Simplero Review 2022: In-Depth Features & Buying Guide

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Simplero Reviews

One fact we can’t avoid is that most of the marketing solution platforms nowadays are expensive, complicated, and don't offer everything you need, costing you time and money!

However, solutions like Simplero gives you almost everything you need to launch and manage your online business in one place, so you don’t have to worry about tech challenges.

But does this mean that Simplero will fit your business?

Well, if you have been planning to invest in this beautiful platform and still wondering whether it will suit your business or not, you are in the right place.

In this Simplero Review Latest 2022 - In-Depth Details, Features & Pricing, I will highlight more ideas about the platform to guide you before deciding your mind.

What is Simplero

Simplero software is an all in one course and membership solution that offers you excellent tools like a website builder, a course builder, membership community builder, email marketing tools and many more - all in one place.

simplero logo new

Simplero might not be your #1 option when it comes to the online coaching business. However, the platform offers lots of benefits of being all in one place, saving you time, cost and the stress of working with lots of individual platforms.

So, what can you do with Simplero?

  1. Host your online course and basic design (video, quiz, downloadable, etc.)
  2. Manage Emails and Text Marketing & Automations
  3. Create a cart for both digital and offline products (along with tax handling)
  4. Benefit from 2 tiers Affiliate Program
  5. Manage CRM (including ticketing, lead score, knowledge base, etc.)
  6. Upsell/Downsell your products
  7. Build landing Page and Funnels
  8. Do blogging

Therefore, if you have an online business and want to market your business, create an online course, offer membership, deliver subscription services, and do many more, Simplero can be the right choice.

A Little History About Simplero

Simplero was launched in 2008 by Calvin Correli to simplify online coaching businesses by providing everything you would need in one platform for your online courses business.

What Can Simplero Do? 

  • Email Marketing
  • Automation
  • Create Products & Programs 
  • Build Sales Funnels
  • Build Landing Pages
  • Manage Online Payments 
  • Create Online courses
  • Create membership and forum sites
  • Create a help desk for your customers

Is Simplero Right For Me?

Simplero is primarily designed for online business, especially if you are a marketer and information product creator and you need an all in one solution with email marketing and automation tools.

In addition to this, the flexibility you experience with features and tools regarding options and customisation makes Simplero one of the perfect choice, especially if you are new to online businesses.

Therefore, Simplero can be right for you if;

  • You are an online coach.
  • You are an industry expert.
  • You are a sports professional.
  • You are an entrepreneur.
  • You are a teacher or a tutor.

Simplero Review - Features & Tools

So let’s break down Simplero review and features into details;

simplero features

Email Marketing

Simplero email marketing

Simplero offers you fantastic email marketing tools to ensure your campaign is a successful one.

Simplero email marketing comes with Done-For-You pre-made templates that include different automations and emails. 

With this excellent functionality, you can grow and segment your email list.

The email tool also enables you to include text messages in your automations, but this comes with extra cost.

Features included in Simplero email marketing tools include;

  • Email Broadcasts: These include one-off emails you can send to your subscribers on a specific date.
  • Newsletter: These include regular messages that can comprise weekly updates or a new blog post.
  • Automations that include autoresponders that you can trigger based on your audience actions.
  • A/B split-testing for your campaigns!
  • Landing pages for opt-ins
  • Manage and analyze contact behavior.

Drag & Drop Editing

Although the drag and drop functionality on the Simplero platform is somehow limited, you can still use it to build your courses and website. 

You can simply drag and drop to rearrange the order of your course module content and website content blocks. 

Landing Pages Builder/Editor

Simplero landing page

Simplero comes with a fantastic website builder and a course builder so we’re going to talk through both of these features’ capabilities. 

However, you need to understand Simplero because it only offers a one-size-fits-all template that you can customize by adding text content and uploading images and making it unique to match your branding.

This might be a good thing, especially if you have just started with your internet marketing and you just need a platform that offers a quick and easy solution to building a website and an online course without much complications. 

But if you want total control of personalizing your courses and website design, then the Simplero solution might be somehow disappointing.

Website Design & Hosting

Simplero website builder

The Simplero website builder is integrated with a drag and drop functionality to design your courses and website with ease.

You can easily edit text directly on the page and use the formatting menu to make style changes to your text. You can do everything else from within your editor sidebar.

You can also add a video background to your web page to make it outstanding.

Simplero also allows you to create your own custom colors using the color editor and match your brand colors. 

Simplero allows you to use your own domain to host your courses or website after creating, and they will do the hosting for you free of charge.

Payments & Subscriptions

Simplero Payments & Subscriptions

Another useful feature of Simplero is that it comes with its own in-built payment system and this means you won't depend on any external services to receive your payments.

Simplero will simplify your payments and provide everything you need, all in one place, including;

  • Automated invoices
  • Refunds
  • Recurring payments
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Cash forecasting
  • Consolidated revenue reporting

Courses & Membership Sites

Simplero Courses

Simplero course builder is simple and it offers almost everything you need to create an online course.

Simplero allows you to create your video content and text content for your lessons outside of the platform and then integrate it with the Simplero platform.

Simplero courses and membership sites tool also enables you to add a lesson or a quiz for each module section.

The platform also allows you to add additional content to each and every lesson such as PDFs, videos, and audio files to allow your students to download or stream during their sessions.

Simplero also includes amazing features within the course builder that allows you to automate specific processes, which save you lots of time by reducing admin tasks. 

Extra functionality for Simplero Course and Memberships Sites.

There are a couple of other unique functionalities you can quickly implement within Simplero course and membership sites. They include;

  • Easily add students/clients to multiple courses at the same time.
  • Select a content to lock so that it's not downloadable or copy within the clients’ refund period.
  • If you are a consultant and coach, you can set your products pending until your customer signs an agreement. 
  • Set up a help desk option to provide customer support to your clients by handling their tickets or answering their queries.
  • Create membership forums for private or public discussions.

CRM & Customer Insights

Simplero CRM

Simplero offers a complete CRM system to help you improve support and segment your audience and students.

The platform allows you to deliver a unique and customized experience to your clients.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization can help you to build reliable and consistent organic traffic to your website. 

Simplero supports SEO functions you need to perform well in the Google search engine ranking pages.

Simplero has a fast load speed and supports sitemaps, caching, auto-image optimizing, canonical tags, page titles, meta-descriptions, and friendly URLs, all of which contribute to the overall SEO performance of your website. 

And suppose you have advanced coding experience or you have an extra budget to hire a professional. In that case, Simplero also offers a code editor where you can optimize your site thoroughly and add other additional elements for better performance.

Other Simplero Features 

  • Unlimited Emails: Simplero allows you to send as many emails as you want to your subscribers.
  • Powerful Automations: Simplero also allows you to automate responses based on your audiences’ actions.
  • Drip Campaigns: The platform allows you to build drip campaigns to help you keep your customers engaging.
  • Advanced Tagging: You can tag your contacts based on specific parameters so that you can improve on your sales funnels.
  • Affiliate Program: Simplero enables you to track and reward partners who promote your products/content.

Simplero Pricing, Free Trial & Discounts

Simplero offers affordable pricing that is based on 1,000 contacts;

Simplero pricing plan packages
  • Simplero Build Plan: This plan costs $29/m. It offers 10GB storage, Products (Draft), Membership sites (Draft)
  • Simplero Launch Plan: You can get this package at $99/m. You will get up to100GB Storage, 5 Products, 1 Membership Site, Subscriptions available, a Worksheet and quizzes and 5 Credits included on Concierge.
  • Simplero Rule The World Plan: This package costs $149/m. It comes with everything in the Simplero Launch plan plus 1 TB Storage, Unlimited Products and Membership Sites and 10 credits included on Concierge migration.

Simplero also offers a 14-Day Free Trial on all the packages to allow you to test out the platform’s functionalities and features before signing up for a long term plan.

However, it's essential to understand that you will have to include your credit card details when signing up for a free trial.

In addition to this, Simplero also gives you a discount of up to 17% if you choose to pay your package with a yearly option.

For instance, you get a discount as follows;


(No Discount)


(17% Off Discount)

Simplero Build Plan



Simplero Launch Plan 



Simplero Rule The World Plan



Here is my full detailed Simplero Pricing Guide for an in-depth idea about overall Simplero Pricing, Discounts and Offers.

Benefits of Using Simplero

As an all-in-one solution, Simplero offers a variety of benefits including;

1. Help to keep your business under one roof.

Unlike other individual website platforms like WordPress and Wix, Simplero allows you to make websites and courses and manage your entire website without depending on other third-party service providers.

2. Take your online courses to the next level.

Simplero makes this more comfortable for you to create your online courses.

First, Simplero allows you to quickly drag and drop functionality to create your course regarding the course creation. You can also include media files such as word documents, PDFs, videos, many more to your lessons.

Simplero also allows you to add functions to your courses to simplify your launch process.

Such functions include;

  • Timed open/close of checkout. 
  • Redirection to the waiting list page when the cart does close.
  • Course previews for non-members.
  • Redirection to sign-up page from a course preview page

Second, Simplero also makes it easy for you to market your online courses. It offers various options for hosting your courses to get many sign-ups.

The platform offers lots of forms/pages to create and link them up to their related courses. 

These forms/pages include;

  • Sign-up forms 
  • Longer landing pages templates
  • Stunning layouts for even longer sales pages
  • Interactive quizzes or questionnaires for lead generation

3. Accept online payments easily.

Running an online course might be challenging when it comes to payment of your content. However, Simplero has made it easier for you by providing secure payment systems. 

The platform also enables you to track and monitor your income for each payment, contact, month, and quarter.

What can Simplero Platform Replaces?

  • Premium plugins for pop-ups or landing page builders
  • Video hosting providers like Vimeo and YouTube.
  • Email marketing providers, such as ActiveCampaign.
  • A course platform or premium plugin.
  • Affiliate plugins.
  • Zapier integrations for membership sites.
  • eCommerce plugins, extensions, or hosting.
  • An expensive CRM.

Simplero Testimonials & Success Stories

I’ve had a coaching business for 11 years. Six months ago I converted to Simplero. My income in 2020 has tripled compared to previous years. I have been able to create a team of people to support me to launch an energy healing and life coaching school. Simplero makes it easy to create a team for your business and to train them in the tools and methods used to grow and expand your business.

Jen Mons

Intuitive Healer and Mentor

When I sold $75K from a course I put together in 2 weeks, I knew it was the right platform for me going forward. A lot of my list like what I'm doing and want to move to Simplero.

Clive Girdham

Business Coach

Simplero Testimonials

Simplero Pros:

  • Simplero is an all-in-one platform offering all the tools you need to launch and manage a successful online business.
  • Simplero allows you to sell both physical and digital products quickly.

Simplero Cons:

  • The landing page and course builder is a little bit limited.
  • Simplero features are very basic compared to other all one platforms like Kartra.

Simplero Alternatives & Comparison


When it comes to all in one solution, this is where Kartra claims it's superpowers. If you want to construct a successful marketing campaign online, Kartra offers all the powerful features you need for that purpose.

With Kartra, you can create comprehensive checkout systems, manage affiliate programs, establish automated campaigns, book appointments, and even use complete payment setups.

Therefore, if you want a #1 all in one marketing platform between Kartra and Simplero, Kartra is far better for your business.

Here is my special guide where NextPinnacle visitors get Kartra 30 day trial for a limited time.


In GrooveFunnels vs Simplero comparison, as GrooveFunnels is also an all in one tool, it does offer a lot of powerful and advanced tools.

What makes GrooveFunnels also shine is that it offers a FREE lifetime basic plan that you can use to improve your business. 

Also, if you want to only invest once on your internet marketing platform in this category, then it would be wise to choose GrooveFunnels since it is currently offering a lifetime pricing offer where you only need to pay for your package once and you benefit from feature updates for free.

Simplero will only be a perfect tool in this category if you just need basic functionality and affordable pricing.


ClickFunnels is another all in one platform that helps you to manage your online business. When you compare ClickFunnels and Simplero, ClickFunnels will be a perfect choice, especially if your main goal is to create high-converting sales funnels and benefit from powerful email marketing and automation.

Is Simplero Worth It?


Simplero is, without a doubt, worth it. The platform delivers a great customer experience that will  impress your customers.

The platform offers lots of benefits, including;

  • Fast loading and reliable hosting.
  • Easy-to-use features.
  • Membership site community-building functionality.
  • Simplero support ticket tool for built-in customer service.
  • The platform also supports Zapier integration to allow you to connect with other apps.
  • Simplero offers reliable customer support.
  • The platform also comes with a private community for ongoing learning.
  • And many more...

However, Simplero can offer many benefits; it doesn’t mean that it can fit your business automatically, no!

Therefore, there are other Simplero alternatives in the market you might want to consider instead. 

This platform includes;

  • Kartra for the best and #1 all in one solution.
  • ClickFunnels for quality and high-converting sales funnels.
  • GrooveFunnels for powerful features, free lifetime basic plan and one-time payment offers.

Simplero FAQs

Q. What kind of software is Simplero?

Simplero is a marketing automation solution that offers amazing features such as website builder, eCommerce tools, email marketing and many more.

Q. Is Simplero easy to use?

Overall, Simplero may not be super beginner-friendly than its competitors like Kartra, but it’s intuitive. 

Q. Does Simplero offer a free trial?

Yes, Simplero does offer a free trial.

Q. How much do extra contacts cost?

Simplero offers the first 1,000 contacts in all of the plans.

  • Extra 2,500 contacts cost $20/m
  • Extra 5,000 contacts is $50/m
  • Extra 7,500 contacts is $70/m 
  • Extra 10,000 contacts is $90/m

Q. Can I run more than one business from one Simplero account?

Yes, Simplero allows you to run more than one business under the same account.

Q. Can I use Simplero to sell physical products like books?

Yes, Simplero also enables you to sell physical products; however, this is not what Simplero is primarily designed for, so it might not be the best for that sector. 


Simplero course and website builder offers everything you need to build a successful website and online courses for your online coaching business. 

It’s relatively simple, especially if you are a beginner in using digital marketing tools.

Also, Simplero comes with many benefits. For instance, you have access to a full set of marketing tools with a paid subscription plan. 

Therefore, although each of the Simplero tools might not be more powerful in terms of performance and capabilities than its competitors, investing in a Simplero solution is worth it since all the tools are in one place. 

So, if you are looking for an all in one solution to run your online coaching business and building stunning websites without minding the design, then Simplero could be the best option to try. 

You can sign up for your Simplero 14 Days Free Trial to test it out and see if it fits your business.

However, find out that Simplero doesn’t fit your business. You might consider Simplero alternatives such as Kartra for the best all in one platform.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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