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Thinkific Affiliate

Thinkific is one of the leading online course builder platforms that offer you great ways to create, market and sell online courses. 

Besides, Thinkific also gives you a great opportunity of earning revenues through marketing their platform.

So, if you have been looking for ways to increase your cash flow through another earning opportunity, the Thinkific Affiliate Program is all that you need.

Therefore, in this post, I will guide you on How to Start Earning Best Commission through Thinkific.

Thinkific Affiliate Program - 30% Lifetime Recurring Commission 

Commission: 30% Recurring Monthly Commission

Current Promotion: Free Plan

Cookie Duration: 90 Days

What Is Thinkific and How Does it Work?

Thinkific solution is a software platform that allows entrepreneurs to develop, promote, sell, and deliver online courses of their own.

This all-in-one platform makes it easy to share your expertise, expand your reach and scale up the business that you already love. 

Thinkific also integrates with other external and marketing apps to give you the flexibility of working with your best platform.

So, if you are a professional content creator, an entrepreneur or a business owner who wants to share the knowledge with others on a fee, Thinkific can help you fulfill that. 

Thinkific’s solution is even unique because the platform gives you total control of accomplishing your goals effectively. It makes feasible ways to grow business in the markets after creating an online course.

Besides, you can also leverage promoting the platform through Thinkific Affiliate Program, which is another opportunity for cash flow and it's even easy to promote them since there is tremendous trust behind the company.

This means you can share Thinkific with your audience and promote its service and, in return, you can earn a commission.

So, let’s see how Thinkific Affiliate works...

How To Become a Thinkific Affiliate

The Thinkific partner program is 100% free to join, and what makes it even more interesting is that you don’t need to be a Thinkific customer to promote it. 

So to get started with the Thinkific Referral Program, this is the procedure;

Step 1: Go to Thinkific's official website, scroll to the footer and click on “Becoming a Partner”.

Step 2: Sign up as an Affiliate by providing your details. 

Step 3: Submit your details and wait for verification.

Once you have been approved (which takes around 48 hours or so), you will receive a welcome email with your unique referral link, which you can use to promote Thinkific to your audience via your website, blog, social media, etc.

As promoting Thinkific is good to make recurring income but you should understand the platform first to recommend it better. here you do not have to pay or limited trial with Thinkific rather they have a completely free plan so you must join with lifetime free plan.

Thinkific Affiliate Program Commissions and How To Earn

Thinkific offers 30% recurring commission per monthly plan, 30% per annual paid plan plus bonus.

Thinkific commissions on their annual paid plans come with an extra bonus of;

  • Thinkific Basic Plan $25

  • Thinkific Pro Plan $75

  • Thinkific Premier Plan $150

So, assuming that in one month, you get 10 Thinkific Pro Plan subscribers through your affiliate link, this means you will get a total affiliate of 30% * $99/m * 10 = $297/m

In 12 months, that’s a total of $297 x 12 = $3564 and if you work consistently and get regular subscribers with your affiliate link then this will increase your earnings each month.

So, How Do You Get Paid?

With the Thinkific referral program, you don't have to wait for too long to receive your earnings.

You will be receiving your previous month’s commissions on the 20th of every month, without fail.

Thinkific includes all pending commissions in your total commissions as shown on their main Affiliates page.

Benefits of Becoming a Thinkific Affiliate

Thinkific partner programs come with lots of benefits.

These include;

  • 30% recurring commission on all monthly or annual paid plans for as long as the new subscriber pays for Thinkific.
  • Access to Thinkific’s exclusive creative and promotional material.
  • Access to the Thinkific Partner Community.
  • Instant payment on the 20th of every month.
  • Thinkific free webinars co-hosted by their team of experts to give you tips on driving more sign-ups.
  • 90-day cookie duration.

Who Can Join the Thinkific Partner Program?

Although Thinkific allows anybody to promote them, whether they are their subscribers or not, I would highly suggest that you become a Thinkific subscriber because it's good to promote something that you are using yourself.

However, if you want to create a consistent online cash flow, the Thinkific Partner Program is for you, regardless of whether you are their active subscriber or not.

Best Ways to Promote Thinkific For Free

Promoting your referral link is easy.

Here are some tips you can use to promote your affiliate program and earn more commissions;

1) Social Media Platforms

Using social media to promote your affiliate program is simple, quick, and budget-friendly.

You can consider marketing your affiliate on your social media accounts, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and many more.

You can use groups to make your marketing effective. For instance, Facebook has several affiliate groups you could join.

2) Email marketing

If you have built your email list, you can use them for marketing your Thinkific affiliate link.

Include other special offers like PDFs explaining how Thinkific brings more benefits to the business.

3) Blogging

Besides using blogging to promote your online course, you can also promote your affiliate link. 

So, if you have lots of content to post, you can repurpose your content to post some on your blog and others on your YouTube channel and share it with a strong CTA that will enable your audience to join your affiliate program.

4) Integrate Chatbots on your Website & Blogs

If you want to leverage your website visitors, you can also promote your referral link to your site visitors.

And the best way to do it without looking annoying is by integrating chatbots into your site. 

For instance, you can consider adding a simple WordPress bot that engages your audience by responding to their FAQs and informing them about your affiliate program. 

Chatbots can also help you segment and qualify your visitors. You can later target them with personalized emails or messages if you choose to promote your program via email marketing.

5) Education Conferences & Events

COVID-19 has accelerated the popularity and growth of online webinars and conferences. This makes it easier for people to get knowledge no matter where they are.

So, one of the best ways to market your referral link is by hosting webinars and online meetings and sharing your affiliate links with all participants. 

6) Create a Reference Section

You can create a “Support us” section on your website and ask your visitors to support you using your affiliate link.

7) Post in other blogs & forums

If you are in a blog or any forum such as Quora and someone wants to know about Thinkific, you can post a link with your response. 

8) YouTube

You can also create a simple YouTube video about your experience with Thinkific and include your referral link on the bio to enable people to click it.

Thinkific JV & Thinkific Affiliate Program FAQs

Q. How Much Money Can I Make Money with the Thinkific Affiliate Program?

Thinkific affiliate offers a commission of 30% of the plan your affiliate chose. For example, if your affiliate subscribes to the Thinkific Basic plan, you get 30% * $49 = $14.7 and you can make as much as you want without any limitation.

Q. Can I Promote Thinkific For Free?

Yes, you don’t even need to be a Thinkific user to promote Thinkific.

Q. Where Is The Best Place To Promote Thinkific?

You can market Thinkific on Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Instagram and on your website.

Q. How Can I Access Resources For the Thinkific Affiliate Program?

You can access all Thinkific Affiliate program resources on the Thinkific affiliate dashboard with just a single click.

Q. Will I Get A Free Car?

No, Thinkific Affiliates only consist of commission, no car or any other gifts.

Q. Is It Worth Joining The Thinkific Promotion?

Yes, you will get lots of benefits, including a 30% commission payout and free affiliate marketing resources.

Q. Is Thinkific One of those Pyramid Businesses?

No, the Thinkific affiliate program is 100% genuine. 

Conclusion; So, Should You Join Thinkific Affiliate

Creating a high-selling online course involves various things, and Thinkific comes with advanced and powerful tools to provide solutions for this problem. 

Besides, the Thinkific affiliate program can be the right choice, especially if you want to create a cash flow using their decent commission.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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