EasyWebinar Affiliate Program: 30% Lifetime Recurring Commission

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EasyWebinar Affiliate Program Review

EasyWebinar is what you need to integrate into your business to increase sales and build lasting customer relationships.

Besides, EasyWebinar comes with a lucrative affiliate program to give you an extra income.

So, are you looking for an opportunity to make money online?

EasyWebinar Affiliate Program is an excellent opportunity to promote EasyWebinar products and services. So, if you love the idea of helping other people reach their goals, then this program is for you.

I will guide you in this post on how you are going to get started and earn affiliate commissions of 30% recurring & 10% JV commission.

EasyWebinar Affiliate Program - 30% Recurring & 10% JV Commission

Apply for the EasyWebinar Partner Program & get access to exclusive benefits, fantastic customer support, bonuses, insights & an excellent opportunity to grow your business.

Access to custom URLs, email templates, sales tools, video courses, and many more resources.

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EasyWebinar Overview

EasyWebinar is an all-in-one marketing platform that helps you run live, automated & hybrid events that leads to the success of your online business. It makes it easier for you to interact with your clients, market your products and sell to them. 

EasyWebinar Logo

EasyWebinar comes with advanced features that help you to run successful live and automated webinar events. For instance, you can easily create stunning registration pages that will attract lots of audiences to register for your event. 

In addition to this, EasyWebinar offers robust analytics that shows you the action performed by your attendants during the webinar. You can see if the registered audience attended the event, how long they stayed and if they clicked your offer or not.

Therefore, if you plan to scale your entire marketing techniques as well as creating an extra source of income, EasyWebinar is just right for you.

What Does EasyWebinar Platform Offers

  • High definition streaming with no delay.
  • Unlimited hosting of replay and automated webinar recordings.
  • Up to 4 Presenters in the room; sharing their camera, screen & presentation.
  • Presentation uploader for your Live Webinars. 
  • Real-Time clickable offers, customizable buttons with expiry countdown and scarcity timers.
  • Live real-time chat (both public & private).
  • Automatic email & SMS Webinar reminders.
  • Evergreen Webinar Funnels.
  • Unlimited Automated/Evergreen Webinar Funnels & Sessions.
  • Detailed webinar analytics & data export tools.
  • Browser-based viewing & hosting (no plugins to install).
  • Seamless Integration with other third-party tools.

EasyWebinar Affiliate Program

EasyWebinar platform does not just help you host events online; it enables you to create a reliable income source by becoming their partner. So here is how this program works;

First, you need to sign up as an EasyWebinar Affiliate Partner. It's 100% FREE and anyone can join it.

The good thing about this program is that you don’t even need to be an EasyWebinar customer to promote it.

How To Join EasyWebinar Partner Program

Here are quick and easy steps to get started with EasyWebinar Partner Program;

Step 1: Go To EasyWebinar Affiliate program here.

Step 2: Click on the “Sign up and start earning” tab or scroll down to the last section of the page.

Step 3: Fill out your information and click on the “Get Started” to submit.

Step 4: Wait for email verification and you are good to go.

EasyWebinar Affiliate Commissions Structure

Once you are confirmed as an EasyWebinar affiliate marketer, you now have a chance to share the good message about EasyWebinar with your audience.

EasyWebinar is offering a whopping 30% recurring affiliate commission structure + 10% of JV partners if you recruit affiliates to promote EasyWebinar.

And to earn this commission, all you need to do is start sharing your unique link with your audience. When they purchase EasyWebinar through it, you will earn commissions.

Example Scenario

Suppose you get a client to purchase an EasyWebinar Pro plan with a monthly payment option which goes at $129/m, you will earn a 30% commission which is $38.70.

Now, assuming that in that month, you manage to get 100 customers onboard through your affiliate link, this means that your total earning for 1st tier will amount to 100 x $38.70 = $3,870.

In addition to this, if any affiliate that you recruit as a JV partner that manages to get 100 clients in that month, he/she will earn $3,870 as 1st tier commission and, in return, you will earn 100 x 10% x $129 = $1,290 as 2nd tier JV Program commission.

Therefore, if you put in the required effort, EasyWebinar can be one of the reliable income sources in your portfolio.

Payment Info

EasyWebinar makes affiliate payments through Infusionsoft and is processed 45-60 days after your referral has made a purchase.

Who Can Join EasyWebinar Affiliate Program

This program is absolutely free and open to anyone. So, if you are a business owner, an internet marketer, coach, a product developer, or an affiliate marketer, then the EasyWebinar Affiliate Program is for you.

Why Join an EasyWebinar Affiliate Program?

EasyWebinar Partnership program comes with lots of benefits that you don’t want to miss. To name some of them;

  • All your affiliate program data is assembled in one place to help you track your links, transactions, and many more hassle-free.
  • EasyWebinar includes lots of resources such as custom URLs, email templates, sales tools, video courses, and many more resources to help your business to record exponential growth.
  • Massive LIFETIME Commissions: With 30% commission, you are able to earn this recurring commission as long as your referral is still an active user of EasyWebinar. And when your affiliate upgrades to a higher tie, you will still make commissions.
  • Superb Customer Support: EasyWebinar provides on time, 24/7 customer support that comes in hand in case of any issue.
  • Exclusive Bonuses & offers: EasyWebinar is offering inclusive bonus deals, especially during this Black Friday. Therefore, getting people to purchase EasyWebinar is easy since the tool is affordable.

In a nutshell; From the above benefits, it's clear that marketing EasyWebinar can be a low-risk, stress-free way of earning extra passive income simply by helping other people improve their online business and reach their goals with this fantastic tool. 

The Best Way To Make EasyWebinar Affiliate Work For You

Marketing EasyWebinar can be an easy and exciting task if you do it the right way. I’ll give you quick hacks to help you get started. So the best way to make your EasyWebinar affiliate marketing is by;

  1. Sharing your affiliate link on your social media channels such as Facebook & Instagram.
  2. Writing blog posts about EasyWebinar review and share your affiliate link in the content.
  3. Demonstrate how to use EasyWebinar on your YouTube channel and include your referral link on your bio’s caption.
  4. You can also send newsletters to your subscribers and your webinar attendee and include your link as a CTA.

EasyWebinar Affiliate FAQs

Q. Can I join the affiliate program with a free plan?

Yes. EasyWebinar allows anyone, even non-EasyWebinar customers, to join their affiliate program and earn commissions. 

Q. Does EasyWebinar have an active community?

Yes, EasyWebinar comes with a great Facebook community where you can learn or seek help from other marketing experts.

Q. When will I get paid my EasyWebinar Affiliate commissions?

Your payments are processed after 45-60 days of your affiliate purchase. This is to allow EasyWebinar 14 Days Free Trial and 30 Days money-back guarantee in case your affiliate cancel their subscription.

Q. Can I integrate EasyWebinar with other services?

Yes, EasyWebinar integrates seamlessly with other third-party providers such as Email Marketing Services, CRMs and other Business platforms.


EasyWebinar solution is a better option for improving your sales and developing a marketing strategy that leads to high conversion rates. 

EasyWebinar affiliate program is also easy to promote, and it comes with a lifetime recurring commission of 30%.

So if you are a product marketer, blogger and any content creator or an affiliate marketer and you want to create an extra recurring income by recommending EasyWebinar to people, then get started with the EasyWebinar Affiliate Program now. 

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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