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WebinarNinja Trial

WebinarNinja is a complete package that you as a marketer, tutor, or entrepreneur need to kickstart your journey of producing better Webinars. But before getting started you might want to consider using WebinarNinja free 14 day trial before paying for any plan. This will help you to ensure that you are receiving value for your money.

All you need to do to unlock your free trial is to sign up for the WebinarNinja plan which is normally free of charge. Moreover, Everything that you might want to know regarding WebinarNinja free trial has been discussed in-depth in the article below.

What is WebinarNinja?

WebinarNinja is an all-in-one Webinar solution that you can use to create and run better Webinars within the shortest time possible. It is a cloud-based webinar platform that you can use to create & even customize webinar pages, thank you pages, and registration templates. 

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You can also use it to run hybrid, live, series, and automated webinars on iOS, Android devices or a computer. WebinarNinja is a complete package that you need to create and run better Webinars within the shortest time possible.

WebinarNinja Trial

WebinarNinja offers a 14 day free trial for all their plans to test out the functionalities before you sign up for a subscription.

How To Get started

To get started you can follow this simple steps:

Step 1: Go to WebinarNinja using this special trial link

Step 2: Click on the “Start free trial ” button.

Step 3: Once you are on the plans & pricing page,, Identify a plan that fits in your budget. Then click on “Start Free Trial” Button.

Step 4: Fill your account information and click on “continue” button

Step 5: Fill up your billing information

Step 6: Read and accept the terms and conditions then click on the “create account” button to activate your free trial offer.

Congratulations you successfully activated your FREE trial

What You Get With WebinarNinja Trial - Key Features

Once you subscribe to the WebinarNinja trial package, you get access to all the WebinarNinja features which include:

  • Upload slides: You can upload your presentation slides without necessarily sharing your screen.
  • Insert video: This feature enables you to add videos in your Webinars especially during live presentations. 
  • Polls and survey: This feature enables you to gather feedback from your attendees.
  • Share screen: A feature that you can instantly share your screen on the webinar whenever you want.
  • Offers: You can create and display either timed or instant offers during the pick season.
  • Block, ban, or hide attendees: This feature enables you to ban unwanted  attendees from accessing your Webinar.
  • Recording and archiving: This is another WebinarNinja feature that enables you to record your webinar, save, and even retrieve it for later use. 
  • Calendar tools: This is another superb feature that you can use to schedule your plans on your Google calendar.
  • Export data: You can use this feature to transfer your webinar recording, questions and polls for either later review.
  • Training: Subscribing to either of the WebinarNinja plans enables you to access free training and training materials which include documentation, live coaching, and videos.
  • Analytics tool: This is yet another WebinarNinja feature that you can use to measure the performance of your Webinar.

Why You Need WebinarNinja Trial

Well, WebinarNinja might be your super all-in-one webinar solution that is simple and easy to use. But you need the free trial period to be able to navigate through all the features before settling for any specific plan. You also get an opportunity to use most of the WebinarNinja features such as;

  • Share screen feature that enables you to share your files during a presentation
  • A calendar scheduler that makes it possible for you to add your programs to your Google calendar
  • A Webinar finder that you surely need to be able to locate your Webinars within seconds.
  • You can also enjoy running free and paid Webinars
  • WebinarNinja is a perfect solution if you are seeking to integrate your Webinar with over 1000 Apps.
  • You can be able to create customized thank you and registration templates.
  • You can also record your Webinars and run on-demand & EverGreen webinar anytime.
  • Something else that is worth mentioning is the free training and tutorials that you access once you get started with your Webinar trial.

How Much Does WebinarNinja Cost After Trial?

WebinarNinja has 4 plans and all of them come with a 14 day trial period which is absolutely free. However, after the 14th day you start incurring certain charges based on your package. 

Here is a breakdown of WebinarNinja pricing plans:

  • WebinarNinja Starter $49/m or $39/m if you pay annually
  • WebinarNinja Pro $95/m or $79/m if paid annually
  • WebinarNinja Plus $159/m or $129/m if it is an annual subscription
  • WebinarNinja Power $249/m or $199 /m if paid yearly

Who Can Benefit From WebinarNinja 

WebinarNinja as a software powers over a million of Webinars in thousands of industries. That is to imply that various professionals get to benefit from it . They include:

  • Marketers: WebinarNinja offers various marketing tools which makes it possible for  marketers to interact with their audience and grow the number of their followers.
  • Entrepreneurs: Professionals business people and business starters can use WebinarNinja to grow their business. Entrepreneurs can use the WebinarNinja platform to run either live, series, automated or hybrid webinars which helps  to grow their business.
  • Administrators: Administrators can use WebinarNinja to analyze retention rate and overall performance.
  • Professionals: Use WebinarNinja to edit, delete, and store pictures, replays, videos, templates, and multimedia content in a central place for later reference..
  • Coaches and tutors: Who are more focused on having a lively session with their audience.

So overall any one who is looking to grow their business & save time while having it automated can use WebinarNinja.

Is WebinarNinja Trial Worth it?

Absolutely. The fact that WebinarNinja offers 4 different plans is reason enough to make you want a package that will enable you to dig deeper and understand each and every plan before paying.

Besides, you do not need money for you to activate your WebinarNinja trial. So, why miss out on this free package that will enable you to explore all the WebinarNinja features? Well, you surely need to try it out

Something else that is worth noting is, WebinarNinja trial offers you an opportunity to identify the most suitable plan that serves your interest best. Well, why wait longer? Simply sign up and start your free trial now.


To sum up, you need to understand that WebinarNinja does not provide a free plan but offers a free 14 days trial period. Remember you are at liberty to explore and use all the Webinarinja features for the 14 days without paying. However on the day 15 you start to incur the necessary charges.

You can learn the best webinar software platform to find the top list and then select the best webinar as per your requirement and then go with their trial.

Once you go through the above guide then you may realize that the Demio trial (start trial here), WebinarJam Trial (start trial here) or EasyWebinar trial (start trial here) is also worth comparing before starting a paid plan.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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