StealthSeminar Review, Alternatives & Honest Buying Guide 2022

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StealthSeminar Reviews

‘Funnel More Leads to Your Webinars in Less Time’

Automating your business is something you need to consider especially with the booming digital era and more so in this pandemic time.

So, if you have been wondering which all-in-one webinar solution you need to integrate to your marketing strategy. Perhaps, StealthSeminar must have crossed your mind! 

So, before you make your mind on this amazing platform;

  • Does it have all you need for your business?
  • Does it fit your business?
  • Is StealthSeminar worth your investment?
  • And how much does it cost?

If you have been asking yourself these kinds of questions, then you are in the right place, worry no more!

In this StealthSeminar Review & The Best Alternatives, I will guide you on StealthSeminar features, pricing, cons & pros, best alternatives and give you an honest review that will help you as your buying guide.

What is StealthSeminar?

Stealth Seminar is an automated webinar solution platform that can help you improve your online business by leveraging in digital marketing.

StealthSeminar comes with all the features you need to deliver your content, generate new leads and create sales round the clock.

StealthSeminar Logo

It doesn't matter your experience with webinar software or the nature of your business, this platform supports you with interest in learning, growing, and achieving your desired goals.

StealthSeminar services include;

Create Better Webinars

  • Automated Webinars
  • Live & Hybrid Webinars
  • Event Creation
  • Easy Scheduling
  • Integrations & Plugins

Generate Leads and Sales

  • Registration Pages
  • Calls to Action
  • Customized Templates
  • Email Content

Boost Authority

  • Social Proof Tools
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Chat/Q&A

Optimize Results

  • Tracking
  • Split Testing
  • Built-in Statistics
  • Built-in Sales Reporting

So, what can you do with StealthSeminar?

From the above features, it's clear that StealthSeminar can help you do a lot of tasks in your business, including;

  • Generate lots of leads and sales for your business
  • Analyze and track your attendance and overall campaigns
  • Creating effective webinars
  • Encoding videos
  • Conduct polls and surveys
  • Host automated webinars
  • Send SMS notifications
  • Send email notification
  • Create and market your products online 
  • Build membership among your attendees
  • Share your webinar link on social media platforms
  • Livestream on other social media platforms
  • And many more...

Therefore, StealthSeminar can be all that you need for launching and running a successful online business.

Do you see it working for your business yet? 

This detailed review will definitely help you to make your decision on the StealthSeminar solution.

A Little History About StealthSeminar.

StealthSeminar was co-founded by Geoff Ronning and Chris Frolic came together in the year 2010.

Their goal was to give solutions to people who wanted to save time and money and stop presenters from repeating themselves on the same topic repeatedly.

How Does StealthSeminar Work?

Like other Best Webinars Solutions, StealthSeminar enables you to present your events and sessions online to your audience across the globe.

With StealthSeminar, you can also choose to go live, or air pre-recorded webinars to your audience. You have the choice to choose what will work best for you and your audience.

Who Should Use StealthSeminar Webinar Solution?

  • Bloggers: If you want to get face-to-face with your followers and readers, offer free advice, sell coaching programs or other services.
  • B2B companies: StealthSeminar will save you time and money by automating a demo of your product, offering a “live” sales pitch and Q&A.
  • Software (SaaS) companies: You can use StealthSeminar Hybrid webinars to educate customers and showcase speakers.
  • Human Resources and managers: You can use the StealthSeminar solution to train your entire team, even if they are remote.
  • Educators: StealthSeminar helps you to reteach the same content over and over again so that you can keep your students engaged within the “live” webinar environment.
  • eCommerce products: StealthSeminar enables you to create your products and sell them on your webinar and increase your overall sales.
  • Professional services: At the end of every webinar, StealthSeminar allows you to pitch your services so that you get high-converting clients.

What Features Does StealthSeminar Offer?

StealthSeminar offers amazing powerful features to give you a nice experience marketing your products.

These Features Include?

StealthSeminar Features

Event Creation

StealthSeminar allows you to upload your video, and the tool does encode it so that your videos are easily playable online with a variety of devices without loading.

The platform has also made it easier for you to create your webinar by offering a number of options, including;

  • Automated webinar: With an automated webinar, StealthSeminar allows you to upload a video file and set it to run as often as you desire with the automation tool. You can schedule your webinars to run as many times a day as you desire.
  • Live & Hybrid Webinars: StealthSeminar offers a mix of Live and automated webinar features that enables you to host live events in real time. This can help you to concentrate with Q&A as your webinar plays.
  • Dedicated replay: StealthSeminar also allows your audience to attend your webinar on-demand.
  • YouTube Live: Stealth Seminar offers a YouTube live webinar option. However, understand that if you want to run a YouTube Live webinar, you will need a YouTube account with a linked Adsense account.

Easy Scheduling

With this feature at your fingertips, you can arrange your event at any time that suits you and your audience.

The platform allows you to configure the following;

  • Registration date: The date that your registration page will go live.
  • Webinar start date: The date that your webinar will go live.

StealthSeminar also gives you the option of scheduling depending on the time zone for your webinar, including your audience time zone.

StealthSeminar Scheduling feature includes tools such as;

  • Just in time setting: This tool allows your audience to register and start watching the webinar almost immediately. This is an amazing feature that can really benefit your business since people will not have to wait for long for your webinar and it will increase your webinar view rates.

Integrations & Plugins

StealthSeminar allows you to integrate any autoresponder or CRM system. The platform also offers plugins to provide you with more advanced integrations.

Some of the popular tools that StealthSeminar integrate with include;

Other StealthSeminar Features

  • Alerts/Notification: StealthSeminar enables you to send alerts and notifications to your registrants to inform them in advance of upcoming events.
  • Reports/analytics: The tool allows you to get statistics for all your events.
  • Live chat: You can engage in live conversations with your audience as the webinar is ongoing.
  • Social sharing: StealthSeminar allows you to share your event on other social media pages to increase your audience and get new customers.
  • Attendee Management: The platform allows you to communicate with your audience before, during and after the webinar session. This makes the experience feel more personal than general for your attendees.
  • Polls: This feature allows you to create single choice or multiple choice questions for your attendees. You can do this as your webinar is going on and collect the report afterward.
  • Question and Answer: This feature allows you to answer live questions from your audience as the webinar is going on.
  • Reminders: StealthSeminar allows you to send calendar reminders and other types of reminders to your registrants for them not forget an upcoming event.
  • Screen Sharing: You can share your entire screen with your audience for better collaboration.
  • On-demand webinar: You can set a pre-recorded webinar to go live and be viewed at any time of your clients choice.
  • Online flashes: You can get quick customer service support while you are in life and having technical troubles.
  • Chat rooms: Private chats with your audience make your webinar interactive and personal. They also make the participants bold and free to engage further in conversation.
  • Edit & delete comments: This helps you to delete comments that threaten your webinar session.
  • Ban users: This feature allows you to ban a user who is abusive or threatening in any way.
  • Wirecast support: This allows you to easily switch videos and other segments of your videos seamlessly with this feature.
  • Adobe flash media encoder support: This feature gives your videos high quality look and makes live video broadcasting very easy and smooth.
  • Optimized server farm: StealthSeminar offers high-quality grade servers to improve your online security.
  • Customized branding: You can design your pages, templates as you like in a manner that will welcome your audience and help you pass your messages across to your audience.

StealthSeminar Features Summary

With all these amazing features at your disposal, StealthSeminar gives you the freedom of leveraging your online marketing and making the whole process to be interesting.

From generating leads to presentation, StealthSeminar offers you nearly everything that you need in making your business a success.

StealthSeminar Pricing Plans

StealthSeminar comes with three packages that offer flexible pricing and powerful features.

These features include;

StealthSeminar Pricing
  • StealthSeminar Starter plan at $69.95 per month: This package offers 100 simultaneous live attendees, worldwide SMS reminders.
  • StealthSeminar Professional plan at $99.95 per month: This package offers 100 simultaneous live attendees, worldwide SMS reminders (up to 6000 a month), FB reminders, white-label custom domain, hybrid webinar.
  • StealthSeminar Growth plan Package at $175 per month: This package offers 300 live and simultaneous attendees and unlimited worldwide SMS reminders.
  • StealthSeminar Power Plan: This package offers customized pricing and you have to contact StealthSeminar for a quotation.

Every StealthSeminar plan includes.

  • Unlimited number of webinars a month
  • Custom Email Reminders
  • Webinar Registration Templates
  • Webinar Thank You for Registering Template
  • Webinar Event Template
  • Webinar Replay Template
  • Webinar Encoding
  • Webinar Streaming
  • Attendee Auto-Detection
  • White Glove Ticket Support
  • No Risk Double Guarantee

Here is a detailed StealthSeminar Pricing Guide for more in depth information.

StealthSeminar Free Trial, Discounts Offers & Coupon Codes.

StealthSeminar offers a 30 Days Free trial for the Starter plan so that you can try its features before you decide whether the platform is for you or not.

StealthSeminar also offers you a 100% no-risk, double guarantee.

For the Power plan, you have to contact customer care for more details.

Besides this, StealthSeminar is more pocket-friendly on all packages if you go with an annual billing plan - you get a two month FREE discount.

For instance;

  • The StealthSeminar Starter Plan will cost $58.29/m instead of $69.95/m.
  • The StealthSeminar Growth Plan will cost $112.50/m instead of $135/m.

Advantages and Disadvantages of StealthSeminar

Where does StealthSeminar perform best? (Advantages)

  • A/B split tests: StealthSeminar allows you to split test your entire events, videos, offers, etc.
  • Automated delay reset time: StealthSeminar enables you to run automated webinars and your audience will never realize that your webinar is automated. 
  • No contract: StealthSeminar allows you to pay month to month and you can cancel your subscription anytime you want.
  • The platform offers plenty of customizations for your webinars.
  • StealthSeminar enables you to run both live and automated webinars.
  • StealthSeminar comes with step-by-step instructions for setting up your webinars.

Where does StealthSeminar Fails? (Disadvantages)

  • SMS reminders do not include in the first plan.
  • StealthSeminar is a little expensive compared to its competitors for webinar solutions.
  • StealthSeminar design is not much intuitive.

StealthSeminar Testimonials & Success Stories

StealthSeminar Testimonials

Tips To Get People Register Your StealthSeminar Webinar Event?

After creating your webinar with StealthSeminar, you will need to raise awareness so that you get people to sign up and attend your event. 

Regardless of how big or small you are targeting your audience, there are amazing ways you can do this, including;

  • Emails: You can use your preferred email provider to send emails to your subscribers telling them about your webinar event using your webinar link.
  • Social Media: Post on your social media timeline (including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin) about your webinar.
  • Groups & Forums: Post on internet communities about your webinar to target more audiences.
  • Paid ads: You can also run automated paid ads on your website to get people to register for your webinar.

StealthSeminar Alternative Solutions & Comparison

Choosing a webinar solution that exactly suits your marketing needs can be challenging.

Therefore, after your 30 Days StealthSeminar Free Trials, you discover that this platform does not suit your needs, do not worry!

There are other StealthSeminar alternatives in the market that are amazing to work with.

These solutions include;

1. Demio - The Best Webinar Solution for Both Live & Automated  Webinar

When you compare Demio and StealthSeminar, Demio is far much better than StealthSeminar. 

StealthSeminar do offer a live stream aspect to their platform but it only uses YouTube live or (which are 3rd party tools and might cost you extra budget).

StealthSeminar is also expensive and may not be the best option especially if you want a pocket friendly platform in this category.

Demio, on the other hand, is overall the best webinar solution, especially if you want to host live and automated webinar events.

Demio will also be an ideal platform if you have a marketing team and you want to effectively scale your marketing and customer education through live video.

For in depth comparison, check this Demio vs StealthSeminar Comparison post

2. WebinarJam - The Best Webinar Solution to Work with

In this WebinarJam and StealthSeminar category, WebinarJam is one of the best and amazing platforms to integrate to your business compared to StealthSeminar. 

Here, StealthSeminar has lots of limitations. For instance, although StealthSeminar offers some integrations of popular tools such as Ontraport, Infusionsoft, ConvertKit, will be required to pay oftentimes an additional $59/mo for individual integrations with each one.

WebinarJam doesn't do that. You will integrate advanced CRM and Email Systems and other integrations as per plan basis without any additional charges.

Therefore, WebinarJam will be the best for a solopreneur to enterprise use, and you want the best webinar solution with the power of the lowest price in this category.

Check my details WebinarJam vs StealthSeminar here for more information.

3. EverWebinar - The Best Webinar Solution for Automated & Evergreen Webinars

EverWebinar vs StealthSeminar can be an interesting category to choose from. Both tools are amazing tools, but EverWebinar has more robust compared to its counterpart

However, I would recommend EverWebinar if;

  • You want a flexible and powerful webinar solution platform for automated and recorded webinar events.
  • You don’t want to pay for having simultaneous attendees (like StealthSeminar does).
  • You want to sell your offers midway of your event.

And I would recommend StealthSeminar if;

  • You want to create and schedule webinars.
  • You want a free trial to test the features before making a final decision (EverWebinar does not offer a free version).

Is StealthSeminar Worth It?

Yes, It is good but not the best webinar solution in terms of features, price & ease of use!

From this StealthSeminar Review, we have clearly seen that this platform can be reliable in improving your overall marketing strategy in your business.

Other benefits that StealthSeminar offers include;

  • Create, customize registration pages and email notifications.
  • Get in-person training and live training
  • Screen sharing with your audience.
  • Running automated, series and hybrid webinars.
  • Show analytics during and after a webinar.
  • All in one file hosting.
  • Professional encoding of files
  • Offering high-quality support from customer service.
  • Built-in Facebook reminders.
  • Onboarding new customers.
  • Showcasing both physical and digital products.
  • Building your brand in your industry.
  • Worldwide language support
  • Tracking friendly URLs

However, as I said, StealthSeminar is not really the best webinar software tool and it does not comes under the best category not it comes under the cheap price category and this is why I recommend checking alternatives like follow; 

  1. Demio - The Best Webinar Solution for Both Live & Automated Webinar.
  2. WebinarJam - The Best Webinar Software to Work with.
  3. EverWebinar - The Best for Automated & Evergreen Webinars.

StealthSeminar FAQs

Q. Does StealthSeminar offer unlimited features in its free trial?

No, during your 30 days free trial, you are limited to 150 registrants only. You can upgrade your account to remove this limitation and subscribe to monthly/yearly payments.

Q. Can I use a webinar I have already recorded?

Yes, StealthWebinar allows you to use a webinar you have already recorded.

Q. Can I put my StealthSeminar videos on my website?

Yes, you can use an embedded code to host the webinar session on your website.

Q. Can I run my automated webinars as often as I want?

Yes, StealthSeminar allows you to run unlimited automated webinars.

Q. Is the data I collect from my audience during webinar sessions private?

Yes, StealthSeminar respects your privacy and it supports 100% privacy.

Q. Can I integrate StealthSeminar with my private affiliate accounts?

Yes, StealthSeminar enables you to integrate your account with all standard affiliate programs.  

Q. Can I add tracking codes to my conversions?

Yes, StealthSeminar allows you to track all your conversations with your audience.


In this  StealthSeminar Review & The Best Alternatives, we have seen that StealthSeminar offers amazing features and it's worth integrating into your business to enhance marketing campaign strategy. 

If you are ready to get started with this webinar solution, sign up for StealthSeminar 30-Day Free Trial so that you can test its features before you decide whether it fits your unique needs or not.

However, should you find that StealthSeminar is not the best webinar solution for your business, you can look at other market alternatives.

And if you also want to consider trying other best solutions in the market, you can try Demio if you want the best all-in-one webinar solution, or WebinarJam if your primary goal is to run live webinars. But if you are looking for a webinar tool for automated and evergreen webinars, EverWebinar can be the best solution.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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