EverWebinar vs StealthSeminar Comparison 2022: Choose Right

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EverWebinar vs StealthSeminar Comparison

If you have been researching the best way to run a webinar and eventually decided that running automated, evergreen webinars suit your business, the first step you need is to compare different software designed to automate your webinar funnel. EverWebinar and StealthSeminar are two such tools you can consider.

Both tools, StealthSeminar and EverWebinar fully support automated webinar running.

Although StealthSeminar also supports a live option, EverWebinar can work hand in hand with its sister software, WebinarJam, just in case you want to host a live webinar with it.

So, if you are planning to choose between the two, this EverWebinar vs StealthSeminar Comparison review will give you an in-depth side-by-side comparison, including their primary purpose, what they can and can’t do, their features, pros, cons and many more.

EverWebinar vs StealthSeminar Table Comparison

EverWebinar logo


StealthSeminar Logo





Entry-Level Price



Best For

Creating business market, scheduling, and broadcasting pre-recorded webinars

Business owners, sales representatives and marketers in any industry

Attendee Limit Max


100- 500 simultaneous attendees

App Download,

No, It's Browser-Based

No app download is required

Mobile support



On-Demand Webinars



Q&A, Polls/Voting



On-Demand Webinars



Key Features


  • Live Webinars
  • Automated live chat
  • Live sales alerts
  • Configuration and Scheduling
  • Third-party integration
  • Dynamic Attendee Display tools
  • Hybrid Webinars
  • Live and Automated Webinars
  • Split Test
  • Webinar Funnel Pages
  • Pro video encoding
  • Registration Field Customization
  • Integrations & Plugins
  • Easy Scheduling

Money-Back Guarantee

30-day money-back guarantee

 30-day money-back guarantee

Sign Up

EverWebinar vs StealthSeminar Core Features Overview

These two platforms have are not just the best for what they are, they have significant features that are very crucial for your seamless experience in your business. 

EverWebinar Tools & Features

EverWebinar is an ideal webinar tool with unique and sophisticated in-depth features for your automated webinars.

The platform offers HD and high-quality video and audio broadcasting on all your devices for a quality presentation for your marketing gains.

EverWebinar features include:

EverWebinar Features
  • Automated Webinars
  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Pre-made Landing Pages
  • Dynamic Attendee Display
  • Clickable Offers
  • Live Chat Simulator
  • Just-In-Time Webinars
  • Hybrid Webinars
  • Split Testing

Here is the EverWebinar Review for understanding its features in detail.

StealthSeminar Tools & Features

StealthSeminar autopilots your webinar efforts. It uploads and automates all your webinars to turbocharge your process.

The software uses the Registration templates, CTAs, and email tools to funnel leads and sales to your webinars.

Key StealthSeminar features are as follows:

StealthSeminar Features
  • Automated Webinars
  • Live Webinars
  • Hybrid Webinar
  • Webinar Chat/Q&A
  • Unlimited SMS Reminders 
  • Pro Video Encoding
  • Registration Field Customization
  • Split Test
  • Custom Email Reminders
  • Attendee Auto-Detection
  • White-Glove Ticket Support

Check this StealthSeminar Review to have more understanding on its features

EverWebinar vs StealthSeminar In-Depth Features Review

Let’s now see in detail how StealthSeminar and EverWebinar software compares to each other.

Webinar Types & Ease of Setup

Both EverWebinar and StealthSeminar are designed for automated webinars, but the latter also offers live webinars. 

Though they perform almost the same task, their setup is a bit different.

For instance, EverWebinar has a fully customizable designed page that can be found on any website. This allows doing the registration from any website.

On the other hand, StealthSeminar is also easy to set up and does everything for you when it comes to registration. You just provide your details to aid them in scheduling your event. 

Winner: Both StealthSeminar and EverWebinar win

Customer Reach

With EverWebinar, you can use emails to reach out to your audience, no matter how big it is. It is sent via MailChimp or email service provider. You can also post your webinar to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to rally registrants to join your webinar.

On the other side, StealthSeminar also offers webinar email reminders and unlimited SMS reminders on the professional plan to reach out to your vast audience for the webinar.

Winner: Both EverWebinar and StealthSeminar tie because they offer amazing customer reach features.

Live & Automated Webinars Availability

EverWebinar is arguably the best platform for automated webinars. You only need to import a recorded webinar from WebinarJam (at a cost). The system will automatically turn it to Evergreen, thereby enabling you to schedule the webinar at your own preferred time.

With a live simulator feature on EverWebinar, your automated webinar attendees will experience the ‘live’ nature of your webinar as the chats roll down on their screen, mimicking a live webinar.

StealthSeminar is reliable for both live and automated webinars. You can run your live webinars and record videos that later can be scheduled as automated webinars for your registrants that may have missed the live event.

Winner: StealthSeminar, since you don’t need a third party to run a live webinar.

Webinar Email Reminders & Email Editors

EverWebinar allows you to set up integration rules to send emails according to what your registrants or attendees do automatically. It has a built-in autoresponder that is powerful enough to handle your retargeting campaigns.

StealthSeminar, however, sets up a webinar for you, and there is some information you need to provide to help with setting up. One of the information is about email autoresponder and also specify how many times you want your registrants/attendees to receive the notifications.

The downside of StealthSeminar is that it only sends notifications before the webinar. So if you want to send the retargeted mail, you can integrate it with the 3rd party autoresponder, which you have to incur an additional cost.

Winner: EverWebinar wins

Webinar Audience Interaction Tools

Interacting with your webinar attendees is crucial for a successful webinar and the achievement of your target.

Both EverWebinar and StealthSeminar allow you to design polls and surveys in a way that they pop up during the webinar.

EverWebinar has a live chat simulator that allows your automated webinar attendees to have a ‘live’ interaction with you on Q&A sessions. By importing chat history from the live webinar, you boost your automated webinar attendees’ social experience at the event.

StealthSeminar also allows you to engage your audience through webinar live chat and Q&A features. You can also import the chat history from your live webinar to the automated webinar to boost your audience interaction. 

StealthSeminar and EverWebinar have attractive and clickable buttons which the participants can click on to take action whenever you post your product offers.

Winner: Tie

Webinar Presentation Tools

EverWebinar has a presentation feature that is ideal for delivering screen-sharing tutorials for PowerPoint presentations that need pixel-perfect quality. This gives you (the host) and the attendees a smooth webinar experience and may alternatively contribute to increased sales.

On StealthSeminar, you can create slides for presentation to your attendees using any tool you desire on the platform. You can, after that, launch the slideshow during a webinar to your attendees to demonstrate a product you could be selling.

Winner: EverWebinar because of intuitive interface

Webinar Recording Video & Replay

Recording your videos for future use is what you need in this virtual marketing of your products.

StealthSeminar does not have built-in video recording features but supports the integration of a third party such as Ecamm for recording your webinar videos. However, the platform does well with pre-recorded videos that you only need to create, upload, and schedule on the time and date you want it to be broadcast.

On the other hand, EverWebinar depends on its sister software WebinarJam for live webinars or you can upload from your YouTube, amazon server or from anywhere. Since WebinarJam has inbuilt automatic recording features, the videos are configured into Evergreen and automated on EverWebinar.

EverWebinar has a ‘Replica Replay’ feature that gives your automated webinar a ‘live’ environment when it broadcasts. Your attendees will also play previous videos on the platform and join a webinar when it is in progress but enjoy all the coverage.

Winner: EverWebinar takes the lead in this category

Pre & Post Webinar Customer Follow Up (Key for Sales)

Getting people to sign up for the event is not a guarantee that they will attend. A follow-up is crucial for you to get a commitment from your target market.

EverWebinar allows you to schedule a series of email notifications and SMS texts to ensure that your registrants don’t miss the event. The emails are also crafted after the webinar to get feedback from the attendees.

StealthSeminar allows you to send emails and texts around the globe. You can also stimulate live chat during the hybrid webinars to get direct feedback from the attendees. 

Winner: tie

Webinar Analytics & Data Exports

With EverWebinar’s analytic tool, you can get the webinar’s performance by monitoring your customer’s behavior, such as how many attendees are dropping out of the room early or staying up to the end of the session.

This is essential for you if you want to keep track of important webinar metrics, such as the click-through ratios and dollars per registrant.

StealthSeminar too has an inbuilt analytic tool that offers webinar performance data as well. However, if you desire to track everything happening during the event while using this software, you will have to get a better analytic from google analytic.

Winner: EverWebinar

Mobile Devices & Browsers

Whether your attendees use android mobile phones or iPhones, StaelthSeminar and EverWebinar serve them with a beautiful experience.

EverWebinar provides a smooth and seamless experience to your webinar attendees by displaying everything on the screen throughout the webinar.

With StealthSeminar, mobile users can also join the webinar or play the pre-recorded webinar on their gadgets any time they wish without hassles and hitches.

Winner: EverWebinar Interface is better

StealthSeminar vs EverWebinar Similarities

Both EverWebinar and StealthSeminar share these amazing features that may serve you well to achieve your marketing needs.

  • Both have automated webinars & hybrid webinars as their core features.
  • Both StealthSeminar and EverWebinar provide polls and quizzes as customer conversion tools.
  • StealthSeminar and EverWebinar both allow for split testing for you to understand which landing page works better and which doesn’t.
  • They both have Webinar analytics for you to get all the necessary webinar metrics.
  • You can host unlimited webinars on both platforms.
  • Registration pages are customized on the platforms.
  • You can integrate with a third party for your email marketing and CRM.
  • Flexible scheduling of webinars on both platforms.
  • Both platforms allow you to launch product offers during the webinar to boost your conversions. 
  • Both platforms have excellent features for online marketing and advertisements.
  • Both are good to use for automated lead generation funnels.

EverWebinar vs StealthSeminar Differences

The differences between EverWebinar and StealthSeminar include:

  • With EverWebinar, you (host) register for your webinar (though the setup is straightforward).
  • StealthSeminar supports both live webinars and automated webinars, whereas EverWebinar only allows you to run automated webinars.
  • EverWebinar has a ‘Thank You’ page that allows you to send your registrants a video giving them more details about the webinar. StealthSeminar does not offer this since everything is done for you.
  • On EverWebinar, the webinar analytics and data exports feature provides you with exciting metrics that you can drill down into to get more insights. StealthSeminar only serves webinar performance data and no more insights that you might need.
  • EverWebinar offers $1 for 14 days trial, while StealthSeminar offers you a free trial for 30 days.
  • Unlike EverWebinar, which depends on WebinarJam or you can get video from YouTube, Amazon or any other platform you have hosted, StealthSeminar imports past webinars for free, and you can play them at any time.
  • EverWebinar is an automated webinar and they do not have any attendees limit, while on StealthSeminar, you can only host up to 500 attendees per webinar.
  • When it comes to better user experience, better hosting experience, intuitive platform and the simplified process then EverWebinar is better than StealthSeminar.
  • EverWebinar has Live Chat Simulator features which make your automated webinar live by rolling all chats history while StealthSeminar does not have this.

EverWebinar vs StealthSeminar Pros & Cons

EverWebinar Pros & Cons


  • Rich email editors and attendees segmentation
  • The inbuilt autoresponder & post-webinar email segmentation option
  • Annual plans are cheap
  • Just in time feature that enables you to start as soon as you log in
  • The inbuilt autoresponder that reaches out to customers


  • It has a $1 for 14 days trial
  • No live webinars
  • Lacks custom question on the registration page

StealthSeminar Pros & Cons


  • Has both live, automated, and hybrid webinars
  • Customizable Email reminders and follow up emails
  • Offers a 30-day free trial period which is enough for you to run through the features.


  • Not much intuitive design
  • The setup is long and non-visual
  • Youtube videos cant be used for automated webinars

EverWebinar vs StealthSeminar Pricing

Both EverWebinar and StealSeminar have three different pricing tiers that give you a chance to choose your favorite and affordable plan.

EverWebinar and StealthSeminar Pricing

EverWebinar Pricing

The three EverWebinar plans include;

  • EverWebinar Monthly Plan at $99/m: It offers Automated Webinars, Advanced Simulation Tools, Pre-made Landing Pages, Automated Email Marketing and 24/7 customer support.
  • EverWebinar Annual plan at $504 per year ($42/m, billed annually - save 58%), including all the features in the monthly plan. 
  • EverWebinar Biennial plan at $816 every two years ($34/m billed every two year - save 65%) gives you a discount of up to $395. It includes all the features of EverWebinar.

StealthSeminar Pricing

StealthSeminar has four standardized packages that include the following;

  • The Starter Plan at $69.95/m: This plan gives you 100 simultaneous attendees, Automated Webinars, Live Webinars, Active Response Statistics, Webinar Funnel Pages, Webinar Email Reminders, Webinar Chat / Q & A and Pro Video Encoding. 
  • The Professional Plan at $99.95/m: All starter plan features plus Worldwide 6000 SMS, Hybrid Webinars, Registration Page Customization, Split Test, White Label Custom Domain.
  • The Growth Plan at $175/m: All Professional plan features plus 300 simultaneous attendees, Unlimited SMS Reminders & priority support, if you choose the 500 attendees plan then it will cost $280/m.
  • The Power Plan: This is a customized plan as per your needs, they allow up to 25k attendees and offer Custom Contracts and Invoicing.

EverWebinar vs StealthSeminar: Which Tool Is Right for Your Business?

With these in-depth features and pricing comparisons, you might still be stuck on which software to choose for your business. 

If that is the case with you right now, I recommend that you;

Choose EverWebinar if…

  • You want to do a webinar set up by yourself
  • Only need an automated webinar platform
  • You want to save some coins through a two years payment plan. 
  • You have pre-recorded videos from WebinarJam
  • You want more interesting and dynamic templates
  • Need a better intuitive platform for better conversions
  • You are okay with pre-made landing pages.
  • You want to experience all the quality and sophisticated features on any pricing plan you subscribe to.

Choose StealthSeminar if…

  • You want your webinar setup to be done for you.
  • You think of running any type of webinar.
  • You want a platform with plenty of customizations for your webinar.
  • You want to increase your webinar conversion rate through features such as Split Testing and Funnel pages.
  • You want to generate leads and increase the webinar conversions through online campaigns.

However, your choice for the best webinar platform between EverWebinar and StealthSeminar will be based on your business needs and budget.

So, if you want a tool that offers all types of webinars with the best features and intuitive experience then try out Demio, WebinarJam or Livestorm since they offer better services at affordable rates. But in case you want to run only an automated webinar, then EverWebinar is the tool you need for your business.

EverWebinar vs StealthSeminar FAQs

Q. Does EverWebinar offer a free trial?

No. EverWebinar offers a 14 days $1 trial.

Q. How do you set up an automated webinar with StealthSeminar?

Simply upload your webinar video, set your scheduling, choose page templates and customize them to your desire.

Q. Are there any limitations for free trials on StealthSeminar?

While on the free 30-day trial, you are limited to 150 webinar registrants per webinar. However, you can remove this limitation by upgrading your account.

EverWebinar vs StealthSeminar Conclusion

Well, it is time to make a choice and having reviewed all the features, pros and cons of both EverWebinar and StealthSeminar, you need to make an informed decision.

Go with EverWebinar if you plan for lead generation and looking to run more Automated Webinars only.

StealthSeminar is all in one tool you can try but if you need the best all-in-one webinar platform then I recommend checking out the other better solution.

E.g. you can go with Demio if you need the best overall webinar platform for your small business needs, choose WebinarJam for your large audience size with the most featured rich platform or go with Livestorm if you have more team to manage your business operation and need virtual meeting solution with webinars too. All 3 are good platforms that come with great features for your amazing experience and ultimate fulfillment of your business needs.

I hope this StealthSeminar vs EverWebinar comparison guide helps you to choose the right platform to grow your business.

Bhargav Bavarva is a digital marketing consultant & affiliate marketing expert. He helps local, small & SaaS businesses to get consistent and predictable leads. He also guides people like you to find the right software tools by extensive review, comparison and personal recommendation to make informed decisions and earn more money!

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