Convertri vs Kartra Features Comparison & Buying Guide 2022

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Kartra vs Convertri Comparison

Convertri and Kartra are dedicated platforms for building beautiful landing pages & high-converting sales funnels for your products and services, especially if you are an online business person.

But which one is better to use, Kartra or Convertri?

If you are looking for an honest comparison between these two platforms, worry no more!

I know selecting the perfect platform for your business isn't an easy task.

In this Convertri vs Kartra 2022 Features Comparison & Buying Guide, I will help you choose the right platform for your online business.

Which One Is The Best Solution For Your Business - Convertri vs Kartra Comparison 

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Overall Rating



Price Range


$99 - $499/month

Discount on annual payment




250,000 Impressions/Month


Custom Domains


1 - 10

Team Members


1 - Unlimited




Video Hosted


50 - Unlimited



50GB - Unlimited



20 - Unlimited

Key Features

  • Pages
  • Videos
  • Shopping cart
  • Sub-count
  • Infrastructure 

  • Checkouts
  • Pages
  • Leads
  • Forms
  • Funnels & Campaigns
  • Mail
  • Kartra Memberships
  • Affiliate Management
  • Marketplace
  • Videos
  • Helpdesks
  • Calendars
  • Agency

30 Day Money Back Guarantee



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Convertri vs Kartra in-depth Review

Kartra is an all-in-one platform that includes everything from funnels & landing page building, email marketing, video hosting, webinars hosting, advanced split-testing, cart checkouts and many more features and functionalities.

Convertri, on the other hand, is a funnel builder that offers several cool tools that I’m sure will make your life easier. Convertri is super simple to use than Kartra but very limited by features. 

Convertri Tools & Features

convertri lead generation sales funnel
  • Mobile Specific: Convertri allows you to adjust your page the way you want to fit the mobile devices.
  • Page importer: This tool saves you from importing an already built page from the other sales funnel and landing page tools into the Convertri editor. It works well with ClickFunnels, LeadPages, Kartra, WordPress, OptimizePress & Instapage and many more.
  • Super-fast Loading Speed: Convertri coms with super-fast loading speed to help you improve your search engine rankings.
  • Sub-Accounts: This feature enables you to assign integrations to clients or partners.
  • Integrated Shopping cart: gives you all the things you need to collect payment and make sales.
  • Convertri WordPress plugin: This allows you to use Convertri on your WordPress site & publish any of your pages that you have built on the Convertri platform.

Kartra Tools & Features

what is kartra
  • Quick onboarding.
  • Clear, consistent & user-intuitive interface.
  • Sell products with upsells/downsells.
  • Page building for just about any page kind.
  • High-converting sales building & sharing.
  • Fully featured Email Marketing & Automation.
  • A/B Split-Testing to help you improve your conversion rate.
  • Calendar apps for meeting and appointment scheduling.
  • Advanced video hosting with behavioral tagging.
  • Done-for-you campaigns to help you run campaigns without coding.
  • Detailed Analytics across all pages and modules.
  • Kartra Marketplace to help you market and learn from others
  • An affiliate management tool to make promoters of your products.
  • Courses & membership portal features.

To learn more about Kartra’s features and functionalities, check here my In-Depth Kartra Review.

Convertri vs Kartra Similarities

Drag & Drop Page Builder

Both Convertri and Kartra also come with a significant drag and drop editor, which allows you to change texts easily, move buttons, add media files and other page design elements without being tech-savvy.

Kartra includes an easy to use drag and drop editor that helps you create your pages in a matter of minutes. Kartra also offers a done for your campaign to use less time and effort creating beautiful landing pages.

On the other hand, Convertri’s flexible editor is also one of the best, especially if you are a newbie to build up your pages as quickly as possible without any tech, coding, or design skills.

Both are drag & drop but Kartra has really more advanced features & functionalities while having really great user friendly intuitive interface. 

Winner: Kartra


Kartra provides a 500+ wide range of beautiful & professional pre-made templates for any use you may need, from a standard home page to classic squeeze pages.

On the other hand, Convertri also comes with over 400 mobile-responsive templates, giving you total freedom of choosing ones that fit your page.

Overall, Kartra’s page builder will feel a lot more polished than Convertri, but if you need to load your page faster, then Convertri has got you covered as per their claim but as Kartra also uses super fast CDN hosting so it's not that much difference.

Winner: Both tools win in this category.

Sales Funnel

Convertri is well known for its fastest funnel builder tools due to the fact that pages built on Convertri load super-faster compared to most tools in the market.

Kartra, on the other hand, helps you create high-converting sales funnels that take your visitors on a step by step process until they become recurring clients.

Advanced, more complex, faster & customize every aspect of your funnels is what Kartra specialized in and Convertri may not be anywhere near to Kartra.

What makes Kartra also shine here is the fact that it allows you to share your funnels with other users.

Winner: Kartra

Products & Shopping Carts

With both Kartra and Convertri, you can add your product and sell them online.

Kartra offers one of the best shopping carts and that changes your whole game. And if you have used a pushcart before, this one is going to be more user friendly.

Kartra’s cart includes;

  • Upsell/downsell.
  • Order bumps
  • Payment gateways.
  • Product valuation.
  • Trial structures.
  • And many more.

On the other hand, Convertri also includes a built-in cart that consists of every feature from One-click upsell, Trial Payments, Bump Sells, and many more.

Winner: Both Kartra and Convertri win but Kartra is more advanced by features and interface which help to convert more.

Video Hosting

Kartra’s Video hosting is one of its kind. It helps you to take your video marketing to the next level. With this tool, you can pop mid-way through your video, inject lead capture forms, multi-video playlists, and do much more.

Similarly, Convertri’s video hosting tool is also focused on providing more speed as well as turning your prospects into more sales.

Winner: Kartra

Kartra vs Convertri Differences

Where does Kartra Work Best?

  • Kartra is an all-in-one marketing platform.
  • Email marketing and advanced automation.
  • Kartra is a comprehensive sales funnel and landing page builder platform.
  • Kartra helps you to create high-converting sales funnels.
  • Kartra comes with robust features such as video hosting, calendar apps, membership sites, affiliate management systems and many more.
  • Kartra comes with advanced A/B split testing for screening your emails, pages, funnels and many more so that you can enhance your performance. 

Where does Convertri Work Best?

  • Lots of complete funnel templates and stand-alone pages.
  • Convertri pages are 100% mobile responsive.
  • Convertri allows you to import any page you created on other software into the Convertri platform.

Kartra vs Convertri Pricing

Convertri Pricing

Convertri comes with one pricing plan that costs $99/month or $75/month when paid annually. 

It includes features such as;

  • 250,000 Impressions per month
  • 25 funnels & 250 pages
  • 10 Custom Domains
  • 10 Team Members
  • 400+ Templates
  • 20 Videos Hosted
  • 100GB/mo Video Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Products
  • Split Testing
  • SSL
  • Page importer

Kartra Pricing

  • Kartra Starter Plan at $99: This plan limits you to 2,500 contacts, 15,000 emails/m, hosts 100 pages, 10 items, streams 50GB bandwidth & enables you to develop 2 membership websites.
  • Kartra Silver Plan at $199: This plan comes with up to 12,500 contacts with unlimited pages, items, bandwidth, emails, subscription websites and many more.
  • Kartra Gold Plan at $299: This gives 25,000 leads, plus all the Silver Plan features.
  • Kartra Platinum Plan at $499: This plan includes 50k leads with limitless features.

Here is a Detailed Kartra Pricing guide for your in-depth idea.

Kartra vs Convertri Pros & Cons

Convertri Pros:

  • Convertri is much easier to learn and use.
  • Pages built with Convertri loads super-fast.
  • Convertri allows you to assign Team Members & create Sub-Accounts.

Convertri Cons:

  • Convertri does not come with an inbuilt members area for course creation.
  • Convertri does not include Inbuilt automation tools.
  • Convertri does not offer affiliate management tools.
  • Convertri only has one plan to choose which comes with limited pages, funnels and impressions.

Kartra Pros:

  • Kartra gives you access to all tools under one roof, which means you do not need to integrate with other third-party service providers.
  • Building sales funnels with Kartra is simple with its drag and drop feature.
  • Kartra offers in-depth tracking, which helps you to make the right decisions.
  • Kartra comes with lots of video tutorials to learn from
  • Kartra also offers lots of customizable & pre-built templates so that you don't need to be a tech guru to use the platform.

Kartra Cons:

  • Kartra lacks a native Webinar resolution (but integrations are available)
  • Kartra has a steep learning curve.

Convertri vs Kartra: Which Tool Is Right For Your Business?

Kartra houses all the features you need to build your landing pages, follow-up with customers and retain them.

Similarly, Convertri also helps you create landing pages and funnels for your marketing.

So, which tool is right for your business, Kartra or Convertri?

Here is my final advice…

If you need to create beautiful landing pages and high-converting sales funnels and enjoy working with other unique features such as helpdesk, automation, email marketing, affiliate management, and many more, Kartra is a perfect choice.

But if you want to create landing pages and sales funnels with basic features but with high-speed loading and page importer functionalities, Convertri is all you need.

Convertri is also one of the more cost-effective ways to host your funnels and landing pages for your online business, but you will access limited features and you will also need to integrate many third-party tools for you to have a complete business tool.

What Is My Recommendation?

When it comes to creating beautiful landing pages and sales funnels, Kartra is the King! 


Here are some reasons why you will find Kartra the best tool you need;

  • A is a top choice all-in-one platform for your business.
  • Kartra provides a well-integrated and intuitive user interface
  • Kartra includes a Drag-and-drop interface for building your pages, funnels, membership site and many more.
  • Kartra offers easy-to-use checkout pages to sell your products.
  • Kartra helps you to create a strong website & landing pages.
  • With Kartra, you can create high-converting landing pages to help you make more sales.
  • Kartra also offers you a Done for your campaign so that you don’t start from scratch to create your pages and funnels.

Top Features To Consider When Selecting The Best Tool  for Your Business

Here is a list of in-built features you need to consider when choosing your online business tool;

  • All-in-one platform: This ensures that you have all the essential features required to run a successful online business without depending on costly third-party providers.
  • In-Built Video Hosting: This tool is essential since it will help you enhance your video marketing without integrating YouTube or Visita.
  • Calendars apps: You need a tool that would help your clients schedule and manage meetings with you on their own.
  • Shopping Carts Capabilities: Go for a platform that comes with this fantastic in-built feature so that you can be able to host and sell your products online.
  • A/B Split Testing: This tool is essential to help you run your pages and funnels to find the one that converts better.
  • Affiliate Program Management: Selecting a platform with this feature is essential since it helps you recruit affiliates to market your products.
  • Ease of Integration: Ensure that the platform you will use can seamlessly integrate with your current business platforms.

Convertri vs Kartra Final Verdict

Convertri can do landing page & funnels only and not as much advanced like Kartra so i would recommend Kartra over Convertri without any second thought.

If you are looking for the best funnel builder to grow your business, Kartra is a good bet.

Whether you want to make an eCommerce store, an official website, or host your course online, Kartra gives you EVERYTHING you need for that.

Therefore, if you are still in doubt whether Kartra is perfect for your business or not, get started with Kartra 14 Days Trial at $1.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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