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Convertri Trial

Are you looking for a good funnel building software? Convertri is one of the good funnel builders. With Convertri you can build incredible sales funnels and attractive and fast landing pages.

In this article, I’m going to review the Convertri free trial that helps you to check whether this Convertri is a good fit for your business or not.

Start your Convertri 14 days free trial now.

Convertri Overview

Convertri is an integrated sales funnel builder software, with Convertri you can build various sales funnels, landing pages, and even complete websites with integrated shopping carts.

Convertri is counted in the top sales funnel building softwares

It has various features that makes it very easy to build your funnels, pages, and websites. It optimizes your pages for fast loading.

Convertri offers a 14 days free trial that you can use to test its service for your business.

Who can Benefit from Convertri Free Trial?

You should sign up for Convertri free trial if,

  • You want to build a fast loading professional website.
  • You want to build effective sales funnels, and drive more sales.
  • You want to get more potential customers in your sales funnel.
  • You want to sell online.
  • You want to build good landing pages that convert.

How to get the Convertri Free Trial?

If you want to test Convertri for your business, you can sign-up for this free trial. Follow these steps to get the free trial.

Step-1: Visit Convertri official website.

Step-2: In the home page, there is a button saying “Start Your Free Trial”. This button is also available in the menu bar of every page in Convertri website. Click on this button.

Step-3: This will open a sign-up page. Enter your name, email address, and password. Then click on “Create Your Account”.

Step-4: Now it will ask you to create a domain for your Convertri dashboard. e.g. if you enter “demo” then you will be given a subdomain of

Step-5: Now it will ask for payment details. You can provide your card details or get verified with PayPal.

And this is how you’ll get started with your 14 days Convertri free trial.

What You’ll Get with a Convertri Free Trial?

Convertri has a single plan available publicly with 2 payment options, paid monthly and paid annually. It is the Convertri pro plan. In the Convertri free trial, all the features of this plan will be accessible.

It includes, 250,000 Impressions/Month, 25 Funnels, and 250 Pages along with features like Split testing, SSL certificate, Page importer, Template, etc.

Other offerings are,

  • 10 Custom domains
  • 10 Team members
  • 400+ Templates
  • 20 Hosted Videos
  • 100GB/m Video Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Products.

What You won’t Get in Convertri Free Trial?

Convertri does not limit any features in the free trial. All the features that are available in the Pro plan are also available in the free trial.

Why You Should Sign-up for a Convertri Free Trial?

Why Start with Covnertri Trial

Convertri has all the features that you may need to close sales with your website or landing pages. You can access and test all those features for free in this trial period..

Let’s looks briefly on what you can do with your Convertri free trial;

  • You can create any type of sales funnels with Convertri with pre-made templates.
  • You can create amazing pages with drag and drop, free form and other features that makes it easy to use.
  • It offers powerful publishing that allows you to launch your fast speed pages instantly.
  • Pages you design with Convertri are mobile responsive, so that you don’t lose a lot of customers who use mobile devices.
  • With Popups and Sticky headers, you can power your pages for higher conversions.
  • Convertri offers Dynamic Text Replacement for your landing page to increase conversions from your ads and landing pages.

These useful features with various integration and support makes it worth to sign up for the Convertri free trial.

Start your Convertri free trial now.

How Much Does Convertri Cost after the Free Trial?

The Convertri Pro plan costs you $99 per month and if you buy this plan with annual payment, then it will cost you $75 per month.

Other than this pro plan, Convertri also offers an Agency plan. This plan is available only on request. It will cost you $199 per month. And you’ll get Convertri Autowebinar features and can add 25 team members.

You can learn more about its pricing with my Convertri pricing guide.

Is it Worth to Sign-up for a Convertri Free Trial?

It’s completely worth it to sign up for it’s free trial because of it’s powerful features. Let’s have a look what makes it worth to start your 14 days Convertri free trial…

  • Effective sales funnels: Convertri is expert in building effective sales funnels to get business.
  • Ease of use: Convertri is easy to use and good for new businesses.
  • Mobile optimized pages: Pages created with Convertri are mobile optimized, so they load fast in mobile devices also.
  • Vibrant Facebook community: Convertri has a vibrant Facebook community, where you can learn how to use Convertri to get the most out of it, and also ask for any problem there.

Best alternatives of Convertri are Kartra (Read Kartra Reviews), ClickFunnels, and GrooveFunnels. You can check which tool fits better to you and your business. For this, I highly recommend you to try their trials and check with which tool you’re comfortable with.

Convertri Free Trial FAQs

Q. Do I need to provide credit card details while signing up for a Convertri free trial?

Yes, you’ll need to provide your credit card details or get verified by PayPal to start your free trial.

Q. What will happen to pages created with Convertri, if Convertri server goes down?

Nothing, pages created with Convertri are stand alone and not connected to Convertri.

Q. Can I integrate Convertri with tools I use?

Yes, Convertri offers integration with all the popular apps along with Zapier.

Q. Can I build a website with Convertri and use my own domain for them?

Yes, you can build a complete website with Convertri and you can also use your own custom domain if you want to.

Q. Can I use Convertri with WordPress?

Yes, you can easily connect and use Convertri with WordPress.

Q. Do Convertri provide customer support?

Yes, you can contact Convertri customer support if you need any help about or using Convertri.


Convertri is a good tool when we talk about building sales funnels and creating effective landing pages. It has various features that makes it easy to build funnels and pages easily. So Convertri is a good tool for new businesses, who need basic features that are easy to use.

There are many more tools available in the market, if you need advanced features or some other features along with building funnels and pages. Some of those are Kartra, GrooveFunnels, ClickFunnels, Builderall, etc.

You can refer to my detailed review of Convertri to know this tool better. You can also check out Convertri vs Kartra comparison to decide which one is good for you.

It’s good to try trials of these tools before making any decision. Start your Convertri free trial.

If you ask me whether you should trial this or not? Then my recommendation is to use Kartra trial as well because it is really the best all in one tool I highly recommend.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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