WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja In-Depth Comparison (2022): Choose Best

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WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja Comparison

A good webinar platform will fit your business needs. Besides, it must enable you to record and share high-quality videos with your audience quickly.

Both WebinarJam and WebinarNinja are great products to consider using.

But which platform should you choose for your business, WebinarJam or WebinarNinja?

This will depend on your specific marketing needs.

In this WebinarNinja vs WebinarJam In-Depth Comparison, I will look at both the tools and compare them side-by-side by their features, functions, similarities, differences and usability to guide you more to choose the best tool.

WebinarNinja vs WebinarJam Comparison

WebinarNinja logo new


WebinarJam Logo





Entry-Level Price

$0/m for 10 live attendees.

$39/m, billed annually

Ideal Business Size

Small businesses

Small, Medium & Large businesses

Key Features

  • Broadcast live in real-time
  • Multiple webinars on one topic
  • Recorded content, hosted live

  • All Devices in HD Definition
  • Live Chat Support 
  • Q&As in real-time
  • Automated Recordings
  • On-screen whiteboard
  • Always-on live room
  • Panic button

Best for

WebinarNinja is the best software if you are a creator, teacher & trainer

Easy to set up & most Powerful all-in-one Webinar solution for your marketing

Money-Back Guarantee,



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WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja In-Depth Review

Now, let’s see into details side by side comparison between WebinarJam and WebinarNinja;

WebinarJam Features

WebinarJam all in one webinar platform
  • Featured rich platform: all in one webinar platform that has tons of features to make your webinar stunning & engage to convert.
  • Streaming Live on Facebook, YouTube, or WebinarJam’s private JamCast broadcaster.
  • Automatic Recording of every webinar event for later use with EverWebinar solution.
  • Branded pages: Customize your pages for brand consistency.
  • Interaction tools such as live chat, polls and a virtual whiteboard for engaging with your customer.
  • A security that allows you to protect your webinar rooms with passwords.
  • Presentations tools that enable you to upload pre-recorded video into your webinars for presentation purposes.
  • Analytics tools for reporting.

WebinarNinja Features

WebinarNinja webinar platform
  • Paid events: This allows you to host paid events.
  • Free Webinars: This enables you to host free webinars for your registrants.
  • Ad Tracking: Insert your Facebook Ad tracking pixel.
  • Automated & hybrid webinars for running fully automated replays on a schedule or combining live and pre-recorded elements.
  • Integrate with over 1,000+ apps via Zapier.
  • Multiple presenters.
  • Analytics: Reporting on your live webinar performance.

WebinarNinja vs WebinarJam Similarities

1. Page Builder Tools

Both WebinarNinja and WebinarJam offer attractive and professional page builder tools.

With WebinarJam, you get access to its professionally designed registration pages, and you customize the texts, color, images, and videos as you like to suit your brand.

WebinarJam also offers A/B split testing option so that you can test which page will perform better.

The platform also allows you to contact registration surveys, a feature that does not exist in WebinarNinja.

For WebinarNinja, customization options and page templates are not as many as compared to WebinarJam.

However, WebinarNinja still allows you to create great registration pages and thank you pages.

Winner: WebinarJam since it comes with more options to customize your pages than WebinarNinja. 

2. Polls and Surveys Tools

Both platforms come with super engaging tools; polls and surveys.

For WebinarJam, you can survey the needs of your audience and quiz them to understand them better. 

You can pre-configure your polls so that they appear at a specific time during your presentation, and you can send the poll results to your audience after the poll. You also can control where your poll will appear.

Likewise, WebinarNinja allows you to run multiple polls before, during and after the webinar and as well as to send instant results of the polls. 

You can also pre-configure polls, but unlike WebinarJam, where you set them to appear at your best time, WebinarNinja polls are available to your attendees as soon as they join, so you don’t have that flexibility to switch on the polls whenever you like during your webinar presentation.

With WebinarNinja, your attendees will also have to scroll down to access the polls, which can be distracting.

Winner: Although both tools are great, WebinarJam wins. The ability to control when your polls appear is priceless.

3. Email Automation, SMS & Notifications

WebinarJam has alerting tools that remind your registrants and hosts about upcoming and past webinars.

The platform also offers a wide range of email templates you can choose from.  

WebinarJam also enables comprehensive audience segmentation, and you can send emails depending on the categories you put your audience in.

Unlike WebinarNinja, WebinarJam enables you to customize your email templates.

On the other hand, WebinarNinja also offers tremendous email automation and notification tools.

Unlike WebinarJam, where you have to customize your email designs, WebinarNinja does all that work for you. This is because you will be sending all the emails directly from the WebinarNinja platform. 

The platform comes with default emails set up, but you can also automatically send emails to your registrants and attendees.

Regarding audience segmentation, WebinarNinja doesn’t give you so much choice as in WebinarJam. 

But if you want better automation, tag, notification, and flexibility, WebinarJam is an ideal solution in this category.

Winner: WebinarJam

4. Live Chat  

Both WebinarJam and WebinarNinja offer a live chat feature.

WebinarJam offers a wider range of live chat options, including;

  • Group chats
  • Private comments
  • Virtual hand-raising
  • Highlighted comments
  • Sticky announcements
  • Questions and answers and so more

WebinarJam also allows you to change the chat mode to Q/A mode, in which all messages are marked as questions. This helps you quickly identify the questions in the chats to provide answers to them ASAP.

Besides, WebinarJam comes with an attendees’ spotlight to enable you to make any of your attendees a guest speaker, a feature that is missing on WebinarNinja.

Unlike in WebinarNinja, WebinarJam also saves all the chat data.

Likewise, WebinarNinja comes with unique live chat features. It offers a fast and intuitive live chat with zero latency. It also provides emojis that add an extra personal touch with your attendees. 

WebinarNinja also offers a dedicated Q & A tool that separates questions from chats.

Winner: Both WebinarJam and WebinarNinja win. They offer an intuitive live chat feature alongside a Q/A feature.

5. Webinar Types & Scheduling 

For WebinarJam, you can host live, automated, series, hybrid & on-demand webinars. The platform also comes with flexible scheduling tools that help you to launch a timed webinar quickly.

So, if you want to host your webinar events right now, later in the day, or sometime in the week, the WebinarJam solution is just perfect for your business.

WebinarJam splits its schedule into three categories; 

  • One single session: 
  • Multiple sessions
  • Recurrent series of presentations.

Similarly, WebinarNinja does well when it comes to running all types of webinars including automated webinars. And just like with WebinarJam, WebinarNinja enables you to run your webinars at any time you want.

Besides Live webinars & automated webinars, both platforms also support hybrid webinars & series webinars.

Winner: Both platforms tie

5. HD Video Quality

WebinarJam comes with an HD quality display for the webcam and screen sharing features, but you will need a strong internet connection to avoid your attendees being booted out.

However, WebinarJam offers a panic button feature that automatically transfers your attendees to another webinar room in case of such issues.

Similarly, WebinarNinja includes a WebRTC engine that offers HD-quality webinars for both hosts and attendees.

WebinarNinja also has a multistream feature that allows attendees to have different video quality based on their internet connection.

Winner: Tie

6. Webinar Analytics

WebinarJam allows you to track almost everything on your webinars, including those who attended, the average time they spent in the webinar room, conversion rate, number of sales you made during the presentation, tickets bought and many more.

On the other hand, WebinarNinja offers a basic analytics dashboard.

However, you will still track your attendee’s number, replay attendees, viewing time, and actively engage with your attendees with WebinarNinja.

Winner: WebinarJam takes the lead here since it has advanced analytic tools for tracking sales, email notification and split-testing.

7.  Integration

Both WebinarNinja and WebinarJam offer you an opportunity to integrate third-party applications and software to help you host and manage webinars successfully.

With WebinarJam, you get a wide range of custom integrations, so you can seamlessly integrate with other missing features such as; Zapier, Mailchimp, Kartra, Ontraport, ConvertKit, GetResponse, iContact, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Twilio among others.

On the other hand, besides what WebinarJam offers, WebinarNinja also supports payment integration with Stripe, which is essential, especially if you want to host paid webinars.

Winner: Both tools do well in this category

WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja Similarities

These two platforms have certain similarities such as

  • Both platforms are all-in-one webinar solutions for your business.
  • Both platforms work pretty well on any device including Android and iPhones.
  • Both WebinarJam and WebinarNinja have video injections from YouTube or any other upload file.
  • Both platforms have great video quality and connectivity for your webinar.
  • They both allow you to pre-configure polls and surveys for your attendees.
  • Both platforms have templates with a video or an image for you to advertise your products on the registration page.
  • Both platforms have email editors and reminders for you to communicate with your audience before and after the webinar.
  • Both platforms have a plentiful analytics dashboard with the most important webinar insights.
  • And many more…

WebinarNinja vs WebinarJam Key Differences

WebinarJam and WebinarNinja Difference
WebinarNinja logo new


WebinarJam Logo


Do not have such a feature though the support team is ever responsive. 

Offers a panic button feature for immediate response in case of any issue with your webinar.

Max 1000 attendees

Max 5000 attendees

Max 10 guest presenters

Max 6 hosts

Allow you to only customize the call-to-action button

Allows you to customize the call-to-action button text, fonts and colors


Has built-in Registration Page A/B testing.

Does not have this feature though email editors are decent and have the expected editing functionality.

Has email segmentation which is a great feature to customize your communication.

Does not have this feature though the engagement tools are also encouraging.

Allows you to invite the attendee on stage to present.

Where Does WebinarJam Work Best?

So when you compare WebinarJam and WebinarNinja then WebinarJam is the clear winner because of its advanced features and very affordable price that dominate in the webinar platform industry with a larger audie
  • WebinarJam supports up to 6 hosts per webinar
  • It supports live broadcasts to YouTube & Facebook.
  • WebinarJam can support up to 5000 attendees
  • It comes with advanced tools for polls and survey
  • WebinarJam also provides a panic button to transfer you and your attendees to another room in case of technical issues.
  • The platform supports you to host all types of webinars.

Where Does WebinarNinja Work Best?

  • Can support up to 10 presenters
  • It provides excellent customer support
  • Provides Q&A stamps for the host to respond to attendees' feedback faster.
  • You have the flexibility to pay monthly or yearly.

WebinarNinja vs WebinarJam Pricing Comparison

WebinarJam and WebinarNinja Pricing

WebinarJam Pricing

  • WebinarJam Starter Plan at $39/m (billed annually): This package offers Unlimited webinars, 100 attendees, 1 host and 1-hour maximum duration.
  • WebinarJam Basic Plan at $79/m (billed annually): This being one of the highly recommended WebinarJam plans, it includes 500 attendees, 2 hosts, Attendee Spotlight, 2-hours maximum duration and Automated Webinars.
  • WebinarJam Professional Plan at $229/m (billed annually): This plan includes all features of the basic plan plus 4 hosts, 3-hours session duration, 2000 attendees, Always-On live room and the Panic button.
  • WebinarJam Enterprise Plan at $379/m (billed annually): To add on all the Professional plan features, you get 6 hosts, 5000 attendees, 4-hours maximum duration and Control Panel.

WebinarJam offers a $1 14-day trial & 30-day money-back guarantee and if you need plan selection help then check here my detailed WebinarJam Pricing guide to understand more.

WebinarNinja Pricing

  • WebinarNinja Free plan at $0/month: With this free plan, you get 1 guest presenter, up to 20 minutes per webinar, live webinars and 10 live attendees per webinar.
  • WebinarNinja Pro plan at $99/m: This plan has a discount of $16 if billed annually. It comes with all features in the free plan, 4 hrs webinar duration & 4 guest presenters, Automated webinars, Unlimited landing pages & forms, 100 live attendees, Paid webinars, Email notifications & broadcasts.
  • WebinarNinja Business Plan: This package has all the features of the Pro plan together with an 8-hrs session limit, 10 guest speakers, Series & Hybrid webinars and priority support. It has different pricing based on live attendees e.g.  $199/m for 100, $249/m for 200, $299/m for 300, $349/m for 500, and $399/m for 1000 live attendees.

Every plan includes a 14-day free trial and if you need plan selection help then You can check here a detailed WebinarNinja pricing guide to select the right plan.

WebinarJam and WebinarNinja Pricing Summary

As you can see, WebinarJam pricing is much more affordable compared to the WebinarNinja and it offers all the features on a Basic plan which costs only $79/m for 500 attendees while WebinarNinja cost $349/m for 500 attendees for all types of the webinar and still WebinarJam pack with much more features that you can not get at WebinarNinja, So WebinarJam is the clear winner!

WebinarJam vs WebinarNinja Pros & Cons

WebinarJam Pros & Cons


  • It is an all-in-one webinar platform
  • It supports Facebook Live and YouTube Live Casting
  • It comes with an automated email system
  • It allows reminders through SMS and Voice messages
  • They allow the highest 5000 attendees


  • Does not offer a free trial at all.
  • It does not offer any webinar courses.

WebinarNinja Pros & Cons


  • It comes with a built-in email
  • WebinarNinja includes multi-function Chat
  • It comes with high-converting Landing Pages


  • WebinarNinja can only support 1000 attendees
  • It has a limited number of page templates to choose from
  • Lacks the attendee spotlight feature
  • Does not support YouTube Live stream

WebinarNinja vs WebinarJam: Which Tool Is Right For Your Business?

With either WebinarJam or WebinarNinja, the platform you choose will largely depend on your business needs.

And go with WebinarJam if you want;

  • Best all-in-one webinar platform at the most affordable price in the industry.
  • To stream to YouTube & FB Live or their private broadcaster. 
  • To manage a large audience of up to 5000 in each webinar.
  • To quickly secure webinar rooms with password protection. 
  • To enjoy working with virtual whiteboard, polls, and live chat options too. 
  • To customize your pages for brand consistency.
  • To add pre-recorded videos for presentation purposes.
  • Automatically record every webinar without any hassle.
  • Communicate pre and post-webinar with built-in autoresponders.

For instance, choose WebinarNinja if you want;

  • To create a webinar in 10 seconds easily.
  • To host webinars for businesses with not more than 1000 attendees.
  • The best platform for training or coaching.

WebinarNinja vs WebinarJam Final Verdict

If you are just getting started with webinar marketing and want to test your marketing strategy, you will be better off with the WebinarNinja solution because it offers a free package that may be essential for your growth.

You can check the top best webinar software platforms and recommend going with Demio if you need all in one platform & pay monthly because it is top in the list but if you have a large number of attendees then WebinarJam is the best solution for you!

But if your primary goal is not just trying out webinars, but you are serious about running webinars regularly for your marketing with an intuitive all-in-one platform, I would highly recommend going with WebinarJam in this WebinarNinja vs WebinarJam Comparison.

So when you compare WebinarJam and WebinarNinja then WebinarJam is the clear winner because of its advanced features and very affordable price that dominate in the webinar platform industry with a larger audience.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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