Demio vs EverWebinar 2022 Comparison: (Features and Pricing)

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Demio vs EverWebinar Comparison

Are you wondering which webinar tool is best for your business between Demio and EverWebinar?

I will help you to learn more about the two of the leading webinar solutions and choose which is best for your business needs.

In this Demio vs EverWebinar comparison, you will be able to compare;

  • The features and benefits of each platform.
  • The cost of each of these webinar software tools.
  • The pros and cons of each platform
  • When to choose which platform
  • And many more…

In addition to this, I will guide you in detail to make the right decision on which software you can use for your webinar & virtual meeting needs.

Demio vs EverWebinar Comparison Table

This table shows a one-on-one comparison of the features of both Demio and EverWebinar.



EverWebinar logo





Entry-Level Price



Best For

Launching live training videos, Q&As, workshops, and other forms of live & automated all in one webinars platform.

Creating business markets, scheduling, and broadcasting pre-recorded webinars.

Attendee Limit Max



App Download



Mobile support




Multi hosts


Value for money



Usability & Intuitiveness

Very intuitive and aesthetic design


Customizable, branding



Live Chat






Event Management



Q&A, Polls/Voting



On-Demand Webinars



Social Media Promotion



Key Features

  • Live & Automated Webinars
  • Unlimited sessions,
  • registrations & storage
  • Advanced event setup
  • Share any media or upload slides
  • Customizable registration options
  • Room engagement tools
  • Detailed insights
  • Event Localization

  • Exclusive live webinars
  • Live chat simulator
  • Clickable offers
  • Urgency and scarcity of products.
  • Dynamic Attendee Display
  • Just-in-time webinars
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Hybrid webinars

Money-Back Guarantee



Sign Up

EverWebinar vs Demio In-Deth Comparison Guide

Both platforms have their own pros & cons so let’s check what each platform offers and when to choose which tool.

Demio Tools & Features

Demio is an all-in-one webinar solution that allows you to create and host webinars with its software fully optimized to ensure business growth.

The software provides everything you need to develop and host live, series, hybrid and automated events to engage and interact with your audience effectively.

Demio features include;

Demio webinar software
  • All-in-One webinar platform
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Customizable Branding
  • Event Management
  • Multi hosts
  • Q&A Management
  • Live Chat
  • Screen Sharing
  • Social Promotion
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • Polls/Voting

EverWebinar Tools & Features

EverWebinar is another amazing webinar solution that helps you to run automated webinars that simulate live events.

The platform offers two essential aspects of marketing, Marketing Automation and Event-Based Marketing that enable you to boost your marketing by a great deal.

EverWebinar features include;

everwebinar online webinar platforms
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • Hybrid webinars
  • Evergreen Webinar
  • Live chat
  • Polls and Surveys 
  • Split Testing
  • Active Offers
  • Analytics
  • Point-And-Click Landing Pages
  • Automated Integrations

Demio vs EverWebinar Tools Functionality

Under this segment, I will furnish you with a detailed feature review for both EverWebinar and Demio for your better understanding.

Webinar Types & Ease of Setup

Both Demio and EverWebinar are excellent marketing tools and you can use either to promote your products and services for any kind of business.

For Demio, it offers Live, Series and Automated Webinars, and the fantastic thing about this platform is that its setup is straightforward. You just have to set the title, schedule it and you are good to go.

EverWebinar, on the other hand, is designed for hosting On-Demand and Evergreen Webinars. The platform includes professionally designed pages for registration and it’s also fully customizable. You can easily embed the registration form to your preferred website.

Winner: Demio (because it is all in one platform, you can do any type of webinar while EverWebinar is limited to automated events and not live webinars).

Customer Reach

With EverWebinar, you can host an unlimited number of attendees (It’s an automated webinar so no limit on attendees here) for a single webinar.

The platform comes with sophisticated features that make it easier for you to reach a large crowd around the world. The flexible scheduling features on the platform help you to reuse similar webinars and increase your conversions while minimizing the time and resources needed in creating another webinar.

On the other hand, Demio allows you to host up to 1000 attendees per webinar for a live webinar and no limit for an automated webinar like EverWebinar. You can interact with both your live and automated webinar attendees through its unique features such as live chat and Q&A sessions.

Verdict: Demio (Because you can do live webinars too)

Webinar Reliability

With Demio software, you have access to quick connectivity and audiovisual tests. This ensures that you have a quality connection and explicit videos during the webinar.

Similarly, EverWebinar, allows you to split test webinar events thus making it easier for you to choose and stick on the best performing element. The feature minimizes the chances of webinar failure and also increases conversion rates. In case of any technicalities, the support team is also available via mail to offer assistance.

Winner: Demio 

Webinar Funnel Pages

Both EverWebinar and Demio have landing pages in different formats.

The Demio funnel page doesn’t have many details that maybe you might think will get you mixed up during registration. It only has one layout that you can use and cannot be changed. 

As indicated earlier, EverWebinar has customizable pages that allow you to add in or adjust the registration information to your liking. This may, however, be demanding more time since you will need to edit/customize the pages every time you are organizing a webinar.

Winner: Tie, Both have their own benefits

Webinar Email Reminders and Email Editors

For Demio, you can include a custom text snippet in the mail body to suit your message before sending it to your registrants and attendees of the webinar. 

Demio however only allows you to customize the text but you can’t alter the look and appearance of the webinar page.

On the other hand, EverWebinar allows you to schedule a series of reminder notifications via email or phone texts so your registrants never miss the event.

For post-webinars, you can craft email reminders on EverWebinar based on the attendees’ actions, for instance, leaving the webinar early or staying up to late. 

Winner: Both Demio and EverWebinar tie

Webinar Audience Interaction Tools

Both EverWebinar and Demio have powerful audience engagement tools for both live and automated webinars.

With either EverWebinar or Demio, you can pre-configure interactive polls in both private and public and also have a Q&A session during the webinar.

With Demio, you get access to a live chat feature that allows your attendees to interact with you during the live session. Its “Start Answering” feature is also a powerful tool that can help you boost your Q&A sessions during the live session.

With EverWebinar, the live chat simulator allows you to import your chat history from a previous live recording and roll it live during the automated webinar. The platform also allows you to introduce your offer by displaying an eye-catching display of your product. You may also create urgency by limiting the number of copies available or activating an expiration countdown that triggers an action to your attendees.

Winner: Both Demio and EverWebinar Ties.

Webinar Presentation Tools

Both EverWebinar and Demio come with unique presentation tools that allow you to make your presentation superb to your audience.

With Demio, you can insert slides straight into the webinar platform. In case you want to showcase a product, you can launch it during the live webinar and the platform will display it to attendees in slideshows with maximum possible quality.

The problem with Demio is that it doesn't offer a whiteboard tool which is very important in pointing out things in your slide.

On the other hand, EverWebinar provides a seamless user experience, both for the presenters and the attendees. You can upload your slide or PowerPoint presentation to be seen by your automated webinar attendees at any time of their convenience. In addition to this, the platform also offers a whiteboard feature that you can use to make your presentation effective.

Winner: EverWebinar

Webinar Recording Video and Replay

With Demio, you can record the video of an ongoing live session and schedule it as an automated webinar or configure it in the emails. By doing this, the system automatically sends the webinar replay video to all registrants. 

On the other hand, EverWebinar allows attendees to play a replay video of a previous recording and also join in a webinar while it’s in progress. The “Replica Replay” feature is very essential in making a carbon copy of the live event.

Winner: Demio, since it supports both Live and Automated webinars, unlike EverWebinar, which only supports automated webinars.

Pre and Post Webinar Customer Follow Up (Key for Sales)

Follow-ups are very significant for you to achieve your marketing goal.

EverWebinar allows you to schedule a series of reminder notifications for both emails and phone texts so that your already signed-up clients won’t miss the event. The same thing applies after hosting your live event. You can craft the email based on their activities, which will help you get the reviews and a call to action.

Similarly, Demio allows you to communicate to your attendees through live chat, which is easier to make a follow-up. Crafting emails is also another good idea that Demio supports.

The platform also supports inserting custom text snippets into the email body when sending an email notification, something that is advantageous to you if you don’t intend to customize your email that much.

The downside with Demio is that it doesn’t allow you to change the email schedule or add custom email reminders at all. They offer only four email reminder formats to choose from and nothing beyond that.

Winner: Tie, Both platform has good follow-up

Video Engine and Tech Support

On Demio, you can launch quick connectivity and audiovisual before you enter the room just to make sure that your connection and video are of the highest quality ever. Demio also offers the best customer support since your questions will be responded to faster through customer support chat that is available 24/7.

With EverWebinar, the automated webinar runs on autopilot and the registrant is all set under one click. This reduces the technicalities that may come with organizing and hosting a live webinar. EverWebinar’s support team is also available throughout and can assist you both online and via the phone.

Verdict: Tie

Mobile Devices & Browsers

Both Demio and EverWebinar provide a fully mobile responsive experience for the attendees.

Demio separates the engagement tools from the video so that when the host launches a poll, the attendee will view it on another screen. The attendees will switch from engagement to video by swiping sideways, which makes it intuitive and smooth.

EverWebinar is automated and everything is displayed on the screen throughout the webinar. The experience of an automated webinar on mobile phones, whether Android or iPhone is smooth and seamless.

When an attendee minimizes the webinar on their mobile browser, the webinar will automatically pause and they can ask a question at any time through the question box after which you (the host) will get them via your email.

Verdict: Demio 

EverWebinar vs Demio Similarities

Both Demio and EverWebinar have excellent features that ensure your seamless experience when using the tools.

So, these similar features include the following;

  • Both have automated, hybrid webinars.
  • Both are simple, intuitive well know tools.
  • Both can be used for lead generation & funnels to grow business automated.
  • You can host unlimited webinars on both platforms.
  • Customizable registration page
  • Webinar presentation tools such as Polls, Surveys, and Launch Offers
  • Live real-time chat
  • Automated Email Notification
  • Both have good analytics & stats
  • Integrations with third-party email marketing apps and CRM apps

Demio vs EverWebinar Differences

Well, what is the difference between Demio and EverWebinar?

These differences include;

Demio and EverWebinar Difference
  • Demio allows you to host up to a maximum of 1k live attendees while EverWebinar has an unlimited number of attendees.
  • Demio allows you to have multiple presenters (Up to 15) to help manage your webinar whereas this feature is not available on EverWebinar because it’s only an automated webinar platform.
  • Demio supports any event whether a live webinar, series of webinars or automated webinars, whereas EverWebinars only allows you to run automated webinars.
  • With Demio, you have to use the custom field feature for you to customize the registration and thank you pages. EverWebinar on the other hand has full flexibility to customize the registration page.
  • When it comes to customer support, Demio offers email support along with 24/7 live chat support, while EverWebinar offers email support.
  • Demio’s key features such as Screen sharing and event management that boost your presentation during the webinar for your attendees.
  • EverWebinar also offers unique features such as stimulated live chat as well as display attendance to make it feel like a live event with many audiences. 
  • With EverWebinar, there is the Dynamic Attendee Display that replicates a live webinar environment for your audience.
  • Lastly, Demio is more user-friendly and easier for first-time users due to its intuitiveness and aesthetically pleasing designs.

Demio vs EverWebinar Pricing

Demio and EverWebinar Pricing

Demio Pricing 

Demio comes with 3 flexible pricing packages that can fit any size of your business. 

The pricing plans include;

  • Demio Starter Plan ($49/m when paid monthly or $34/m when paid annually): This plan offers 50 attendees, 1 host, 3-Hour Session Limit and Live Events.
  • Demio Growth Plan ($99/m when paid monthly and $69/m when paid annually) This plan offers all Starter plan features plus Custom Room & Email Branding, Automated Events and Custom Form Fields, multiple hosts and many other features. Furthermore, this plan has various options of hosting attendees of up to 150 ($99/m), 500 ($234/m), and 1000 ($367/m). 
  • Demio Premium Plan: This is a customized plan that offers 1000 attendees, a 10-Hour Session Limit, Concierge Onboarding, Dedicated Account Manager and Event Tech Support for 1 Event per Month.

You will get a 30% discount on annual billing, check a detailed Demio Pricing Guide to choose the right plan that suits you the best.

EverWebinar Pricing

EverWebinar comes with 3 plans namely;

  • EverWebinar Monthly Plan at $99/m: It offers Automated Webinars, Advanced Simulation Tools, Pre-made Landing Pages, Automated Email Marketing.
  • EverWebinar Annual Plan at $504 per year ($42/m, billed annually - save 58%) and it includes all the features in the Monthly plan.
  • EverWebinar Biennial plan at $816 per every two years ($34/m billed every two years - save 65%) giving you a discount of up to $395. It includes all the features of EverWebinar. 

EverWebinar and Demio Pros & Cons

Demio Pros & Cons


  • Demio features both live and automated webinars.
  • Its easy-to-use interface allows even first-timers to host a successful webinar.
  • Can join the webinar quickly, without any need for an additional app or a demo account. 
  • HD Live streaming helps live Q&A sessions effectively.
  • You can pre-record a webinar and post it for your audience to access anytime.


  • The landing page offers only 3 customizable templates. 
  • You can schedule the webinar only in your time zone.
  • The pricing is a bit higher compared to other main competitors.

EverWebinar Pros & Cons


  • The software integrates with PayPal which makes paid webinars easy to set up.
  • EverWebinar has a highly customized registration page with a library of different templates to choose from.
  • Has features like a live chat simulator that gives a ‘live’ webinar feel to the automated webinar.
  • The webinars start as soon as the attendee is registered due to the “Just in time “ feature.


  • Once the information is uploaded cannot be changed or scheduled, which may lead to many unwanted errors.
  • It’s only limited to automated webinars.
  • It has a $1 for 14 days trial

Demio or EverWebinar: Which Tool Is Right for Your Business?

Having known the effectiveness of both Demio and EverWebinar, it’s time to tell which webinar platform is the best for your business. Therefore;

Choose Demio If;

  • You want an all-in-one best webinar solution.
  • You want to host any type of webinar event like; Live, series or Automated webinars.
  • You want to include custom questions in your registration form.
  • You want affordable webinar software.
  • You want to provide a convenient and responsive mobile experience to your audience.

Choose EverWebinar if;

  • You only want to host automated webinars.
  • You are comfortable with pre-made landing pages.
  • You want to enjoy all the key features at any pricing tier you subscribe to.
  • You want to customize your branding and registration forms.
  • You are an experienced marketer and won’t mind paying for your plan after every two years to save some money.

So, which is the best tool for you: EverWebinar or Demio?

If you are planning to host both live and automated webinars, I would recommend Demio for you. But if you are a busy marketer who may be held up with other relevant duties and prefer automated webinars only, EverWebinar is the right webinar tool for you.

You can check our top webinar platform comparison guide too.

Why Do I Recommend Demio?

Demio is our #1 recommended webinar platform and it comes with lots of benefits, including;

  • All-in-one solution: Demio allows you to host live, series and automated webinars without integrating any third-party tool.
  • User-friendly: Demio is also user-friendly compared to many webinar platforms in the market. The platform allows you to set up a recurring event in just a few minutes.
  • Private chat: Besides public chat support, Demio also allows you to talk with a specific user if you need to.
  • Advanced data tools: Demio comes with new marketing features and webinar tools for launching your events successfully.
  • HD Videos: All Demio videos are in HD which means great quality for your presentations and meetings.

Demio vs EverWebinar Conclusion

Like I mentioned before, the choice between Demio and EverWebinar depends on your business needs, objectives and budget.

However, Demio is generally the best if you want an all-in-one solution that will enable you to host both Live and Automated Webinars.

However, if your objective is to host just automated webinars alone, EverWebinar might be for you.

I hope this Demio vs EverWebinar comparison helps you to choose the right platform, go ahead and get started with your favourite tool to grow your business.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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