Podia Affiliate Program 2022: Is It a Worthy Program to Join?

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Podia Affiliate

Are you looking for platforms to make passive income? Do you wish to try out affiliate marketing that requires minimum investment? Or do you have a Podia account and are looking for more ways to make extra income?

Well, keep reading to get answers to all your questions.

The Podia affiliate program is the best way for you to make passive income by promoting Podia products and earn up to 30% recurring lifetime commissions.

In this Podia affiliate program review task, we will look at

  • What Podia affiliate programs & Refer-a-creator program are offered
  • How to join the Podia affiliate program
  • Podia commission & rewards structure
  • How to promote Podia online
  • Best Podia affiliate features
  • Podia affiliate rules, and much more.

After reading this post, you will be able to understand the Podia affiliate program and decide whether it is a worthy platform in 2022.

Podia Affiliate Program - 30% Lifetime Recurring Commission

Commission: 30% Recurring Monthly Commission
Current Promotion: Free Plan
Cookie Duration: 30 Days

Podia Overview

Podia is a simple platform with everything you need to create and sell online courses, webinars, coaching services, digital downloads, and memberships

This platform has powerful marketing features, including email marketing, messaging, custom website embeds, and affiliate marketing.

Podia is an easy-to-use platform designed for creators and learners. It is also affordable, with pricing ranging from $39/mo to $199/mo. Founded in 2014 by Spencer Fry, the main aim was to empower creators to earn an income by sharing their talents.

With Podia, you can;

  • Create engaging online courses, coaching services, and memberships
  • Deliver courses professionally using the inbuilt course player.
  • Market your digital products using attractive sales pages, emails, messaging, and more.
  • Sell Podia products and receive payments through payment getaways i.e PayPal & Stripe.
  • Create and manage affiliates to help you market your courses.

Podia stands out for its simplicity, ease of use, and affordability.  

Podia Affiliate Program

Podia affiliate program is the best way to earn passive income by promoting Podia online. If you have a more significant following, the Podia affiliate program allows you to convert your fans into sales reps to help you market your products.

They include;

  • Podia Affiliate marketing program: This program is open to users and non-Podia users who wish to earn an income by promoting Podia. Your customers, supporters, and partners can join this program and give your products a shout-out.
  • Podia refer-a-creator program: This program is open for Podia account holders who wish to refer their friends and get commissions & exclusive Podia rewards.

Therefore, whether you have a Podia account or not, you can still earn extra income through the Podia affiliate programs.

Who Is It For?

Podia affiliate marketing program is best for anyone interested in digital products and has an audience to promote the products to. For instance, experienced marketers, content creators, and influencers.

How To Join Podia Affiliate Program

If you are a Podia creator, you are automatically enrolled in the Refer a Creator Program. It is designed to reward current customers for sharing Podia with friends and family.

All you have to do is log in to your account and get started. You can use the unique URL found on your affiliate dashboard to promote Podia in your account. Every time a creator joins your link, you’ll earn a $30 credit commission to your Podia account.

However, if you are not a Podia customer, you can partner with Podia and earn passive income by applying as an affiliate. To apply as an affiliate,

Step 1: Go to the Podia website and then scroll down to the bottom footer and click on “Affiliates”.

Step 2: Click on Apply Now button, Fill out your personal information, including first name, last name, email address, and password.

Step 3: Enter your company information, including account display name, company website, country, addresses, city, state, zip, phone number, currency, and time zone.

Step 4: Enter promotional information by choosing the partner type in the drop-down menu and the property type, including website, mobile or social networks.

Step 5: You can read the Partner terms, conditions, and agreements.

Step 6: Click Sign Up to finish the process.

Once approved, you can access promotional materials such as logos, banners, and a unique referral link. Your affiliate account will be ready for you to start promoting Podia and earning a commission.

Podia Commission & Rewards Structure

Podia Affiliate Program

Podia offers up to 30% recurring commission every time a creator joins Podia using your referral link. You earn up to 30% commission every month or for a lifetime if the customer you referred stays on Podia. 

Podia offers different bonus tiers for the free trial, new referrals, and recurring commissions. However, if you use the free trial account, you can not get any commissions or bonuses. 

However, the free trial is the best way for beginners to test the Podia, learn how it works, and decide if it is the best platform or not.

New Referrals

For new referrals, the default payout is 20% of the sale order amount. FAlso, Podia allows only winning referrals from parent actions within 90 days and referrals from clicks within 30 days.

The bonus tier for new referrals is as follows.

Action Range

Bonus Rate


20% of sale amount


25% of sale amount


30% of sale amount

Recurring commissions

The default payout for recurring commissions is 20% of the sale amount. The commissions are paid for a lifetime as long as the client stays on Podia.

The bonus tiers for new commissions are as follows

Action Range

Bonus Rate


20% of sale amount


25% of sale amount


30% of sale amount

Note: Bonus payout increases are paid in the form of monthly performance bonus.

How Much Can You Make?

Podia allows you to earn as much as you wish if you have enough time and resources. For instance, if you refer Podia to 20 customers who pay $89/mo, you will earn $534/mo

If all the 20 customers choose to remain on Podia for a lifetime, you will make $534/mo forever. 

You get paid on the first day of the month at least 30 days after the customer you have referred moves from a trial account to a paid version.

Podia Refer A Creator Program

This program rewards current Podia customers with a $30 credit on their account every time they refer another creator.

Podia rewards cool Podia merchandise if you hold a Podia account and refer fellow creators. 

Below the Podia refer a creator program rewards structure

No of referrals


1 creator

Podia Stickers

3 creators

Podia socks

5 creators

Podia mug

10 creators

Podia hat

15 creators

Podia bottle

25 creators

Podia hoodie

How To Promote Podia Online

If you are a Podia affiliate, you can promote the platform online using various affiliate marketing channels including;

  • Social media posts: Through social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter you can share content and posts about Podia, generate a following and tap Podia posts into trending conversations.
  • Blogs & Content marketing: Starting a blog or posting content about Podia can help you establish expertise in your niche, become a go-to resource about any Podia information and build a community that will keep looking for information on your posts. With this trust, you can efficiently market Podia and its products.
  • Email marketing: You can send tailored emails that market Podia products to your prospects. You can share Podia coupons, promote trending Podia blogs and send customers to Podia pages.
  • Direct referrals: You can talk about Podia directly to your friends, family, and networks. This way, you can encourage and entice them to purchase Podia products.
  • YouTube channels: You can create helpful videos to announce new Podia products & features, hold Q&A sessions and conduct live demonstrations on video hosting platforms like YouTube. This way, you can build interactive and visually appealing experiences for prospective Podia buyers.

Note: You are responsible for any marketing costs & expenses for promoting Podia. Podia is not obligated to credit or reimburse any marketing expenses.

Podia Affiliate Marketing Rules

As a Podia affiliate, you should consider the following Podia rules when marketing the platform to your audience. Some of the rules include;

  • Avoiding misleading information and statements.
  • Do not use traffic from paid media such as PPC, click exchanges, and purchased traffic.
  • Do not bid on keywords related to Podia trademarks
  • Do not use malware or spyware to promote or market Podia products.
  • The marketing activity should not harm Podia's reputation.
  • Promote only discounts, coupons, and promotional codes offered by Podia exclusively through the affiliate program.

Podia Affiliate Program Best Features

  • Simple affiliate platform: Podia has the most straightforward and most creator-friendly affiliate program for you to get started easily and earn an income marketing Podia products
  • 30% Recurring Commissions: You can commissions for a lifetime with as long as the customer you have referred stays on Podia.
  • Affiliate cookie: Podia affiliate cookie lasts up to 30 days. Podia is able to track the purchase as long as the customer purchase within the time.
  • Affiliate link: Every affiliate has a unique affiliate link that their referrals must click when visiting Podia pages to track the purchase.
  • Faster Payouts: Podia calculates all the affiliate commissions to make payouts simple and quicker.
  • Analytics: On the affiliate dashboard, you can see an overview of affiliates, sales, revenue, and much more.

How Do You Get The Most Out Of Podia Affiliate Program?

Below are some tips to promote, sell more products, and make more money through your affiliate partners.

  • Optimize your affiliate marketing platforms: You can choose to share helpful videos, customized email messages, optimize your pages and use highly relevant content on your pages.
  • Leverage coupon deals: Any time Podia offers coupons or discounts deals through the affiliate program, take it as a chance to maximize your sales.
  • Create high-quality landing pages: Know your target audience, use rich content and design the pages to turn your affiliate traffic into sales.

Should You Become A Podia Affiliate?


Podia affiliate programs are the best way to earn passive income. The Podia affiliate feature has an easy-to-use interface and features to help your affiliates succeed.

From setting up your affiliate account and marketing Podia, Podia provides all the support you need to get this done.

Reasons why you should join the Podia affiliate program include;

  • User friendly: You can easily set up and use your own Podia affiliate account in a few clicks without any additional software. Podia also offers 24-hour live support guides and resources to help you get started.
  • Inclusive Affiliate features: Podia comes with all the features you may need to start, market Podia and earn extra income. With Podia, you can get unique links to promote, get a private dashboard, personally manage your earnings among other features.
  • Straight forward commission structure: Podia's commission structure is simple and with no hidden costs. With Podia, you earn up to 30% recurring commissions for the affiliate program or a $30 credit on your account to refer a creator program.
  • Affiliate support: you get world-class customer support to help you in every step with answers, resources, and all you need to succeed. Podia also shares information on the latest features, tools & resources, and promotional opportunities with affiliates.

You can join the Podia free trial and try out yourself the platform and you can also decide if a Podia affiliate program can work well for you. 

However, if the Podia affiliate program does not work best for you, you can try out other online course affiliate programs.

For instance, you can try out the Kartra affiliate partner program for 40% recurring commission and Teachable partner program or the Thinkific affiliate program, which rewards up to 30% recurring commissions and a 90 days cookie window.

FAQs-Podia Affiliate Program

Q. What should I have for me to pay and receive commissions on Podia?

You need an email address connected to your PayPal account.

Q. Can I join the refer a creator program if I am not a Podia customer?

You can only enter the program if you have a Podia account since it is designed to reward current Podia customers, If you are not an active member then you can sign up for an affiliate program. 

Q. Can I split my commission with my referrals?

No, cash-backs or commission sharing is not allowed.

Q. Would you recommend a Podia affiliate program?

Yes, it is an excellent platform with an easy-to-use dashboard that you can use to earn passive income.


Podia is a simple platform designed for creators and learners. Its affiliate program is user-friendly and a perfect way to earn passive income.

Therefore, if you are a Podia creator, you can refer fellow creators and earn a $30 credit to your account.

If you don't have a Podia account, you don't need to worry. You can still join the Podia affiliate program and earn up to 30% recurring commissions on your sale amount.

Therefore, if you have a large audience and are looking for a source of passive income, Podia affiliate programs are the best place to begin.

Are you ready? You can test-drive Podia yourself if you want or you can Join the Podia affiliate program today and start earning.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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