EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar Comparison 2022: Which Is Best?

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EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar Comparison

If your business is working on the next big thing, there ought to be an equally awesome virtual marketing strategy with the best webinar tools around.

As such, either EasyWebinar or EverWebinar is a suitable tool for achieving your business goals.

EasyWebinar is the webinar tool that offers solutions for both live and automated webinars. It's an all-in-one solution that significantly helps you to accomplish almost everything at once. 

On the other hand, EverWebinar is a video platform that offers you the best experience for automated webinars. It creates a ‘real’ environment for your attendees while at the same time reducing your hustle of making live webinars now and again.

In this EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar comparison, I will take you through important features and segments of the two software for your in-depth understanding and easier decision-making.

EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar Table Comparison.

Let’s look at the features of the two platforms and how they compare to each other here.

EasyWebinar Logo


EverWebinar Logo





Entry-Level Price



Best For

Live and Automated webinars

Automated webinars

Attendee Limit Max

Up to 2000 live attendees and unlimited automated webinar attendees

Unlimited attendees as its only automated

App Download

No download is required

No app download is required

Mobile support




Multi hosts


Key Features

  • Live and Automated Webinars
  • Q&A
  • Customizable branding
  • Social media promotion
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Send and clickable offers
  • Invite other presenters
  • Email Notifications
  • Votes and polls

  • Live Chat
  • Polls & Survey 
  • Live chat simulator
  • Active offers
  • Report and Analytics
  • On-Demand Webinars
  • Email and SMS System
  • Split Testing
  • Flexible Scheduling

Money-Back Guarantee



Sign Up

EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar Comparison Guide 

It is beyond any reasonable doubt that both EverWebinar and EasyWebinar have amazing features that put them among the best webinar solutions you may need for the growth of your business.

EasyWebinar Overview & Features

Some of the essential features that EasyWebinar include:

easywebinar webinar software
  • Live and automated webinar: supports both of them from the basic level.
  • Real-Time chat: Live chat with your attendees and include emojis and links.
  • Easy cast: Stream not only with EasyWebinar’s live but also on the Facebook live and YouTube live social media platforms.
  • Right on time registration: sign up just in time for an automated webinar scheduled for 15 minutes increments.
  • HD video With EasyWebinar, you can present and record your live stream in high-definition video. It also supports Facebook live and youtube live streaming.
  • Make any attendee a presenter/moderator: This is great for interactive calls and mastermind sessions.
  • No latency: Experience no delay in your presentation and chat with webinar attendees.
  • High-quality pictures: Your audience can see high definition quality.
  • True Voice technology reduces noise and high bandwidth transmission without delay.

EverWebinar Overview & Features

The reason why EverWebinar is considered the mother of all automated webinars is probably because of its unique features, such as;

EverWebinar Features
  • Advanced Scheduling System helps you configure your advertising for monthly, weekly or even daily webinars.
  • Free and unlimited hosting on its highly reliable cloud-based servers that can facilitate your web hosting.
  • Live chat simulator through which your imported chat history can run as ‘live’ chat on the automated webinar.
  • Dynamic Attendee Display replicates a live webinar environment for your audience.
  • Just-in-time webinars: Users feel they arrived at the right time that the webinar is about to start in a few minutes.

EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar In-Depth Features Review

Webinar Types & Ease of Setup

EverWebinar is designed for hosting automated Webinars. The good thing about automated webinars is that you get things done for yourself beforehand. All you need is to set up a recording of the previous live webinar and schedule interaction tools that you want to use.

You can also decide to list your webinar on the EverWebinar on-demand webinar using features such as

  • Just-in-time webinars that allow your audience to join a webinar that is about to start making them feel like they arrived at the right time.
  • Watch replay right away to save your attendees from more prolonged waiting.
  • Join in progress Your users can come right into an ongoing webinar session, so they don't have to wait any longer.

On the other hand, EasyWebinar is superb when it comes to setting up your live and automated webinars. It comes with excellent customizations on the registration page, thank you page, event notifications and many more to suit your audience’s demands.

Winner: EasyWebinar since it offers both Live and Automated webinars.

Customer Reach

EasyWebinar allows you to host up to 2000 attendees in one live session and you can have an unlimited number on the automated webinar.

With EverWebinar, you can reach an unlimited number of attendees since it only allows you to host automated webinars.

Both tools have integrations such as Facebook and YouTube where you get to share your webinars hence reaching more audience for your product. 

They also have email and SMS reminders where you can reach out to your registrants and share details of your pending webinars for them to purpose to attend.

Winner: EasyWebinar wins here due to a larger webinar room in one session.

Webinar Reliability

Having a reliable webinar tool is very effective for your business.

With EasyWebinar, you get a high-quality transmission that you can heavily rely on throughout your event. In addition, the platform’s screen-sharing feature also comes in high quality, thus improving your webinar presentation skills.

On the other hand, EverWebinar does excellently when it comes to split testing webinar events which enables you to choose the best performing component for your audience. The support team is also available always in case of any technical problems. 

Winner: EasyWebinar

Webinar Funnel Page

Both EverWebinar and EasyWebinar come with landing pages in different designs.

With EasyWebinar, the Registration page, thank you page, event page, confirmation page and replay page are fully customizable. The software, however, offers limited options for customization which means you have to exit the page first if you need to see your customized template, which is quite time-consuming. Therefore, while using EasyWebinar, you need CSS code to control the design completely.

However, you can add custom questions to the registration template, allowing you to poll your sign-up during the registration process.

Like WebinarJam, EverWebinar's funnel page has several registration templates with different layouts, allowing you to add in contents like colors, fonts, text copy, image, logo, upload the video and more.

With EverWebinar, you can easily split test your webinar registration pages using registration A/B testing and their contents; will track which version delivers better conversion.

The platform does not allow you to add custom questions on the registration page, but you can run a post-registration survey if you want to survey your registrants.

Winner: EverWebinar

Webinar Email Reminders and Email editors

Sending reminders to your sign-ups is very important since it's not guaranteed that all who signed up will attend the webinar. 

With EverWebinar, you can schedule a series of reminders both via email and phone texts before the webinar. The platform also has a flexible email editor to change font and sizes and add images and bullet-point lists. 

EverWebinar also has audience segmentation options for emails. For example, it allows you to craft the email notification to those who attended the webinar, those who missed and those who left before or after a specified time.

On the other hand, EasyWebinar has a registration confirmation email set by default. However, you can add email reminders and schedule them as you wish. Furthermore, you can also integrate EasyWebinar with an email autoresponder to enjoy more options like tagging and segmentations.

Winner: EverWebinar wins due to sending the email-based segments for retargeted campaigns.

Webinar Audience Interaction Tools

EverWebinar allows you to schedule and set up product offers to trigger during an automated webinar. The offers are attractive and highly converting. They have a clear image, texts, an inviting call to action button, and a count-down timer for increasing a sense of urgency or scarcity.

With EverWebinar, you can also set up the starting and ending times of polls and get the results after polling has ended. The software also allows you to enable live chat; the feature will allow attendees to type their messages and also see messages of others. You can also enable a simple question box if you are uncomfortable with a stimulated live chat.

Similarly, EasyWebinar also offers a feature that comes with a countdown which is a great feature that creates a sense of urgency. Once you launch offers during live webinars, they immediately appear to all your attendees.

The chats can be public or private during live webinars if you want to chat with attendees separately. You can also set up polls with multiple choices and make the results visible or hidden from the attendees.

In addition, EasyWebinar allows you to invite a moderator to help you by chatting with the attendees and launching the polls and offers while you focus on the webinar presentation.

Winner: Tie

Webinar Presentation Tools

EverWebinar provides a seamless user experience for both presenters and attendees. It allows you to upload your slide or PowerPoint presentation to be seen by your attendees at any time. The platform’s whiteboard feature allows you to make your presentation effective.

Presentation with EasyWebinar is done using slideshows. The webcam remains at the bottom when you start the presentation and in case you want to use the webcam video, you have to stop sharing slides first.

You can also invite an attendee to be a presenter if they want to share their video testimonials. 

Winner: EasyWebinar

Webinar Recording Video & Replay

With EverWebinar, attendees can play a replay video of a previous recording and also join in a webinar while it’s in progress. It has a “Replica Replay” feature that is essential in making a carbon copy of the live event.

On the other hand, EasyWebinar allows you to use the replica of the live webinar or add a custom replay video. The webinar replay video includes engagement features like polls, offers (with countdown timer), and questions.

Furthermore, the email used to deliver the webinar replay can also be customized during the webinar setup.

Winner: Both tools win here

Video Engine & Tech Support

Quality video and support is a factor when choosing webinar software.

EasyWebinar uses a WebRTC video engine. The software video quality is set to “Standard”. But it allows you to manually switch it to HD in the live room for maximum quality (720p).

EasyWebinar’s customer support responds to your questions in less than 15 minutes at any time of the day. The software also has an active Facebook group where you can join to get support.

On the other hand, EverWebinar has High Definition, 30 FPS, high-quality video and audio broadcasting. With the software, you can broadcast your webcam video, share the screen or do a PowerPoint presentation in high definition

Winner: Both software ties

Webinar Analytics & Data Exports

EverWebinar has an analytic dashboard that provides a great insight into your automated registration conversion rates and webinar attendance statistics. Through this, you can learn the; 

  • Sign-up rates of the registration page
  • Amount of revenue that the webinar generates
  • Attendees' average session duration,
  • Show-up rate to the webinar
  • Email open rate.

You can also analyze your data by exporting it to excel spread. In addition, EverWebinar can also allow you to inject tracking pixels from 3rd parties enabling you to track information about those who visited the registration page, watched the replay, and many more.

Similarly, the EasyWebinar analytics dashboard provides great insights that are crucial for understanding your audience hence optimizing your webinar.

Through the dashboard, you can see if your audience showed up, how long they were present, and if they clicked on an offer.  

EasyWebinar also has engagement analytics that enables you to track chat logs, poll results, and offer clicks. You can also export a full report of EasyWebinar as well.

Winner: Tie

EverWebinar vs EasyWebinar Similarities

Here are the similarities between the two platforms.

  • Both EasyWebinar and EverWebinar support automated webinars with multiple scheduling options.
  • They provide Email marketing automation such as pre-email reminders and post email notifications.
  • Both platforms launch offer with countdown timer and scarcity
  • Both platforms have customizable registration pages and embed registration pages anywhere.
  • Both platforms support live chat.
  • Both of them have 30 days money-back Guarantee.
  • On both platforms, attendees can join the webinar anywhere with any device without necessarily downloading software.
  • Both platforms offer attendees a clean experience on both mobile devices and browsers.
  • Both platforms provide an incredible analytics dashboard for your webinar insights.
  • With either EasyWebinar or EverWebinar, you can invite another person to help you run the webinar.
  • The platforms come with similar features for audience engagement.
  • Both platforms are essential in campaign awareness and lead generation.

EverWebinar vs EasyWebinar Differences

Despite both platforms offering a seamless experience with their amazing features, they differ in certain areas such as

EasyWebinar and EverWebinar Difference
  • EasyWebinar allows you to turn live webinars into automated webinars while EverWebinar does not have that option since it only supports automated webinars.
  • You can add a custom question on EasyWebinar’s registration page, but you can't add on EverWebinar, however, you can run a post-registration survey for EverWebinar.
  • EasyWebinar offers 14 days free trial, whereas EverWebinar offers 14 days free trial at $1.
  • EverWebinar has a split testing feature that helps you get the best landing page with the highest conversions. This feature is missing on EasyWebinar.
  • EasyWebinar hosts up to a maximum of 2000 live attendees & unlimited automated webinars while EverWebinar has unlimited attendees as it's just an automated platform.
  • EasyWebinar allows you to invite a moderator to help you in chatting with the attendees and launching polls as you focus on webinar presentations. This feature is not available on EverWebinar since it only offers automated webinars.
  • EasyWebinar allows you to host live webinars with ease while EverWebinar requires you to incorporate it under WebinarJam for such events.
  • EasyWebinar supports YouTube Live integration for your webinars. EverWebinar does not have this feature.

EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar Pricing Comparison

The pricing plans for both EasyWebinar and EverWebinar are completely different, as we shall see.

An advantage that you can get from both tools is that they have a 30-day money-back guarantee in which you can demand back your money in any case you are unsatisfied with their services.

EasyWebinar and EverWebinar Pricing

EasyWebinar Pricing Plans

EasyWebinar pricing plan is in 3 packages that offer flexible and excellent features for your business needs.

  • Standard plan: At $78/month, you get 100 live attendees, instant onboarding calls, unlimited webinars of up to 100 simultaneous attendees per automated webinar, WordPress integration, chat support, and Webinar Foundations Course.
  • Pro plan from $129/month: This plan comes with 500 live attendees, unlimited webinars of up to 500 simultaneous attendees per automated webinar, custom field from the Registration page, unlimited live attendees using youtube live integration, and  EasyCast Facebook & YouTube live streaming.
  • Enterprise plan from $499/ month: With this plan, you will get all pro plan features plus unlimited attendees across your automated webinars when paid yearly otherwise up to 2000 simultaneous attendees per session,  2000 live attendees using the live engine, dedicated account representative and Elite Webinar Mastery full course. 

EverWebinar Pricing Plans

EverWebinar comes with 3 plans which include;

  • EverWebinar Monthly Plan at $99: It offers Automated Webinars, Pre-made Landing Pages, Advanced Simulation Tools, Automated Email Marketing and 24/7 customer support.
  • EverWebinar Annual plan: At $504/year ($42/m, billed annually): It includes all the features in the Monthly plan and you can save up to 58% with this plan.
  • EverWebinar Biennial plan: At $816 per every two years ($34/m billed every two years) with a discount of up to $395, it means you will save 65% of your payment. The plan includes all the features of EverWebinar.

EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar Pros & Cons

EasyWebinar Pros & Cons


  • Provides outstanding customer service.
  • Combines both live and automated webinars.
  • It simplifies the process of customizing the landing pages for your events.
  • Have many helpful tutorial videos to guide you.


  • You cannot write notes during presentations.
  • Only limits your webinar attendees to 2k.

EverWebinar Pros & Cons


  • Automated Webinars that Simulate Live Events
  • Customize your pages for brand consistency.
  • It displays Active offers with urgency and scarcity.
  • Their advanced analytics and tracking help you know all your webinar data.


  • No live webinar 
  • It does not offer a free trial, (Offers $1 for 14 days trial)

EasyWebinar or EverWebinar: Which Tool Is Right for Your Business?

Choosing the right tool for your business goes back to your business needs and budget as a marketer.


Choose EasyWebinar if...

  • You want software that can host live and automated webinars altogether at a cheaper price.
  • You want an easy-to-use all-in-one platform.
  • You are on a strict budget.
  • You want to stream your webinar live on YouTube or Facebook to reach a wider audience.
  • You want to host live webinars in HD without experiencing delays.
  • You want a platform that supports up to a limited number of 2k attendees.
  • You want to host automated webinars on a cheaper plan.
  • You want to translate your event to any language.
  • You want a platform that supports lead generation.
  • You need monthly & annual pricing flexibility.

Choose EverWebinar if;

  • You want to host automated webinars only.
  • You are willing to use webinarJam for your live webinars requirement.
  • You need a webinar solution that gives the best analytic and built-in A/B testing features 
  • You want a simple pricing tier.
  • You would prefer software that doesn’t need coding.
  • You want a platform that offers all key features at any pricing plan you subscribe to.
  • You are okay with annual or biennial payments to save some good money.

What is My Recommendation?

Based on this comparison, I recommend EasyWebinar because it comes with lots of benefits, including

  • Easy to use complete webinar solution you can run any type of webinar with easy to use process.
  • Hosting webinars in 9 different types that ease your work and boost audience reach.
  • True voice technology that reduces noise and high bandwidth transmission without having any delay.
  • HD screen sharing for you to share everything in perfect HD quality
  • Record and Archive, you can save and archive all webinar sessions
  • Make any attendee a presenter/moderator - This is great for interactive call calls and mastermind sessions.

What Do You Need to Consider Before Choosing a Webinar Platform?

When going for a webinar platform, you probably have a reason or business objective in mind.

So, what is it you should look for in a webinar platform?

If you intend to choose the right platform that will help you in achieving your business goals, then you should consider the following features;

  • Does it offer live or/and automated webinars?
  • Does the platform offer customer support?
  • Is the registration page easy to use?
  • How is the platform's user interface?
  • Does the platform offer webinar analytics?
  • Does the platform allow audience engagement?
  • Can I live stream my webinars on YouTube and Facebook?
  • How is the platform’s video and audio quality?
  • Does it have automatic email reminders?
  • Does it support third-party integrations with the other marketing apps?
  • If I don’t get enough satisfaction with the services offered, can I get my money back?

EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar FAQs

Q: What is the main difference between EverWebinar and EasyWebinar?

The main difference apart from their pricing is that EasyWebinar supports both live and Automated webinars while EverWebinar only allows Automated webinars.

Q: Do both EverWebinar and EasyWebinar offer free trials?

EasyWebinar offers 14 days free trial while EverWebinar offers 14 days free trial for $1.

Q: What are some of the events that I can do with EasyWebinar?

With EasyWebinar, you can do Live & Automated webinars, Hybrid Events, Summits, Create Simple Replay Pages and many more.

Q: Can I stream live my EverWebinar webinar on YouTube?

No, since EverWebinar does not offer live webinars, you cannot stream live on YouTube but schedule your evergreen webinar to run as ‘live’ later.

EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar Conclusion

Up to this end, I hope this EasyWebinar vs EverWebinar comparison review has been helpful to you and will be significant in your choice for the best software that will serve your business needs.

If you are running automated webinars only, then EverWebinar is the best platform for you. The platform offers excellent features that are enough for you to meet your daily business targets and growth.

Alternatively, EasyWebinar is the software you need if you want to run both live and automated webinars at a cheaper price. The platform is wonderful especially for foreigners since it translates webinars in 9 different languages thereby helping you reach a wider audience.

But if you are looking for the best all-in-one platform, I recommend you go for Demio or WebinarJam since they also have quality features and their prices are affordable too.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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