StealthSeminar Pricing Plans, Cost, Offer & Discounts 2022

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StealthSeminar Pricing Plans

“Automate webinars. Generate leads & sales. Build authority. Optimize results.”

If you have plans to buy a StealthSeminar webinar solution and you don’t know where to start, then you have landed on the right post! 

In this StealthSeminar Pricing Plans, Cost, Discounts & Buying Guide post, you will learn about;

  • All of the StealthSeminar pricing plans and costs.
  • StealthSeminar services.
  • How you can use StealthSeminar to leverage your marketing.
  • Stealth Seminar discount, coupon codes, and offers.

So, keep reading for detailed information...

StealthSeminar Overview

StealthSeminar is a webinar platform solution that helps you to run online trainings, workshops, seminars, coaching, classes, and so much more independently.

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Although it may not be an affordable solution to all types of business, StealthSeminar does offer more robust features that can help you improve your business at large through live webinar marketing.

The platform also comes with amazing tools that enable you to simulate live events. Besides,  StealthSeminar is easy to use and offers robust customer support.

StealthSeminar was founded by Geoff Ronning and Chris Frolic in January 2010 with the main aim of creating a solution that can help businesses with their online marketing.

With StealthSeminar, you can do the following;

  • StealthSeminar will enable you to autopilot your activities
  • You can also run pre-recorded webinars.
  • You can generate leads and sales
  • You can optimize your results
  • StealthSeminar also helps you to build brand authority
  • You can also analyze and track your work, and so much more.

And just like other webinar solutions in the market, StealthSeminar comes with high-converting customized templates and landing pages, automated webinar email integrations, attendance tracking, video encoding, and many more tools to help you enhance your online seminar experiences for both you and your audience.

This amazing platform also offers 3 main benefits, including;

  • Excellent streaming engine
  • Top-notch for simulating live events
  • Fairly beginner-friendly

StealthSeminar Pricing Plans Summary

How much StealthSeminar does Stealth Seminar cost? Here are the 3 pricing plans StealthSeminar offering;

  • StealthSeminar Starter Package at $69.95/m or $58.29/m when billed annually.
  • StealthSeminar Growth Package at $135/m or $112.50/m when billed annually
  • StealthSeminar Power Package - customized according to your needs.





When Billed Monthly




Customized Pricing

When Billed Annually




Customized Pricing

Simultaneous Attendees



300 & 500

Customized to your needs

Free Trial

30 Days Free Trial

30 Days Free Trial

30 Days Free Trial

30 Days Free Trial

Start Trial

StealthSeminar Pricing Plans - An In-Depth Honest Review

StealthSeminar offers 3 packages that can fit any size of your business.

These packages include;

StealthSeminar Pricing

StealthSeminar Starter Plan at $69.95/month

This package is designed to fit small businesses. So, if you have just started with your business and you need the best StealthSeminar package to start with, this might be the best way to start!

If you opt for a yearly subscription, you will get access to this package with a two-month free discount paying it at $58.29/month

It includes features such as;

  • 100 simultaneous attendees
  • Automated & Live Webinars
  • Active Response Statistics™
  • Webinar Funnel Pages
  • Webinar Email Reminders
  • Webinar Chat/Q&A
  • Pro Video Encoding
  • Bandwidth Detection
  • 7 Days a Week Support
  • 30-day free trial

StealthSeminar is perfect for you if;

  • You want to get started with utilizing automated webinars for your business.

StealthSeminar Professional Plan at $99.95/month

This is the most popular plan and its pricing is based on 100 simultaneous attendees. When you go for an annual subscription, the plan will cost you $83.29/month

It includes all the features in the StealthSeminar Starter Plan together with;

  • Facebook Reminders
  • Personalized Images
  • Split Test
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Email Sent From Address
  • Hybrid Webinar
  • Registration Field Customization

Therefore, Professional plan will be ideal especially if you still want to host 100 attendees with additional advanced features that are not present in the Starter plan

StealthSeminar Growth Plan at $175/month

StealthSeminar Growth Plan is based on the number of simultaneous attendees you need to host.

For instance, this plan costs $175/ month for every 300 simultaneous attendees or $233.33/month if billed monthly.

If you want to host up to 500 simultaneous attendees, it will cost you $280/m or $233.33/m if you go with an annual pricing option.

The Growth package can be an ideal option especially if you are a professional, marketer or individual who has a serious audience and wants to seriously grow your numbers and increase your audience engagement.

It includes all the features in the StealthSeminar Professional Plan plus;

  • Unlimited Worldwide SMS Reminders
  • Priority Email Delivery
  • White Glove Phone Support
  • 900 streaming hours per month

StealthSeminar is the perfect plan for you if;

  • You want to host more than 300 simultaneous attendees.
  • You want to get the registration fee waived.

StealthSeminar Power Plan (Customized)

This StealthSeminar Power Plan Package is designed to offer more advanced marketing tools and functionalities, especially if you are running a big organization that needs a large number of audiences. 

It’s pricing will depend on the number of simultaneous attendees

It includes all the features in the previous packages plus;

  • Free Advanced Plugins.
  • Dedicated Technical Support Manager.
  • Custom contracts and Invoicing.
  • Stealth Overage Guard.

StealthSeminar Power plan is perfect for you if;

  • You want to send a massive amount of traffic to your webinars.
  • You need more room for simultaneous attendees.

StealthSeminar Pricing Summary

Every StealthSeminar plan also includes the following features;

  • Unlimited number of webinars a month
  • Custom Email Reminders
  • Webinar Registration Templates
  • Webinar Thank You for Registering Template
  • Webinar Event Template
  • Webinar Replay Template
  • Webinar Encoding
  • Webinar Streaming
  • Attendee Auto-Detection
  • White Glove Ticket Support

StealthSeminar also offers No-Risk Double Guarantee. This means you have 30 days no questions asked 100% guarantee. 

And then, If during the first 60 days, something does not work as you had expected, you can receive a 100% refund.

What Does StealthSeminar Offer?

  • Automated Webinars: This feature allows you to upload any video file and set it to run as repeatedly as you want as long as you are a client.
  • Live and Hybrid Webinars: This feature enables you to run a mix of live and recorded webinar sessions.
  • Event Creation: StealthSeminar enables you to upload your recorded video and encode it so that it can be played on different devices and at different internet speeds.
  • Easy Scheduling: You can easily schedule your webinars as frequently as you want. 
  • Integrations and Plugins: StealthSeminar allows you to integrate with an autoresponder or CRM systems. 
  • Webinar Streaming: StealthSeminar allows you to stream live and have one on one engagements with your audience.
  • Webinar Encoding: StealthSeminar encodes for you your videos, so you don't have to worry about that.
  • Custom Email remainders/FB reminders: StealthSeminar enables you to send email reminders to your registrants to inform them of events and other information.
  • Analytics: StealthSeminar also allows you to track and analyze the performance of your webinar during the webinar session and give you detailed reports afterwards.
  • Conversion: StealthSeminar offers solutions and features that will help you turn your visitors into leads and, ultimately, paying customers round the clock.
  • Screen Share support: This feature comes in handy during presentations, especially if you have more than one presenter.

StealthSeminar Coupons, Demo & Discount Deal

At the moment, StealthSeminar is not giving any coupon code but you need to check their website regularly for any deals, offers, promo codes, and any goodies they have to offer.

StalthSeminar also offers you an opportunity to purchase your package with annual pricing where you will get a 2-month free discount.

StealthSeminar also offers you a 30-Day Free Trial with no credit card required, for every StealthSeminar plan you choose.

Which StealthSeminar Plan is Best for You?

The StealthSeminar pricing plan comes with three good choices. This is awesome as it gives you an opportunity to see what fits you and your business needs best together with your budget.

Therefore, choosing each pricing plan will depend on the requirements of your business.

For instance, if you are a beginner or first-timer using webinars and you are interested in basic features that will help you host up to 100 attendees, the StealthSeminar Starter plan can be a perfect choice to start with.

But if your target host is still 100 and you want additional advanced features, StealthSeminar Professional plan would be ideal for you.

And if you are planning to host a large number of audience and a lot of information to display, then the Growth plan would be the best option for you, to host up to 500 attendees. 

But if you need more advanced features that can host any number of simultaneous attendees you want, then the StealthSeminar Power plan will be the better option for your business.

Does StealthSeminar Worth Your Investment?

StealthSeminar is good but I do not feel worth your investment!

StealthSeminar offers lots of advantages that make it good to try.

These advantages include;

  • StealthSeminars offers numerous event types including both automated & live webinars. 
  • The platform comes with lots of amazing features such as surveys & polls, and unlimited file sharing during your live or automated Webinar.
  • Exellent support with custom design services available.
  • StealthSeminar is beginner-friendly.
  • Automated webinars to save time.
  • Automated events to allow you to schedule events with a pre-recorded presentation
  • Great templates to convert more leads.
  • The tool also allows you to block that interfere with your webinar.
  • Analyze and track your hard work.
  • StealthSeminar allows you to integrate your account with email systems, CRM and landing pages.

But, StealthSeminar is not a very cheap option nor is it really the best advanced option and this is why I recommend an alternative solution.

E.g. If you are just starting and need a very limited number of attendees then I recommend the overall best webinar platform Demio, because they have just 50 attendees plan at only $49/m and also Demio annual pricing is almost similar to StealthSeminar pricing then why you should go with StealthSeminar? You must go with Demio only.

And if you are looking for more number of attendees then I recommend going with WebinarJam + EverWebinar which costs $699/year & $499/year respectively for 2000 live attendees and unlimited automated webinar… it's really the best webinar platform you will ever need.

StealthSeminar Pricing Plans FAQs

Q. Does StealthSeminar offer a Free package?

No, but they do offer 30 days free trial which is enough for you to test its features and functionalities.

Q. Does StealthSeminar offer 30 days money-back guarantee?

Yes, in fact, StealthSeminar offers a No-Risk Double Guarantee that enables you to get your 100% refund within 60 days of purchasing your account.

Q. Can I host more than 1000 attendees with StealthSeminar?

Yes, StealthSeminar offers a Power plan that is customized depending on the number of attendees you need but it will really cost more and if so then why don’t you go for WebinarJam.


StealthSeminar solution is something you can try integrating to your business and see if it will work for you.

The beauty with StealthSeminar is that, unlike other solutions, you have 30 days of the free trial, enough to test every tool and feature with all the freedom.

If you are ready to get started hosting webinars, sign up with StealthSeminar 30-day Free Trial now to see if it fits your business.

But, as I mentioned earlier that if your idea is to get the best of best webinar tool solution then check Demio Pricing & Start with Demio trial now and if you are looking for more number attendees and the best feature-rich webinar platform with really reasonable pricing then WebinarJam & EverWebinar combo is your solution. 

I hope that this StealthSeminar pricing guide has helped you to understand how much StealthSeminar costs and which plan will work for your business and which other solution you have to test based on your requirement.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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