Kartra vs MailChimp Comparison: Which Marketing Tool is Best?

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Kartra vs MailChimp Comparison

The success of a business is not dependent upon its products only but mainly on how well you market it. The process of marketing your business is time consuming and costly. But not any more as automated marketing tools are there to save you from all the hassle of hiring, managing and paying huge amounts of money. 

Kartra and Mailchimp are such easy to use and affordable tools which on just a couple of clicks do this job efficiently. These soft wares have made it full of ease for entrepreneurs to scale and build their businesses online.

But, the big question is still there: “Are these marketing tools really worth spending your money to fulfill your marketing needs and scale your business”.

To answer this important question, I have done extensive research to help you get the best marketing tool from the list of top sales marketing tools available online. Here let’s compare MailChimp vs Kartra to find the similarities & differences and which of these amazing tools work best for you based on your requirements.

A Comprehensive Comparison Between Kartra & MailChimp

Kartra and MailChimp are equally popular sales marketing tools but our following quick comparison between Kartra & MailChimp will give you a glimpse of which marketing tool would be best for your business.

Which one  is the Best Sales Marketing Tool - Kartra vs MailChimp Comparison Summary

Kartra logo


Mailchimp Logo White


Our Rating



Starting Price

Starter Plan - $99/m

Silver Plan - $199/m

Gold Plan - $299/m

Platinum Plan - $499/m

Free Plan: Basic Features 

Essential Plan: $10.25/m

Standard Plan: $15.31/m

Premium Plan: $306.15/m

Users’ Rating




Starter: 2500

Gold: 50,000

Starter: 2000

Maximum: 200,000

Sale Funnels

Interactive, Easy to Use, Efficient

Not that much efficient

Ease of Use

The Highest


Platforms Supported

Linux, Windows , IOS, Android

Linux, Windows , IOS, Android

Typical Customers




Extremely Easy

A bit Difficult

Customer Support

On the Sport

A bit Inefficient

Emails per Month

Starter: 15,000

Silver: Unlimited

Gold: Unlimited

Platinum: Unlimited

Free Plan: 10,000 

Essential Plan: 500,000 

Standard Plan: 1.2M 

Premium Plan: 3M


To the highest standard

To the highest standard


No Extra Cost Add-ons

Example: Built-in Add ons

Extra Cost Add-ons

Example: No Built-in Add ons

Better Features

Easy to use features with intuitive dashboard and provide great training and strategies to grow business being an all-in-one tool. Also, unlike MailChimp it provides Lead Scoring.

Great for new startups, however lacks lead scoring for fast growing businesses. Its social marketing and search marketing are obviously top-notch unlike Kartra.


  • Efficient
  • User Friendly
  • All-in-one marketing platform

  • Efficient
  • Less Costly
  • Excellent for Basic Usage


It looks costly than MailChimp at first look but when you compare the feature & plan then it's not

Less Efficient as compared to Kartra. Not that user friendly if compared with its counterpart



Not Built-in but integratable

Money-Back Guarantee

30 Days

30 Days

Sign Up

Kartra & MailChimp Similarities

Mailchimp and Kartra have many similarities as both offers many features which are similar such as:

  • Both offer a built in editor for email with all necessary tools. Email automation is one such feature which is the strength of both softwares especially MailChimp.
  • CRM support with automation tags, contact list along with custom fields are available. Kartra also offers visual content flow management.
  • Both provide efficient Email tracking and analytics services with tracked links and page tracking.
  • 24/7 customer support service to assist customers and solve problems.
  • Both are having all-in-one tool aspects but some MailChimp lack somewhere compared to Kartra.

Kartra and Mailchimp have many basic similarities, the differences made Kartra an overall business marketing tool as compared to MailChimp is an all-in-one marketing platform while MailChimp comes with limited features and takes the lead in only the email automation industry. 

Kartra & MailChimp Differences

Kartra and MailChimp are very different in many aspects when it comes to various features, ease of use, etc.

  • Both the tools have numerous differences. Kartra offers help desks whereas MailChimp does not offer help desks. Moreover, Kartra offers Affiliate Management whereas MailChimp does not have this facility. However, it can be added as an extension to MailChimp.
  • MailChimp does not have member sites and Kartra has. This is the reason that MailChimp has an extremely small membership community. Besides, Kartra has a video hosting platform and MailChimp does have no such a feature to its credit.
  • Moreover, Kartra has built-in ecommerce and MailChimp does not. MailChimp forms funnels in a sequential manner, whereas Kartra works in reverse order. To simplify it, the working of MailChimp is dependent on the ‘step-by-step’ phenomenon, whereas Kartra performs its tasks on the basis of ‘what you want to do first’.
  • MailChimp offers a pre-designed webinar option in it whereas Karta does not have it, However, Karta offers its sister tool for this purpose, WebinarJam & EverWebinar.
  • Additionally, Kartra has a built-in Calendar App which helps your customers to easily book an appointment with you whereas MailChimp does not have this luxury. Besides, Kartra has a Behavioral Adaptive Marketing (BAM) tool which customizes your sales automatically and one remains updated with the behavior of one’s clients.
  • Kartra is an SEO and blogging friendly tool whereas it is a very difficult task to execute as far as MailChimp is concerned. Last but not the least; Kartra has its own built-in scroll/heatmap technology. On the other hand, in order to get it installed in MailChimp, you have to pay an extra amount for it.
  • MailChimp has some basic properties as far as email marketing is concerned. It is better than nothing at all. However in the presence of Kartra, it is useless to use MailChimp. Kartra offers email sequencing, forms powerful email broadcasts, efficient email deliverability and built-in email marketing, So, Kartra offers the best email marketing.

So, here you have to think which features do you need? If you need only email automation, some business functionalities & don’t mind to sign up with other tools integration then MailChimp looks appealing to you but if you need a really all-in-one marketing platform with all the features then Kartra is really the best solution.

Kartra vs MailChimp Features Comparison

Kartra is the best software for lead generation because of its numerous features discussed in this article. According to a user of both softwares, “I used to use MailChimp for landing page software, ActiveCampaign for email marketing and Vimeo for video hosting and I love that now I can do everything with the help of software – Kartra – all at a lower price.”




Affiliate System


Not Included

Shopping Cart



A/B Testing



Sales Tools



Sales Intelligence

Not Included

Not Included

Customizable CTAs



Drip Campaigns



Social Media Marketing



Tracking & Analytics



Custom Domains



Responsive Design



E-commerce Support



Video Hosting


Not Included


Not Included








Free Trial



Kartra vs MailChimp Pricing

Both Kartra and MailChimp offers flexible pricing plans to their customers to choose from, details of each one are mentioned below:

Kartra Pricing Plan

  • Starter Plan – $99 per month up to 2,500 contacts
  • Silver Plan – $199 per month up to 12,500 contacts
  • Gold Plan – $299 per month up to 25,000 contacts
  • Platinum Plan – $499 per month up to 50,000 contacts

MailChimp Pricing Plan

  • Free Plan: Basic Features with 2000 contacts
  • Essential Plan: $10.25/m up to 50,000 contacts (3 audiences)
  • Standard Plan: $15.31 up to 100,000 contacts (5 audiences)
  • Platinum Plan: $306.15/m up to 200,000 contacts (Unlimited audiences)

Here at the very first look we find that MailChimp is cheaper compared to Kartra but it is only true for basic plans and not others, why? Because Karta has some limitations on basic plan even though it includes all the features and then everything is unlimited on Silver plan onward and just difference is based on number of contacts.

While with MailChimp, it has different pricing based on number of contacts & features both aspects and if you need more features and need more contacts then top plans are costlier and yet that does not come as many features as Kartra offers and for this you have to use other tools which cost you extra.

Kartra vs MailChimp: Which One Is For You?

MailChimp and Kartra both are good email automation tools. In fact in email automation MailChimp is taking the lead, however Kartra offers many other amazing features to cover a business fully with some important tools. Some of them are compared below for you to decide for yourself.

kartra logo
mailchimp logo

Contacts & CRM

Nowadays, it is very difficult to keep the contacts which are extremely relevant. Kartra and Mail Chimp has made this possible with the help of day to day monitoring of close contacts. Mail Chimp is offering way more number of contacts as compared to Kartra. In the presence of limited contacts, Kartra is not bearing extra burden on the website and extra cookies are not generated. In this way, the efficiency of the website does not get affected.

Ease of Use

With respect to usage, it is user friendly. Kartra offers in-built tutorials. These tutorials guide a user towards efficient use of Kartra. Moreover, its tutorials readily available on social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram transform the tasks into ease for users as everyone has access to social media platforms. Kartra offers many inbuilt features while for Mail Chimp many features have to be integrated from third party manually. Which is strenuous and time consuming.

Help Desk

In order to get the utility of Help Desk in MailChimp, the customer and entrepreneur have to pay to acquire third part support. A good customer support is important not only to gain but retain a loyal customer base. Unfortunately MailChimp is not offering any built in feature, on the other side Kartra took the lead in it with having help desk features to support your customers.


Both Kartra and Mail Chimp present four categories: Starter/Free Category, Silver/Essential Category, Gold/Standard Category and Platinum/Premium Category. In this way, both offer a diverse range for the customers and they can opt as per their liking.

In other words, it is for every stratum of society and everyone can benefit from it. Conversely, MailChimp restricts the choices of the customers in terms of features. As far as price affordability is considered, Kartra offers the best options keeping in mind the various built in features it offers.  

Sign Up Bonus

As far as the option of “Best Sign Up Bonus” is considered, both are equally competitive. Kartra offers the free trial of the software for fourteen days (two weeks). While MailChimp offers a free basic plan but with limited features. Hence, MailChimp seems to be a better choice apparently but the features offered by the Kartra way more than what MailChimps offers in its free basic plan.  

Marketing Tracking

In terms of marketing tracking, MailChimp offers individual reports of email campaigns with good detail of stats to help you analyse your sales marketing efforts in the best possible way. Also, MailChimp offers integration with Google Analytics for its clients. This will allow for two types of tracking; conversion tracking and tracking of client’s social media as well as geo-tracking.

However, Kartra doesn’t provide for such sales intelligence but unlike MailChimp it does have a website visitor tracking system and analytics for Lead Scoring. Kartra also offers features like source tracking and activity tracking for lead management and much more such marketing tracking features which makes it way easier for its customers to build in-depth insight into their sales marketing performance

Our Verdict

In terms of email automation, Kartra is also the best. In terms of pricing, MailChimp appears to be an economical option but in fact, it is not the way it seems. In truth, the best option is Kartra. As far as pricing is taken into consideration, Kartra is the best as it offers four categories with many useful features and while MailChimp offers limited functionality. Both softwares provide subscriber retention. 

Why is Kartra our Top Choice?

Kartra is the topmost choice of the marketing and entrepreneurial community due to following reasons:

  • Kartra offers many features which are necessary to run and grow a small business.
  • You can enjoy video hosting, campaign building and other features within one package and you have no need to pay the extra charges.
  • MailChimp needs many integrated softwares and in this way, it eats up a huge chunk of user’s money. Moreover, it needs a lot of time. 
  • On the other hand, Kartra has many inbuilt features to smoothly run a business and market it like video hosting , calendar, help desk, email automation and even pre built sales funnels.
  • Kartra is truly an all-in-one marketing platform
  • 30 days full money back guarantee

From all the perspectives - speed, efficiency, ease of analysis, supporting features - Kartra is the best. Moreover Customizable CTAs make Kartra the best software for entrepreneurs.

“A Custom CTA (Call to Action) can supercharge your next giveaway campaign by pushing giveaway entrants towards your conversion funnel or a piece of content”. 

With this method, an entrepreneur can pace up his/her working and can give an unbelievable boost to the business.

Best Sale Marketing Tool Selection Guide - Pro Tips

With advancement in technology, many online marketing tools are available in the market. Having many options in hand is good but also becomes troublesome to decide which one is the best. 

To ease this process do consult these pro tips to select best sale marketing tool:

  • Marketing is all about reaching more and more people. Select that tool which gives you more options to reach your targeted audience in your niche whether via email, videos or social media. 
  • Besides increasing reach, devising specific messages to make your customer feel special is important, that's when drip campaigns come handy. Do check you have this luxury to deeply connect with your customers.
  • A good tool always equipped with sophisticated tracking management to track down emails sent to the clients and maintain proper records, not to miss out on these features.
  • With tracking comes analytics, a good analytical tool providing insights not only to devise further marketing campaigns but also decide the success of the ones you are running already. It is sort of a feedback system which helps you to improve your strategies in the long run.
  • Check your needs and important features you need to run your business and then find which tool has most of it based on your choice.

Next time you look for a good marketing tool, make sure to check these features thoroughly to save yourself from regrets and losing bucks. 

Final Thought

After reviewing both tools thoroughly on the parameter of best in providing marketing services, Kartra here takes the lead as it not only provides a handsome number of contacts per month but also a good tracking system along with the facility of video hosting and social media management While MailChimp being the best in email automation still lacks many built in features necessary for running a business smoothly, to name a few  like Calendar, video hosting and helpdesk. 

In case of price, MailChimp seems more affordable but the features offered by Kartra are more efficient and justify the overall price as it's a holistic business tool, while MailChimp is only best in email automation. 

In last, Kartra & MailChimp both have their own pros and cons and it totally depends upon the usage and requirement of each business, however with expansion of business the demand to upgrade features also increased and with Kartra you do not have to worry about it.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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