Why You Need To Maintain SEO Ranking Each Month?

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I want to ask 1 simple question that what are you doing when you need to buy or research something? Opening Google? I hope you get me. As I am using google to search or buy anything and go to each website on the top ranking and select the one of them that looks best to me and that what all peoples are doing now a days.

Before we go into deep of the topic let’s discuss & learn about the click distribution for top ranking site so that we can get better idea that how much traffic top ranking website are getting.

People generally click on top ranking sites and especially top 3 sites are getting majority of search traffics and beyond 1st page it is hardly some traffics.

As you can see from the above research that first position gets 36% of traffics, second position gets 12%, third one gets 9% and it’s down to 2% at tenth position so based on this we can get an idea that how much clicks we can expect more from each position we move up.

SEO Benefits Aspects:

Let’s Discuss in details that why we really need to maintain SEO Ranking

  • More Sales & Profit Comes First
  • Someone Else Tradeoff Sales Till We Don’t Get Top Ranking
  • Don’t Want To Loss Free Traffics & Sales
  • It’s Targeted Audience & Traffics When It Comes from Searches
  • Loss Conversion When We Loss Ranking
  • Get New Market & Grow Continuous
  • Value & Credit Just Beyond Ranking

1] More Sales & Profit Comes First

Top 10 positions get sum of 80% of traffics that mean 80% of business received by top 10 websites so it is very important to have top position to get more sales.

Every business are looking more sales each day as like me looking more SEO clients to manage their campaign and grow our business so same way each businesses are looking to grow their sales day by day.

2] Someone Else Tradeoff Sales Till We Don’t Get Top Ranking

People are searching & buying their needs so it may be from you or some else, so business is not listed on top ranking just passing business to their competitors

For example person looking Taxi in Chicago and searching in google that “taxi service in Chicago” and review the website and book the taxi without much waiting, so top ranking website getting business.

Here people may or may not aware of particular taxi service brand so they just looking who serving in this particular region and your website come top with search then you might get the business and if not then your competitor will get the business.

So business is going to tradeoff from you to your competitor till you are not on top ranking.

3] Don’t Want To Loss Free Traffics & Sales

As PPC is charging too much per click, some niche have $5 to $40 per click so imaging the amount of money that you are saving and traffics & sales received are huge with free traffics.

PPC is very costly and work till you spend but natural ranking stay there free of cost to get more traffic. E.g. your PPC is $10 per click and you are getting 100 clicks then you are saving $1000 and getting more business so ultimate profit increase.

Now imaging if you are losing your top ranking then you are losing your free traffic from search engines and losing your sales & profits.

Here I am thinking like an entrepreneur that what is the SEO maintenance cost I have to pay and how much return I get and based on that I decide whether I have to maintain SEO ranking campaign or not? E.g. you are getting business of $5000 each month and spending just $1000 on SEO so it’s really amazing that I am increasing business each month because, I keep old client with me and finding new business from new clients so $5000 each month adding to regular business.

4] It’s Targeted Audience & Traffics When It Comes from Searches

Search engine traffics are targeted & interested traffics so we can have more sales compare to all other traffics. The reason is very simple because people are searching something that interested to buy with suitable seller and if you are the one fulfil the criteria of buyer then you will get the business.

5] Loss Conversion When We Loss Ranking

Conversion is the number of sales we received from total traffics. I have seen in my 8 years’ experience that even increase social media traffics can’t just increase sales but search engine traffic that make the difference and same way loss of search engine traffics loss the business & conversion.

As we have discuss in earlier point that people comes from search engine has more buyer intention so if we loss search engine traffics that means we are losing conversions too.

6] Get New Market & Grow Continuous

Billions of searches perform each year and its growing so imaging the businesses generating online, here we can discuss 2 points; one is recurring business & second is one time business.

Recurring business like hosting, SEO service, conference calling, etc. that using service each month so once client with you will give you long term business each month. Now think that you get another click, that means another long term business that is newer than older clients so now you have double each month so this way you are exploring new clients market each month & growing continuously.

Now think for one time business nature that people are buying for 1 time like TV, Phone, Juicer, etc. product that people are buying single time and sometime buy another time but it may be after 1, 3, 5 or 10 years later so here you even surely need top ranking because you don’t get business if you are not on top ranking.

So both of the cases we are getting more benefits so we need to maintain SEO ranking each month to get new business & grow continuously

7] Value & Credit Just Beyond Ranking

Branding is beyond just ranking aspects, people believes that top sites are the authentic in the market so they are doing business with only top websites.

So if you are visible in top 10 ranking in many of your targeted keywords then people believes that you are the authentic in particular business niche because visible everywhere and more chances to get more business as well as create better authority in your niche market.

So here we have seen that top ranking give us many benefits and get more business then why not to maintain SEO ranking each month to get more business?

Ranking Maintenance Aspects:

If Don’t Maintain Then It May Drop Ranking in Future

As SEO require regular effort to maintain the ranking and if we stop the work then ranking will stay for some time based on the competition level of keywords and then after it may start dropping the ranking and you might loss the business.

I don’t know whether you have experience yourself or not but I have 8+ year experience that we get business only when on top page ranking and drop the sales when loss 1st page.

Competitors Beat You

When you are in the competitive market so all the competitors are trying to achieve 1st page so if we stop the work then competitors beat us & replace our website with theirs and same with the business.

ROI Aspects

We need to think wisely for ROI of our marketing spending, Lets discuss with example that you are spending $500 on SEO each month and getting $2000 business profit so your net profit after spending is $1500 each month, that’s the 300% returns (after deducting spending), don’t you think it’s good? Many times I have seen that people stop campaign when getting top ranking and just thinking to stay there without any work & get profit but that can possible till 1 or 2 month only and then after losing ranking and business.

Now what is the wise decision is to increase the budget & targeted keywords to expand more business rather than stop the campaign.

I hope you enjoy the article but if you have any query then get in touch with me and if you have something to share then add your valuable inputs on comment.

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