Kartra vs Wix Side-by-Side Comparison Guide: Which is Better?

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Kartra vs Wix Comparison

Are you looking for the best online business building platform? 

If yes, then you are in the right place!

Both Kartra and Wix are great platforms when it comes to building stunning landing pages and running an effective online store.

So, with either Kartra or Wix, you don’t need to worry about buying a web hosting or installing 3rd party software since both platforms come with everything you need to build and run your site.

But which one is the right tool for your business, Wix or Kartra? When to choose which tool?

In this post, I have featured Kartra vs Wix In-Depth Side-by-side Comparison (2022) that contains all the answers you are looking for.

Which One Is The Best Solution For Your Business - Kartra vs Wix Comparison

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Overall Rating



Easy of Use



Best Features



Best Pricing



Customer Support



Price Range

$99/m - $499/m

Business & eCommerce Plans $23/m - $49/m

Website Plans $14/m - $39/m


50GB - Unlimited

1GB - Unlimited

Key Features

  • Leads
  • Custom Domains
  • Emails
  • Bandwidth
  • Pages
  • Videos
  • Products
  • Membership sites
  • Team members
  • Helpdesks
  • Calendars
  • Marketplace
  • Affiliate Management

  • Create a Website
  • Blog Website
  • eCommerce
  • SEO Tools
  • Online Scheduling
  • Email Marketing
  • Social Posts
  • Facebook Ads
  • Video Maker
  • Services & Memberships
  • Analytics & Reports

Money-Back Guarantee

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

14 Days Money-Back Guarantee

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Kartra vs Wix In-Depth Review

About Kartra

Kartra is a truly all-in-one solution for your online business. The platform helps you build, launch and market your business online without even depending on any third-party tool or hiring a developer.

Kartra comes with all the essential features, which include features such as robust email marketing, drag and drop funnel building, affiliate marketing and many other marketing features.

what is kartra

Kartra Tools & Features

  • Drop and drag page builders.
  • Landing pages & sales funnels with high conversion rates.
  • Pre-built design & mobile responsive templates for building stunning pages
  • Automated emails/marketing campaigns.
  • Integrated eCommerce store with secure payments gateway and product carts.
  • Up-sell & down-sell functionalities to help you attract repeat consumers.
  • Calendar for scheduling occasions and conferences.
  • A/B testing abilities to help you select aspects that will perform best.
  • Video hosting abilities with CTAs and offer popup capabilities.
  • Helpdesk with live chat assistance to take care of your customers’ technical issues.
  • Unrestricted membership portals for hosting online courses
  • Kartra academy with lots of learning materials
  • Affiliate center that can help you manage and track your affiliates’ activities.

You can check my Kartra Review here for your in-depth idea about its features.

About Wix

Wix is another fantastic online business platform that helps you design, build, and launch your own website and online store without having any coding skills. 

What makes Wix even far much different from other website builder solutions is the blank canvas editor it provides. This gives you as much freedom as possible of dragging and creating anything anywhere on the Wix page.

Wix also comes with a long list of unique features and elements, and just like Kartra, you can even design your own theme from scratch or customize the available ones.

Wix website builder

Wix Tools & Features

  • Drag and Drop builder: With Wix, you quickly change, customize and add anything to your site.
  • Stunning Templates: Wix enables you to choose from over 500 designer-made beautiful templates for any kind of business you are hosting.
  • eCommerce store: Wix comes with an online store that enables you to sell products and manage orders, shopping and fulfillment.
  • Dropshipping: With Wix, you can find on-demand and dropshipping products to sell online.
  • Services & Memberships: Wix allows you to build and list services, memberships & different packages for online purchase
  • Custom Domains: With Wix, you can personalize your domain name to match your brand and business.
  • Email Marketing: This tool helps you to easily send beautiful email marketing campaigns to your site visitors and improve customer engagement.
  • Online Scheduling: This feature enables your clients to book and purchase your services online.
  • Analytics & Reports: This amazing Wix feature helps you track your sales and monitor your site traffic to optimize your performance.

Kartra vs Wix Similarities

Best All-in-one Platform

Both Wix and Kartra are all-in-one platforms that include a simple drag-and-drop user interface and all the essential features without the need for integrating other 3rd party service providers. 

From email marketing, scheduling meetings and running membership sites, both tools are perfect for your business if you need a tool that houses everything in one platform.

Winner: Kartra includes more amazing features like Helpdesk, which you won’t get in Wix.

Blogging Functionalities

Wix comes with a structured, text editor blogging functionality that allows you to embed images alongside posts.

This Wix’s pleasant writing environment gives you a great way to publish and post engaging blogs to your target audience.

But what about Kartra Blogging?

Well, Kartra comes with blog templates too, but remember Kartra isn’t a super-great tool for content management systems like WordPress. 

You can still blog with Kartra, but you will have many challenges since Kartra doesn't auto-update its blog posts.

Alternatively, you can still host your blog in WordPress and use a special Kartra plugin to publish your Kartra pages to WordPress.

Winner: Wix

Video Hosting & Marketing

Wix comes with a unique feature called video minutes that enables you to upload video content to your site, which you can then sell or rent to your clients. 

On the other hand, Kartra offers a robust video hosting tool that enables you to upload videos. You can also present offers to popup inside your videos. This generally helps you to enhance your marketing.

Therefore, if you are a filmmaker, musician, or online course seller who wants to charge access to your video content, Kartra or Wix can be an excellent tool for you.

Winner: Both tools tie.

Templates, Customization & Responsiveness

Both Wix and Kartra come with over 500 templates to choose from, which gives you lots of options to select one that fits your business.

However, all the Kartra and Wix templates are free and 100% mobile responsive. The templates look professional and are easy to customize to match your brand.

Wix templates are categorized into different types of websites, including blogging,  business, photography, etc., and are visually impressive. 

Similarly, Kartra’s templates come in a broader range to fit any type of website you want to run online.

Winner: Both platforms are great for templates.

eCommerce Store Features

With Kartra or Wix, you can sell your products online.

While Kartra offers you eCommerce features just from the basic plan, you will need to have a Wix Business & eCommerce  Basic Plan ($23 per month) or higher tier to sell products on your Wix site.

Both platforms do a pretty good job of selling products online. However, Wix offers robust eCommerce features compared to Kartra which comes with online store management, order fulfilment, dropshipping with invoice & quotes to make this easy .

Winner: Wix

Email Campaign & Automation

Kartra enables you to create automated email & SMS marketing campaigns to quickly communicate and interact with your audience.

Also, with Kartra, you can simply create and launch automated sales funnels in a matter of minutes to create the perfect automation for your marketing.

On the other hand, Wix also offers Email Marketing tools but with basic functionalities. They are not as powerful as Kartra’s, although you will manage to send email campaigns to your subscribers.

Winner: Kartra

Best Online Scheduling Tool

Both Wix and Kartra come with online Scheduling functionalities.

For instance, with Wix, you can let your clients book and purchase your services online.

Similarly, the Kartra Calendar app enables you to let your client schedule appointments and meetings (both free and paid).

Winner: Both tools win but Kartra has the upper hand.

Best Pricing Value

Wix offers a free trial that enables you to create a simple site.

This is an excellent way to try the platform out... but it is ad-supported. You don't have access to Wix full functionalities since it comes with limitations such as you don’t get access to e-commerce, you can’t connect a domain name to your website and many more.

Kartra, on the other hand, offers a 14 days Free Trial at only $1 and you have full access to all Kartra features and functionalities.

In regards to this Wix vs Kartra pricing comparison, Wix is obviously the most affordable compared to Kartra. However, it doesn't offer robust and powerful features like Kartra. 

Winner: Kartra has the best pricing value compared to Wix with respect to the features you are getting.

Kartra vs Wix Differences

Where does Kartra Work Best?

  • Kartra helps you to create high-converting sales funnels for your products.
  • Kartra is a truly all-in-one platform that houses all the essential features you need to launch a successful online business under one roof.
  • Kartra offers easy drag and drop functionality to help you create landing pages and sales funnels in a matter of minutes.
  • Kartra also comes with responsive design and optimized templates for mobile, desktop, and tablets.
  • Kartra includes Helpdesk features to help you launch your own ticketing & live chat system to help you handle your clients’ technical challenges.
  • Kartra offers you a powerful email marketing campaign and automation.
  • All Kartra’s features integrate seamlessly without delay to help you carry your marketing process smoothly.

Where does Wix Work Best?

  • Wix comes with pre-designed high-quality templates that are completely mobile responsive, so you don’t have to worry about designs, layouts and website structure on any device.
  • And Wix platform provides you with fantastic SEO tools and guidance to help you optimize your pages and site for organic traffic.
  • Wix helps you to build a robust Business, Online Store, photography, Music, Blog, and portfolio websites in just a few hours.
  • Wix also includes powerful blogging features to help you create engaging blogs for your audience.

Wix vs Kartra Pricing Comparison

Kartra Pricing

kartra pricing plans
  • Kartra Starter Plan at $99 per month: This plan gives you up to 2,500 leads, 15,000 emails per month, 100 pages, 20 products, 1 custom domain and 100 pages.
  • Kartra Silver Plan at $199 per month: With this plan, you get up to 12,500 leads, 3 custom domains and unlimited pages, products and videos.
  • Kartra Gold Plan $299 per month: This plan gives you 25,000 leads, 5 customs and everything in the Silver plan.
  • Kartra Platinum Plan at $499 per month: With this plan, you can access 50,000 leads and all unlimited Kartra features.

Check here my detailed Kartra Pricing Guide  for in-depth ideas.

Wix Pricing

Wix provides you with 2 pricing plan options;

  1. Website Plans which is ideal if you want to showcase a professional site, and
  2. Business & eCommerce Plans which is perfect for accepting online payments

Website Plans include;

  • Wix Combo Plan $14 per month with 3GB Storage & 30 minutes video hosting.
  • Wix Unlimited Plan at $18 per month with 10GB Storage & 1 hour video hours.
  • Wix Pro Plan at $23 per month with 20GB Storage & 2 hour video hours.
  • Wix VIP Plan at $39 per month with 35GB Storage & 5 hour video hours.

Business & eCommerce Plans includes;

  • Wix Business Basic at $23 per month: Comes with Unlimited Bandwidth, 20GB storage and 5 hours of video hosting.
  • Wix Business Unlimited at $27 per month: This plan includes Unlimited Bandwidth, 35GB storage and 10 hours of video hosting.
  • Wix Business VIP at $49 per month: This plan comes with Unlimited Bandwidth, 50GB storage space and Unlimited Video hosting hours.
  • Wix Enterprise: This is a tailored solution custom plan you can do as per your requirement.

Kartra vs Wix Pros & Cons

Kartra Pros:

  • It comes with all the features for running an online business.
  • Kartra comes with a user-friendly interface.
  • Kartra offers an easy, onboarding process.
  • Kartra offers an ideal platform for your business, whether you are a beginner or an experienced online marketer.
  • Kartra includes inbuilt, robust Email Campaign and Automation features.

Kartra Cons:

  • Clunky user interface and email editor
  • Not friendly to affiliate marketing links
  • Kartra has a steep learning curve.

Wix Pros:

  • Wix comes with an easy-to-use editor with a side menu for quickly adding apps and images.
  • Wix is an excellent feature for publishing blogs.
  • Wix offers robust features for SEO ranking.
  • Wix includes automatic website backups that keep your work safe online.

Wix Cons:

  • Wix lacks total control and advanced features like Kartra.
  • In case you decide to move to another platform, Wix does not allow you to import your data.
  • Wix is not an excellent tool for creating large websites of more than 30 pages.

Wix vs Kartra Usage

Use Wix If;

Use Kartra If;

  • You are running a restaurant and want to display your menu and take your clients’ orders & reservations online.
  • You have a hotel business and you want to give your guests a seamless booking experience on any device.
  • You are an event organizer & want to send invites, sell tickets and & track guest RSVPs.
  • You are an event organizer & want to send invites, sell tickets and & track guest RSVPs.
  • You are a musician and you want to stream and sell your music directly from your website, commission-free.

  • You are a tutor or a trainer and you want to host and sell your courses online.
  • You are an online marketer and want to sell digital products online.
  • You want to create and sell membership sites.
  • You want to create attractive landing pages and high-converting sales funnels.

Kartra vs Wix: Which Tool Is Right For Your Business?

Both Kartra and Wix are great tools you can consider integrating into your online business.

However, you only want to choose one tool that can fit your business.

So, based on this Wix vs Kartra In-Depth Side-by-side Comparison (2020), which one is perfect for you, Kartra or Wix?

Well, choosing your best tool will scale down to your budget and overall business needs. Therefore, if you are just starting with online marketing and need an all-in-one tool that comes with basic features but includes powerful SEO ranging and blogging features at an affordable price, Wix is what you need.

But, here if you are looking only for good websites & blogging then my recommendation is to go with WordPress platform and why pay for Wix monthly.

But suppose you need a true all in one marketing platform that comes with hi-converting funnel templates built by renowned marketers and includes unique & powerful features like helpdesk and membership sites. In that case, Kartra is perfect for you.

What Is My Recommendation?

Kartra is an excellent platform for you, BIG TIME! 

Kartra has more to offer when it comes to running any type of online business.

It comes with lots of benefits, including;

  • Powerful marketing tools & automation.
  • Drag and drop high-converting landing page & sales funnel editor.Exce
  • llent video marketing capabilities with pre and post CTA features.
  • It includes powerful tools such as a fully-featured Shopping Cart, Complete affiliate management tools, and a full Helpdesk with live chat tools.
  • Kartra comes with the best value for pricing with regard to functionality and ease of use.

Top Features To Consider When Selecting The Best Tool  for Your Business

Before selecting the best platform for your business, you want to make sure that it gives you all the freedom you need to operate your online business. 

Therefore, the following features are crucial to consider when selecting your best tool;

  • Best pricing value
  • All-in-one platform
  • Seamless integration
  • In-Built Video Hosting
  • Calendars apps
  • Flexible Shopping Carts
  • Detailed Analytic tools
  • Affiliate Program Management
  • Email Automation Service

Kartra vs Wix Final Verdict

Wix is the best website builder tool so your sole purpose is to build a better website without coding then you can use Wix to build a website & online store.

But, Kartra is a great marketing tool.

It comes with features that are more than for a shopping cart platform. It is an inclusive all-in-one tool for email marketing, landing page builder, web-hosting, funnels building & automation, and much more functionality just for marketers like you.

You can try Kartra by getting started with the Kartra 14 Days Trial now.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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