize success.

6. PPC Budget Management

Since PPC for Roofing involves a cost to Pay-Per-Click advertising, at NextPinnacle, we are keen on how your dollars are spent. We use quality keywords that are well researched to adjust your ad campaigns to ensure you are getting the best results.

How Do I Get More Qualified Roofing Leads using PPC?

1. Optimizing your roofing website

Before you launch your roofing PPC campaign, you have to design and create a stunning landing page that will align with your ads. 


When your clients click on your PPC ad, your ad attracts them and they are interested in exploring more about your services. 

So, if they click that link and direct them to an unrelated page on your site, the prospect is likely to get disappointed and opt for your competitors instead.

Therefore, a click on a roofing PPC ads shows that your visitor is willing to explore more about your ads, and this is why it's essential to create a landing page that matches the content of your ads. 

Besides this, you also have to consider optimizing your landing page for performance. When a client clicks on the ad, they have to be directed to a page that loads faster or is easy to navigate to reduce the chances of them bouncing back.

So, how do you optimize your website to improve conversion rate?

You can consider implementing the following tips;

  • Use clear CTA buttons.
  • Use attention-grabbing and persuasive headlines.
  • Create a simple and stunning roofing website design with lots of white spaces.
  • Use images and videos strategically to improve and retain attention.
  • Create simple content that is easy to be understood by using bullets, bold, underline, and visuals.

2. Do Good Research on Your Roofing Keywords & Select Wisely

Sometimes, roofing PPC can be expensive considering that it's charged per click...and not all clicks result in a potential client. 

As a result, keyword research becomes an essential element if you want to establish a successful roofing PPC campaign. 

Without keywords, search engines such as Bing or Google, will not know how and when to display your roofing ads. 

Therefore, you need to research specific keywords appropriate to help you achieve a higher click-through rate, more traffic, and conversions.

So, how do you get the right keywords for your Roofing PPC campaign;

  • Research on the keywords your competitors are using.
  • Assume you are a property owner looking for roofing services and imagine the keyword you will use to search for the service.
  • Use keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs Keywords Explorer, SECockpit, SEMrush, KeywordTool.io and many more.
  • Be more specific with your keywords rather than generic.
  • Select local keywords.
  • Utilize the keyword match types provided by Google Ads.
  • Use negative keywords because excluding the keywords that you don’t want to use in your campaign.

3. Create Stunning Landing Pages for Your Roofing PPC Campaign

Is the landing page building crucial to your roofing PPC?

Linking your ad to your website home page might not bring an excellent experience to your prospects. This makes landing pages essential elements when it comes to your roofing PPC marketing.  

Landing pages help to provide exact solutions to what your prospects are looking for. This is why you are recommended to create beautiful landing pages with specific keywords to give in-depth details about your ad content.

So, what are the elements of a stunning landing page that will help in high-conversion?

Here are some tips you need to consider;

  • Design a Conversion Focused Landing Page that includes CTAs, e.g. include your phone number at the top right-hand corner with a CTA button to generate inbound phone calls.
  • Use Strong Headlines that are relevant to what your prospects are searching for. Strong headlines clearly describe the benefits of your roofing company. It should be relevant to what the prospect is searching for.
  • Include Call To Action multiple times throughout the landing page so that you get more people to act.
  • Use Image(s) to convey the value of your offer or expertise of your work.
  • Use an explainer video. This helps you to increase the conversion rate.

4. Determine the Best Bidding Strategy in line With Your Goals

Google Ads offers several bid strategies that you can use for your roofing service campaigns. 

However, picking the correct strategy will depend on various factors such as; 

  • The networks your campaign is targeting.
  • Whether you are targeting to focus on conversions, getting clicks, views or impressions.
  • Your PPC management experience, budget, and objectives.
  • Whether you want to implement manual or automated bidding.

So, what is your goal and which strategy should you consider concerning your goal?

  • Do you want your customers to take direct action on your site? If so, smart bidding will help you to focus on conversions.
  • Are you aiming to generate more traffic to your website? Then Cost-per-click (CPC) bidding here is ideal for you to focus on clicks.
  • And if you want to boost awareness for your brand, You can use cost-per-thousand viewable impressions (vCPM) bidding, which helps you focus on impressions.
  • Cost-per-view (CPV) or cost-per-thousand-impressions (CPM) bidding strategy would be ideal if you target running video ads that will help increase views or interactions with your ads. 
  • But if your target is to use video ads to boost your product or brand consideration, you can use the cost per view (CPV) strategy.

Just an idea of manual vs smart bidding

Manual bidding gives you control to set a maximum cost-per-click (CPC) you could pay for your roofing keywords. Here, you only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad, not just views it. 

The cons that come with manual bidding, however, includes;

  • Time-consuming
  • Possible poor outcomes due to not using Google’s plethora of data on user behavior to drive bid calculations
  • You need good experience to make the campaigns effective, making it a bit difficult, especially if you are a new user.
  • It doesn’t take Google’s algorithm into account, making it difficult to get clients who are most likely to get converted.

On the other hand, smart bidding is a type of automated bid strategy that integrates machine learning to optimize conversion value. It includes target CPA, target ROAS, maximize conversions, maximize conversion value & Enhanced CPC (eCPC). 

This bidding strategy has lots of benefits since it uses machine learning to know the behavior of consumers, giving you more chances of getting qualified leads. It also includes flexible performance controls and transparent performance reporting.

However, smart bidding might result in the loss of your budget control. And since it comes with huge data, it might not reflect your target audience but rather a more broad audience.

Bottom line: Depending on your goals, you can consider using smart bidding but be ready to spend more on this strategy. Results are better when you go for manual bidding.

5. Write a Killer Roofing Ads Copy that Converts Better

Do you want to write amazing and high-converting paid search ads for your roofing PPC?

Here are some techniques you might consider using;

  • Keep your ads brief and straight to the point so that you can grab your prospects within the shortest time possible.
  • Get the story directly from your prospects by asking them to complete a new client questionnaire.
  • Learn the end mind of your target audience and write an ad copy based on that.
  • Include product/service benefits that will make your ad stand out from others.
  • Finally, encourage your customers to take action after reading your ad by including CTA buttons.

6. Facebook Ads

Facebook can also be one of the most affordable and effective channels to advertise your Roofing business.

You can use Facebook Ads for roofing to target your audiences from a specific geographic area, including job titles, people who have visited your Facebook page and didn’t convert, offer discounts, and many more ways. 

You can also install Facebook pixel on your roofing website to help you track your visitor’s conversions.

Work With a Trusted Roofing PPC Agency

Are you looking for a Roofing PPC management agency that is experienced to help you drive more traffic to your business?

If you aim to achieve a proven campaign method for your roofing services that will result in high ROI, you should consider our Roofing PPC campaign management at NextPinnacle.

Increase Leads & Sales Almost Instantly with Roofing PPC With NextPinnacle

We get your roofing business in front of people who need your roofing services and drive them to contact you. 

But how are we doing this at NextPinnacle?

We have a detailed understanding of the roofing market we use to craft the best roofing PPC campaign planning. We will convert your website into a money-making machine by doing your business easily found by potential customers on Google, Bing & Facebook platform.

Our PPC Roofing services will help you generate quality leads through;

  1. Driving PPC traffic with Google Ads (AdWords), display advertising, local service ads for instant traffic growth.
  2. Create relevant PPC campaigns that target quality leads.
  3. Research on quality leads that will improve your traffic within your budget.

Why Choose NextPinnacle as Your Roofing PPC Agency

With the booming technology, many roofers companies are competing for the same roofing PPC search traffic.  

Therefore, for better Roofing PPC results, here is why you should choose NextPinnacle service:

We Are Experts in PPC

I am an experienced marketing professional with expertise in roofing PPC dedicated to helping my customers get the best ad click-throughs and conversions for the lowest cost per click & ultimate low-cost leads.

We Focus on Client Satisfaction

NextPinnacle is dedicated to delivering results with 100% customer satisfaction. We invite you onboard for personal consultation & strategy discussion so that we clearly understand your requirements.

Quality Results is Our #1 Priority

I will optimize your ads for the lowest CPC, the best CTR and the highest quality score for your roofing business - all to help you get the best ROI.

From stunning, high-converting landing pages to strong CTAs and conversion tools, I will make your PPC ads most relevant, offering the best info for your users so that you convert more traffic to your site with the most affordable cost per conversion and stay ahead of your competitors as well.

Proven Tested Results

We give you proven, and effective PPC strategies that will help you get consistent & predictable lead flow and get profitable PPC campaign ROI.

Here is why clients choose to work with us;

  • Free Consultation
  • Fast Support
  • Friendly Team
  • Customized Solutions
  • Cost-Effective Services
  • Predictable & Consistent Leads

Roofing PPC FAQs

Q. Are Roofing PPC ads worth it?

Yes, Roofing PPC ads are worth it because they help you to target a specific audience and it is a fast & scalable strategy. 

Q. How long does it take Roofing PPC to work for my roofing campaigns?

If you use an advertising platform like Google Ads or Bing Ads, it might take you time before you see success. This is because your small business doesn’t have any data. So, it can take little time to optimize but once it gets started properly then it will be working well.

Q. Does roofing PPC affect roofing SEO?

No, roofing PPC does not affect roofing SEO directly. However, it does help you improve your overall marketing. Therefore, if you invest in both Roofing PPC and SEO strategy, you will have a robust marketing campaign for your roofing business that will improve your results.

Q. Why is roofing PPC important for your roofing companies?

Traditional paid advertising can not guarantee success. With PPC Roofing, you know your target and you can squeeze your budget accordingly to improve your ROI.

Q. What are the disadvantages of roofing PPC?

Roofing PPC requires the necessary skills for your ads to work effectively and it may take some trial and error before getting a good ROI. You might also incur high costs, especially if not monitored properly. However, at NextPinnacle, I have the best solution for you.


I hope you find this Roofing PPC guide to make the best decision for your next PPC campaign.

At NextPinnacle, I offer the best and budget-friendly Roofing PPC & Complete lead generation digital marketing solution for your roofing business. With our customized, flexible, and results-driven strategies, I am committed to placing your business ahead of your competitors. 

My PPC Roofing strategy will meet your marketing needs and help your business grow tremendously.